HI friends!! This is my first attempt on writing a story. Today is just the introductory start on my story.

Mami- The only daughter of her family. She is beautiful, cute, loved by all but hated boys. She feels that only girls are the best and feels safe with them. She has a crush on girls especially a friend who stays with her at her house named Namsom. She lives away from her mother and owns a house named “GIRL’S PARADISE”, where she lives with her friends.
Greeta- She is mami’s mother and is very caring towards her daughter. She doesn’t want her daughter to become a lesbian. She loves cats and has a pet cat whom she carries always.

Namson- Mami’s best friend and her love too. She loves mami too but as a friend she loves going out with her and loves flirting with boys.
CU- He is a photographer and fights with mami. He is the fake boyfriend of mami.
LJ- Brother of mami. He has a secret crush on her.
Rayji- A superstar who has a misunderstanding about her girlfriend that she is dating someone else.

Gigi- Girlfriend of Rayji. Loves him more than anything else.
I hope that you all will love this story.

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