Kunj was sitting inside his office remembering his old days with Twinkle, when she used to come to his office. He was remembering the kiss they shared in his office on the day of his anniversary. It was so hot that he almost lost his control over his hormones that day, good UV broke there moment, else he would have not been able to.

His thoughts were broken by a knock on the door and asked the person to come. It was his secretary Lisa, who brought a file which was required for him to review.

Lisa- Sir, you asked for these files. They are ready and you can review them.

Kunj- Leave it on the table.

Lisa kept the files and again turned to face Kunj and told her- Sir, the suit you wanted to wear for the party tonight has come from laundry and kept in your personal room and before going to the party you also have a meeting in Hotel Shangrila.

Kunj- Yes, I remember. (After a brief pause) Lisa, get me a coffee.

Lisa- yes Sir.

Lisa was continuously trying to woo and throw herself on Kunj, when Kunj company had a meeting with Eureka’s for the first time. She thought that Kunj was staring her but the thing he was looking at this lady love Twinkle who was just sitting beside her.

After Lisa left, Kunj’s mind again drift into the thought of Twinkle and how much she has changed herself, but still sometimes he got angry, because he wanted to know why she left him without telling him the reason. Sometime thinking had he hurt her so much that she left her but she was not that kind of person.

Like this time passed and Kunj got ready in one of the suits which Twinkle always loved on him. Kunj completed his meeting and sat in his limo for the party.

On the other side Twinkle was with Naman inside on her way through the party and UV and Chinki took another car. Twinkle was thinking to what UV told her before them leaving for the party.

UV’s word running in Twinkle’s mind in the car- Whatever you told me and whatever step you took was absolutely fine and let me tell whatever future holds for you, I will be always be present beside you, as a brother to protect you. I will always be your shield if by chance Kunj tries to hurt you. I know looking at Kunj you are falling weak but I know you will be always fine and if not, your brother is there for you.

Twinkle- UV, I don’t know what had happened to Kunj, but I will never appreciate his act, if because of me he tries to hurt you.

Uv- Don’t worry, he will never do that, I know him in and out Twinkle.

Twinkle- someone jerked Twinkle out of her thoughts and she saw him to be Naman, who was telling her to come as they have reached their destination.

Naman as a gentleman opened the door for Twinkle and gave him his hand and Twinkle put her arm locking with his elbow and they went inside.

Naman- Twinkle, we must be looking really hot right as I have the most beautiful woman beside me.

Twinkle blushed at is statement and they went inside, found UV and Chinki standing at the side.

Chinki- God, you both are late, I thought Naman and you fled away.

Naman- Very funny, I am afraid, if my girlfriend will come to know about me with Twinkle, she will kill me.

Twinkle and Chinki were amused listening and seeing Naman’s face, who was looking scared.

Chinki- When you agreed that time you were very confident what happened now?

Naman- That time… I….I just…. Naman kept stammering and could not give proper reply.

Chinki- Hey stop stammering and answer me and you better act properly otherwise before your girlfriend I will kill you.

UV laughed looking at the Naman’s condition but then said- Ok guys, better be quite and Twinkle, Kunj is staring at you only and Naman you start the acting.

Naman- Ha

Chinki- Ssss what ha, go ahead and start your boyfriend acting.

Naman- Okk.

Naman looked at Twinkle and she took him away from Chinki and UV.

Twinkle- Naman, what happen you were fine few mintues back, what happened all of a sudden, if you don’t want, we will not.

Naman- No Twinkle, I actually want to help you, but my girlfriend’s friend is here, I just saw her and if she has will tell my girlfriend…. I don’t want to lose her.

Twinkle- Ok, don’t worry. You just relax. Leave what Chinki told you. You came here just to help is too much for me.

Naman- You are too good Twinkle, I mean, just because I am afraid you are ready to drop the whole plan. No, I am not that selfish, I will do whatever we have planned and will take care of my girlfriend’s friend also, anyway she has her problem of exaggerating things. I will take care of it.

Twinkle- But…. Before she could complete Naman hugged her tightly.

Chinki- Wow, you guys are doing great and don’t turn Kunj is coming this side only.

UV pulled Chinki behind and asked- Will you stop your commentary. Not their acting but your commentary will definitely make Kunj make suspicious them not in relationship.

Chinki pouted at UV and kept quiet.

Kunj was walking toward them, he glanced at UV and UV back at him, but UV turned his face and took Chinki also with him. Kunj was hurt, but his mind and heart were more focused on Twinkle. He saw Naman kissing on Twinkle’s forehead and his hand was on her bare back which made Kunj tighten his fist. When Kunj saw them entering he was mesmerized looking Twinkle. He only saw her once when she planned to make him jealous and after that he was seeing her today. If she would have been with him, he would have never let her come out of the room, but made a passionate love with her on their bed, but she was not with him and the dress she was wearing was making him more jealous. He might have told her that he wants revenge from her for leaving him without telling him but here he who has lost everything just want her back in his life. He wants my Twinkle back.

Kunj was continuously making his way towards Twinkle, and was getting really angry as why Twinkle wore such a dress where every man is just ogling at her.

(Twinkle wore a plunging neckline yellow mermaid lace gown which was backless)

Kunj- Hi Twinkle. Kunj said after calming himself down, else he was all ready to punch Naman’s face.

Twinkle who was smiling when was with Naman, faded away looking at Kunj.

Twinkle- Good evening…Sir.

Kunj eyes widened that she is calling him sir, but somehow composed himself and asked- Is he your boyfriend?

Yes, I am her boyfriend. Nice to meet you Mr….. – Naman

Kunj- Kunj… Kunj Sarna.

Naman- Nice to meet you Mr. Kunj Sarna. They shake their hands but Kunj eyes were on Twinkle.

Kunj- I think Twinkle have not told you about me.

Naman- About what, about her ex-husband, who wants to take revenge, then let me tell you that Twinkle is love of my life and shares each and everything with me, you know each and everything. Naman smirked.

Twinkle- Namannnn….

Kunj- It’s ok, Twinkle, don’t think that this will make me jealous and that also with the sample standing next to you, I will never be jealous of him. Though Kunj was saying this but it was a big lie, in fact Kunj wanted to kill Naman at that very moment when he said they both shared each and everything. The imagination of Twinkle and Naman being together and Naman laying hands on his girl, made his blood boil.

Kunj- Ok, if you are done with your over possessive show off, then please excuse me as I have other guests to meet with and by the way how could you forget Twinkle, I am Kunj Sarna, who never stayed alone and I too have a girlfriend dear, so enjoy your party with your boyfriend.

Kunj to himself- no, this can’t happen. I can’t really loose Twinkle her. She was so happy with that idiot. I know my Twinkle, she will never allow anyone to touch her. She is mine, just mine and I won’t let anyone lay hands on her. I will get my love back in my life and this is my promise, Kunj Sarna’s promise to himself.


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