His Silent Love – Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 – My Mulan

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Twinkle (POV)

“Stay close” Kunj repeated for like the hundredth time while we ordering food from the Chinese restaurant and I sighed nodding again.

Just behind us were a group of guys around our age snickering and passing comments here and there.

“I would totally have her against the counter. Totally” The blonde one whistled from behind and I internally groaned at the long line which would take at least 5 minutes more.

My eyes snapped to Kunj’s hand which was tightly closed in a fist and I could visibly see the vein in his forehead popping out due to anger.

I gulped hoping there’s no drama.

“Honestly, 1000 bucks for that ass”

The other couples and teenagers ahead of us gave them agonising looks but man did it even matter to them.

Damn it.

“That’s it” Kunj muttered but before he could react I tightly held onto his arm not letting him turn back. I gave him a pleading look still holding onto his arm. “I’m gonna deflower his no existent ass” Kunj mumbled turning ahead and I sighed breathing out a small laugh.

I took his hand interlinking our fingers and I could see a smile forming on his face. Luckily, our turn came quickly and we ordered getting the food.

About half and hour later, we were done with our food. Kunj and I quietly strolled back towards the hotel and it was nearly midnight, the streets empty.

“You and Theo, huh?” Kunj decided to speak and I smirked to myself clearing my throat, “What about it?”

He gave me a knowing looking which I returned with my own innocent own making him sigh, “You guys look pretty close”

“Oh. Yeah, I guess. I really enjoy myself with him” I shrugged chuckling still walking and I could practically feel his eyes glaring at me. “That’s good to hear” he forced out giving me a lopsided smile.

“Twinkle, do you-“ before he could finish we heard the rustling sound of leaves under someone’s feet and glanced back eyeing the same guys from the restaurant.

Kunj immediately wrapped his arm around my shoulder pulling me closer to his side and more only if possible. “It’s okay” I mumbled giving him a small smile.

It’s not like I was scared. I could handle them on my own.

Pfft. Sure. You have Kunj, the fighter, beside you that’s why you aren’t shitting your pants right now.

We continued walking with them following us and I let out a sigh of a relief when when they were about to go ahead of us but not before I felt one of their hands smacking my butt.

Without thinking once, I smashed my elbow and it hit his body part and a loud groan could be heard in the empty place.

Everyone of us froze beside us and I turned eyeing the guy who smacked my butt holding onto his nose hissing in pain.

“Oh. Bulls eye” I grinned whistling and he gave me a heated look before his friends joined him.

“Damn, sweetheart. You just did not do the right thing” The blonde guy with them shook his head smirking and before he could step forward, Kunj had his fist in his face making him stumble back.

I scoffed rolling my eyes. Kunj was a fighter and they were nothing but pieces of twigs in front of him.

“Just go before you have count how many bones you broke in your body” I smiled at them and he growled. My eyes snapped towards the police car which was coming this way.

And luckily, it had his sirens off.

I quickly glued myself to the guy I punched and held onto his arm. Everyone around me froze giving me weird looks.

And then I screamed on the top of my lungs.

The guy placed a hand on my mouth and in seconds Kunj was on the ground passed out.

I smirked to myself knowing he saw through my plan too.

“What’s happening here?” The officer’s voice boomed and two of them quickly got out of their cars pointing their guns at the guy I was currently clinging onto. But it seemed like he was trying to hold me.

“They knocked out my poor boyfriend. And I-i-“ I sobbed trying to cry harder and the guys stepped back from me.

“What? She’s lyi-“

“Stand back,young man” the officer hissed pointing the gun. “I am sorry, Ma’am. We’ll take care of this” He pointed to the other Officer who took out the handcuffs.

“Seems like you’d be spending the night behind bars” I whispered wickedly and the three of them shot me a glare before arguing with them.

“I hope he’s fine” the cop bent down to check on Kunj. “Pfft. Muscle and all but still of no use” I heard him mutter and I hid my laugh scooting down too.

“Let’s take him to the hospital”

And just then Kunj started coughing gasping for breath.

Wow. He’s a good actor. I must say.


Gladly, we made it back to the hotel with Kunj scowling at the cops that he was fine and didn’t needed medical help. Probably pissed because of the comment the officer made.

I chuckled to myself knowing how badly it hurt his ego.

“What’s so funny?” He mumbles still annoyed and I shrugged as we walked inside the lobby of the hotel. “Muscles and all-“ I recited for the hundredth time this evening and Kunj sent a glare my way.

I grinned but it dropped the moment he grasped my hand and pulled me towards his chest. “One more word about that and I’ll kiss you until I devour the whole you”

I sucked in a breath feeling his lips move against my ear as he spoke those words.

“Damn it, Twinkle. I have missed you so much” he muttered, lips trailing down to my neck. “So much” he mumbled his voice breaking and I gulped harshly.

Pulling away from him, I stared around feeling the heat rush up.

I could hear him mumbling and tugging at his hair before giving me a final glance and walking towards his room.

I let out a sigh turning around but groaned closing my eyes shut.

Because standing there was a rather furious Dhruv.

“Don’t start, Dhruv”I pointed at him, “ I am not a kid. Besides, you don’t even know half of the story. So, don’t get your flat ass kicked by me”

And with that I stormed off to to my room clearly not waiting for his bashing.


“Wake up. Wake up, b*t*hes” I heard someone yelling and covered my ear groaning out loud. “Let us sleep” I heard Jenna’s irritated voice but the other person just yelled louder, “You three wake up this instant or I change rooms with melody” Chloe’s voice boomed throughout the whole room and there was pin drop silence.

We instantly got up and Chloe smirked crossing her arms. “Finally. Everyone’s almost ready and heading tor breakfast. Do you seriously want to miss any amazing moment of this trip?”

“Geez, woman. Notch it down a bit” Maira muttered heading for the bathroom.

Half an hour later, we were down in the breakfast lounge having breakfast with the rest of our friends and I avoided Kunj as usual.

It’s not like he tried to talk to me.

Yeah right, Twinkle. He’s been stealing glances of you every five second and offering you food.


“What’s the plan today?” I ask Dhruv stuffing my face with the Nutella pancakes. “Umm the the museum first. Don’t” he protested when everybody started to groan, “It’s a really good museum. We went there too when I was back in school. And the aqua park after that”

Cheering could be heard from our table as Dhruv mentioned that. Finishing our breakfast, we headed back to our rooms to get our bathing suits and essentials.


“I would really love the sight of you in a bathing suit. But that would mean the rest of the low lives getting a show of what’s mine” I sucked in a breath feeling Kunj behind me when I was about to get in the bus, “And Twinkle” he added making me turn to face him.

“You look gorgeous” his knuckles traced my cheekbones ever so lightly and I closed my eyes . “So beautiful” he mumbled leaning closer.

His lips brushed against mine and I opened my eyes to find myself staring into his gorgeous brown eyes. “Kunj-“

“Babe, I have been looking for you everywhere” I instantly pulled away distancing myself from him hearing Melody’s not so melodious voice.

I heard a low grumble from Kunj who brushed past me into the bus ignoring Melody and I took slow breaths trying to calm myself down.

Gazing up, I found a smirking Theo staring at and I laughed knowing exactly why he was so amused.

“Aww” he jogged towards me wrapping an arm around my shoulder, “He awakened the s*xual urges inside you but sadly the demon appeared” he nodded his head towards melody and I huffed.

“I wasn’t even going to kiss him, Theo”

“Right” he scoffed, “I could see the boner you gave-“ I jabbed my elbow into his side making him wince.

“Let’s just go” we both climbed inside and I couldn’t miss the sight when Kunj’s smile dropped. He clenched his jaw shooting a glare at Theo’s arm on my shoulder.

Looks like our plan is working.


“Smileee” Ben cheered clicking a photo of me and I grinned posing for him. “Ugh. My photos are always terrible” I complained glancing at his camera and he gave me an eye roll.

“Sure, princess” he muttered and I smiled as Theo joined us wrapping an arm around my shoulder. I smirked internally at Ben’s frown when Theo did that.

“This jewel is so precious” Maira muttered glancing at the piece of jewel in the box and I nodded clicking a picture of it.

“Ten minutes before we hop onto the bus and go for the aqua park” Dhruv informed us and I couldn’t miss when he secretly pecked Chloe on the cheek before disappearing.

I turned around chuckling to find Nat staring at Dhruv’s back.

“Hey” I mumbled softly taking his hand and walking towards the other paintings in the museum.

“It’s been long since we had a proper talk, best friend” he smiled and I gave him a guilty smile shrugging, “Sorry about that. It’s just that things have been a bit intense”

“I understand” he nodded, “And don’t worry about it, Twinkle. I guess not everyone is supposed to be together”

“But Nat-“

“Trust me, it hurt. A lot. But things have started to get better. And no, I’d never try to hurt Chloe. I can see how happy she is with Dhruv”

He smiled genuinely and I wrapped my arms around him. “Everything would be okay. If not now, someday it will be. But I am really glad to know you are moving on. After all, you both are family to me”

“I know, sweetheart” he pulled back patting my head, “I missed you tho”

I laughed along, “Getting too mushy, okay”

“Now tell me about this Jenna friend of yours” he smirked and I looked on surprised before squealing.

“I’m playing Cupid again”


After spending around an hour in the museum, we finally reached the aqua park. The girls were packed inside the washroom changing into their bathing suits and removing their make up.

“Can’t wait for lover boy to give you those googly eyes” Jenna whispered and I smacked her butt making her laugh. “We’ll see. Can’t wait for someone to give you those googly eyes too”

She looked at me confused and I chuckled shaking my head, “You’d know soon. Come on, you brats. Hurry”

I yelled after Maira and Chloe who quickly joined us too.

I looked around smiling at everyone swimming with their friends or taking the rides. “Which slide to go first?” Maira hummed from beside and I shook my head.

“I can’t. You know I am afraid of heights. So, I’ll be joining Chloe in the pool” I waved grabbing Chloe by the arm and ignoring their groans.

“Twinkle. Chloe, over here” Ben grinned waving his hand and Chloe took a deep breath doing a flip and landed smoothly in the pool making me whistle behind her.

I sat on the edge of the pool feeling the cold water hit my legs and sighed happily.

“Mind joining us in the pool?” I opened my eyes to see a smiling Kunj near me inside the pool and I shrugged.

“Let me get these shorts off first” I mumbled to myself standing up and taking the shorts off leaving myself in my bathing suit.

I took a deep breath ignoring the stares and jumped inside swimming towards Ben who was busy playing water fight with Theo.


I smirked deciding not to disturb them and turned only to see a head popping out of the water suddenly and making me squeal in surprise.

“You scared me, dumbshit” I smacked Kunj’s shoulder and he grinned. Suddenly, I felt a hand on my waist and looked up to see Kunj softly smiling down to me.

“I told you no one would be able to take their eyes off you” he muttered pulling me even closer and my front touched his. I looked around and scoffed turning my attention back to him, “everyone’s busy doing their own stuff. The only person glaring daggers at me is Melody”

I chuckled making him huff, “Why can’t that girl take a hint I’m not interested in her at all?”

“Lacks the brain. Nevermind, why are you doing this?” I pointed at him than me and his eyes widened in realisation. “Apology won’t be enough this time, right?”

I shrugged, “It never is unless you mean it and actually stick to it” I pointed out rolling my eyes and he sighed.

“Why not enjoy this trip and talk when we get back?” He questions his knuckles lightly brushing against my cheekbones.

“How can I be sure you won’t push me away all over again?” I ask him, my fingers drumming against his forearm and he cracked a smile, “If I don’t, I’ll dress up like a princess and walk around in school for a day”

I giggled even thinking about it and laughed harder looking up to meet Kunj’s warm brown eyes, “I’m looking forward to it”

“Good” he mumbled kissing my forehead and I tried ignoring the tingling in my whole boy. “Let’s go on that slide” he cheered and I nodded absentmindedly.

“Wait no”


“Twinkle, just ride” Kunj cooed at me patting my head, “It’ll be okay. You’d be fine. I’ll hold you”

“No. It’ll hurt, Kunj” I whined stepping back.

“Oh my God! You both are annoying twats. It sounds like you are making her ride your dick” Ben’s annoyed voice came from behind the steps and I glared at his stupid smirk.

“Hurry up” Chloe cried out and I glanced at the huge line behind her from this water slide. Kunj gave me a reassuring smile and I sighed nodding.

Kunj sat first adjusting himself before tilting his head to look back at me. “Come on, love. You’d okay”

I gulped feeling heat rush up my cheeks at his words and took a deep breath going ahead and sitting in between his legs.

His lips brushed against my temple, “Trust me, you’d love this”

And we that we both pushed ourselves against the slide that was probably as high as Burj khalifa.

You are exaggerating things…

Maybe maybe but it was so high everyone beneath look tiny as ants.

Just as we pushed, the warm air hit us strongly and we were sliding fast making me laugh.

“This is actually not bad” I yelled against the cheering and Kunj laughed his arms wrapping tightly around me.

“I know” he mumbled nuzzling his face in the crook of my neck and I stiffened, “Wish I could stay like this forever” he sighed making me draw in a sharp breath when his lips left a lingering kiss along my neck.

“Me too” I whispered, my voice thick from all the thoughts and he hummed tapping his fingers lightly against my stomach.

I chuckled eyeing Dhruv and Chloe who were waving enthusiastically from the side and clicking pictures of us.

I waved back at her smiling for the picture.

“Damn it, I love you so much. I can’t do this anymore” Kunj’s grumbling voice made me forget all about us sitting in the slide.

“What…” I whispered hoarsely turning my head to the side to look at him.

“We are gonna land..”

I was still in astonishment from his previous words and didn’t consider what he said, when next I heard a splash and me gasping for air.

I forcefully pushed myself up with arms wrapping around my waist. Coughing and taking deep breaths, I glared at Kunj who was smirking.

“You twat, couldn’t you warn me a bit earlier?” I smacked his chest and he breathed out a laugh shrugging, “I did”

I narrowed my eyes at him making him smirk even more. I sighed knowing it was pointless arguing with him, “let’s go once more”

I mumbled surprising myself too.

Eh. Why do I think you just want to sit closer to Kunj?

Pfft. No. Whatever


“Look Twinkle” Chloe showed me her camera getting up from her seat inside the bus and I smiled at the pictures. I stopped slowly going through the pictures of me and Kunj on the slide.

I was waving at her along with Kunj grinning like an idiot. I stopped on one picture knowing exactly why I looked so pale and shocked in that specific one.

It was a few seconds after Kunj said he loves me. Again.

My eyes immediately found Kunj’s and he gave me a knowing smile. Totally aware of why I was blushing like an idiot.

Looks like I’m in deep shit all over again.

I quickly thrusted the camera in Chloe’s hand rushing out the bus as it stopped in front of the hotel.


“Ugh” I grumbled into the pillow frustrated due to the lack of sleep. Looking around my friends, they were all asleep and I sighed shaking my head.

Today has been a crazy and psychotic day.

My thoughts swirled around Kunj’s words throughout the entire time and now I couldn’t sleep.

Damn it, I love you so much. I can’t do this anymore

Annoyed, I got up from my bed and decided to stroll around the hotel. Clearly, everyone was off to bed and I didn’t see anyone.

A silver name plate caught my eye and I smiled reading the name.

Swimming pool.

Yes, the perfect place to relax this time.

I have always sneaked into my school’s pool at night along with my friends to have a peaceful time.

And now there was no one.

I grinned realising the jacuzzi was there too and I quickly stripped out my clothes and undergarments.

No sane person is coming here at 3 in the morning anyway.

I wrapped my arms around myself stepping inside the hot water and slid down.

“Man. Feels so good” I murmured tying my hair in a ponytail.

“Really? Then I guess I should join you too” My eyes widened in shock and I craned my head to the side groaning out loud.

“Why do you always have to interrupt my solitude?” I grumbled sliding in the water more trying to cover myself and Kunj stood in front of me.

Thankfully, it was extremely dark and I could stay freely in the jacuzzi.

Kunj stripped out of his clothes leaving his boxers one and I thanked him mentally. Stepping inside, he sat down stretching on the opposite side of mine.

“Why are you here at this time?” He questions playing with the water. I sighed, “Why are you here at this time?” I question back making him shake his head at my stubbornness.

“I couldn’t sleep and was just wandering around when I saw you come here. So followed you” he muttered relaxing back and I nodded, “Same”

“Why couldn’t you sleep?” I ask him copying his posture and my left thigh touched his sending a warm feeling throughout my body.

“Exactly the reason why you couldn’t” he smirked and I raised an eyebrow at him when his fingers lightly drummed against my skin.

Two can play a game then.

I moved to the side still under water, silently thanking the extreme darkness and now sat next to Kunj our shoulders touching.

“And what’s the reason I couldn’t sleep?” I whispered laying my head against his shoulder and ran my fingers along his forearm.

I could hear him gulp harshly sucking in a breath, “y-you..umm..you”

“Yeah?” I whispered giving him an encouraging smile and he look down at my face dead serious, “stop doing that”

“What?” I was smiling madly now and the corner of his mouth twitched too. “This” he stopped my fingers trailing his bare chest. “And what about this?” He didn’t even have the time to ask me what when I grasped the back of hair and pulled his mouth down to mine.

Kunj stayed frozen on his spot, eyes widened a bit while I kissed him gently. It took him a few seconds to compose himself before his arm wrapped around my back and he pulled me closer to his chest.

And you are naked. Naked. No clothes.

My bare chest touched his and I felt my cheeks burn in embarrassment. Kunj’s hand caressed my back. “My Mulan…” he whispered next to my ear and I smiled.

He lips held my earlobe and I threw my head back giggling.

Why am I laughing…

“Why are you laughing?” He mumbled nuzzling his nose in the side of my throat and I stopped immediately. A slow moan escaped from my mouth when he bit down on my shoulder.

“Why did you stop laughing? Hmm” he asked kissing down my throat. “Idksosj” I had no idea what I was saying or trying to say.

A deep chuckle followed next due to my incapability to speak at the moment. “Twinkle…”

I knew that that tone. The serious tone of Kunj Sarna.

“If you let me on, I won’t be able to stop myself” he spoke slowly and carefully, his eyes boring into mine and I gulped harshly.

Was I ready?

“Neither would I” I whispered.

“You mean-“

He was abruptly silenced by the opening of the door. Kunj hurriedly faced me hiding me from any one coming in and the lights flickered open.

“What— umm sorry, sir” it was probably someone from the staff.

“Leave me alone. And turn off those lights” I peeked from behind the waiter pale as a ghost listening to Kunj’s commanding voice.

Geez! This guy is only 19

The waiter shuffled hurriedly, closing the lights and rushing out of the pool area.

“So where were we?” He turns back to me being a*sh*le he was with a smug expression.

“Shut up, idiot. And kiss me”



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