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Episode 77

Let’s see what happens today..


The episode starts with Shruti seeing her mom talking to a relative with excitement in phone..

Shruti’s point of view :

Stupid me… What I was about to do now?? I was trying to spoil Arnav’s mom’s image.. What did she do?? Is it the gift I am giving her for being sweet with me?? As amma said,Arnav’s mom is very kind and loveable.. Ya.. She likes me.. And I saw what happened..My mom also likes her.. Not only mom.. All my family members like their family.. As everyone say,Indian weddings don’t happen between a boy and a girl.. It happens between two families.. In every love story,the families create problem.. But in ours,we are the problem.. I am seeing mom and dad with so much excitement after a long time.. They were not so excited even for Karthi’s(her bro) marriage..(Her bro got married in the three years leap) They are really happy.. And my mom is really proud that she has got a good groom and family for her daughter.. But here,I am trying to spoil it.. No.. I am not right.. As I said,I don’t want to get married to Arnav… After all he questioned my character.. But I can sacrifice anything for my parents.. They have never said no to whichever I ask.. They did whatever I say.. And even now,they agreed for this marriage as they think that I love him even if we are from different cultures.. My relatives would be talking bad about me as I do love marriage.. But my parents are looking for my happiness only.. And my happiness is theirs.. My self esteem does not matter in front of their own happiness… So,I am not going to stop this marriage.. If Arnav wants it to be stopped, he has to do it.. And Sid,u have won.. I am a loser.. And today,I am proud that I lost.. Anything for my parents’ happiness..

She wipes the tears in her eyes..


Arnav decides to tell his mother that he wants to stop the marriage..

Arnav : Ma.. I want to say something..

Jhanvi (Arnav’s mom): Tell me beta.. I am a little busy.. We have only two days for your engagement.. I have to do arrangements..

Arnav : Ma.. Are u really happy with this marriage??

Jhanvi : Of course.. I am very happy.. My only son is getting married.. And how can I not be happy??

Arnav : Hmm.. U like Shruti??

Jhanvi : Hmm.. Very much.. She is well behaved and kind.. I like her.. Thank u beta for getting me such a daughter in law.. Do u know?? I keep on fasting so that u will get married.. I go to all the temples in the city to pray to give a happy life to u.. I was so worried when u became like a lifeless person after the death of ur friend Varsha.. I was afraid that u would spend the rest of the life living like a walking corpse.. But God answered my prayers.. He has given me a good daughter in law.. And beta.. Everything happens for a reason.. I saw Shruti for a first time in a temple.. That day too I was fasting for u.. God has answered my prayer then itself.. .I am so happy beta.. I like her family too.. Now I have to invite people for engagement..I have to go..

Arnav was dumbfounded and he watches the happiness in his mother’s eyes..
His mom coughs..

Arnav gets up and gets water for her.. His dad comes with a tablet..

Amar (Arnav’s dad) : Jhanvi.. Did u not take medicines?? How many times I have told u??

Jhanvi : I was little busy and forgot..

She gets the tablet and has it..

Arnav : Ma.. Don’t forget to have tablets.. U are very important to me Ma..

Arnav could not say anything to his mom..

Arnav’s point of view :

Ma’s health is not good.. And I am afraid that if say that I want to stop this marriage,her health would become worse.. I can’t even imagine that .. Shruti has promised me that she would stop the marriage.. Let her do that..


It is a big marriage hall..Sid is very busy looking for the arrangements.. He asked the workers to place the chairs correctly.. Swadhu looks after the decorations.. Abhi is in the kitchen and he looks after the lunch arrangements..

Ritika is with Shruti.. Everyone is going here and there.. It’s Arnav and Shruti’s engagement today..

Swadhu,Sid and Abhi come to the room is which Shruti is sitting..

Abhi : Hmm.. Miss. Bride is ready??

Shruti stared at him..

Sid : Shruti.. Do u know?? This idiot Abhi.. He compelled Ritu and got married to her..

Ritu makes pout face and nods like a kid..

Swadhu : Haan Shruti.. Yesterday only he told us.. How dare he??

Abhi : U are tubelight couple..(Swadhu and Sid) She knows it already..

Sid : What??

Swadhu: Darlo.. If u know it already, u should have told us nah??

Shruti : Dear.. He told me when u were in the village.. When u returned,things were not well in my life.. So I did not tell u.. Sorry..

Swadhu : Hmm.. Being angry at u is useless.. The person who should have told (hits Abhi’s head) himself did not say.. Then why to blame u?

Abhi : Stupid Swadhu.. Who told u that I did not say? On the day of ur engagement, I told these two idiots(pointing to Sid and Shruti) That I won’t do engagement and all.. I will directly go for marriage.. U guys don’t take serious whatever I say.. What is my mistake with that??

Sid and Shruti thought of the day..

Sid and Shruti : (in chorus) Ya.. He told So..

Swadhu : How nice! That’s best friends.. They think the same way.. See Abhi.. How they said that same thing in chorus??

Shruti : (looking at Sid) No Swadhu.. We don’t think the same way all the time..

Swadhu : (thinks) Hmm..what does this mean?? I am damn sure that some cold war is happening between them.. I will find it out.

Swadhu : Ok guys.. It’s getting late.. Everyone go and change to ur costumes for the occasion.. Shruti,u too get ready.. I will come and adorn u..

Abhi,Swadhu and Ritu go out..

Sid : Shruti.. Finally.. Ur engagement is about to happen.. I am really excited.. The engagement of my best friend..

Shruti : Everything happens in ur favour.. As u planned..(with sad face)

Sid : Ya.. I am happy.. And I want to tell u one thing.. As I told u,That day,when u went to propose Arnav,something had happened between both of u.. He might have acted rude or told u something I guess.. My request is,just think why Arnav reacted so that day.. There must be a reason.. As far as I know,he is not so rude to people.. And I am sure that he had feelings for u too.. I asked Vicky bro about that.. After consulting with him only,I told ur parents that u love him.. So there has to be a reason for his behaviour .. Try to find that.. And I always want to see u ahppy.. I will never try to spoil ur life..

Sid told and left.. Shruti had tears in her eyes..


Arnav comes to the hall wearing a grand sherwani.. Vicky comes beside him.. Shruti’s family greets Arnav’ s family..

Swadhu got ready wearing a green silk saree.. She was making Shruti ready.. Beside her was Ritu,who was wearing a yellow heavy work designer saree.. Both of them were looking stunning..

Shruti is dressed up in a sky blue lehnga with matching accessories and with open hair..

Abhi and Sid were wearing sherwani which matches their wife’s saree color..

The elders asked to get Shruti to the venue..
Ritu and Swadhu bring Shruti with them..Arnav is stunned to see Shruti and he could not take his eyes off her..

She comes and stands with Arnav.. She pastes a smile to her face.. Their families perform rituals.. They give a garland to Arnav.. Arnav makes Shruti wear the garland.. Shruti puts the garland in Arnav’s neck.. Everyone claps..

Shruti makes Arnav wear the ring.. Arnav puts the ring in her finger.
Abhi and Sid whistle.. Everyone clap..

After their photoshoot gets over,everyone became busy.. Arnav takes Shruti to a corner.. He pins her to the wall..

Shruti : Hello.. What are u doing?? Leave me.. Somebody will see us..

Arnav : Do u think I took u here to Romance??

Shruti : no.. I know that u won’t Romance.. That too with me.. U will try to hurt me.. That is the only thing u could do with me..

He felt bad on hearing her words..

Realizing something,He twisted her hand..

Arnav : U told me that u will stop the marriage,isn’t it?? It seems like u did not take any effort.. What are u thinking??

Shruti : Ahh.. It’s hurting..leave me..

He leaves her hand and comes close to her..

Arnav : Don’t try to distract me. . Answer my question..

Shruti : First u answer mine.. Not only me.. U also told me that u will try to stop this marriage.. But I feel that u too did not take any step.. Is that so??

Arnav could not answer.. He was staring at her being so close to her..

By then Swadhu comes there to take them for lunch.. On seeing them so close,she turned that side and said..

Swadhu : If u are done with ur Romance,u can come for lunch..

Both of them pulled them back and felt embarrassed.. Arnav went from there angrily.. Shruti came behind him..

Swadhu : Darlo.. Hmm.. Seems like u are having a great time together.. Sorry that I disturbed u…I could not think Arnav bro is so romantic,isn’t it??

Shruti smiles..

Swadhu : I think that’s why they say don’t judge a book by its cover..

She laughs.. Shruti is irritated..

Swadhu : How romantic he is!! Look at this Sid.. He did not even see me.. I wore this saree for the first time and expecting his complement.. But I don’t know where that idiot went.. He is so unromantic..

Shruti : (thinks) Oh.. God.. I can’t bear her bak bak..

PRECAP : Mehandi celebrations..

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      Thank u Ramya.. Ya.. Arnav will realize soon.. Love u loads..

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