The Fragile Trust (Chapter 12)

The Fragile Trust
Chapter 12

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I hurry inside my room completely flushed. The thought that Kunj has finally confessed his love for me delights me. I bolt the door and sit down leaning against the wall. I process all the events that had been happening since the morning. I laugh remembering the way I woke up Kunj; I remember our kiss and although, it wasn’t our first kiss, it was still special, every moment with Kunj has its own specialty and charm; I remember about Kunj’s family accepting our relation; I remember how I threw tantrums and denied confessing my love for him and all I can do is smile. My phone vibrates and I instantly pull it out from my pocket. “Papa?”
I wonder why papa is calling me when yesterday night’s conversation flashes through my mind. “I completely forgot about the transfer,” I mutter and drop a text to papa.

Me: I’ll call you back in a while.
Papa: Sure.

I dial Kunj’s number and he instantly receives the call. “Hey, babe!” “Kunj, listen . . ,” I say, but he interrupts saying, “Did you call me to say that you love me?” “No. You know you already disturbed me a lot and I’m not saying that unless you do something really special for me. Anyway, papa’s transferring me to the Singapore branch next year, Kunj,” I say. “That’s great,” he remarks. “What do you mean by that’s great? Papa’s transferring me to the other branch, that’s in Singapore. Can you be serious enough and think what will happen to the two of us?” “Oh, God! Can you relax? Let me speak now. So, basically it’s great that you’re being transferred to Singapore because it’d have been really difficult to stay without you for another year and since, our house and business, everything’s there in Singapore so, it won’t be a problem anymore,” he replies and I smile. “Okay, I’m telling yes to papa then,” I say. “Okay, bye then,” I add after a few seconds of silence. “Twinkle, . . ,” he mutters. “Yes?” “I love you!” “Thank you,” I reply. “Twinkle, I seriously thought that you’ll confess now,” he says and I snort. “I told you to do something special for me, baby,” I reply. “Anyway, bye. I need to talk to papa now.” “Bye,” he bids adieu irritated and I laugh.

“Hello papa!” “Beta, what did you think about the transfer? Is it okay if we transfer you here for the internship?” “Yes papa. That’s why I called you back. I’m perfectly alright with it. You can continue with all the procedures or may be even I can complete them if you want me to,” I reply. “It’s okay, beta. You concentrate on your exams. They’re coming up soon, right? I’ll complete all these procedures.” “Okay, papa.” I disconnect the call and find a text from Kunj.

Kunj: Hey, be ready by 8.
Me: I’ve an assignment to complete. I can’t go out anywhere. You carry on.
Kunj: Which assignment are you being assigned a month before your finals, babe?
Me: I’ve my pending assignments. You carry on your own, nah!
Kunj: I’m right now going to the library and checking out your assignment record. I wonder what assignments the great Twinkle Taneja is left with and then, I’ll help you out, like I did for statistics and probably. .

I read his text and I flutter my eyelids. ‘Did he just indirectly tell me he wants to kiss me again?’

Me: I’ve no assignments to be done so; you don’t have any excuse to come over.
Kunj: That’s exactly what I wanted you to type, babe! Now, listen. We’re going out at 8 so please be ready.
Me: I told I’m not coming, didn’t I?
Kunj: Okay, then. Be ready because I’m going to steal you from your own house today. Plus, Tushar will be calling you in a minute because those two love smitten kitties are going on a date tonight.

I read his text and Tushar immediately calls for me. “Coming Tushar,” I shout back. I look back at my phone and type out a message for Kunj.

Me: How did you know?
Kunj: I’ve my own ways. Anyway, be ready by 8. I’ll be waiting for my babe.
Me: I. Am. Not. Coming. Do whatever you want to!
Kunj: Okay, I’ll work it out in my own way.


I walk inside Naina’s room and find Tushar and Naina romancing each other. ‘Love smitten kitties’ is exactly what suits them. I clear my throat and look around trying to lessen the awkwardness between them. “Umm . . ,” I mutter when Tushar walks up to me. He holds tightly onto my shoulders and says, “Are you sure you’ll be able to convince uncle and aunty about Kunj?” “I guess they’ll agree, won’t they? After all, Kunj isn’t like Shaurya at all. They both are completely different and he’s like the perfect groom maa and papa could be searching for,” I reply trying to sound confident enough. “I know that. Even you do, but be very cautious when you talk to them about Kunj. I’ve seen how much the two of you love each other and I won’t tell you to run away from everything either. So, have a little patience and I know you can do it.” Tushar smiles at me and I smile back. Suddenly, his phone rings and he picks it up.

He removes his phone after a few seconds and says, “What’s Kunj saying? You’re denying to go out with him, are you?” I roll my eyes and remark, “Cry baby.” The three of us laugh and although I can’t see Kunj, I can imagine him scrunching his face. “Agree, Twinkle,” Naina squeals and I nod my head sideway. I snatch the phone from Tushar and say, “Mr. Sarna, weren’t you working out everything in your own ways? So stop complaining to my best friend and do what you can.” “I will,” he whispers. “Good then,” I reply and hand the phone back to Tushar when he adds, “By the way, I love you babe!” “We love you more, Kunj,” Naina and Tushar yell back and laugh while I turn a dark shade of crimson. Tushar disconnects the call and before they could utter a word, I rush toward my room. The two of them shout for me, but I ignore them and lock myself inside the room and I can do nothing, but blush.


I dress myself in an off-shoulder, knee length crimson dress with an empire silhouette which Kunj had sent through Tushar later in the morning. I looked toward my reflection in the mirror and it was the prettiest dress I had in my closet. I apply a light make up to accompany with the dress and set my hair free curling it at the bottom. I slip my feet into my creamy, smooth textured heels and grab my purse from the table beside. I adjust the bracelet and watch on either of my hands and as soon as I’m done, I hear the doorbell. I rush to open the door, but I stop midway. “Mr. Sarna has to sort it through his own ways. Good luck, Mr. Sarna!” I grin and walk back into my room and drop a text.

Me: Mr. Sarna, your own ways.
Kunj: Oh, yeah. I’ll sort it out in my own way. No worries, babe.
Me: What if you can’t sort it on your own ways? Do I get something in return?
Kunj: Of course not because I’m going to win and then I’m going to grab whatever I want.
Me: Hey, if you win, you already get what you want, right? So, you won’t get anything in return.
Kunj: No babe, whoever wins gets an additional price of their wish.
Me: Fine (Scoffing, understand? This is something totally unfair). Anyway, I don’t care because I’m going to win.
Kunj: Overconfidence is too bad. So, we’ll wait and watch, babe.
Me: Yeah, my win.
Kunj: Don’t worry. I’ll win. Anyway, good luck babe!

I smile and hold the phone close to my chest. “Good luck, love!”


I sit down on the bed, resting against the headboard after closing all the doors and windows. I smile at my devilish acts and unlock my phone. I search through the gallery and find a picture of Kunj. I laugh seeing his picture and mumble, “Mr. Sarna, you seem to have a tough competition with me. I’m going to win today and then you’re going to get me whatever I want.”

“That’s not happening, sweetheart.” I instantly look up from my phone and find Kunj standing against the doorframe dressed up in a formal blue suit matching me. I stare at his handsomeness unless he says, “Like what you see?” “How did you come inside? I locked all the doors and windows, didn’t I?”

He walks toward me and pulls me up from the bed. My hands rest on his chest and he adjusts his arms around my waist. “Oh babe, you tried all the ways to win, but still you lost, is it? I’m so sorry but I knew you’d be doing this so, I’d taken the keys from Naina,” he replies. “Hey, . . ,” I scoff, but before I complete he pecks my lips and says, “Aww . . I love you Twinkle!” I feel the heat rising through my cheeks. Kunj smiles and pulls me closer. He stokes my cheeks and says, “If you want we can have an amazing night together over here.” I hit his chest and while laughing reply, “Shut up.” Kunj glances at his watch and says, “We might get late. Let’s hurry up.”

He steps back and laces our fingers together. He places a few feathery kisses on my knuckles and says, “You look gorgeous.” I smile and say, “And you handsome.” He laughs and says, “Shall we leave because afterwards I even owe my gift.” I smile and say, “Let’s. I’m waiting for your little surprise, Mr. Sarna.”

‘I can’t wait to confess my love for you either,’ I wonder and both of us walk out of my flat.

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