Why did I FALL for you? (Savitri Devi College and Hospital) Episode 3

Episode 3

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Hi all. I am back with the third episode. Sorry I am a day late that was because I had to work an extra last minute due to which I got late in posting the episode. So sorry for the inconvenience caused.

I won’t speak much and here is the episode. And yes I want to say that there will be an equal share of Sanveer and Kaanchi scenes in this episode.

Scene 1: Savitri Devi College and Hospital
The episode begins with Kabir and Saanchi coming to Kusum’s cabin.

Kabir: Maa you called us?

Kusum: Yes now you both stay here for a while. As far as I know you both have no further duties right.

As Kabir was about to say something,
Kusum: I asked Nurse Fernandez she told me. Anyways it’s good. So I have something for both of you?

Saanchi: Something.

Kusum: I will take a surprise test if you both really know each other.

Kabir and Saanchi looks at each other surprised.

Saanchi: (in her mind) I think after this Aunty will anyways get to know about the truth.

They do the surprise test and answer all correctly. Kabir could answer Saanchi’s Favourite place as she was saying Shimla when she drunk and Saanchi could answer Kabir’s Favourite song because Saanchi remembered how bored she got listening to that.

Kusum: I am really proud of both of you. You both passed the compatibility test with flying colors.

Kabir and Saanchi looks at each other surprised.

Saanchi: Aunty, I and Kabir sir has something to say. (Looking at Kabir)

Kusum: Say.

As Saanchi is about to say just then Veer comes in.

Veer: Kusum Aunty here is your food.

Kusum: (happy) Thank you beta.

Veer: Now I will change your saline

Veer is about to Dr Do so,
Saanchi: Its okay Veer I will do that. Kusum Aunty is my patient.

Veer: No no you are Kusum Aunty’s to be Daughter in law right?

Saanchi looks at Veer angrily and Kabir looks surprised.

Kusum: Yes Veer is right. Saanchi is my Daughter in law so yes Veer you can change my saline.

Saanchi: But?

Veer: Don’t worry Miss Golgappa I won’t do wrong this time.

Kusum: Golgappa?

Even Kabir gets surprised.

Veer: Yes I have named her Miss Golgappa. You know why Kusum Aunty. Because she gets angry for no reason and then she gets serious and scolds me for no reason.

Kabir tries to laugh. Kusum laughs.

Kusum: (smiling) Areh Saanchi beta, Veer is such a nice boy. Why do you scold him like this?

Saanchi: (looking at Veer angrily) because he does things like that.

Veer: Whatever I do you will always scold me. You let it be.

Kabir: Can you both stop fighting over small matter?

Veer: I want to but Miss Golgappa is not interested.

Kusum: Saanchi has so many nicknames, Mishri, Golgappa. Wow.

Veer: Mishri?

Kusum: Yes Kabir told me her nickname is Mishri.

Veer remembers how Pragya mentioned Mishri.

Veer: (in his mind) Saanchi’s nickname is Mishri? I didn’t know that.

Saanchi looks on nervous.

Veer: Kusum Aunty you know today is my Dadi’s birthday.

Kusum: Is it? Today is Sumitra Jii’s birthday?

Veer nods.

Veer: Dr Kabir are you coming for Dadi’s birthday?

Kabir: I am sorry Veer, Maa is here. Even if she doesn’t need any surgery she still haven’t recover completely , so I can’t make it.

Kusum: Kabir how can you not go for the party! Veer, Kabir is coming to the party with Saanchi.

Saanchi: Me….Me?

Kusum: Of course you are going to marry Kabir soon then you have to go to the party with him.

Saanchi: But how can I go to the party like this?

Veer: Miss Golgappa Aunty is right. You also come to the party. Dadi will like it.

Saanchi agrees unwillingly.

Kusum: Why are you three standing here? Go and get ready for the party.

Kabir: Saanchi you go to the hostel now I have some work. I will come and pick you up. And Veer you should also go now. After all it’s your Dadi’s birthday. You should help her in the preparations.

Saanchi and Veer goes.

Veer: (in her mind) Nowadays Dr Kabir have been acting very sweet! Strange!

As Saanchi and Veer goes out,
Veer: See I told you I will make sure you come to Dadi’s party at any cost.

Veer leaves smiling.

Saanchi: (in her mind) Veer I wish I could share with you the problem. But looks like now I have no other option but to go to the party. I have to step in that house again.

Scene 2: Hostel
Saanchi is talking with her Mom Jaya on the phone.

Jaya: What happen Saanchi you seem to be so down?

Saanchi: I have to go to that Dr Malhotra’s house.

Jaya: (confused) Why?

Saanchi: (in her Mind) I should not tell Maa about Kabir sir, Kusum Aunty and Veer, she will get worried.

Saanchi: Actually Dr Malhotra has invited some of the interns for the party today. It is his mom’s birthday.

Jaya gets happy.

Jaya: Saanchi beta when you reach there do wish Sumitra jii happy birthday on behalf of me.

Saanchi: Maa that’s fine but going inside that house? That house of the man who destroyed our family.

Jaya: Saanchi in a way it’s good you are going there. You may get some evidences against Malhotra who knows.

Saanchi: (thinking) Yes I have not thought of that.

Jaya: Do look every corner of the house for evidence . And yes tell me how everyone is there.

Saanchi: Okay Maa, now I have to go and get ready. Bye.

Jaya: Take care of yourself and do call me after the party. Bye.

Jaya keeps the phone and gets pleased.

As Saanchi gets ready, she wears the earrings and gets decked up, gets surprised as she sees Isha and Pragya coming in the room and looking away from each other.

Saanchi understands they had a fight.

Saanchi: What happened to both my best friends? You both seem so down!

Isha: If you ask that to Pragya that will be better.

Pragya: First isha you tell me how can you say I did all this to repay my favours for mine and Satish’s relation

Isha: I know I was rude. But what you are doing is wrong.

Saanchi: Isha Pragya what are you both saying I am not understanding anything.

Isha: First you ask Pragya why was she about to tell Veer your truth!

Saanci: Pragya?

Pragya: I initially didn’t want to tell the truth Kasam Se but when I got to know Veer and his dad don’t share a good relationship I decided to tell him.

Saanchi: What do you mean?

Pragya tells Saanchi how she overheard their conversation and Isha also looks on surprised.

Isha: So that’s why Veer never mentioned about Dr Malhtora.

Pragya: Exactly. What would have been the harm if I told him the truth?

Saanchi: But at the end he is still Dr Malhotra’s Son.

Isha: Exactly!

Pragya: I did what I felt right! And I am not going to apologise.

Saanchi: Okay baba don’t. But you both don’t be angry with each other.

Saanchi puts both her hand on Isha and Pragya’s shoulder.

Saanchi: Now you both patch up. If not who will help me. I need two people. Isha you should have listened to Pragya fully also and Pragya you should have asked before telling the truth.

Isha: I am sorry Pragya.

Pragya: I am sorry Isha.

Isha and Pragya hugs each other. Saanchi smiles.

Saanchi: (making a sad face) Wow now you two forgot about me also?

Isha and Pragya smiles and hugs Saanchi.

IshaPragya: How can we forget you!

Saanchi: Okay now I have to go now. I am getting late.

They break the hug.

Pragya: Where are you going?

Saanchi: Veer’s Dadi’s birthday party?

Pragya: (smiling) Wah.

Saanchi: Its nothing like that. I had to agree to Dr Kabir’s Mom that’s why.

Pragya: Dr Kabir’s Mom? Why will you go there on her saying? What do you mean! I don’t understand.

Isha: Saanchi you go to the party now. You are getting late and yes I will tell Pragya everything.

Pragya looks on confused. Saanchi is about to leave for the party, she gets a call from Kabir
Saanchi: Dr Kabir must be waiting for me!

Saanchi picks up the call.

Saanchi: Dr Kabir I am getting out now.

Kabir: Good you didn’t go out yet. Dr Saanchi do one thing can you bring a photo of yours?

Saanchi: Yes?

Kabir: Actually I need to update for the next conference since you will be my assistant for that. So they needed your photo.

Saanchi: Okay sir. I will bring.

Saanchi takes a photo and leaves.

Saanchi: Kabir sir said he needed a photo of mine for some conference that’s why.

Saanchi leaves. Isha tells Pragya everything.

Scene 3: Kabir’s cabin
Saanchi: Dr Kabir may I come in?

Kabir: Sure.

Saanchi comes in. Kabir lovingly looks at her. She passes Kabir her photo.

Saanchi: Sir here you go.

Kabir: Saanchi you go downstairs and wait for me near my car while I submit this form online with your photo.

Saanchi: Sure sir.

Saanchi leaves and Kabir looks around. He takes a photo frame and puts Saanchi’s photo in that. He smiles and he keeps it in the drawer.

Kabir: (in his mind) Today after the party I will tell Saanchi that I have feelings for her.

Kabir leaves and he and Saanchi goes to the party.

Scene 4: Malhotra Mansion
Here the party is going on,

Riya: Mom this party is so boring.

Gayathri: I know beta.

On the other hand,
Priya talks with some ladies and she smiles. Just then Vikrant comes there and holds her shoulder. She gets nervous.

Veer is waiting for Saanchi.
Veer: I wonder where is Saanchi?

Veer looks for Saanchi. Just then Kabir and Saanchi comes. Veer smiles. Dr Malhotra smiles looking at Kabir and gets shocked looking at Saanchi.

Dr Malhotra: (in his mind) This girl again!

Dr Malhotra comes to Kabir.

Dr Malhotra: Kabir?

Kabir: Sorry I am late sir. Actually I wasn’t suppose to come for this party but then Maa insisted.

Dr Malhotra: Good you came.

And he looks at Saanchi.

Dr Malhotra: Dr Saanchi?

Kabir and Saanchi gets silent and Veer comes there.

Veer: I have invited her here Dr Malhotra.

Dr Malhotra looks at Veer angrily.

Just then Gayathri comes to Dr Malhotr,
Gayathri: Anand I want to make you meet one of my Friend come with me.

Anand: Gayathri later?

Gayathri: No you have to come with me now. Excuse us.

Gayathri pulls Anand and takes her away.

Kabir: Thank you Dr Veer.

Veer: No no Kabir sir this is nothing. I understand. I don’t have a Mother, and Kusum Aunty is like my Mom.

Kabir: Veer I am sorry.

Saanchi feels bad.

Veer: Its fine. And yes no emotional talks and let’s enjoy the party.

Veer goes and just then Dr Malhotra comes and scolds Veer as he is alone.

Dr Malhotra: What is that girl doing here!

Veer: Which girl? There are so many girls here.

Dr Malhotra: You know very well whom I am talking about. I am talking about Saanchi, that intern. That girl!

Veer: She is not the girl. She is the to-be Daughter in law of this house.

Dr Malhotra: Veer!

Veer: Let me see how you can stop me!

Veer leaves and he goes to Dadi.

Veer: (in his mind) Today after this party I will confess my love to Saanchi.

Veer: Dadi finally the girl I was talking about Saanchi, she is here.

Kabir and Saanchi comes to Dadi. Veer shows who is Saanchi to Dadi and she smiles. Saanchi comes and takes her blessings

Saanchi: Happy Birthday Dadi!

Kabir: Happy Birthday Sumitra Ji!

Dadi: thank you Saanchi and Kabir!

Saanchi: How do you know my name is Saanchi?

Dadi: Veer told me about you. You are really a well cultured girl. Looks like your parents raised you really well.

Saanchi smiles.

Dadi: It is really rare to see girls like you.

She pampers Saanchi. Just then Dadi calls Priya.

Dadi: Priya beta!

Priya comes.

Veer: Dii this is my Friend Saanchi.

Priya smiles.

Priya: Hi Saanchi. It was good meeting you.

Just then Vikrant comes.

Vikrant: Oh so many people chatting here. You all should invite me in the chat also.

Kabir: Sure.

Vikrant: Sorry next time. And yes I have some important work so Priya have to come with me.

Vikrant holds Priya’s hand.

Priya: Vikrant I am talking to others.

Vikrant: I know but come with me.

Vikrant holds Priya’s hand tightly and takes her away. Saanchi is doubtful as she sees Vikrant taking Priya.

Kabir: What have you been thinking Dr Saanchi!

Saanchi: Nothing.

The waiter serves drinks to Kabir, Veer and Saanchi. As Saanchi was about to take it, she recalls how she got drunk.

Kabir smiles at her and tries not to laugh and Veer makes faces at her and gestures her to take it.

Veer: Waiter this is really apple juice right! Not wine right!

Waiter: Yes it is Apple juice only.

Saanchi: No I don’t want. Thank you.

The waiter leaves and Saanchi gets embarrassed.

Just then Veer gets a call.

Veer: Oh so the cake is finally here! Okay I will go and collect it.

Veer goes to collect the cake.

Kabir: Dr Saanchi I will go and enquiry Maa about her health.

Saanchi: Okay sir.

Kabir goes and Saanchi thinks.

Saanchi: I have to go and find evidence against Dr Malhotra.

Saanchi goes silently and she checks in some of the rooms. As she is about to go in , she sees Gayathri there.

Gayathri: I wonder what else drama I have to do! Uff! Just for that old hag’s party!

Gayathri leaves.

Saanchi: (in her mind) How rude she is! Anyways I should now go and search for evidences.

Saanchi tries to search for evidence and then she finds a file.

Saanchi: (in her mind) This file can be of help.

Saanchi tries to read it and she sees someone coming. It’s Riya. She hides again. Riya doubts and she looks in the room. As she was about to go near Saanchi,

Kabir: Dr Riya?

Riya looks behind.

Riya: Dr Kabir you?

Kabir: I wanted to ask you something so if you would please come with me.

Riya: (happy) Sure Dr Kabir.

Riya happily goes with Kabir and Saanchi takes a sigh of relief.

Saanchi: (in her mind) Someone else may come in and before they do, I should take some pictures that would be better.

Saanchi uses her phone and takes pictures of all the papers. She quickly keeps the paper. She looks and gets surprised as Vikrant holds Priya’s hand tightly and takes her with him.

Priya: (crying) Vikrant leave me please!

Vikrant: Today I will have to teach you a lesson!

Vikrant takes Priya and Saanchi follows them behind. Vikrant brings Priya to the room and locks her. Saanchi peeks through the door.

Vikrant is super angry.

Vikrant: How dare you ignore me like this!

Priya: I was talking to Dadi and Veer not ignoring you.

Vikrant: No baby. No excuses. You have to listen to me. That is your job which you didn’t.

Vikrant drags Priya by hair and pulls her Har.

Priya: Ahh!

Vikrant: Say you are sorry.

Priya: Vikrant leave my hair.

Vikrant: Say you are sorry.

Priya: No I won’t! When I have not done any mistake why should I!

Vikrant raises his hand to slap Priya and Priya holds his hand. Vikrant is super angry.

Vikrant: Now I won’t spare you.

Saanchi gets shocked and she drops a showpiece. Vikrant hears the sound and he goes to open the door. He finds nobody.

Saanchi: (in her mind) Oh God please do something!

Just then Dr Malhotra passes by there,

Dr Malhotra: Vikrant Beta you and here?

Vikrant: (smiling) I just came from the washroom that’s why.

Dr Malhotra: Let’s go downstairs. Everyone is waiting for you.

Vikrant and Dr Malhotra goes downstairs and Vikrant shows his fingers pointing to his eyes to Priya with a smirk.

As soon as Vikrant is downstairs, Saanchi runs in Priya’s room where Priya is crying. She sees Saanchi and wipes her tears.

Priya: Sa….Sa….Saanchi?

Saanchi comes to her. Saanchi wipes her tears, which were still flowing.

Saanchi holds Priya’s hand and sees the scar which she got when Vikrant broke her bangles and she got injured

Saanchi: I have seen everything. And I am with you. Tell me.

Priya tells Saanchi everything about how Vikrant tortured her and how he even killed a servant. Saanchi gets shocked.

Saanchi: Vikrant is not at all normal person. He needs treatment. Such guys like him can be prove to be a threat to the world if not treated.

Priya: That’s what exactly what I want to say but no one believes me. Especially dad. Only Dadi believes me. And Veer I didn’t even had guts to tell him. Veer told me to follow my heart which I didn’t and see the result. My life has become a living hell. I am dying everyday .

Saanchi: Don’t worry I will expose Vikrant. First you tell me do you have any evidence.

Priya: This is what exactly the problem is. I don’t have evidence. I tried making Vikrant angry so that he can react but things went other way round. I dont even know what to do.

Saanchi: You told me that Vikrant has CCTV cameras everywhere and he uses his phone to keep track of you, right?

Priya: Yes?

Saanchi: So in that bungalow he must have CCTV footage. Maybe there we can find a video footage where he killed the servant.

Priya: But how are we going to get it. Vikrant’s phone. He is always cautious about it.

Saanchi: Now you have to listen to me very careful and do what I say.

Priya listens to Saanchi and agrees.

Later outside,
Saanchi comes and stands besides Veer.

Veer: Not bad Miss Golgappa, you are already missing me.

Saanchi: Shut Up Veer!

Veer: For how long will you keep this hidden?

Saanchi: What?

Veer: That you love me.

Saanchi ignores Veer. Priya comes to Vikrant. Vikrant smirks and Priya hugs Vikrant.

Priya: I am sorry Vikrant. I am wrong. And I deserved this punishment. Please forgive me.

Vikrant who was angry , gets happy and and smiles.

Vikrant: Its okay,baby.

Priya: You know you are really a good husband . I just think about other stuffs too much these days, after all where will I get a husband who will love me so much?

Priya slowly takes his phone out from his pocket

Vikrant: finally you understood me baby. I am so happy today. And yes I won’t beat you again. I am sorry for that.

Priya: You don’t say sorry. I say sorry.

Vikrant: You and I is the same thing. So it’s okay I forgave you.

As Vikrant hugs Priya. Priya smirks.

Priya: (in her mind)
Vikrant today no one can stop you from being exposed.

Priya quickly brings the phone to Saanchi and they are in a corner in Dadi’s room, Saanchi looks for videos she doesn’t find it. And then she finds the cam app and looks through the video.

She finds a video where Vikrant brings the servant to a corner and takes the showpiece and hits him. And it stops there. And it later continues as Veer comes with blood in his hand and he closes the door. They get shocked seeing this initially.

Saanchi: Finally we got an evidence. This evidence is not only for you to get freedom from Vikrant, but also justice for Raju(servant).

Priya: Now what’s the next step?

Saanchi: This will be our last and final step.

Saanchi and Priya goes downstairs.

Priya: Saanchi everything will be fine right?

Saanchi: Yes, but we have to look for the right opportunity to expose Vikrant .

Veer: Oh so you got along with my sister also?

Priya: Saanchi is a really good girl. She is…

Saanchi denies Priya to tell Veer and she nods.

Priya: Veer when is Dadi going to cut the cake?

Veer: I was looking for you only. Come let’s go. Dadi was waiting for you.

Dadi cuts the cake and she feeds it to Priya, Veer who also feeds her and Dr Malhotra and Adarsh.

Riya: (in her mind) This party is so boring.
I have to do something.

Riya goes to the DJ and tells him something. The DJ smiles and shows her a thumbs up.

DJ: To make this party even more fun and thrilling for the cool birthday lady here there will be a dance sequence here. Cmon it’s for all the couples here, if you are not a couple then just join with singles.

Vikrant gets happy hearing this.

Vikrant: Priya baby , cmon let’s go and dance.

Priya: But?

Priya looks at Saanchi afraid Saanchi gets an idea and she smiles and gestures her to go with him. Priya doesn’t understand but she does so.

Priya: I am scared what if I dance bad.

Vikrant: I know you can do it. Cmon baby.

Priya: Okay since you say so. Let me drink some water. So that I can get some energy to dance with you.

Vikrant: Okay baby.

Priya goes and takes a glass of water and Saanchi is there. Saanchi whispers to Priya.

Saanchi: I have got an idea through this dance. We have to take the chance now. You continue dancing with Vikrant by then I will do something.

Saanchi goes and tells the DJ and something. The DJ listens and agrees. And she shows a thumbs up. Veer comes to Saanchi.

Veer: Come Miss Golgappa come with me.

Saanchi: But but Veer….

Veer: Come let’s go.

Veer holds her hand and Saanchi looks.

Veer: You will dance with me and that’s final.

Saanchi looks at the DJ who gestures her that he will manage the situation.

Saanchi: What is this Veer I can’t dance with you!

Veer: You have to!

Saanchi: But?

Dadi: What happened?

Veer: Dadi she is not ready to dance with me. And there isn’t any other girl here also. And I want to dance!

Dadi: Saanchi beta you and go and dance with Veer.

Saanchi: But Dadiji how can I?

Dadi: Won’t you listen to the birthday lady!

Veer: Very bad Miss Golgappa you are not listening to my s*xy Dadi at all!

Saanchi: Okay fine!

Veer smiles. Kabir comes.

Kabir: (in his mind) I should tell Saanchi to dance with me.

Kabir comes and gets sad seeing Veer holding Saanchi’s hand and going to dance with her.

Kabir is about to go from there, Riya comes there.

Riya: Hey Dr Kabir if you don’t mind can you dance with me?

Kabir: Dr Riya I am sorry I can’t.

Riya: Please Dr Kabir.

Kabir: Dr Riya if you concentrate on your studies instead that will be better.

Riya: (in his mind) He is so arrogant. But I am also no less. I will make him dance at any cost.

Riya: Dr Kabir, okay fine but we are here on the dance floor already. It won’t be good if we leave the dance floor like this since there is no one else here I could dance with, and you are the one who says Doctors never give up right! We won’t be setting up a good example!

Kabir: Dr Riya I wished you apply this much brain to your studies you would have been a topper.

Riya doesn’t like it.

Kabir: And yes since you are saying so much okay fine I will dance with you.

Riya smiles and they go to dance.

Priya- Vikrant, Saanchi-Veer and Kabir-Riya dances. A couple Rithvik-Naira joins them too.

The song Samjhawan from Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania plays.

Veer and Saanchi dances. Veer holds Saanchi’s hand to dance with her. Saanchi looks at Veer. And all the other pairs gets prepared to dance too.

(Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena
Nahi jeena tere baaju
Nahi jeena, nahi jeena)

Veer holds her waist, and Saanchi gets nervous. He pulls her close and she gets more nervous. As he leans back for a step she also moves forward him as they share an eyelock.
(Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee
Main tenu samjhawan ki
Na tere bina lagda jee)

Vikrant and Priya Dances. Vikrant forces Priya and she fakes a smile. The other couple also dance
(Tu ki jaane pyaar mera
Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri)

They share an eyelock and dance. Veer and Saanchi matches their step with each other while looking at each other.
(Main tenu samjhava ki
Na tere bina lagda jee)

Kabir unwillingly dances with Riya who is smiling. But he dances really well despite that just that he is doing it unwillingly. He spins Riya around and Riya is Super happy.
(Mere dil ne chun laiyaa ne
Tere dil diyaan raahan)

DJ: Oh god there are some technical issues.

Vikrant happily dances with Priya and dances well and forces her to dance well.
(Tu jo mere naal tu rehta
Turpe meriyaan saaha)

Veer lifts Saanchi up. She rests her head on his chest and Veer has his hand around her waist. He puts her down and as Saanchi looks, they both match the steps.
(Jeena mera.. hoye
Hun hai tera, ki main karaan
Tu kar aitbaar mera)

All the couples dance with each other. And they are busy dancing and focusing on each other. Kabir looks at Saanchi and Veer.

Kabir: (in his mind) I wish I got to dance with Saanchi!

(Main karoon intezar tera
Tu dil tui-yon jaan meri)

As Veer and Saanchi dance while share an eyelock they remember their scenes and they smile looking at each other as Saanchi has her hand around Veer’s shoulder.

(Main tenu samjhawan kee
Na tere bina lagda jee)

The music is ending.

Saanchi looks at the DJ and the DJ gestures the work is not yet done. Saanchi tells him to do something. Saanchi gets really worried. Veer looks at Saanchi.

Veer: Saanchi?

Saanchi: Yes?

Veer gestures if there is any problem and she nods no.

DJ: (in his mind) This will take time. Now how? Yes Idea!

DJ: Now that one dance is over. And we enjoyed it a lot. But one song is not enough. So we should play another song and make the couples to dance on that. What say audiences?

DJ: Yes!

A person: But won’t the couples get tired dancing all over again!

DJ: Point to be noted.So we will have dance in another song. But to make it more fun, there is a twist in the tale. Now the pairs will swap. What say everyone?

All: Yes!

Some are shocked some are having mixed reactions.

DJ: Once I say SWAP the person must find the other person and dance with them if not they are out!

All looks on surprised.


All moves away.

Banjaara from Ek Villain plays.

Veer ends up with Naira who comes to him.

Riya ends up with Vikrant.

Priya ends up with Rithvik.

Saanchi ends up with Kabir who is still looking for a partner and walks.

As Vikrant moves around, he doesn’t notice and shoves Saanchi who is moving around lost and as she is about to trip, she holds Kabir’s shoulder to support herself. as she looks at Kabir they share an eyelock.

Kisi shaayar ki ghazal
Jo de rooh ko sukoon ke pal
Koi mujhko yun mila hai)

Veer dances with Naira.

Riya and Vikrant feels awkward while dancing with each other.

Priya dances normally with Rithvik.

(Jaise banjaare ko ghar
Naye mausam ki sehar
Yaa sard mein dopahar)

Kabir puts her hand looking at Saanchi on his shoulder and they match the steps as they move together. They look at each other. Kabir lovingly stares at Saanchi. Saanchi looks on.
(Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar

They dance together.

Vikrant fumes seeing Priya smiling with Rithvik.

Riya: (in her mind) I wanted to dance with Dr Kabir and ended up with this stupid Vikrant.

Veer feels jealous seeing Kabir and Saanchi close.
(Jaise koi kinaara
Deta ho sahaara
Mujhe wo mila kisi mod par)

Kabir dances around Saanchi looking at her lovingly and moves around. Following that, Saanchi also moves the same way and then Kabir holds her hand and releases her hand.
(Koi raat ka taara
Karta ho ujaala
Waise hi roshan kare woh shehar)

As she moves and spins Kabir holds her by the waist looking at her. He gets her up from falling. He again puts her hand on his shoulder and dances with her.

(Dard mere woh bhula hi gayaa
Kuch aisa asar huaa
Jeena mujhe phir se woh sikha raha)

Priya is dancing.with Rithvik. Vikrant loses his cool seeing Rithvik holding Priya’s waist as it is meant for a dance step.
(Hmm.. Jaise baarish kar de tar
Yaa marham dard par)

Kabir and Saanchi dances with each other. Kabir holds her waist, and Saanchi rests her head on Kabir’s chest, 
(Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar)

Kabir imagines this while he continues dancing with Saanchi who is feeling very shy. He nods at himself no and smiles at himself. Saanchi looks at him smiling a smile appears on her face while they are still dancing in each other’s arms smiling
(Koi mujhko yun mila hai
Jaise banjare ko ghar
Jaise banjare ko ghar..
Jaise banjare ko ghar…
Jaise banjare ko ghar….)

The music ends.

Vikrant doesn’t tolerate Priya dancing with someone else happily. He doesn’t care and he throws Riya down on the ground as she moves towards for a dance step.

Riya: Ouch!

He goes to Rithvik and pulls his collar. The music stops. All are shocked.

Saanchi and Priya smile looking at each other. Riya gets up anyhow!

Vikrant: How dare you! How dare you shamelessly dance with my wife like this!

Rithvik: Relax I was just dancing. There is nothing to get angry about.

Gayathri: (in her mind) Oh no now we are doomed.

Vikrant: You have no rights to dance with her like this, she is my Priya. My Priya!

Naira: Hey how dare you speak with my Husband like this!

As Naira comes to confront Vikrant, Vikrant pushes her. Rithvik rushes to Naira.

Rithvik: Hey how dare you push my wife like this!

Vikrant goes and punches Rithvik.

Naira: Rithvik!

Dr Malhotra: What are you doing Vikrant! Behave yourself! You must be having a big misunderstanding.

Vikrant: No Priya is mine only mine! If she can’t be mine she can’t be anyone’s!

Priya: Vikrant!

Vikrant: No I won’t let you go anywhere, Neither to your ex Sanket or this stupid guy. You are only mine. Only mine.

Rithvik: What nonsense! I was just dancing with Priya she is Dr Malhotra’s daughter . That’s it what’s the big deal. Even his son danced with my wife and I don’t see anything wrong in this!

Vikrant holds his collar.

Vikrant: I don’t see anything wrong in this! So just get lost! And yes whoever comes between me and Priya. I know very well how to remove him from my way.

Vikrant shows the knife. He gets scared.

Rithvik: What…what are you doing!

Vikrant: Just the way I killed my servant Raju I can kill you or sanket too. He came in between me and Priya. That oversmart tried to help Priya elope so I got him out of the way.

All gets shocked.

Dr Malhotra: Vikrant you are unwell. You need help.

Vikrant takes the knife to stab Rithvik. Priya stops him and gives him a slap. Vikrant gets angry and he pulls her by the Hair.

Veer: Vikrant!

Veer pushes Vikrant and punches him!
Gayathri takes the glass of water and splashes on his face. Vikrant realised what he just did.

Vikrant: Me..me. I didn’t do anything!

Dr Malhotra: What you said just now is it true!

Vikrant: No…no…it’s a lie! All a lie!

Priya: Stop lying Vikrant your true colors are finally out.

Saanchi: Video please.

The DJ shows her thumbs up and plays the video where Vikrant used to torture Priya by locking her and then not letting her go staring from making her cook till even not using her use her phone.

Dadi and Veer cries seeing this!
Priya cries badly!
Malhotra is shocked!
Riya and Kabir are stunned!
Saanchi feels bad!
Vikrant is shocked!

In the end Vikrant hit that servant with the showpiece and brutually killed him.

Priya: It is good that Saanchi got hold of the CCTV footage found in Vikrant’s phone and that’s how we got the evidence.

Naira: This guy is disgusting!

Rithvik: I thought he really loved his Wife! He doesn’t love his Wife! But he tortures Wife! And does crime. He is a threat to the society!

Riya comes to Gayathri.
Riya: Mom I am scared.

Gayathri: (whispering)shut up Riya!

Riya: Seriously? I can’t believe I just danced with a psycho thank god I am safe. He even pushed me and I injured my waist.

Vaidehi: Aww. My lovely grand-Daughter.

Gayathri: Maa you stop pampering your grand Daughter and see our plan is failing badly.

Riya: Plan?

Gayathri: Nothing.

Riya: Ok

Kabir: I hope no one gets a Husband like Vikrant. Vikrant you are mentally unstable!

Veer holds Vikrant by his neck.

Veer: How dare you! How dare you do this! You have made my Sister cry! You will pay for this!

Priya comes to see.

Priya: Dad you really think your daughter can stay happy with this guy a murderer!

Malhotra gets angry. Gayathri and Vaidehi gets scared. Malhotra walks to Gayathri.
And then he comes to Veer who is hitting Vikrant.

Veer: I will kill you Vikrant Chawla!

Malhotra: Veer! Leave him!

Veer: Don’t stop me Dr Malhotra! Today I won’t leave this guy! I will kill him!

Saanchi: Veer stop it! If you kill him then what’s the difference between him and you! He will be punished by the law!

Vikrant angrily looks at Saanchi!Veer stops hitting him but he still holds him.

Dr Malhotra: Kabir call the police! Right now!

Kabir: Okay sir!

Saanchi: (in her mind) Finally the good won over evil this time. One is exposed now it’s time for very soon to Dr Malhotra to be exposed.

Here Jaya is sitting worried. Saanchi’s Dadi comes to her.

Saanchi’s Dadi: What happened Jaya you look worried.

Jaya: I am feeling very uneasy. As if something very wrong will happen. Even the weather is not good.

Saanchi’s Dadi: The weather is like that. You don’t worry too much!

Jaya: No Maa Ji

Something breaks due to the wind and it’s Saanchi’s photo frame!

Jaya: See I told you something will be wrong! Very wrong! Saanchi? She is fine right?

Saanchi’s Dadi: Don’t think too much. She is fine. Call her.

Jaya calls Saanchi and she doesn’t pick up. Jaya gets worried. Saanchi’s Dadi tries to calm her down by holding her shoulder.
The episode ends.

Precap: Vikrant is arrested. And then he sees a knife and smirks. He shouts Priya’s name.
Vikrant: Priya if you can’t be mine, you can’t be anyone’s.
Vikrant uses the Knife and pricks the police’s hand. He goes and runs to stab Priya.
Saanchi comes in between to save Priya and she gets stabbed. Tears drop from her eyes as she holds her stomach and her hands are smeared with blood. She collapses! Kabir and Veer are shocked.
Kabir: Saanchi!
Veer: Saanchi!

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