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Shruti : (thinks) its time to execute plan C.. U should be very careful.. This should work out.. Else.. U don’t have any other plan.. Timing is very important..

Her mother calls her..

Shruti : Haan Ma..I am coming..

She comes out.. They all got ready to go to purchase clothes and jewels for her.. Swadhu too comes to her house.. They lock the house and come out..

Shruti : (to herself) Its time to have fun..

She pretends as if she has slipped and falls down..

Shruti : Ouch..its hurting..

All of them come near her.. She sits there in the steps..

Radhika (her mom) : What happened Shruti?? Are u alright??

Shruti : Aaahh.. It’s hurting Ma.. I think it is sprain.. I cannot get up..

Her mom goes inside house to get medicine..
By then Sid calls Swadhu..

Sid : Oye.. Swadhu.. U are coming to the shop nah??

Swadhu : Ya Sid.. But here something bad happened..

Sid : What happened?? To whom??

Swadhu : Ur dear friend.. She has slipped in the steps..

Sid : What?? (He thinks) How can that be possible?? No way.. Shruti has been living in that house since her birth and she can walk in it even if it dark.. She is used to it.. How can she slipped from it? Something is fishy..

Swadhu : Ya.. I am also feeling sad.. She is saying that she cannot come to the shop and she can’t even walk..

Sid : (thinks) Hmm..let’s find out.. (To Swadhu) Tell her that I will bring doctor there.. If he gives an injection everything will be alright..

Swadhu : Shruti.. Don’t worry.. Sid will bring doctor here. If he gives an injection everything will be alright..

Shruti denies with a jerk..

Shruti : No no.. NO doctor.. No injection.. It’s not hurting that much..

Swadhu : (to Sid over phone) Can u hear what she says??

Sid : Hmm.. I can.. (thinks) Miss. Drama queen.. So u are acting to avoid coming to the shopping.. I can take this as u are using this as a chance to postpone the marriage or even to stop it.. If Miss.Shruti Srinivasan can do this,watch what Mr.Siddharth Subramanian can do.. (To Swadhu) She will come with u..

Swadhu : But how??

Sid : Tell her that there is a spider behind her..

Swadhu : But there is nothing like that..

Sid : Dumbo.. Just tell her..

Swadhu : Shruti.. Shruti.. Shruti.. There is a spider behind u..

At once,Shruti got up from the place and she began writhing her tops and dupatta..

Sid : What? Did she get up??

Swadhu : Ya.. do u know??

Sid : that’s Siddharth..Hmm..ok.. Get her with u and reach her soon.. I am waiting..

He hangs up..

Sid : (to himself) Hmm… I know u are afraid of both injections and spiders.. I used it here.. Shruti.. U cant win over me..

Here Shruti is standing in shock..

Shruti : Swadhu.. Where is the spider??

Swadhu : It was there. I think it escaped.. But Shruti.. U told me that u cannot even stand up.. But how do u run now??

Shruti : (thinks) Gosh.. I spoiled my own plan.. What to do now??(says to Swadhu grinning) Actually.. I think I am alright now.. U gave me shock treatment and made everything perfect..

Swadhu : Thank u.. Shall we go now??

Shruti : Of course.. We shall go now..

Swadhu : (thinks) it means Shruti was acting.. But.. Why she has to do so? What is going on between Sid and Shruti?? Why are they not even meeting each other?? I have to find it out..


On the other side Arnav is thinking about a plan to stop the marriage..

Arnav : (thinks) What can I do to stop this marriage?? Stupid plans don’t work out.. Talking with mom can  work.. I will talk to her..

He goes to his mother,Jhanvi..

Arnav : Ma.. I want to talk to u for five minutes..

Jhanvi : Hmm..tell me beta..

Arnav : Why did u arrange for the marriage so suddenly??

Jhanvi : What are u talking beta?? U have reached marriage age and why to delay it anymore??

Arnav : No Ma. I have fought with Shruti.. How can I marry her??

His mom laughs out..

Arnav : What ma??

Jhanvi : U fought with her?? That is not at all a problem.. That happens between couples.. Haven’t u seen how often me and ur dad fight?? It’s common..

Arnav : But Ma..

Jhanvi : Beta.. I am busy.. Now I have to go to the shop.. We have to purchase things to gift Shruti.. People from her side would have reached there.. I have to go soon.. They will be waiting.. Are u coming with me??

Arnav : No Ma.. I have important work in office..

Jhanvi : Ok.. U carry on..I am going..

She goes..

Arnav : (to himself) What the.. She is not even listening to me.. I don’t know how I am gonna stop all these..


Swadhu,Shruti and her family reach the shop.. They find Sid standing over there.. Sid looks at Shruti with a victorious smile.. Shruti gives an irritated look..

They get into the shop.. Arnav’s mom Jhanvi too reach there.. She greets everyone and greets Shruti too.. They began selecting dresses for Shruti..

Sid has promised Swadhu that he would get a dress for her too.. Swadhu was busy in selecting hers.. Sid and Shruti are on one side selecting dresses..

Sid : Hmm.. Why Madam is so sad?? U are worried that all ur plans backfired??

Shruti stared at him..

Sid : Hmm.. How can u think I don’t know what u have in ur mind?? I sent Swadhu to spy on ur plans only..

Shruti : I know it dude.. And don’t build castles in air that my marriage would happen.. I won’t let it..

Sid : Let’s see who wins.. I think u might have made 3 to 4 plans by now.. And everything is a failure … And this last one,leg sprain drama..oh God.. I can’t control laughing.. I think u got these ideas from movies..for ur info,,I am the one who asked Swadhu to tell that there is a spider..

Shruti : What??

Sid : Ya.. It’s me.. Next time,when u plan make it the best.. So that I can think better to collapse it.. Don’t make this silly type dramas.. I am feeling bored and I want something interesting..

Shruti stares at him and tries to leave..

Sid : Miss. Angry bird.. Where are u going?? Select the dress..

Shruti : U select for Swadhu..

She throws one of the dress over him and goes.. He smiles..

Arnav’s mom Jhanvi calls Shruti and they select saree for Shruti,while Sid and Swadhu are busy selecting dress for her..

Shruti thinks for another plan,but she did not get anything.. Jhanvi was busy selecting dress and Shruti was just watching.. By then,the salesman tries to show a saree for them.. He opens it and finds that it is torn in the middle.. Shruti notices it but Jhanvi did not.. That salesman is about to place the saree in the damaged product side.. Shruti gets an idea..

Shruti : Bro.. Give me that saree..

Salesman : No Madam.. It’s damaged..

Shruti : I know it. . just give me..

Jhanvi did not see them.. Shruti calls Jahnvi and tells her..

Shruti : Aunty.. I like this saree.. I will take this..

Jhanvi : Ya.. That’s good..

She tries to open it but Shruti stops her..

Shruti : Aunty.. No need to open.. I opened it and saw.. This design is coming all over the saree.. I love it..

Jhanvi : Hmm.. Even I like beta..(to salesman) we will take this..

Salesman : But Madam..

Shruti signs him to keep quiet..
They get all the sarees and return home..


Shruti asks her mother for the dresses and goes to her room..

Shruti : (to herself) it’s the right time to start the drama.. All the best Shruti..

She takes the saree which Arnav’s mom Jhanvi presented her.. She opens it and starts shouting..

Shruti : Ma.. Ma.. Come here..

Her mom comes..

Shruti : See this..

She shows the tears in the saree to her mom..

Shruti : Look.. That Aunty has presented me this torn saree.. What the hell is she thinking of me?? I cannot take this.. She has insulted me Ma..

Her mom sees with shock..

Shruti : Amma.. I did not expect this from her Ma..

Her mom grabs the saree..

Radhika : Let me go to the shop and change it..

Shruti : Ma.. She has purposefully did this Ma.. I think she does not like me..

Radhika : Shut upShruti.. Dont try to say anything bad about her.. Do u know how happy she is?? She likes u a lot.. When we first went to ur house to talk about ur marriage,she told that she is really happy to get u as her daughter in law.. She told me that she was worried for her son.. She has been fasting and going to a number of temples to pray to god to make his son get married.. She told that u once saw her in temple and helped her when she fainted.. She really like u a lot.. She must have bought this saree by mistake.. And don’t u fear that ur marriage will get cancelled if we fight with them?? See.. One more thing.. Amala Akka(sister) told me that Aatvik’s marriage is fixed to a girl named Aarti.. She said that they loved.. Thank God u said no to him.. Or else he would have run on the day of marriage.. He is such a coward.. See.. Why did I start talking about that Aatvik? Hmm.. U have chosen the right person.. And Arnav is the best match for u.. I must be mad to have compelled u to marry Aatvik when u are in love with Arnav.. Ok.. I will go to the shop and get a saree with sane colour and same design.. Else Arnav’s mother will feel bad if she comes to know that the saree is torn..

She gets a call from her relative and she began sharing the happy news of Shruti’s marriage.. Shruti was dumbstruck on hearing whatever her mother said.. She began thinking..

PRECAP : Arnav thinks of talking to his mom about stopping the marriage.. Arnav-Shruti mehndi preparations..

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