Tune Mujhe Jeena Sikhaya Chapter 40 & 41 : Proposal & Wedding Plans

Chapter 40

“Stop Dragging me ” Om whines as he stumbles over a stone .

Gauri smiles at him apologetically as She puts up her hands in front of her face smiling sheepishly , He chuckles seeing her cuteness as He locks his hands around her neck , ” What Does my Firecracker need now? ” ,

“How about a Horse ride?” She suggests him

“Now where will I find a horse?” Omkara asks raising his brow

“Oh my Stupid Husband The next street there is a horse stable ” She tell him

“If that What My Girl Wants Let’s get you there ” Om tells kissing her temple .

Each time He kisses her , Gauri feels the warmth spread through her body and her mind feels a pleasant buzz . Every good thing seems possible , Likely even . And then She looks into his eyes and knows She had found what She had been looking for , Someone to Show her what it means to be happy form inside out , She gives him a full smile as she tiptoes cupping his face in her palms She kisses him on his forehead .

“I Love You Husband ”

“Hmmm , So How about staying like this forever ?” Om suggests hugging her tight . She chuckles against his chest ” I Don’t mind though but Right Now I need a horse ride” She whines .


Om gets on top of the horse after mounting the saddle and forwards his hands for Gauri to get on , Gauri shivers feeling anxious and nervous ,

“Husband Should I?” She asks fearing

Om lets out a laugh “You forced me here and My Girl is a nervous wreck right now ” He teases making her scrunch her nose .

Horse riding had been her one of her longtime wish but She has been fearing to ride it alone . As her Husband is with her She had thought of giving it a try but now She feels jittery and dizzy to even get on that.

Muffling his laugh Om tells haughtily making her chuckle ” Why Fear When Your Husband is Here?” ,

Still Gauri looks unsure at him , Om gauging her reactions he says casually running his hands around the Mare’s beautiful mane” It’s Okay Jaan You can stay here while Me and Belle has some fun time together ” ,

That Statement catches her as She fumes ” Belle? Who is She now?”

The Laugh that came from Omkara was like a newly sprung leak – timid at first , stopping and starting . He wasn’t done yet , Gauri could tell from the way He rolled his chocolate dark orbs to the sky and half bit his lip .

“Gauri..Gauri.. You .a.re – ” He couldn’t complete as he breaks into another puddle of laughter .

Gauri folds her arms with her eyebrows arched , waiting for him to press his lips in a thin line .

“You are jealous of Belle?” He asks her with a teasing glint in his eyes ,

Gauri shots a glare at him trying to keep her face straight and turns around as He shows his thumb at The horse and mouths to her The Horse name is Belle .

Gauri flips her hair pissed and turns around – He was laughing at her but before She could stop herself her poker straight mouth twitches upwards and She giggles despite herself wondering how stupid of her to be Jealous of a house .

Seeing her Shoulders shaking Omkara knew even She was giggling on her madness but He enjoyed this side of hers possessive and That itself makes him fall for her all the more from the beginning .

“Shall I continue with Belle?” Om teases her as expected She turns around with a pout .

“Come up on this I wanna kiss that pout ” Om flirts with her making her tip of her ear turn pink .

Gauri slips her hand into his nervously as She climbs up .

“Shh relax” Om tells soothing her arms .

Gauri sits facing him and wraps her arms around his torso feeling jittery. Om smiles as he kisses on her temple soothing her worries .

Taking the reins in his hands he starts riding the horse in a slow pace knowing that He has to take it slow as She is scared .

As The Pace increases Gauri tightens her hold around His back as She shut her eyes tightly holding onto her dear life .

As Much as Omkara enjoyed riding the horse with the air hitting on his face as the Horse galloped faster but at the same time he knew how scared his firecracker was .

Holding onto the reins He pulls it stopping the horse . Feeling the movements have stopped Gauri’s looks up at him with fear visible in her eyes .

“I was scared ” She whispers shivering The thought that could have fallen off .

Om chuckles lightly earning a glare from her “Why Fear When Your Husband is Here”

Gauri’s lips tug up at the corner as She hears him Her Husband is one of the Kind “That was mind-blowing ” Gauri tells him excited despite of her fearfulness She enjoyed the ride with her husband .

Om chuckles and kisses on the tip of her nose , She brushes her nose with his .

Om dismounts to get down but Gauri holds his hand stopping him

“Why?” Om questions her wiggling her brows

“I am Flawed , I might make your ears bleed with my continuous ranting , I might end up strangling your neck even ”

Om gasps hearing her as She chuckles seeing his face going pale and continues cupping his face in her palms ” But I would love you to the moon and back , I promise I would keep you happy and make you feel cherished ”

Om raises his brow to know what she is implementing on :

“Marry me Husband ” She whispers in his ears and places a chaste kiss on his cheek .

Om chuckles angling his head to look at her “Is this how they propose Firecracker ?” He asks amused

“I am not going on my knees mind me ” Gauri tells hurriedly

“Who told you to go on your knees you are my equal and you are suppose to stay by my side ” Om tells gazing at her with love filled orbs as She stares right into his soul feeling loved .

“Okay then what was wrong in the proposal? Gauri asks him her mind repetitively playing her proposal on loop to find any error .

“Who will tell Marry me husband?” He asks pulling the reins to stop the horse from moving around .

She chuckles amused as She says with her lips tugged in a smirk “You have no option rather than being married to me so why should I use ‘Will You’ Husband?”

Om raises his brows ” Acchaa What do you think ? That I Do not have charms ? , Just my smile can make so many women line up on a queue to marry me ”

Gauri hits on his chest for spoiling the romantic mood ” Go But Only I would be able to handle the Angry hulk non- can ” She tells faking her anger

“So I am Angry Hulk aah?” He asks pouting

“Tell Yes Soon !” Gauri tells him impatiently .

Holding the rein in one hand , Om wraps the other arm around her as She looks up from the embrace . He leans his head onto hers . They chuckle as The helmet they are wearing acts as a barrier .

He places his lips gently on hers and whispers against her lips tenderly “It was You and It Would Be You Forever !” ,

Gently taking his arm of her She holds his left hand in his as She leans in with their helmets touching each other as She kisses him while slipping the ring onto his finger .

They chuckle as the break of Hearing the horse neighing as it throws it’s two legs up in the air making Gauri hug Om tightly scared .

“Relax it’s fine ” Om whispers pulling both the reins and starts riding the horse in a slow pace.

“Hmm I did not see you carrying a ring ” Om tells raising his brow

“It was with me since years it is Papa’s ” Gauri tells in a mere whisper not knowing whether he would like the ring knowing it is Papa’s and old fashioned .

Om smiles warmly at her as He raises his hand to his eye level as He says “Then I am Lucky to get Another Possession Of His ”

“Another Possession ?” Gauri asks smiling lovingly at him The way he accepted the ring

“haah My Jaan Was his first Possession Right?” Om tells leaning down a bit to looking into her face , with that helmet on She looked so cute .

Gauri smiles as She throws her arms around his neck and places her head near his heart where she could hear his heart beat .

Gauri looks down feeling something cold on her finger to find Om casually slipping a Ring onto her finger .

She instantly looks up at him as He looks down at her .

“Yeh?” She asks him inspecting the ring which had the letters “OG” engraved in it .

“Marry Me Biwi ” Omkara tells repeating her words and pulls the reins to stop the horse .

Gauri chuckles as She repeats his words ” Is this how they propose husband?”

“My Biwi’s way of Proposing , Proposing on A Moving horse with no flowers no fireworks around and Marry Me Husband , isn’t it Romantic than everything ,So Why Can’t I Follow Her Way? ” Om tells scrunching his nose with a smile playing on his lips .

Without a Word Gauri pulls him by his collar to look into his eyes before pressing her lips into his showing her happiness and love . Again the Horse Neighs loudly disturbing them

“Even Belle Seems to be my enemy ” Om tells frowning seeing the way how everyone pokes their nose while they romance .

Gauri laughs and places a wet kiss on his cheek and pulls his cheek making his mood better before hugging him tightly as He rides the horse back to the stable .


Gauri and Omkara stand in their penthouse hall with heads hung down due to the scolding’s they are getting right now from Daadi , Divya Amma & Jhanvi . Lost in Love they have forgotten to inform their families where they were , making the whole family panic that they have been lost .

Unable to locate the Couple as they had their phones too switched off .The whole family had set back home . And Shivaay and Randhir had been busy using their contacts to locate them while Omkara and Gauri had come back home with a full smile feeling blissful in love .

Presently , While the Youngsters laughed at them The Elders are busy lecturing the Poor Couple .

“Stop ” Ishu jumps in making everyone shut their jaws up and look at Ishana

“Daadi It’s Okay ” Ishu tells hugging Daadi sideways trying to calm the Old Lady knowing the inner turmoil she is going through when She did not Find Om and Gauri around . She had thought She had lost them once again .

Om and Gauri hug Daadi from Either Sides as Ishana moves away and mumble how sorry they are . After Minutes of Sweet whisperings Daadi Forgives them .

“So Tell Me Why Were You Guys Go Late?” Ishana asks them raising a brow as others take their sit around .

Om and Gauri stand in the middle and Look at each other with a small smile playing on their lips as they blink at each other to let it out.

“We are Re-Marrying” Both Chorus at the same time chirpily .

The whole atmosphere fills in silence . Gauri and Omkara look at each and everyone nervously as None of them were even blinking their eyes .

Omkara intertwines his fingers with Gauri’s and gives a squeeze assuring her everything would be fine .

“Oh My God !” They shriek in excitement jumping before pouncing on Omkara and Gauri hugging them tightly suffocating them .

“Let me breathe ” Om shouts trying to push them a bit . But overjoyed none could hear his words as they squeal loudly how happy and excited they are .

After congratulating each other . Daadi announces how everyone should move back to Oberoi Mansion including Gauri’s Family until the wedding .

Omkara’s face falls hearing the word “Oberoi Mansion” Faking a smile he excuses himself and walks towards his room. Gauri notices Omkara moving out giving others a smile She too slips from the place before they could tease her .

The Youngsters and Elders already start discussing the wedding plans with over enthusiasm that they fail to notice the bride and the groom had slipped silently .


Gauri hugs him by his forearm placing her head on his shoulder as He sits by the balcony watching the waves hitting the shore . Om leans his head onto hers as they sit in silence .

“Wanna Share?” Gauri asks him after few minutes as He nods against her head .

“I Don’t want to go back to the Mansion Gauri ” Om tells her

Gauri removes her head from his shoulder and angles her head slightly to look at him calmly

“Why?’ She asks him with a small smile assuring him whatever it is Fine to tell her .

Om places his head on her lap and hugs her by her waist pushing his face more into her stomach as she ruffles his hairs .

“That was the place I lost my Childhood , It is haunted with so many bad memories Gauri , Unable to take the pain I moved out from the place in the pretext of going abroad but actually I was in India , In Rajasthan Police Academy ” Om tells with a slight chuckle making Gauri smile at him in return .

“So no one found out?” Gauri asks curiously combing his hairs

“You Know Shivaay the Detective? He tried but Your Husband was smarter to manipulate him in ways that He believed your husband “,

“My Husband !” Gauri tells laughing

Omkara sobers up as He says ” Can we live here alone ? Only We both until a Year or Two? Before Moving in with them , I want to start my new phase of life in place like this where it has only loving memories of both of “Us” ” ,

Gauri leans down and gently places her lips on his forehead “Your wish Husband ” ,

“But If Daadi wishes to Have The wedding in the Mansion Let her Do husband please? Will come back to this place after Wedding ? Okay ?” Gauri tells thinking about his Family who would not feel happy if they were not going to stay with them for even few days .

“Okay ” Om tells giving her a full smile as He gets up from her lap .

She looks at him with a curious smile . She shrieks and cups her mouth before somewhere could hear her shout seeing the way Her husband was carrying her in which caught her by surprise .

Placing her on the bed Omkara walks towards the door and locks it . Gauri looks at him anxiously to know what is running on his mind as He takes predatory steps towards her with a smirk making her gulp .

Once reached He leans down not touching her . His breath hitting on her cheek as She inhales sharply and clenches the sheets tightly anticipating him to make a move but sighs in disappointment as He whispers to change her dress and get to bed .

Om lets out a manly laugh leaning back seeing her sighing in disappointment knowing very well what his wife was anticipating but He wanted to play with her . Seeing him laughing at her She throws the pillow at his face fuming very well knowing He knew What She wanted.

“Mrs.IPS Don’t Even Dream About Your Suhagraat – You’re Husband is not straight He is not going to give you one ” She speaks to herself loudly pointing her index finger at herself .

Omkara gapes hearing her ” So I am not straight aah? How about I show you that?” Om tells biting his lip with a smirk

Before She could ponder She finds herself moaning as He presses his erection on hers as She wraps her legs around his waist .

He stops after taking her to high passion and moves away “Any Doubts?” He asks ,

As She shakes her head negatively unable to reply as her words had dried in her throat . If This was heaven , What would She call when He is actually inside her?’ She ponders staring at him without blinking her eyes .


Om takes a deep breath as He stands in front of the Oberoi Mansion . Gauri slides her hand from his forearm to his palm intertwining their fingers giving him strength to be back to the same place again where he lost himself to the darkness once .

They both step in together with their families trailing behind them . Omkara mood turns sour as He spots Tej sitting in the Hall sipping his coffee calmly . His words reverberated in her ears calling her various names as She sighs trying to calm herself knowing She cannot lose her patience easily .

Tej’s gaze shifts from the clients he was talking to Omkara and Gauri . His eyes travels down from their face to their hands to find them holding each other’s palm tightly not a hint of emotion itched on their orbs seeing him .

He smiles warmly at them and moves forward to hug Omkara and Gauri . Om smirks as they break off clearly knowing His So-Called Father was putting up a show for his clients and on the other hand he was glad that they could escape from the Drama.


The moment Gauri steps in to Their Room the Memories Of Her Last time comes alive unknown to herself her eyes tears up . She had come running here after dropping the gun back in the park . She had cried so much calling for him to come after her .

Om trails behind her to the Room . Finding her dazed he softly touches her shoulder as She turns around with tears brimming in her eyes she hugs him tightly as a tear slides down .

“Never Leave me again ” She whispers against his chest choking .

Om hugs her tightly not knowing the inner turmoil she is going through however He says “Never” The word she wanted to hear from him .

“What happened?” Om asks cupping her face in his hands wiping the Tear from the corner of her eyes .

She shakes her head negatively with a small smile saying nothing She does not those memories to resurface back . Om places a kiss on her eyelids instead of pressuring her to open up .

“I remembered That Day I was here Om , Waiting for you to come hug me , I visualized you everywhere in Our Room . You were waiting with open arms but the moment I reached you would disappear . Husband My Heart shattered in to tiny bits Seeing you moving away” She tells crying as Om hugs her tightly .

“I Promise Jaan ! Never Ever You , No, We will Have to go through the pain of separation ” Om says kissing her quivering lips making her smile in to the kiss.

Chapter 41

The Pandit had already arrived by the time Om and Gauri comes down . Gauri sits beside Daadi while Om walks up to Rudra and Shivaay .

“There is an auspicious mahurat within a week or the next would be after around two months ” ,

Daadi turns to look at Omkara and shakes her head slightly as She says ” Omkara is it –” ,

Om cuts her off as She says ” One week is Fine Daadi , ” ,

Daadi grins at Omkara cheekily as She says” I was about to ask you whether it is Fine After Two months ”

Om sulks embarrassed , Ishana puts her arm around Omkara’s neck laughing loudly seeing him blush ” Daadi This week is Fine as Some People Can’t wait !”

Gauri’s cheeks heat up as She sees the desperation clearly on his voice and Face .

Omkara whispers to Ishana ” Keep that Mouth Shut or I’ll push you down !” , Ishana laughs in reply .

“Can we Manage Dresses , Decorations , Caters –” Anika starts panicking . Anika was a renowned wedding planner who fell in Love with Shivaay when She had planned One of Shivaay’s cousin sister’s wedding long back .

“Babhi relax You can ” Rudra tells Hugging her sideways making her smile .

“Babhi Even Ridhimaa will help you ” Gauri adds making her sigh in relief and Gauri was not blind to notice How her Brother’s eyes lit up hearing Ridhimaa’s name . She wants to bring them closer and Her wedding is the chance for them to get to know each other better.

Gauri looks up at him to see him happily chattering with Ishana . She does not care about anything . She just wants to be his Bride quickly as possible . Om Shifts his eyes sideways to Look at Gauri who is already staring at him .

Seeing others were lost in their discussions and planning’s . Omkara takes his hands up in the air and signs to her like tying the mangalsutra around her neck making her blush at him and He mouths to her “Six Nights For Suhagraat ” making her deepen her blush lowering her eye lashes .

Saathiya Saathiya

Om’s face goes pale hearing Daadi ” You Both are to maintain Two Feet Rule Before marriage ! Gauri would be sleeping with Divya until the Wedding ” ,

Everyone’s eyes widens surprised as they hear Gauri say “How Can I sleep without My Husband ?” ,

“What?” Everybody chorus shocked and surprised they had expected Omkara to whine but not Gauri .

Gauri looks up hearing everyone shouting that’s when She understands that She had said it out loud . She shuts her eyes embarrassed and without waiting them to tease her She runs up to her room without waiting for them to tease the hell out of her .

Om did not know how to react to Find his Wife voicing out her desperation . He was so used to her sleeping without her is gonna be a very hard but to see her openly declare made his heart flutter in love and ecstasy.

Saathiya Saathiya

Others who see Gauri laugh out loudly feeling ecstatic to see her voicing out her how she could not sleep without Her Husband . They knew Omkara and Gauri had gone through so much difficulties in life and Now seeing them head over heels in love with each other only made them happy . They could only pray that their love and happiness stays with them lifelong .


That Night Gauri despite showing her displeasure of not sleeping with him . Divya Amma had forced her to sleep her . Gauri keeps tossing around unable to sleep without him . She opens her eyes slightly to check whether Amma is awake finding her breaths even . Gauri gets up from the bed quietly and tip toes out of the room .

Walking into his Room . She finds Him sleeping peacefully alone without her . She sulks seeing him . Here She could not sleep without him and Her husband is already in his dreamland .

She decides to turn around and walk back to sleep with Amma to show him that even she could sleep without him but She decides otherwise and walks towards the bed.

Tip-toeing She raises the duvet a bit away to slip in under the covers . She grins cheekily finding him shirtless just the way She likes . She places her head on his bare chest and closes her eyes . She gasps feeling his hands around her pulling her more closer to him.

She looks up to see him grinning widely with his eyes closed . She kisses his cheeks happily knowing even He had not slept just like her . He tightens his arms around her and pulls her close and kisses on top of her head .

Saathiya Saathiya


As the sunlight seeps in through the curtains . Gauri stirs in bit in her sleep and hugs her Husband tighter . Suddenly She shots open her eyes remembering how She had ended up here before Divya Amma could catch her She checks the time to Find it is 6. She makes a quick jump of the bed kissing her husband on his cheek who is still asleep and dashes out of the room but ends up colliding with Ishana who gives a teasing smile . Gauri pleads through her eyes fidgeting with her fingers not to tell anyone.

Amma who comes out of the room finds Ishana and Gauri standing outside The room.

Ishana opens her mouth to speak but closes as They Hear Amma ,

“Gauri where were you?” Amma asks suspiciously

Gauri looks nervously at her not knowing what to tell to save herself from embarrassment , Ishana chuckles seeing Gauri fidgeting & sweating .

“She was with me Amma” Ishu replies making Gauri sigh in relief .

She mouths a “Thank you” to Ishu and dashes inside the room excusing herself to freshen up before Amma could interrogate as a Look at Amma’s Face Gauri knew She did not buy Ishu’s answer .


The Wedding Preparations begin in the mansion with everyone busy with their own works specified to them . Dresses , Jewelries and everything were brought soon within Three days time . Gauri’s dresses and Jewelries were selected by Her Husband Which was cherry on top of the cake for Gauri as She was so lost unable to make a choice .

Ridhimaa and Randhir had gotten along more well although Ridhimaa was behaving still reserved around Randhir.

Laughs and Happiness Filled around each corner of The Mansion . The Couple had been caught numerous times by each youngsters kissing each other behind pillars .

Gauri did not stop tip-toeing into Her Pati-dev’s room at nights and before the Sun rise She was back sleeping with Amma. As Much Everyone knew that The Couple slept together they let it be , Not wanting to spoil their happiness who are much in love and The Elders did not make it Obvious to the Couple that they knew except for Ishana and The youngsters who pulled their leg whenever they could making Om and Gauri want the earth to swallow them up and they would escape blushing .

Omkara on the other hand enjoyed the attention he got from his wife . He loved how mischievous She had been . for the world it was Omkara who was pulling his wife to kiss behind pillars but The Truth was Mrs.IPS was doing all the mischievous naughty romance . Sneaking quietly to steal a hungry kiss . This was her way of showing how much she misses him . With the hassle bustle They never got a chance to spend some “Us” time alone . It was quick kisses and exchanged heartfelt glances since two days . Nights were log in each other’s embrace but due to weariness they would given into sleep quickly cuddling each other .

Omkara and Gauri had vaguely disagreed with the idea of having an engagement ceremony as they had been more happy with the ring exchange they had during their proposal.

It was Decided that on the Sixth Day they would have the Mehendi and Sangeet Ceremony while Haldi Ceremony would be held in the morning of the Wedding Day.


Gauri had requested Ridhimaa to stay with them the Day before the Mehendi and Take part in all the Functions . Presently Gauri is sleeping with Ridhimaa , Her mind Filled ways to go to Her Husband . Tossing around for a hour She decides to check on her Husband . She could not sleep without him even for a day . She knew Her Bhaiya was sleeping with him today and if She walks into their room . She would be teased for lifelong but She cared less .

Determined She walks into Their Room , The scene in front of her makes her Shriek shocked before She could bring down the whole house with her shouting She cups her mouth with her palms seeing her Bhaiya trying to Push of Her Husband who is squeezing him under him .

.”Gauri why is your skin so rough?” Om asks nuzzling her neck with his eyes still closed .

Gauri closes her eyes with her palms embarrassed to see the scene front of her .

“Why are you pushing me Jaan?” Om asks as He presses his cheek onto hers , “When did you start growing beard?” He adds in caressing her cheek .

Gauri shouts unable to take it anymore ” Omkara!” ,

The Loud scream startles Om as his eyes shots open . He too screams loudly seeing Him squeezing Randhir under him instead of Gauri and Randhir who was looking so pale like a kid who would cry any moment .

Gauri cups Omkara’s mouth worriedly to stop him from bringing down everyone to their room.

Om’s Face goes pale as He scrambles to the end of the bed . Gauri heaves a sigh of relief seeing her husband was wearing shirt today if not She did not want to even think what would have happened because of her Despo Man .

Randhir pulls the sheets and covers himself hurriedly as He makes a loud cry sound

“Bachcaa” Randhir hugs Gauri and makes crying sound loudly as He says ” Omkara ne mera izzat loot liya (Omkara has robbed my modesty)”

Om hangs his head down too embarrassed to face Randhir as He slightly murmurs “I Forgot it was you ” He says in a mere whisper as His face turns red in embarrassment .

Gauri did not know how to react , Her shocked expression changes with Little giggles sliping out of her mouth until She finds herself laughing madly watching the two until her belly hurt . She tries to stop her laughter seeing the Two Men glaring at her but She couldn’t instead She ends up laughing more .

“You are Laughing at me?” Randhir asks in a crying tone . Seeing her laughing even more he pulls off the sheet getting down from the bed he leaves shouting loudly in a cry tone

“Woow Nice Your Husband took my Izzat away and His Wife is Laughing at me .Mummy ” He cries making Gauri laugh even more until that tears sprung her eyes .

After Her laughter dies down She looks sideways to see her Husband glaring at her murderously . What wrong did I Do now? Did I tell You to romance Bhaiya? That thought makes her chuckle even more making him double the glare at her .

“What?” Gauri asks stifling her laugh

“Nothing!” Om tells embarrassed pulling the sheets off him as he walks out to the balcony .

Gauri trails behind him muffling her laughter cautious enough not to rattle him more .

She sees him lying on the recliner with one of his hand placed under his head while the other lay beside his body Following suit She slips herself pressing her body into his .

“Urghhh that was embarrassing ” Om tells after awhile shaking his head vigorously trying to get rid of the image from his mind .

Gauri chuckles making him glare at her .

“It was indeed” She agrees knowing what is to follow tomorrow if her Bhaiya lets it out but then again She thinks Whose izzat will be going? . Her Bhaiya’s she knows the answer indefinitely. So He has to have his mouth zipped. She giggles thinking about his horror-stricken face few minutes back.

“Okay Okay I am not laughing ” Gauti tells in between her laughter seeing her husband glaring at her but despite himself , He ends up chuckling with her thinking about the incident a while back .

When he had found His Body Rough he should have stopped but He had ended up caressing pressing his cheeks onto his and — “Yuck” Om tells putting his tongue out He had leaned into kiss if Gauri had not shouted ,

” yuck!!” Omkara shouts imaging the scene putting his tongue out .

Gauri laughs out loudly exactly imagining what he was imagining ” You should Have kissed him” She teases making him frown at her making a puking face.

Seeing her continuously teasing her . Om starts tickling her making her mumble “Sorry ” to stop .After few minutes Om stops as Gauri gasps for breath with all the laughing as tears sprung her eyes .

She looks at him still taking deep breathes partially hovering over his body as they chuckle together and hug each other .

“Gauri do you think he will tell everyone?” Om asks embarrassed with the thought how everyone would pull his leg if they get to know.

She chuckles as She says pompously “You took away his izzat do you think that he would tell everyone?”.

Om lets out laugh remembering the pale –dreaded face of Randhir . Poor thing !.

They sit silence enjoying being each other’s arms in the moonlight bathing them .

“Take this off” Gauri tells irritated tugging at his shirt after few minutes .

Om chuckles and says smirking “Take it off yourself !” .

Seeing her almost flicking the buttons off irritated Om laughs and takes her hands off the shirt to save the Poor Shirt from Her wrath and removes it by himself .

She hugs him smiling blissfully as Her cheeks presses to his naked chest .

“It is cold here Let’s go in?” He suggests Feeling the chilling air hitting on him making him shiver.

She chuckles as She says “You have your Own Heater ” ,

“My Own Heater alone is not enough right now to stop me from freezing to death ” , Om tells pouting .

She signs him to stay while She walks in . She gets back with a huge blanket .

“This would help” She tells showing her Thirty-two teeth , Om shakes his head knowing her stubborn nature giving into her .

She lies over him as He covers them with the huge blanket as they cuddle to sleep with a serene smile in the moonlight .


Randhir sighs for the hundredth time knowing what big mistake he had committed . Pushed out of Omkara’s Room in the most embarrassing way , He did not know where to go sleep in the middle of the night . Making up his mind to check on whether the guest room is vacate . He drops in to the room to Find His Angel sleeping alone .

Contemplating whether it is a good idea to sleep beside her . He makes up his mind and slips to the other side maintaining a fair distance .

But What happened was Ridhimaa had rolled onto his Side and ended up hugging him tightly .

Presently ,He could not help but sigh her alluring smell her closeness was not helping him in any way . He closes his eyes trying to fight the temptation of Making her His at this moment. He clenches his fist trying to calm himself .

Ridhimaa opens her eyes and finds herself on bed with a man . Her sleep leaves immediately as horror fills her mind bringing back the worst nightmares .

Randhir Feeling her stirring opens his eyes to Find her going pale and Fear itched on her face .

“Ridhimaa” he gently calls her trying to get her out of her dazed shake but the voice does not reach Her as Flashes of Her Worst memories comes past her .

Randhir shakes her gently breaking her daze . Sweat lines forms in her forehead Seeing Randhir would thinking twice She hugs him crying “I thought they took me Randhir ” ,

Randhir soothes her arms whispering sweet nothings feeling bad for making her worst memories come alive.

Her sobs subside as She looks up from the embrace “I want to stay here , I do not want to go with them again , they would abuse me Randhir ” She tells sobbing bitterly .

“None can take you away from me ” Randhir whispers kissing her head as She hugs him tightly .

“I want to Live with you ” Randhir hears her tell as his eyes are dropping .

He comes awake with a start and looks down surprised to see her murmuring the same words again and again . His happiness knew No limits as He hugs her tightly only if She was a sober . He promises himself to heal her wounds and give her the love and respect she deserves .


The Next Morning , Ridhimaa Finds herself tangled in Randhir’s arms , She remembers how She had cried in his arms and how he had calmed her down . If She had doubts whether he would accept her after everything , After The Night they had She had cleared away her doubts . Even She had always imagined a Perfect Family Life , Being an orphan She wanted to have a Family to call her own. Already Divya Amma had accepted her as her daughter and Gauri had already given her the place of Babhi ,. Oberoi Family members had adored her so much and given her the love she always craved for . These one week had given her happiness and Love which She had craved since years . She wants more of them and Moreover She knows She will not get A Perfect Husband Like Randhir .

She leans in so that her forehead to his forehead . She looks into his face closely , Seeing him sleeping like a babyHer lips tug up at the corner ,

Taking out her thumb She traces it on his lower lip suddenly her mind fills with thoughts how his lips would taste on hers . a rosy tinge adorns her face as her heart beat races , Without thinking twice She gently places her lips on his but what shocks her was he Kisses her back tenderly with overwhelming love .

Breaking off She whispers Shyly looking down ” You were awake ”

He nods as He asks her back “So it’s a Yes?” , She nods shyly She Knew She did not love him atleast not yet but in future She would .

Seeing her blushing Randhir takes her lips in his overwhelmed with too many emotions at the same time . His unrequited love of Years is Finally getting requited .


Running into Randhir early morning was The Last thing Omkara had thought , Randhir who bumps onto Omkara goes pale as He takes two steps backward . Omkara gives him an apologetically smile and takes a step forward to talk to him but Randhir turns on his heels and runs the opposite way scared as a kitten making Omkara sigh knowing He had scared the poor thing so much .

Gauri walks into the Guest Room repetitively thinking for an excuse to make Ridhimaa believe where she was but seeing the way Ridhimaa was lost combing her hair Gauri stops and scrutinizes her eyes to Find a different glint and slight blush that had adorned on her Face .

Gauri taps Ridhimaa twice to break her trance .

“Which world are you in?” Gauri asks smiling mischievously

“That..I..” Ridhimaa stammers but seeing the knowing smile Gauri was giving She asks her instead with hands on her hips strictly “Where Were You My Lady? From Yesterday Night? ” ,

“That..I” Gauri stutters as nothing comes up in her mind to lie sighing She says proudly “I was sleeping with My Husband ”

“ohh..Let me tell Daadi” Ridhimaa tells and gets up to make a dash out of the room .

Gauri in time holds her wrist making puppy eyes she says cutely pouting ” Aren’t We Sister-in-Laws We Should help each other ” She blinks twice making Ridhimaa slap her cheeks slightly muttering a drama queen .

Gauri was quick to notice how Ridhimaa did not protest her calling SIL , Did She ? Gauri wonders excitedly then confirming to herself She hugs Ridhimaa excitedly

“Did You Accept Bhaiya?”

Ridhimaa nods with a slight blush making Gauri wraps her arms around her tightly murmuring how happy she is to get another Partner-in-Crime .


Dressed in a Pink Designed Lehenga with A Sleeveless and a V Shaped neck blouse with Her Hairs let loose and curled at the end which Fell a few inches above her butt covering her almost bare back with matching jewelries to go with and a waist chain draped around her creamy waist with a simple makeup put on She looked Ethereal and Gorgeous .

She Looks at Herself putting up a Final touch up to her look , A Slight blush adorns her face as her thoughts wander to Her Husband who would eat her up if He sees her in this dress .

He would pull her close and – Her thoughts halts as She takes a deep breath trying to calm her raising heart beat Her Husband would be the death of her .

She raises her palms which are bare like a white canvas . In a hour’s time her palms would be covered with artistic intricate patterns with His name lurking around the patterns for him to Find on their – ”

Her blush widens as She potters about what would happen on their night . She would be tangled with him skin to skin with no barrier and then Her Husband would look down at her With his eyes full of Love and an unknown emotion , Then She would shy away from him when His hands and His lips does magic all around her body . He would grab her close to him and then he would – She stops as She shuts her eyes tightly trying to catch her breath and stop her erotic thoughts as Her skin adorning a rosy tinge along her neck length to the tip of her ear .

Her toes curl up . She clenches her skirt on either sides as Her mind visualizes what would happen exactly after One Night That is Tomorrow Night. A Slight moan leaves her mouth as She Feels his arm snaking through her bare waist causing tingles in her skin as his warm breath falls on her nape .


Pre-Wedding Rituals Coming up

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