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Title: WHAT IF
A swasan love story
Character sketch
Swara ,ragini nd yash were siblings ?
Ragini was d biggest of all
Ragini: 26 years old jst married . Arranged marriage as she trusts her family a lot
Swara: 21 yrs old not yet married
She wants her wedding to be a arranged + love marriage she is full of life nd always happie
Yash: karan d smallest of all always fights wid swara nd loves his ragini di a lot
If both r asked that who is their fav sister /bro their replies are ragini ..lol??
Swara ragini nd karan’s parents are janki nd shekhar
Higher Middle class family
Janki nd shekhar live in mumbai nd their parents live in rajasthan
Sanskar nd laksh are brothers
Sanskar’s character is a surprise
Laksh: married to ragini …sanskaari guy
Laksh nd sanskar are sons of ap nd dp ?
They too belong frm high middle class family

Janki: shekhar see na this pic this guy will be best fr our swara
Shekhar : janki lets talk abt it later swara is still young
Bt jst then our swara enters
Swara: paa maa is saying ryt only till when u will bare me hehe dad u will become old frm now only bcoz i dont know how much i will irritate u wid my bad jokes
Shekhar : swara hw much eager u r fr finding ur prince!!.?
Swara: that is why i m sayin make me meet my destiny ..
Let me also see how will be my prince i will meet everyone u tell maa nd paa nd i will find d one
My prince charming i m waiting for u !
Maa bt i will nt see his photo before meeting him bcoz if he is my destiny then he will meet me by hook or crook
Bt ya he should meet me in a filmy way
Janki : off u nd ur crazy stupid rules
Swara : hehe maa how did u bear me these years?? ohk bye ttyl i want to do shopping fr tomorrow maa pls tell that guy to neet me tomorrow at cafe coffee dae nd haa maa msg me his mobile no. How will i communicate if i will nt have his no.
I will be waiting nd haa tym u decide nd sae him i will be free after 4 (i forgot to tell swara is a psychologist)
Bye maa nd paa luv u both
Karan: maa wat did u eat wen she was in ur stomach
Stupid jungli huh
I heard that huh pagal

Next dae ..
Swara was all excited she was modern nd full of life in short chota packet double dhamaka but she liked his clothes to be decent nd simple nt too fashionable or not too dull nd she did light make up nd set out fr her work
She forgot to ask d name of her would be
After work at 4:30 she reached
She called him as to which shirt is he wearing which would help her in identifying him
She called him
Other side(of phone) : yeah i m here i m wearing white tshirt .(for now lets call him as OP)
She went inside d coffee shop
Actually d coffee shop had partition nd d partition was of books fr those who love reading nd the person whom swara was lookin fr was sitting behind d partition waiting fr her
Lets see if she finds him !!?
Swara: uff where is … She was cut off as she banged wid someone nd she was about to fall but was soon safe in someones arms( i will address him as UP i will clear d suspense as d story proceeds)
UP : oh madam girne ka itna hi shock hai toh kahin aur jaake giro huh patanhi kahaan se aa jaate hai pagal log
Swara was shocked nt because of his words but what he was wearin he was wearing white
Swara was damn happie as she wished her prince to meet her in a filmy way
But is he her would be?
Swara : he was about to go but she dragged him nd made him sat on table vacant
Nd ordered two coffees
Toh tum hi ho?
UP: main kaun hoo? ?
Swara: dnt tease me i know u r my prince
Where were u these daes i waited fr u acha u know i have an idea instead of doing a dull arranged marriage y dnt we turn it as love marriage
He was about to say something but was cut by her
First listen completely
Swara: u know a boy nd a girl pretend with one another to have all d qualities in them in their first meet
I dnt want that i want we to play fair whatever flaws or strenghts we have
Or in whichever field we are good at we should tell d other nd yaa i will sae yes fr d marriage but before marriage i want to enjoy each nd every moment wid u so that i fall in love wid u mr prince . Wat do u sae ?
Jst then UP saw his girlfriend ( kavita)eyeing him jealously nd he was enjoying it as he wants her to spend some quality tym with him but she was always busy in her works or shopping
So he thought to play a game by making her jealous kavita would value him
So he said yes to swara nd replied
Hey miss girne padne waali cn u give ur no. Actually it got delete frm my phone ( a lie) she gave him her cell no.
Kavita left frm that table nd went behind d partition away fr them
Yes d UP was none other than sanky
Scene shifts to OP ( swara would be )
OP : are where is dis girl
Jst then he sees someone shouting at waiter
Nd thought to check out

So he went to that table nd sat beside her
OP : hey nt in a good mood ?
See lift her head nd saw a handsome man(nt more than sanky)
Kavita: hmm yeah its jst that things are nt in my favour todae nd here i came to meet someone special but.. she was cut
OP: hey wait a minute u came to see a match r u swara? U should have seen ne earlier na i told u i have wore white ( karan also did nt see swaras pic )
Kavita: see u …
She was cut by call in karan’s phone
Karan: haa dad
Wat .. Ohk ya comin ..
Karan: see i have to hurry i have to catch a flight fr 10 days .. dnt worry will talk freely i return frm my office work..nice to meet u swara
Its yes fr my side ..
Kavita : but wait what?? Till then he was gone
Swara said her answer to janki nd janki was beyond happie nd other side karan too said yes
Both d families were happy wid this maariage
* At Night *
Tring tring
Sanky : hey miss wat doin?
Swara: srry who r u i dnt know u ?
Sanky: u forgot me so early nt bad miss bhulakkad ?
Swara: karan? U bt this is nt ur no. I have saved it in ur name
Sanky: its my other no. Nd haa i thought to ask r u free tomorrow i thought to take u out
Something u would have never experienced ..
Swara: oh so mr prince is very eager to take his would be fr a date nt bad.. nice start by d way i will be free by 3
Sanky: ohk so meet u tomorrow at xyz place bye gn nd yaa keep it a secret
Swara: yeah waiting fr it nd ohk i will jt ask d reason
After sometime he called kavita nd said to come at d same place where he told to meet swara
Kavita sweetheart now d fun begins
Next dae..
Maa after office i will go to my frnds house she wants some suggestions regarding her party i ‘ll come by 7 bye ma
I know u will nt say no??
Janki : this crazy girl na …

Swara met sanky in his told address
Sanky: so miss bhulakkad are u ready fr this
Swra: wat ? I cnt understand jst then she saw gliders there u mean to say we are doin paragilding
Karan i m afraid of it pls no no
Sanky: come on na i dnt u r also darpok
Ohk i will be also wid u now ohk? I love adventures btw
Swara : ohk i ‘ll try to overcome my fear
They got ready in that glider with alk belts on
Jst then kavita saw them together (she was a bit late ) nd burned wid jealously .. sanky also saw her nd acted to be close to swara
Swara was feeling butterflies wid his touch
Then the glider was in air bt swara was shouting continuously
Swara: stop this mummy…. I dnt want to die at this young age
Now only i met my prince but karan i m srry we will meet in heaven fr sure..(she was cut as sanky placed his hand nd both had a cute eyelock)
After sometime swara was enjoying d scenery
Nd they landed
Sanky: so miss darpok enjoyed it ?
Swara: hey i m not darpok
Sanky : haa i was saying na mummy pls save me nd wat was that haa i dnt want to die at young age( mimics swara)
Swra: karan ke bache ruk tu ab
She was running behind him wid fake anger bt she flipped nd falled on sanskar making sanskar gasp in pain
Sanky: hey bhagwan one dae this miss girne padne wali will make me break my bones
Poor me( acting like a kid)
Swara started laughing seeing him acting lyk dat
Sanky was lost in her smile as earlier he did nt notice this natural smile
Swara: u r so cute karan
Sanky: i m nt cute huh ..
Swara was laughing continuously after sometime sanky joined in too
Swara: mujhse dosti karoge ? I know we r going to get married but i wanf to start it with a frndship so ..?
Sanky : ohk friend both dud d friendship move like kuch kuch hota hai
Sanky and swara chatted fr sometym
Sanky enjoyed her company though he was acting
Swara: oh no karan its 7 i promised maa to be at home by 7 bye karan
Nd haa tomorrow i have planned a horror movie will u come ?
Snky: ohk done
But i dnt like this movies
Swara: u dnt like or.u r afraid ki i may come to know ur weakness mr adventure haha look at ur face
I will nt kill u
Ohk bye
Sanky was now in guilt fr using her he had made a plan of 8 daes as to propose swara in frnt of kavita nd then kavita will value him but hs is all in guilt
Like this daes passed they became best frnds fr swara it was love now
7th dae sanky planned underwater diving as swara has never tried (sanky was rich)
Swara: i cannot do this its deep
Sanky: come on u can do anything
Swara did nt reply anything she holded sanky’s hand tightly
They both jumped in water swara was happie after goin deep inside d sea experiencing new things
They completed that
Swara: it was amazing why didnt u make me do that earlier
Sanky: i dnt know miss some people wont be told .
They did all crazy things acc to swra
These days sanky was ignoring kavita nd her calls as he want his plan to work though he did nt feel good swara hating him after knowing d truth
8th dae all decorations were done
Swara was brought somewhere beimg blindfolded by sanky
Swara: karan ( fr swara he is karan )wat r u doin
Where have u brought me
Sanky: relax he opened d blindfold nd confessed i love u to swara
Nd this was all seen by kavita as sanky texted her sorry nd asked her to meet him here
Kavita : sanky hw could h do this
I loved h very much
I thought u were only angry with me pls dnt go away I really love u
Sanky was happy that he made kavita realise his mistake but tears were forming in his eyesby seeing swara’s state
Sanky finally decided to tell her d truth
Sanky: look miss i did this only fr kavita
Though my friendship was real ..
U will always be my crazy best frnd
I dnt even know ur name
Nd haa i m sanky nt karan
I m srry
Swara then remembered ki sanky never called her by her name
Sanky was about to pacify her but swara acted strong “nt a word mr sanky” she said
Swara(literally crying) : i tore my heart infrnt u nd all can u sae is a srry
I wish i would never said yes to marriage
I wish i had never met u!!
Nd she ran sayin this
Sanky (yelling) :listen miss
Bt it was too late
Kavita pacified him saying let her be alone
She will be okay
Swara went home nd told her mither everything
Janki was a bit angry but also upset with her crazy bubbly daughter’s condition
Swara: maa i dnt want to marry maa i can not trust anybody fr now on
Maa pls maa say no karan’s parents pls maa i m srry j cn never move on in my lyf
Janki made her understand that there was no fault of karan nd personalities differ
But swara did nt listen
Atlast janki said no to karan’s family giving some excuse
Swara was now not at all normal in her lyf she used to just reply in yes or no
Her all bubbliness was gone nd she also did nt fight wid yash
Sanky was pretending to be happie wid kavita nd he used to get easily angry nd sometimes he used to say miss bhulakkad instead of kavita
He was all in a mess
*One dae*
Yash decided to confront his sister
Yash: wat is dis swara di atleast care about ur family
U know i have seen maa crying alone thinking of u
Nd baba doesnt have his lunch properly nowadays as he misses ur jokes
Y r u punishing ur family nd urself
Pls comeback dii i miss pur fights
He was abt to go bt became happy after listening swara
Swara: ae dramebaaz rulayega kya aur haa aaj se saari teri chocolates meri
Yash hugged her tight
Swara was all now normal nt completely somewhere in her heart she still missed sanky
Some daes passed
Then came an invitation letter frm maheswaris fr laksh’s bdae party
As they were ragini’s family all had to go
Swara was dressed in casual gown lookin prett as always
Ragini knew her sister very well so she thought that this party will make her mood light as
She did nt know who exactly sanky was bcoz if she knew she would nt leave dat guy
Gadodias entered d party
Sanky was in no mood to attend d party but laksh wanted him to stay
He was going to have a drink bt in middle he collided with someone (maybe his destiny??)
He was about to shout but saw swara struggling wid her bracelet in his buttons of blazer and
Sanky: i m srry miss??
Swara(nt lookin up) : swara now dnt stare me nd help me idiot (swara also saw him but was jst pretending as to nt face him)
Finally her bracelet was out md she was about to go but was startled by sanky’s action he had holded her hand tightly
Sanky:swara pls dnt punish me so bad u didnt even reply my messages
Did u forget me so easily
Swara: see i dnt want to create a scene here its my jijus bdae party nd i dnt want to spoil his special dae
Sanky( wat it means swara is ragini bhabhis sister )
Swara : nd btw pls dnt make such innocent faces again makin people may fall in ur trap
Sanky: swara i know i made a big mistake
I have broken ur love bt pls forgive ne
I wnt u back
Swara : if u are done with it then i think i should go
Sanky(loudly) : i love u swara
I really do . I want u to be with me forever in any situation in my life
I want ur drama , craziness fun
I want u to be scared in most of our adventures so that i cn hold u
Swara i love u very much nd i mean it this tym
Pls come back to me
I promise i will never hurt u again
Sans To lucky : bhai pls tell her na to come back in my lyf
Swara now understood that he is ragini’s devar
Nd her jijus real brother
Swara was crying on her fate
Swara: maa we should go now
I m tired pls maa
Janki was worried abt her daughter as nw oy she recovered nd again she was hurt janki nd shekhar hugged her md took her home sanky tried stopping them but they did nt listen him
Same night
Sanky was in terrace jst then ragini nd laksh came
Ragini: y did u do this bhai ?? Wat was her fault that she dreamed of her prince charmin? Was she wrong?
Sanky: i know bhabhi i m ur culprit but now i really love her lot nd i would do anything to bring her back in my life ..
Ragini & laksh: if it is so then we have a plan!!
Sanky : wat plan ? Nd they discuss their plan
Sanky: love u bhai nd bhabhi
Ab dekhta hun kab tak gussa rehti hai
Je said kavita his feelings nd also apologise fr his blunder kavita happily forgive him as she wanted him to be happie
They informed janki nd shekhar abt their plan nd they too agreed

* Next dae *
Swara was on her way to home jst yhem someone kidnapped her
Unknown place
Swara gained her consciousness nd she shouted seeing d person close to her
Person: uff swara u will make me deaf or what?
Swra : sanky get me out nd i will kill u
How did u dare to play prank on me
Sanky pecked her lips to make her quiet
Tears started flowing frm swaras eyes
Sanky cupped swara’ s cheeks nd he called someone nd said him to on d lights
Soon d room lights were on nd it was sanky’s room full of swaras pics
Sanky placed swaras hand on hos heart and said this is d place where u rule
Swara took her hand back nd started clapping
Again a new drama
Wat do u think of me a fool ?
No mr i m not do u think by doin these things u will get me back in ur lyf but no u r wrong mr maheshwari
Sanky: ohk swara if this is ur decision than take this knife nd end this sanky chapter
Forget that there was any sanky whom u loved
Sanky continues
Sanky : yes swara i know u love me nd i want to see u happie here take this knife nd kill me bd dnt wrry its nt a fake one
I will really die( with a dry laugh)swara was all sweating imagining sanskar to be dead her sanskar to be dead
The knife fall frm her hand nd she hugged sanskar tightly nd said i cnt cnt
I love u too sanky
I love u too sayin this she fainted
Sanky made her lie on bed nd called doctor nd his nd swaras family
Doctor stated it was bcause of low bp
Nd told her to take rest
Swara was feeling better now but she could believe d fact that sanky was hers ?
So she said
Swra: sanky pinch me !!m i dreamin???
Its looking like a perfect dream!! ???
Sanky pinched her
Swara : awwww(screaming loudly) idiot spare me i m so delicate huh…
All laughed at her antics nd decided to leave both alone to spend some tym
Swara: hii i m swara gadodia nd u
Sanky: sanskar maheswari
Swara: who sanskar i dnt know any sanskar
Sanky: wait u dnt know na
Nd he kissed her hard showing his love nd she reciprocated this tym???
The end
Hope u like it
A/N : The os is completely written by me
Going to d dialogues.i took references frm my fav films though they are hardly some 4-5 lines

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