Swaragini….”When A Heart Meets Another” Episode 7

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Hey guys I am back….

Recap:Sanskaar proposed to Ragini.

Ragini hugs Swara and is happy.Sumi blesses Ragini and Sanskaar to be happy always.Annapurna comes there and sternly says nobody asked for her permission.

Dp:Annapurna,u said that u like Ragini…

Annpaurna:Yes ji but I did not say that i will accept her as my daughter in law.

Ragini looks on.

Annapurna:And today…..

Everyone look on.

Annapurna:My heart is happy that she is going to become my DIL.

Everyone is surprised and smiles.Annapurna hugs Ragini.Swara smiles and turns to look at Laksh who was standing far.

Sujata murmurs one daughter trapped one boy and the other trapped another.

Parineeta:Ur right chachiji…They already made plan to trap this house’s sons.Its in their blood.Like mother like daughter.

They decided to plot against them.(as u can see they are bad all are bad in this house except Annapurna and Dp).

The party ends.Ragini takes elder’s blessings and turns to go.

Ragini:aunty? Where is Sanskaar…

Annapurna:He is upstairs go and meet him before u go.

Ragini goes to Sanskaar’s room and doesnt see him.She gets emotional seeing her photo.She hugs it.Sanskaar comes there and hugs her from behind.She smiles.

Ragini:Sanskaar what r u doing? Leave me!

Sanskaar:Why? I waited for this moment since childhood.

Ragini gets emotional and looks at him.She hugs him.She bids him goodbye and goes.He hugs himself and falls on the bed(funny guy).

Ragini hugs Swara and goes.Swara comes to room and sees Laksh drinking.She throws the bottle and shouts to stop drinking.He pulls her closer and clutches her arm.

Laksh:Why? Why should I stop drinking?

Swara:Because I cant see u ruining urself just because of u misunderstanding that I….

Laksh: its true…I saw how u were jealous when Sanskaar proposed to Ragini.

Swara:U know what? I thought to stay here and reform u…I thought u really loved me but no…

Laksh shouts then why dont u get lost from here.If u cant handle me then get lost.U r so pampered right u like to stay pampered then go to ur father’s house.He will pamper u.Swara cries and is hurt.

Swara:Since I married u there was not even a day when I did not cried.I did not wish my married life to be like this.Why did u propose me then? If u didnt love me u could have asked me the truth instead of ruining my life like this.

Laksh:Even My life is ruined all because of u.

Swara says fine then and goes to open the door to go.He closes the door.She looks at him and asks him to move.He says he will not let her go.

Swara:If u dont love me then let me go instead of torturing me like this.

He drags her and pushes her on the sofa.She looks on.He comes near her and warns her to stay there itself else in one min he will ask Sanskaar  to abandon Ragini.She is shocked and looks on.He goes.She cries recalling his words.She thinks where did my Laksh go.Laksh is hurt and thinks why did I scold her like that.Why do I feel she is innocent.Her tears melt me everytime.

Swara also cries.Sad Music plays….

 Next morning, Pandit tells Annapurna that marriage must be done tomorrow or else wait for one year.

Annapurna:But how will we do all the arragements today itself.

Swara:Badi maa, i will do all the arrangements dont worry.

Annapurna nods.Swara leaves the Pandit at the door and gives him money and thanks him for lying.She thinks she will not let Sanskaar and Ragini get seperated again.She turns and sees Laksh.She ignores him and goes.

Ragini informs the family about marriage tomorrow.They decide to do the rituals at Maheshwari Mansion.They go there.Ragini goes with Swara to get ready for engagement and sangeet combined.Swara helps Ragini gets ready.They hug….Swaragini plays….They come downstairs together with Sanlak.Swara announces on mike that now they will exchange rings.They do so and Sangeet start.Uttara dances on munda thora…plays….Swara dances with Laksh on Mahi ve….Sumi sings Chanda mera chanda….And dances around Ragini.Ragini gets emotional and hugs her cryingly.

Swara takes Ragini for haldi ceremony.Ragini comes down wearing a beautiful yellow dress.Sanskaar also comes wearing a yellow sherwani.they both sit opposite to each other and a veil covers them.Swara applies haldi Ragini.They then apply same to Sanskaar.

Laksh:Bhai( adarsh) shall we.do it.

They both tear Sanskaar’s sherwani.All laugh.Swara clashes with Laksh.Her haldi bowl gets on her.She laughs seeing him face smeared with haldi.Some get on her also.

Ragini is going to change.Sanskaar comes and pin her to wall.

Sanskaar:U r looking so beautiful with this haldi.

Ragini smiles.

He comes near her and puts his cheeks near to her.He applies haldi to her.She smiles and runs from there.He smiles.

Its mehendi,Swara applies haldi to Ragini.Sanskaar takes the disguise of a lady and blesses Ragini.He touches her.She gets to know its Sanskaar and asks him to go from there.He turns and clashes with Swara.His

 veil get off.Swara laughs seeing him.They all tease him.Ragini smiles and looks on.

Precap:Wedding of Ragsan.Laksh romances with Swara.

Credit goes to:Hajrah

Hey guys hope u liked the episode…plzz comment how it was….plz….

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