Why did I FALL for you? (Savitri Devi College and Hospital FF) Introduction

Why did I fall for you? (Savitri Devi College and Hospital FF) Introduction

Hi all. RandomfANCreationZ here. And this time I am back with a ff on Savitri Devi College and Hospital instead of os. By right I was suppose to post this intro after exams but someone requested to post on behalf of my birthday so that’s why I posted.

Thank u to all those who wished me birthday yesterday. And I hope you all will like this ff. Hope you will find the story interesting.

I know you all must be wondering whether is it a Kanchi or Sanveer ff. Actually you will know that in the later episodes whether the main lead with Saanchi will be Kabir or Veer. I want to keep the suspense. If you know or you are sure who is the pair then good for you ?

Dr Saanchi Mishra (Swarda Thigale)
An intern in Savitri Devi College and Hospital. Hardworking and intelligent. One of the best interns of Savitri Devi College and Hospital. Daughter of Jaya and Sunil. Has a younger brother Sunny. But she is in this hospital as Saanchi Agarwal. The reason is to seek revenge from Dr Malhotra, the owner of this hospital who is the reason behind her father Sunil’s demise as he stole his idea of this hospital. She is in love with Veer but can’t confess cause he is Dr Malhotra’s Son. For her, her mission comes first but sometimes love makes her fall weak.

Dr Veer Malhotra(Varun Kapoor)
Another intern in Savitri Devi College and Hospital. The naughtiest intern in the hospital. He loves to play prank and is completely carefree but at the same time he is multi-talented and is good in his studies too. Good-hearted and sweet. He is madly in love with Saanchi . He is just waiting for Saanchi to confess her love to him. Son of Dr Malhotra and Savitri. The hospital is named after his demised Mom, Savitri. But hates his dad due to his past. He is close to his granny and Sister.

Dr Kabir Kapoor(Vikram Sakhalkar)
One of the senior and best doctor of Savitri Devi college and hospital and the teacher of the interns. He is a serious and no nonsense doctor. He is very professional and also good at heart at the same time. He is in love with Saanchi and respects her a lot. He is close to his mom, as she is the only one he has in his family. Respects Dr Malhotra a lot and is Dr Malhtora’s favourite doctor.

Parallel Lead
Dr Pragya Yadav (Neha Bagga)
She is a very good friend of Saanchi. She can do what she can for Saanchi’s happiness. Fiancé of Satish ,an engineer. Her dad is a politician. She believes in fun and is carefree. She decides by her heart. Tries her best to cheer Saanchi up and does all she can to bring her and Veer closer. She is a very good friend of Veer too. Knows Dr Malhotra’s truth.

Dr Isha Negi (Sharan Kaur)
She is the good friend of Saanchi. A part time model. She manages her duties and grooming classes at the same time. She does all she can to help Saanchi and thinks by her mind. She thinks Saanchi can stay happy with kabir and Kabir can help her in her mission unlike Veer.

(If It’s a Sanveer ff then the other pair will be Ishbir, I can’t imagine Prabir ?)
If it’s a Kaanchi ff then the other pair will be PraVeer/IshVeer)

Other characters
Savitri Devi College and Hospital
Dr Riya Malhotra (Akansha Sareen)(Veer’s step Sister)
Step Sister of Veer and step Daughter of Anand. Daughter of Gayathri. Just like her Mom, greedy. Grey shaded and a bit foolish She wants Dr Kabir in her life at any cost mainly cause of his wealth and that’s it.

Dr Garv (Garv Bajaj)(Veer’s Friend)
Sidekick of Dr Veer. He does what his friends say after all he is his Friend and doesn’t want to see him in trouble and tries to recommend what is best for him if he can. Positive.

Dr Madhu(Meghna Datta)(Riya’s Friend 1)
Best Friend of Dr Bala and does what Dr Riya tells them to do.

Dr Bala(Aliya Naaz)(Riya’s Friend 2)
Best Friend of Dr Madhu and Does what Riya tells them to do.

Ms Fernandez(Priya Malik)
One of the senior nurse of Savitri Devi college and hospital. She is positive and is very professional. Strict at the same time.

Saanchi’s family
Jaya Mishra(Shilpa Shirodkar) (Supporting)
Mother of Saanchi and Sunny. Loves her children and a family a lot. She is positive and she encourages Saanchi for her Mission. She faces financial problem but she still tries her best to manage.

Sunny Mishra (Gautam Ahuja)
Younger Son of Jaya and Brother of Saanchi. He is a hardworking student like his sister , and loves his Mom, granny and Sister a lot. Tries to help them if he can by all means.

Saanchi’s Dadi
Positive character. Grandma of Saanchi. Loves her grandchildren a lot. Supports her Daughter-in-law

Ashok Mishra
Uncle of Saanchi. Grey shaded and doesn’t like his Sister in law. Only thinks about money. But cares for his Mother.

Khushboo Mishra
Wife of Ashok. Negative and greedy. Is the troublemaker in the family. A bit funny.

(There will be some scenes of Saanchi’s Mom, Brother and Granny, not much scenes of Saanchi’s Uncle and his Wife. There won’t be much Khushboo scenes here I don’t like her scenes ???)

Kapoor family
Kusum Kapoor(Supporting)
Mother of Kabir. Positive. She loves her son and Saanchi a lot. Wants to see Saanchi as her Daughter-in-law and Kabir’s Wife. Her wish is to see Kabir happily married.

Veer’s family
Dr Anand Malhotra (Mohan Kapur)(Negative)
Is the negative character in the story but he is actually grey shaded. Has many hidden pasts which only Jaya know and he doesn’t know that Saanchi Agarwal is Saanchi Mishra that’s why tries to keep them away from this hospital and his family. This is why he rejected Saanchi’s application. But he loves his family. He doesn’t hate Veer but he doesn’t like the fact Veer is always against him so that’s why he is strict to him . His secrets will be revealed later on.

Gayatri Malhotra ( Sonica Handa)(Negative)
Step Mom of Veer and is negative here, she is also greedy and thinks about money which is why she married dr Anand Malhotra. She do all she can to prevent anything from her truth being exposed.

Dr Adarsh Malhotra
Younger brother of Anand. He doesn’t know much about Anand’s past but just know that he has a problem with Mishra family. He doesn’t bother to ask him much.

Dr Neeta Malhotra (Kishwer Merchant)
Wife of Adarsh and she is grey shaded. She has some positive side too. She likes her niece and nephew and hates Gayathri and her Mom. She can do anything to throw them out of the house and expose them even by wrong means.

Priya Chawla (Shruti Kanwar)(Supporting)
Sister of Veer and she is pampered by her brother , granny and dad. She hates her step mom and so does she. She had a boyfriend Sanket but they broke up and she married Vikrant. Vikrant tortures her a lot but he doesn’t show this to others. That’s why she is helpless. She just wants to be free from this relationship.

Vikrant Chawla (Yuvraj Malhotra)(Negative)
Husband of Priya and madly in love with Priya. He fears to lose her that’s why he does all he can to keep her with her. He believes in having her with him rather than her happiness. Very selfish and negative character. He also has some mental problems which will be revealed later. Will be exposed soon in this story.

The Dadi of Veer and Priya. Mother of Anand. Loves her grandchildren and can do anything for their happiness. Supports them at all steps. Encourages them. And she knows the true color of Gayathri.

Mom of Gayathri and is also evil and negative, supports her at all her steps and infact gives her ideas.

Sanket Sharma (Alan Kapoor)
The ex Boyfriend of Priya. They parted ways due to a misunderstanding. Positive and still loves Priya. Doesn’t know Vikrant’s reality.

Fiancé of Pragya. He is an engineer by profession and he lives in USA.

Hey all you all maybe having a question your mind whether is it Sanveer or Kaanchi?

Your answers will be answered in the ff later on. So do wait ?

Okay so here is the promo of Why did I fall for you?

Promo 1: (Veer’s POV)
It all began that day. Veer remembers how he met Saanchi, and their moments in the lift, and when they had cotton candy together. And their other moments, whenever they were together.

Veer looks at Saanchi’s picture.

The words echoed into his mind that was of Saanchi.

Saanchi: I love you, Veer!

Veer closes his eyes and he crumbles her picture with his hand angrily.

Veer: I…..hate…..you…..Saanchi!

He walked away throwing the crumbled picture in a dustbin.

Veer: (in his mind)WHY DID I FALL FOR YOU?

Promo 2: (Saanchi’s POV)
Saanchi is shown walking alone in a lonely street midnight. She is dressed in a red salwar suit and she has a nuptial chain around her neck and a vermillion on her hairline. She is shattered.

Saanchi: (in her mind) On one hand my mission and on other hand my love. Mission or Love? I had to choose one. But what I got! Destiny…

She falls on the ground shattered,

Saanchi: Why is destiny so cruel to me? Why? Even though I may have my love and mission but I still don’t have it. I really don’t have anything with me. Just destiny….

She cries her heart out.


Promo 3: (Kabir’s POV)
Kabir is working and he is busy.

Kabir: I want all the work to be done by tonight, okay!

The nurse agrees and takes the file with her which Kabir hands her. Just then Kabir drops something, and he lifts it. He looks a at a paper.

Kabir: (in his mind) Sometimes I think if i did the right thing! But this is the only option I had. But sometimes I regret.

Kabir is walking and just then he eyes Saanchi(who is married) cheering up a kid patient. He smiles looking at her as she tickles her. As he was about to go to speak to her, he sees Veer coming to Saanchi. He has an unconvinced look.

Kabir: Sometimes I think, WHY DID I FALL FOR YOU?

Kabir leaves from there.

So here are the promos. I hope you all like it. The story will begin in the first episode, but all the things will be revealed and lose threads will be tighten up in the upcoming episode. It is not necessary that these promo, will be covered in the first episode itself , this is the promo of the entire story in other words a clue for the turning point of the story. .

This ff will be continued from the episode when Saanchi comes to Kabir’s house for dinner and Veer organises a date with Alia to make Saanchi jealous

Precap for episode 1: Veer waits for Saanchi. Kabir and Saanchi have dinner at a restaurant together. Saanchi gets drunk. Some Kanchi and Sanveer scenes as both Kabir and Veer tries to manage a drunk Saanchi.

And yes the first episode will be posted on 26th Aug, Saturday.

The episodes will be posted every alternate days, since I will be having holidays now. But at the same time I have work. So that’s why alternate dates.

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