a haunted mansion (part 7) the diary

hello i am back with a new part grace with your love and support

Anika looked at the diary which is entangled with ribbon which belongs to a girl named “richa sehgal” with a hope that she will get some clue .she starts reading that diary.
My diary
I would first introduce myself ,my name is richa sehgal ,I am fourteen years old i used to live with my parents in dehradun ,I was having happy family until a woman entered into my father’s life ,she created misunderstanding between my parents ,my father used to shout at my mother every day, they engrossed in a brawl everyday without any reason which irked me ,one day my father left our home ,I tried lot to find them but in them ,one day I came across news of my dad’s marriage ,my mom was completely shattered with this news ,although she kept smile on her to cheer up me ,

I was bit furious and bit anguished but I came back to normal after few days ,my mother started earning for livelihood my mother never made me feel my father’s absence ,I recovered with my mother’s love and affection ,one day my mother went for office and she met with a tragic accident when one of the colleague told me about my mom’s accident i was completely dumbstruck as if ground beneath my foot slipped off ,I was crying continuously for her safety but unfortunately she didn’t survived in that accident which shattered me from within ,I vented out my anger on god for snatching away my mother who was my only support ,

I asked lord to take away my breathe along with her .my grandparents came to dehradun to take me along with them so I came to this mansion where my grandparents were residing since years , I was in post trauma phase first I lost my father and now my mother it took a month to recover from this trauma but due to grandmother’s love i became normal.

Anika found that the diary was partially completed and remaining pages were blank ,she felt bad for that girl who beared a lot in small age .she was in dilemma about her death ,she narrate whole story in front of everyone about this girl .
shivay:this girl had beared so much in childhood only but what about her death ,how we will reach to her death mystery??
anika:this question was revolving in my mind since I read her diary ,let’s sleep it is already late we will discuss tomorrow .

everyone went to their respective rooms ,next day anika woke up in early morning ,she strolled around house when her sight get caught upon lake which is adorned with rainforest ,she decided to go there ,she was mesmerized with the breathtaking view of lake and surrounding ,she saw dews falling upon meadow and she sat there for a while to get soothing view she felt someone’s presence ,she turned around to look suddenly her gaze fixed at the glare emerging from the thick bushes of forest ,she heads toward that direction ,before she could approach her footsteps were halted by shivay’s call ,she stepped back .

sorry for short ff i will make it more lengthier next time

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    Wow sweetu…you really never ever fail to create suspences. A teenager girl’s diary, who is maybe the ghost…that is awesomely interesting. Waiting for this horror suspence to open up…great work!!!,☺

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