The Fragile Trust (Chapter 11)

The Fragile Trust
Chapter 11

A/N: Sorry for being late. I was going through a writer’s block and thus, couldn’t upload earlier. This update is a cliche and I’m not quite happy with the way I penned it down. Although, the story is meant to proceed similarly, but I personally feel this update isn’t upto the mark. Anyway, do give it a read.

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“Buddy, stop it,” I yell in a sleepy voice as the noises from the kitchen hit my ear. What was Aman doing so early in the morning! Was he making us breakfast? I don’t want it at the stake of my sleep, surely and I’d rather ask him to sleep as well.

“Aman, stop it dude. I’d a late night yesterday,” I scream and pull two pillows from beside to cover my ears. I press them against my ears, tight enough to make the noises faint, but the noises grow louder and louder until I sit upright on the bed.

“I’m awake now. Stop your disgusting techniques,” I scream and the noise slowly fades away. “Good night,” I say and I am about to lay down when I hear the noises again. The coffee maker, the mixer, the juicer, the knife ruthlessly chopping the vegetables and what not! “Is there anything else left in the kitchen that could be used? Please use that, too,” I shout in frustration and jump out of my bed.

“Now, please keep calm. I’m freshening up and coming,” I shout back yet again and rush into the washroom expecting to have a good sleep inside, but exactly after fifteen minutes, the noises grow louder, louder than before. “This is horrible,” I mutter and freshen up quickly.


I step out of the bathroom and I can hear faint music now. I comb my hair and quickly step out of my room, determined enough to kill Aman for this nuisance he’d been causing since the morning. I grumble under my breath while walking toward the kitchen and the volume of the music has been increased now. I’m damn sure, the college authorities are going to throw us out of this residence after this eventful morning.

I walk uptil the kitchen and before I can shout, I realise Aman isn’t the one creating all this nuisance. I see a girl. Fair toned, her hair tied up in a loose bun, medium height. Her back faces me and she is continuously churning the mixer. An empty mixer? “Excuse me,” I mutter slowly enough and she at once, whirls around.

“Twinkle?” “Yes,” she replies smiling at me, the same enigmatic smile. Her eyes beam with joy and hope. I flutter my eyelids to believe the reality that lays in front of me. She crosses her hands across her chest and the next thing I want to do is nothing, but feel her. I stare at her in such a way that I possess some supernatural power and I could feel her standing right here, a feet away from her.


“Shall I consider my wait to be over?” I strode towards her. I can’t wait to touch her, to feel her and judge whether she still feels the same or better! Can I still smell her magnificent scent? She nods slowly and bows down her head.

I pick her up and clearing the counter, set her on the empty place. She looks at me for a second and as soon as our gaze meet, she bows down again. I kiss her temple and she looks at me slowly. She smiles at me and my gaze falls directly on her voluptuous, kissable lips.

I place my hand on her back and gripping tightly on her waist, I pull her close. Her front brushes against my chest and although, it isn’t the first time we’re so close, I feel a sparkling between us. I increase the proximity between us and my hand holds the back of her head. Her arms lock around my neck and without giving a second thought about anything, I kiss her, her voluptuous and kissable lips.


We pull back after what seemed eternity not yet satisfied. “You feel better,” I remark and my arms move toward her shoulder. I touch her shoulder and she sits upright. My hands proceed to slide down her strap, but she holds my hand. I look at her blankly and she nods sideways. Hadn’t I told her that unless she trusts me, we won’t meet each other?

“You did,” she muttered softly. “What?” I ask surprised. “You did tell that we’ll meet only after we trust each other,” she says. “Reading my mind?”

She nods her head sideways again and says, “Eyes.” I grimace at her response. She smacks my arm and both of us laugh. “Kunj, I trust you,” she speaks in between and I place my hands on the counter, on either sides of her.

“Really?” She nods her head and I move toward her. I place my hand on her back and pull her close. I trace her jawline and my finger trails down to her neck. “Kunj,” she mutters softly and I smile.

“Kunj,” she mutters again and I can feel the nervousness and reluctance in her voice. I move a step back and she opens her eyes. “Will you trust me?”

I stare at her for a minute. The innocence on her face makes me want to feel her, but the fear and insecurity that covers her face along with the innocence on her face scares me. I smile forcefully and step toward her. I pick her up from the counter and walk back toward the living room.


I sit down on a single seater and pull her onto my lap. I tighten my grip around her waist and she straightens herself. “I know my touch seems foreign after a year,” I whisper. She nods sideway and says, “It’s a part of me.”

I move a few strands of hair that were left out from her loosely tied bun and kiss the place behind her ear. “Beautiful,” I whisper and she clutches onto me. “Kunj . . ,” she speaks and I tighten my grip more if it is possible. “Tell me. I’m listening,” I reply biting her earlobe.

“Kunj, can we not have intimacy in this relationship?” She asks and I shot my eyes open. “Twinkle . . ,” I reply. “Kunj, don’t take me wrong,” she says as my grip on her waist loosens.

“Let maa and papa accept our relationship, then we’ll have the intimacy between us that both of us desire for,” she says and my grip slowly tightens around her waist. She turns around and kisses my cheek. I smile and say, “Ms. Taneja is in a romantic mood. I love this mood of yours, Ms. Taneja.” She laughs and I can’t help, but admire her, her laugh.


“I need you to meet someone,” I say. “Who?” “Get up once. I’ll let you know,” I reply and she stands up quickly. I rush inside my room and bring my laptop. I sit down and pull her back onto my lap.

“Kunj, whom did you want me to meet? What are you doing with this laptop?” I smile and adjusting the laptop on the table, I wrap my arms around her waist tightly. “Keep watching there,” I whisper and she stares at the laptop screen.

“Kunj, someone’s trying to make a video call. Let me get up and accept the call,” she says. “It’s okay. Accept the call,” I reply. “Like this?”

“Twinkle, I’m not leaving you so, receive the call and don’t disappoint the caller,” I say and she grimaces. I laugh and while picking up the call, she complains, “It’s not funny.”

“Can I know what’s not funny?” The caller says and I smile. “Answer Twinkle,” I say and pull her closer by tightening my grip around her waist. “Who’s she?” Twinkle whispers.

“Oh, sorry. Hi! I’m Mahi, Kunj’s elder sister,” di says, her eyes beaming with joy. Twinkle instantly looks toward the screen and folds her hands muttering, “Namaste.” Di smiles and says, “Don’t be so formal with me. Just be like your own self.”

After a minute, jiju comes and stands behind di. “Hello, Twinkle,” he says and Twinkle looks at me confused. “I’m Yuvraj, Mahi’s husband,” he says and Twinkle smiles. “Hello,” she greets him back and I smile. I squeeze her hand lightly when di speaks, “Kunj, I was wondering if the two of you could romance a bit later.”

Twinkle immediately pushes my hands and gets up from my lap. “Di . . ,” I whine like a little kid would do while Twinkle nods her head sideway and asks me to keep quiet. I look at her and her gaze seems to captivate me.

Gulabi aankhen jo teri dekhi
Sharabi ye dil ho gaya
Sambhalo mujhko o mere yaaron
Sambhalna mushqil ho gaya

We both turn away and look at di and jiju embarassed who were busy laughing at us. “Di, let me come there. I’ll see to it that you both don’t get any time to romance,” I said and jiju instantly replies, “Kunj, your sister as it is throws so many tantrums so, please don’t do this to us.”

Di elbows bhai and the two of us laugh at them. “Anyway, Kunj go away. We wanted to talk to Twinkle and not you,” di says. “Ouch! That was rude,” I dramatize and di rolls her eyes. “Let it be.” All of us laugh and I get up letting Twinkle sit to have a talk with di and jiju.


“Kunj, what will happen? Do you think di will like me?” Twinkle plays with her fingers nervously. I shush her by placing my finger on her mouth. “There can be no one better. You know that, right? Di will surely like you and stop worrying so much,” I reply kissing her temple. She smiles at me rather nervously. “Give me that Twinkle smile. It’s such a stress reliever,” I say and she laughs.

My phone rings and I pull it out. “Di’s calling,” I say and she crosses her finger. I laugh softly and pick up the call. “Hi di,” I say.

“You’re talking as if we didn’t talk for a long while.”

“Ofcourse. Did you talk to me in the video call?”

“Stop being so childish, Kunj. Anyway, we’ve decided what to do. You’ll go with our decision, right?”

“May be yes, may be no.”

“Oh, really cutie?”

“Okay, fine I will. Stop calling me by that name.”

“Okay, so we’ve a question.”


“Kudi nu dulhan kab bana raha hai tu?” Di asks and I take a minute to process the words. “Di?” I say and my gaze automatically shifts to Twinkle. “Now, go talk to her and I’m disconnecting the call,” di says and before I can reply, she disconnects the call.

“Di, listen to me. Twinkle isn’t that type of girl. Listen to me di,” I say acting. Twinkle looks at me and slowly her eyes become watery. The tears slowly roll down her eyes. I keep the phone aside immediately and wipe away her tears.

“Twinkle, don’t cry,” I say. “Kunj, we were thinking only about maa and papa, but now even di and jiju aren’t ready,” she says and I kiss her temple. “They’re asking when are we getting married,” I speak against her forehead and she shivers lightly.

I step back and she shoots her eyes open. “Were you joking with me?” I laugh and she frowns. “Kunj, I’m not talking to you. I was so scared and you were joking,” she complains. “Twinkle, . . ,” I say and hold her face in between my hands, but she moves my hands away and walks towards the door.

I grip onto her wrist and say, “I love you, Twinkle. With all my heart and mind.” “Thank you,” she replies and slips her feet into her slippers. “You won’t tell me?”

“No,” she replies bluntly. “You won’t tell you love me?” “I’ll think about it when I’m in a good mood,” she spats and walks out of my apartment.

‘Twinkle Taneja’s tantrums would be interesting to bear.’ I smile at my thought and ruffle my hair.

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