Breaking the silence – part 25 (ii)


The night went smoothly and she only stirred when the phone alarm started off at 5 am. Turning it off she stretched herself and looked to the other side and found him sleeping peacefully.

Somewhere in night they have parted ways and slept on their own. Now all of a sudden she wanted to just hug him and sleep a little more…after contemplating for a while she put an alarm again scheduled after 20 minutes and hugged him from behind.

The sound breaths halted their motion for a while and as in his body already sensed her, he turned and nuzzling in her hairs slept off.

Though it was a small movement but she was proud on her own braveness. Inhaling his scent she tried sleeping where a beautiful Morning Dream was waiting for her.


“The wedding was a grand one, everyone was there. She was able to see every one of them but just she herself was not there. Her husband looked handsome like always in that blue sherwani with his two days old beard… would it always be this way that his one look and she was going away to some other land.

As the scene forwarded she could see a girl dressed in the red wedding dress coming to the view but she was unable to look at her face..Even if she tried she was just unable to look at her.

And suddenly all of a sudden she could see herself getting ready in a fizz like she was getting late and like always she was being her clumpiest self when she was late… “Why these pleats are not setting,” she had huffed in frustration. She had thought to drape the red silk and here it turned out her biggest mistake because the sari was slipping and all the hard work on her face too.

“It looks like you still are not able to do it yourself,” the voice filled with life chirped. “It took me just a week to do it you know.”

She was amazed to see the bride herself had come to help her… and finding her making the pleats so efficiently she felt her voice gone. Though she was unable to see the bride she knew she didn’t know the girl but the girl seemed to know her.

She could only focus on the mirror in front of her where the bride with her back to her was making her pleats…terrified to look into the eyes of the bride.

And suddenly she came back to her senses when the bride was ready to exit her room and said, “Come fast Krishna, your husband is waiting for you and me too.”

“Hey, Krishna…Wake up” the soft and familiar voice called her and she felt confused… she wasn’t sleeping then why he was waking her up.

“I am not sleeping, just coming.” She said sleepily hugging the person beside her and suddenly her eyes shot open and she understood she was dreaming and the person besides her was not in a blue sherwani but in a faded blue t-shirt.

“You were dreaming?” he asked and she could sense the hidden smile so she didn’t hide when he already knew.

“Yes … and you were looking so good,” she completed the rest of words in her mind.

“Must be something good…and she looked up from the embrace. “You hugged me so tightly that’s why.” he explained.

Hearing this she blushed hard leaving him instantly and he laughed in the still dark room.


“Don’t leave her alone among the strangers.” She could hear her mother in law warning her husband and she smiled.

“Suhani let them go and keep the rest of the things for later.” Her father in law said and that’s when her mother in law came to her.

“Take care of you girl and don’t even take a sip of alcohol.” Suhani genuinely said recalling the last time.

“Yeah ma, i’ll take care of me…You too take care of you and dad.” And saying this she bent to touch her feet.


“So,No alcohol! Right?” suddenly he asked when they settled properly on their seats… and she trembled uncomfortably.

“yeah.” She mumbled feebly trying to look engrossed in searching something she had just remembered.

“You didn’t tell what the dream was this morning?” and she felt the earth ready to swallow her.

“I don’t remember.” She lied biting her tongue still not facing him.

“I have a vague idea… now that you hugged me so tightly, I guess you wanted to not let me go and actually you didn’t want both of us to go anywhere.” He said stretching his legs.

“No, actually it wasn’t that.” She exclaimed suddenly looking to him.

“Then what it was.” He smirked and she understood he tricked her.

“Nothing, just a random dream.” She answered and acting a little bold she asked him a question “you never felt anything for her.

“No, she was just a good friend.” He said and suddenly he looked distant and she understood her mistake and started to think anything to just change the atmosphere.

“Did you ever have crush on any guy?” He asked and this was the special thing about him, he always knew how to change the topic and how to make her blush red.

“Yes,” she answered trying to focus on the scenes trailing behind the train.

“Really, who was he?”

“No one, let’s not talk about him.”

“Why, any bad memory?”

“Yeah, he married someone else.”

Startled he kept his phone away which he was scrolling mindlessly and turned to her completely and she tried hiding her smile.

“Who was he?” suddenly her husband was impatient to know.

“lets leave is all past now.” She mumbled adding the right spice.

“alright.” He said somberly and picked up his phone from the side.

After a while he found a new message from WIFEY and it was an image message, Opening it he found a picture of Abhishek and Aishwarya bacchan and a new message popped in no time…the WINKING smiley.

And that’s when he found her laughing silently. Well, she too knew playing and now he has no doubts about that.


As she entered the venue she felt her palms sweating out profusely… she felt herself constricted in the red sari she had been wearing. The fact that he was just beside her didn’t help to calm her down.

The wedding venue was buzzing with all the excitement it always holds but the nervous girl was back who was unable to step ahead.

As they walked through the venue, she could sense every other eye was questioning who they were and she felt more conscious about them and tried collecting all her warmness in her eyes to keep the smile intact.

And suddenly she found him encircling her arm in his and again he tried in his ways to make her feel comforted.

“Let’s meet the groom and bride.” He said as they headed the mandap where bride and groom were settling and for a spit second the bride looked up and Krishna sensed the shock which turned into happiness after seeing them or specifically him.

Now she understood why her husband has encircled her close “he wanted to let her know she was with her among all those scrutinizing eyes.”

Throughout the wedding they silently watched every ritual and she felt she could have come a little earlier, it didn’t feel good to come after the wedding has already started.

In weddings it was hard to find how a girl actually looked behind all those heavy makeup so she could only make out the girl had a bright smile when she smiled after something her sister murmured in her ears.


“Thank you for coming,” she had a sweet but bold voice who promised she wasn’t afraid of everyone.

After the wedding and diner was over she had come to meet them personally with her husband and now that he has excused himself to meet someone she finally thanked him.

“It was the only thing you asked to me… I was obliged to give.” He replied in a soft voice.

Krishna thought to give them a little time to talk but before she could have thought anything, she was forced into a talk.

“Come with me Krishna… I’ll return her to you in few minutes.” She again chirped and dragged Krishna’s arm behind her.

“Perhaps everyone grow with time and so did she…Time flew and with time that bright girl too grew she had become a mature woman with the childish aura still intact.” He thought silently.

“Anupama,its fine … there is no need of this,” she tried to say no to the beautifully wrapped gift packet .

“So,you still think I am stranger na .” Anupama pouted and that’s when her mother entered.

“Anu, are you done, they are waiting for you… the lady in yellow sari entered inside.

“Arey Krishna, did you eat anything?” the lady asked and Krishna nodded her head.

“Okay Anu ,I think now I should be leaving… Krishna said taking the packet and coming forward to take blessings of the lady.

“Be happy dear and get many kids.” The lady blessed her jokingly.

“A very happy life ahead Anup…” and she was cut mid way.

“Anu, only Anu for you too Krishna… and Ma you go I am coming in five minutes.” She requested her mother before turning to her.

“I hope now we will talk more… there won’t be anything like best friends with him now because it had ended the day I confessed my love to him but today I feel we’ll like one another’s company.” She said hugging her and in response Krishna smiled.

“By the way you are a doctor na and I only have engineer friends, so it is good to finally have a doctor friend …What say?” she winked.

“Jokes apart, I never thought he would go for civil services in future… but he has got the perfect match. Now I am leaving, bless me a perfect life.” She demanded and Krishna wished her the same before coming and looking for the blue sherwani man.


“It seems you both got along very well,” he sensed her bright face as soon as they reached back to their hotel room.

“Yeah, I liked her… I wish she could have gotten all that she wished.” She sighed for the lovely soul she had just met.

“But she got what she deserved… and actually everyone got what they deserved in end.” He said inching close to her.

“What is this,” he asked pointing to the gift packet.

“Return gift…” She again smiled. “Let us see what it is.”

The beautifully wrapped paper was opened carefully so it didn’t get torn unnecessarily after the bow was removed securely… and as she opened the long box inside…

“Wow, A wind chime!” she exclaimed with joy whirling it in air, the pipes clattered sweetly causing the soft voices to give the room life and she noticed the little note kept inside.

I always wanted to meet the person he was going to marry, initially it was my envious heart then it turned into a solemn wish to meet his choice…

it took me all these years to forget him and finally move on. Believe me I am so happy, Now I just want us all to be happy and please don’t think I gave this gift for my existence in your life but for you to think I am happy in my life and you should be in yours *winks*.

Here is my phone no.. I shall be expecting your call.

With Love Anu”

She folded the note and kept it inside the box thinking about all the chaos she went before coming here and finally the peace she met into.

“I guess I never got a chance to get close to you when you are in a sari, don’t you think its way more romantic this way…” suddenly a passionate voice whispered on her back and she got no time to balance herself before she could argue she needed to brush her teeth.


Hello everyone, how are all of you? i know this time I am very late but finally I could manage a little time. Actually this chapter was about to come three months back but then a few things happened all of a sudden and then when I got the time the ENDING kept changing in my head.

But this time I made my mind and the result is here, tell me how you liked this chapter and we will meet soon again…InshaAllah.

With love Morusya.

p.s.- if you want more of them just tell me, i will come with them *winks*

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    1. Morusya51

      well, lets say their marriage has been a few months old..Bravery was expected to come 😉 i had thought a lot more bravery but lets see when it comes.
      i personally love adding their teasing sessions cause i myself enjoy reading those and yeah..i love writing about scenes where he makes her feel secured/comfortable (sometimes i feel girls should be meek and vulnerable so their Men make them feel secured and protected *winks*…. this is the perfect thing i love to read in a romantic story?????)
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