Why did I FALL for you? (Savitri Devi College and Hospital) Episode 2

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Hi all. I am back with an update of Why did I FALL for you? With the second episode. I know I am a bit late but I was really busy due to work yesterday. Since I had an off today that’s why I am able to give an update today.

And yes I know you all maybe having high expectations from me and so sorry if I couldn’t meet them. I know I am adding some unnecessary scenes but that is for the story. And a fan fiction is more detailed compared to one shot where the story ends in one update.

The initial episodes maybe slightly boring because this are just an introduction to what will happen later on.

I know have been slightly unfair to both Kaanchi and Sanveer fans cause at the end only one pair will end up in the story. This is for the sake of the story that’s why I am giving equal importance to both the pairs. I hope you all will like the story later on.

And yes today’s episode might be a bit boring, as it’s the initial episode but yes there will be some Sanveer and Kaanchi scenes at the same time.

Scene 1: Hostel
The episode begins with Saanchi and Veer coming closer to each other.

Veer: (In his mind) Oh no what am I about to do?

Veer realises what he was going to do and he gets away. Saanchi is asleep and she smiles.

Veer gets a sigh of relief as he looks at Saanchi. He puts the blanket over Saanchi’s body and adjusts her pillow. He smiles seeing her sleeping peacefully.

Just then Veer gets Garv’s call.

Garv: Veer, as you told I dropped Alia safely to her house but how will I get in? The security guard is also here.

Veer: You don’t worry. I will manage the security guard. I am coming downstairs.

Veer brings a water bottle and he goes downstairs and looks at the security guard. He pretends he has stomach ache.

Veer: Ah! Ah!

Guard: What happened Dr Veer? You and at this state? This time?

Veer: Look security my stomach is paining a lot and my medicines also ran out. I can’t even go out of this hostel now, and I am not even in state to walk till the pharmacy, I can’t even disturb anyone to bring medicine for me. Ahh! Do one thing you bring the medicine for me.

Security: But if I go then who will do my work?

Veer: Ahh! I am here. I will look after this place by then you bring my medicine. Ah!

Security: Okay, okay you sit down here. I will bring your medicine.

Veer passes him the name of the medicine and the guard goes to bring the medicine.
Veer gestures Garv to come. He comes in and Veer passes him the water bottle.

Veer: If anyone asks you, then say that you went to refill water.

Garv: Okay.

Garv runs inside and soon the guard comes back.

Guard: Here is your medicine and I brought it from the pharmacy.

Veer: Thank You! Ah!

Guard: Carefully!

Veer thanks him and passes him the money, and he goes in.

Later as Veer and Garv goes in, Garv is shocked to see Saanchi sleeping in Veer’s bed.

Garv: Saanchi?

As Veer is about to say something.

Garv: Look Bhai, I can help you but I can’t take this risk. A girl in our room, and that too an intern in this hospital. I can give you the permission to enjoy your date here, but not your nuptial night.

Veer: I will give you a tight slap if you say nonsense. Look actually Saanchi accidentally got drunk.

Veer tells Garv what happened.

Garv: Okay fine, but I won’t sacrifice my bed.

Veer: I am not even telling you to do so. You can sleep on your bed, I do one thing, I will sleep on the ground.

Garv agrees, Veer lies down on the ground and he smiles as he recalls Saanchi’s love confession.

Scene 2: Kabir’s house
Here Kabir is sitting on the rocking chair and he recalls all his moments with Saanchi.

Kabir: I should call Veer and ask him about Saanchi.

As he was about to call, and he recalls what Saanchi told him when she was drunk.

Saanchi: You are such a Khadoos!

He gets out of the thinking.

Kabir: No, no! He must be sleeping now. And he may freak up thinking it’s an emergency.

Kabir recalls all his scenes with Saanchi.

Kabir: (in his mind) Saanchi is a really naive and innocent girl. But at the same time she is naughty. It was good seeing her like this.
Just then Kusum comes and she smiles seeing Kabir happy.

Kabir: (in his mind) Usually when people get drunk they act crazily and wildly. But Saanchi….even innocence and cuteness was hidden in those craziness and wildness.

Kusum: Hmm looks like you have enjoyed your date with Saanchi a lot.

Kabir: Hmm.

Kabir looks and finds his mom.

Kabir: Maa, you are still awake?

Kusum: How could I sleep if my son is awake?

Kabir: Maa you should go and sleep now, you are not suppose to stay awake.

Kusum: Okay okay I will go.

Kusum comes and pampers Kabir and puts her hand on his head.

Kusum: I am glad to see my son really happy after so many days.

Kabir looks at her.

Kusum: You know beta, when someone is smiling like this and if they are thinking about someone they are really in love.

Kabir: Maa, you again started.

Kusum: I am talking about work, you are in love with work. Aren’t you?

Kusum: (yawning) Okay I go to sleep now.

Kabir: You better do. After all tomorrow is your surgery.

Kusum smiles and she leaves.

Kabir: (in his mind) Whatever Maa is saying? Am I? Am I in love with Saanchi……

Kabir goes to sleep and he smiles as he recalls Saanchi. How he caught her when she was about to fall, and how she fall on him that day.

Next day,
Scene 3: Hostel
Saanchi wakes up in the morning and holds her head.

Saanchi: Ouch! My head!

Saanchi looks around and she realises it is not her room.

Saanchi: Isha? Pragya?

Saanchi looks and finds Veer’s picture with his family, in the photo frame Veer kept on the table. She gets surprised.

Saanchi: This is? This is Veer….Veer’s room! What am I doing here?

Saanchi gets shocked as she finds herself on Veer’s bed. Just then Veer comes and passes her a glass of lemon juice.

Veer: Here you go, your lemon juice.

Saanchi: First you tell me what am I doing in your room?

Veer: Drink this first. I will tell you.

Saanchi takes and drinks the lemon juice a bit.

Saanchi: Now tell me.

Veer: Listen to me carefully!

Saanchi looks at him.

Veer: Yesterday you were drunk!

Saanchi: What! Are you out of your mind? What nonsense are you saying? I don’t even touch alco…

Saanchi recalls how she accidentally drank alcohol assuming it as apple juice and then she slowly recalls everything. All her scenes with Kabir. She closes her eyes on guilt.

Saanchi: Oh no! How can I!

Veer: It was not your mistake. It was just by accident. Now you finish this juice.

Saanchi slowly finishes the juice as she becomes sad recalling how she got drunk, and then she recalls her scenes with Veer. How she seduced him. She looks at Veer. She starts sweating.

Saanchi: Ve….Veer?

Veer: Hmm.

Saanchi: (afraid) Yesterday….us…

Veer smiles from inside and he decides to tease her.

Veer: Forget about yesterday.

Saanchi: No! It’s necessary for me to know!

Veer: Yesterday, leave it.

Saanchi: What happened between us yesterday?

Veer: Everything!

Saanchi: Everything? Look Veer you are scaring me don’t talk in shortcuts. Come to the point!

Veer: Whatever happens between two lovers. I tried controlling you but you went out of control…

Saanchi: No….

Veer: All was destined. We came close after this. So I won’t consider this a mistake.

Saanchi: Please say it’s all a lie. Please.

Veer: I wish I could.

Saanchi breaks down, and starts crying and she is totally teary-eyed.

Saanchi: I am sorry…what have I done!

Veer feels bad and he stops her.

Veer: Relax! I was just kidding!

Saanchi: No!

Veer: I am serious. nothing happened between us

Saanchi: Nothing ?

Veer: (nodding no) Nothing!

Saanchi: Then Veer just now you said…

Just then Garv wakes up,

Garv: So finally your Saanchi woke up. Saanchi you should go to your room and fresh up. Everyone is awake. And let Veer take some rest on his bed. He slept on the ground the entire night.

Saanchi looks at Veer teary eyed as she looks at a mattress laid on the ground. Garv leaves.

Saanchi: Veer!?

Veer nods.

Saanchi: Veer not everything is meant for jokes. Do you even have any idea how much scared I got!

Veer holds her hand.

Veer: I am sorry Saanchi.

She leaves her hand and fired at him.

Saanchi: Not everything you can say sorry and done. This was too much. I really thought everything happened between us.

As Saanchi was about to go, Veer pulls her close.

Veer: What I said wasn’t wrong either. What does two lovers do? Confess their love. And I know whatever you told me yesterday was from the bottom of your heart.

Saanchi: Leave it Veer! These doesn’t make a difference now!

Veer: Saanchi I had doubts firstly if you loved me. But yesterday I got cleared you love me. And I also love you. And for whatever reasons, you are doing so, let me tell you Saanchi, I love you so much that I won’t even let that reason exist.

Saanchi runs away from there wiping her tears. Veer looks at her sadly.

Veer: (in his mind) Saanchi now that I know that you love me, I can do anything! Anything to get my love.

Saanchi reaches her room. And she wipes her tears. Isha is there.

Isha: Saanchi finally you are awake! Even Pragya was waiting for you, but she had duty and also that Miss Fernandez was here so that’s why she had to go.

Saanchi is silent.

Isha: You know yesterday we made some excuse that you had to go back home and since Miss Fernandez’s fan was spoilt she stayed with us. That’s why you were kept in Veer’s room. By the way how did you got drunk?

Saanchi hugs Isha.

Isha: Saanchi?

Saanchi: Whatever I didn’t want to happen at all, that happened?

Isha: Saanchi….what happened?

Saanchi: Veer got to know that I love him.

Isha gets surprised.

Saanchi: Now he is determined to make me accept our love for each other. I don’t know what to do.

Isha: You relax, Saanchi! Everything will be fine. Now go and fresh up. You have a duty after a while. And yes you have to fulfil your mission remember.

Saanchi looks at her dad’s ashes.

Saanchi: Yes you are right. I can’t make myself weak. Okay I go and fresh up.

Saanchi leaves. Isha feels bad for her.

Scene 3: Savitri Devi College and Hospital

Saanchi comes to the hospital, Veer also comes there. As Veer is about to say something, Saanchi leaves from there. Dr Malhotra comes to Kabir.

Dr Malhotra: Kabir how is your mom now? She is coming today right.

Kabir: Yes, I am about to bring her from home.

Dr Malhotra: Take your time.

Dr Malhotra sees Veer walking behind Saanchi and he fumes. He pulls Veer’s hand and talks to him in a corner.

On the other hand,
Kabir sees Saanchi. Saanchi’s eyes widens as she see Kabir.

Saanchi: (in her mind) Oh no what if Kabir sir ask me about yesterday? He will scold me a lot.

Kabir comes to Saanchi and Saanchi quickly rushes from there. Kabir follows her.

Kabir: Where this Dr Saanchi went?

Dr Malhotra scolds Veer.

Dr Malhotra: Stop going behind girls and concentrate on your work.

Veer: I will do what I want to do. Who are you to stop me Dr Malhotra!

Dr Malhotra: I am your dad, Veer!

Veer: Oh what a joke! So finally you realised you are my dad.

Dr Malhotra: Veer, you are becoming insolent day by day, and that too for a girl! What do you see in that Saanchi? She is such a characterless girl!

Veer: Dr Malhotra!

Veer fires at Dr Malhotra and raises a finger on him.

Veer: Not a word against Saanchi.

Dr Malhotra gets angry.

Veer: If I hear this one more time, I will forget that you are my dad. So just excuse me.

Veer leaves from there leaving a fuming Dr Malhotra. Pragya overhears the entire conversation.

Pragya: (in her mind) Abe Yaar nothing is good between Dr Malhotra and Veer! Saanchi needs to know this!

Pragya smiles and told herself.

Pragya: That Veer raised a voice against his own dad for Saanchi. He will be always there for Saanchi. I think I should tell him Saanchi’s truth.

Pragya goes to tell him about Saanchi’s truth.

On the other hand,

In the store room,
Saanchi closes the door and takes a sigh of relief.

Saanchi: (in her mind) Once that Dr Kabir goes away I will come out. After what happened yesterday I am not able to look at him eye to eye.

Just then Saanchi looks and gets shocked seeing a lizard. She freaks out. She quickly opens the door.

Kabir is also about to open the door Saanchi falls on Kabir and Kabir holds her to prevent from both of them falling down. They are in a hugging position. Saanchi closes her eyes and Kabir gets surprised.

Just then Veer gets surprised seeing Saanchi and Kabir hugging each other. Veer goes away from there surprised and confused. Saanchi opens her eyes and looks at Kabir. She gets embarrassed and she gets away. This is seen by Madhu and Bala.

Madhu: Dr kabir and

Bala: hugging Dr Saanchi

Madhu and Bala look at each other.

Madhubala (together): We have to tell this to Ria!

Later, Kabir brings his Mom to the hospital.

Kabir: Sister Fernandez, take full care of her.

Fernandez: Sure Dr Kabir.

Saanchi is walking and Kusum sees Saanchi.

Kusum: Saanchi beta!

Saanchi comes there for Kusum and tries not to look at Kabir.

Saanchi: Aunty how are you feeling now?

Kusum: Much better. I don’t think I need to do the surgery.

Kabir: Maa your reports mention you need to do. I don’t want any excuse.

Here Veer talks to a nurse

Nurse: Sir when are you going to see the patient at 193?

Veer: In a while nurse.

Nurse: Okay sir.

The nurse goes.

Pragya is running and finding Veer. Pragya comes there and sees Veer.

Pragya: Abeh Yaar where were you? (Huffing and puffing)

Veer: Pragya relax!

Pragya: I was looking all around the hospital, Kasam Se!

Veer passes him his water bottle.

Veer: Drink water first.

Pragya drinks water.

Veer: Now tell me.

Pragya: It’s related to Saanchi.

Veer: You don’t talk about her.

Veer is about to go,
Pragya: Abeh Yaar it is something you really need to know about Saanchi.

Veer: What is that?

Pragya is about to tell him. Veer sees Kabir, Saanchi , Kusum and Nurse Fernandez. Veer goes towards them. Someone pulls Pragya’s hand.

Fernandez: Saanchi how is your mom now?

Saanchi gets thinking.

Veer: Oh god I hope Saanchi doesn’t mess up anything!

Saanchi: Maa?

Kusum: Saanchi you didn’t tell me your Mom is sick?

Fernandez: Yes your mom is unwell right?


Kabir looks at Veer and understands.

Kabir: Her mom is much better and stable now.

Fernandez looks at him surprised.

Kabir: Actually yesterday while talking about the surgery Saanchi got an emergency call so that’s why I dropped her to her house yesterday.

Saanchi realises why Kabir said so as she remembered Isha telling her. Kusum holds her hand.

Kusum: Saanchi you will stay with me, okay.

Saanchi: Aunty I will be there for you.

Fernandez: Dr Saanchi I am impressed the way you took care of Dr Kabir’s Mom.

Kusum: After all she is my…

Kabir: Maa let’s go now.

Kabir brings Kusum to the ward.

Veer: (in his mind) Oh so Dr Kabir hugged Miss Golgappa as she took good care of his Mom and I was … Sometimes I think too much. No wonder why Saanchi gets angry on me. Sometimes I just end up doing something so silly.

Veer leaves from there.

Pragya looks and it’s Isha.

Isha: Have you went crazy what were you about to do?

Pragya: I was about to tell Veer the truth. Why did you stop me!

Isha: Pragya you have lost it!

Pragya: Not me you have lost it!

Isha: Look for Saanchi her Mission come first,

Pragya: Veer really loves Saanchi. If he is the Son of Saanchi’s enemy what is his fault in that? He is not the enemy itself. And I am sure when Veer will get to know everything he will support Saanchi,

Isha: Look I also know Veer loves Saanchi. I don’t want them to be drifted apart. But if they get together what about Saanchi’s Mission. There was a moment I thought that you were right, so what happen if Veer is Malhotra’s Son. But that new policy! If Dr Malhotra can do this, it will create hurdles for Saanchi’s Mission in the future if she and Veer gets together. Try to understand.

Pragya: You try to understand. You are right at your place. But if Veer knows this what’s even the big deal! In fact he will help Saanchi and it will be easier for Saanchi to complete her Mission. Veer has earlier helped Saanchi.

Isha: I don’t know what to say. Why are you defending Veer so much! Look Veer he is a good person but sometimes his childish. Due to his childishness Saanchi has fall into problems. If this continues, look Pragya, I know Veer has done a lot for you. He brought you and Satish close but for that why are you doing this with Saanchi!

Pragya: Are you crazy! You think I did all these as Veer brought me and Satish close! Look Saanchi is also my Friend so is Veer. And yes Saanchi is always our Best Friend. I did this thinking about Saanchi not about myself. I didn’t expect this from you. But I am Kasam Se telling you, you have hurt me a lot today.

Isha: You are doing wrong and as a Friend I have the right to say so. To bring you to the right path but you are getting angry!

Pragya: Look I don’t want to talk to you now!

Isha: Me neither!

Pragya and Isha gets angry with each other and they get away

On the other hand, Saanchi is walking and nurse Fernandez hands her the report.

Fernandez: Saanchi here is Dr Kabir’s mom’s report check it one more time.

Saanchi opens the envelope and gets shocked reading it.

Saanchi: We have to go and tell him the truth.

Fernandez: What happened Saanchi? Why are you so shocked?

Just then Riya comes there

Saanchi: Miss Fernandez, just look at this report. Everything is normal.

Fernandez looks at the report.

Fernandez: Yes you are right Dr Saanchi.Infact according to this report, Dr Kabir’s Mom don’t need a surgery.Then the previous report?

Saanchi: Do you have the previous report?

Fernandez: That is with Dr Kabir.

Saanchi: We have to stop them.

Saanchi and Nurse Fernandez rushes to stop them from doing the surgery.

Riya remembers how she had do tests for Kusum and also another patient and then she got confused and gave the wrong reports and samples.

Riya: (in her mind)Oh god Riya how can you do this! Dr Kabir won’t spare me!Now think of something.

Scene 4: Malhotra Mansion
Here Priya is sitting sadly and Dadi comes to her.
Priya hugs Dadi.

Priya: Once again happy birthday Dadi.

Dadi smiles.

Priya: Tell me Dadi what you want.

Dadi: I want you to be happy.
(Caressing her face)

Priya lies on Dadi’s lap

Dadi: Don’t worry Vikrant will exposed soon.

Priya: I thought my life will change for good after this marriage but I was wrong. I never expected Vikrant would turn out like that.

Dadi: Don’t worry beta God will punish him very soon.

Priya: You know Dadi I should have listened to Veer. He was telling me to take decision by heart. But I didn’t.

Dadi feels bad and just then Priya gets a call. It’s from Veer.

Priya: Dadi, Veer’s call.

Dadi gets happy. Priya picks up the call.

Priya: You know you will live a Long life. We were talking about you only.

Veer: Oh so the lovelies are already missing me? Let me talk with my hot Dadi.

Priya turns on the speaker,
Priya: Here you go.

Veer: Hey hottie, happy Birthday!

Dadi: Thank you beta. Tell me how is your day.

Veer: As always Dr Malhotra makes me work. You all say how is your day?

Priya looks sadly.As Dadi is about to say Priya nods no.

Dadi: You are coming tonight right?

Veer: Yes, and I will bring someone special.

Priya: Someone special huh?

Dadi: Who is that lucky girl!

Priya: Is it that girl who helped you that day?

Veer: Yes correct. Priya finally she told me why she helped me. That is because

Priya: Yes?

Veer: That is because she loves me!

Priya: Do you like her?

Veer: I love her! I love her a lot!

Priya and Dadi gets happy.

Dadi: Then what will happen to me?

Veer: Aww s*xy no one can dare to take your place! You are always first for me.

Priya: What is the name of that lucky girl!

Veer: Saanchi!

Priya smiles and Dadi gets a bit surprised.

Dadi: (in her mind) Saanchi?

Priya: Dadi what are you thinking.

Dadi: No no. Nothing.

Veer: Dadi tell me what you want for your birthday.

Dadi: Veer do bring that girl. After all I want to meet my Veer’s to be Wife. Right!

Veer: But Dadi?

Dadi: This is what I want for my birthday. You bring that girl, Saanchi.

Veer: Okay Dadi I keep the phone now. There is a lot of work and also I am coming to the party tonight if not you know Dr Malhotra very well. Okay bye.

Dadi: But beta?

Veer keeps the phone.

Veer: (in his mind) This Saanchi is so stubborn and she isn’t even speaking to me properly. How do I bring her to the party ?

Priya: Its good that Veer has got a girl. Hope she doesn’t leaves him like Sanket did.

Dadi holds her shoulder to make her feel better.

In Kusum’s cabin
Kabir: Maa relax nothing will happen.

Kusum: Where is Saanchi?

Kabir: She is coming. Now let the nurse give you anaesthesia .

Just then Saanchi and Fernandez comes there.

Saanchi: Stop Dr Kabir.

Kabir looks surprised so does Kusum.

Kabir: Saanchi?

Fernandez: Dr Kabir here is your mom’s report all is normal. There is no scope for her heart surgery to be done.

Kabir looks and flips through he looks at the report.

Kabir: Then how can the previous report be wrong!

Saanchi: I was studying Kusum Aunty’s old records and I had some doubts to get cleared that’s why I conducted some tests again.

Saanchi sees the report with Kabir.

Saanchi: Sir in the previous report it is mentioned that Aunty has low blood pressure and no diabetic, whereas Aunty actually has high blood pressure and her sugar level is always high. And also all the figures are misleading. If you compare with this report with Aunty’s previous other medical reports it has a relation unlike the previous medical report.

Fernandez: This report is correct. According to this report Kusum Jii doesn’t need any surgery.

Kabir checks.

Kabir: Who was the one who took the tests for Maa that day?

Just the Riya comes in,

Riya: Dr Kabir!

Kusum: Riya beti was the one who took my tests that day.

Kabir looks at Riya angrily.

Riya: This is what I came here to say.

Kabir: (angry)Riya! How can you be so careless!

Riya: Actually you are right Dr Kabir it’s all my fault. I should have be more careful, I shouldn’t have trusted them and let them do so. I should have go later. How could I!

Kabir: (surprised) What do you mean?

Riya: Actually dad called me to the cabin, and I was hesitant to go there, as I wanted to submit the samples of Kusum Aunty and the patient at ward 204 that day. It was Madhu and Bala who told me to go so I handed them the samples. I shouldn’t have done so!

Kabir: Bring Dr Madhu and Dr Bala to my cabin . Right now!

Riya goes.

Fernandez: Okay I should leave now. I have some work Dr Kabir.

Kabir: Sure Nurse Fernandez and thank you.

Fernandez: The credit goes to Saanchi who spotted this.

Fernandez leaves.

Kabir: Saanchi thank you!

Saanchi: I am sorry Kabir sir!

Kabir: For?

Saanchi: For yesterday, after restaurant….

Kabir is about to say something,

Kusum: Beta your Mom fall sick all of a sudden what could you have done? No need to say sorry. Right Kabir.

Kabir nods. Saanchi looks at Kabir with a sorry look.

Kusum: Look in that pretext I forgot something!

Kusum gets a pair of golden bangles

Kusum: Saanchi,Kabir come here.

They come.

Kusum: This golden bangle I kept for my to be daughter in law. Now Saanchi this is yours.

Saanchi: But Aunty?

Kusum: Kabir make Saanchi wear this golden bangles.

Kabir : (whispering) Dr Saanchi I think we should tell Maa the truth now.

Saanchi looks at Kabir.

Kusum: Not bad Kabir already started whispering in front of me and that too for your to be Wife.

Kabir: Maa?

Kusum: Anyways make Saanchi wear the bangles.

Saanchi: Aunty?

Kusum: Kabir!

Saanchi is about to say something, Kabir makes Saanchi wear the golden bangles. They look at each other and share an eyelock.

Just then Riya sees this and gets shocked.

Kusum: Wow my son and Daughter in law looks so good together!

Veer overhears this and he gets shocked.

Veer: (in her mind) Daughter-in-law? Saanchi?

Madhu and Bala comes to Riya.

MadhuBala: You called us here Sir!

Kabir: (angry) Riya , Madhu and Bala meet in my cabin right now!

Riya and Madhu and Bala agrees.

Kabir: Maa I have some work. I will get back to you. And you will get discharged tomorrow. Since operation won’t happen.

Kusum: I already said earlier I no need operation. And yes don’t scold the poor kids.

Kusum: Maa?

Kabir: Don’t scold them.

Kabir: I will talk to you later.

Kabir leaves with Riya and Madhu and Bala.

Kusum: Now he will scold those kids.

Saanchi: (in her mind) I will tell this to Aunty once she gets discharged. Even though she doesn’t need operation her health is still not 100% fine.

Kusum: Saanchi take care of yourself.

Saanchi: Aunty you also take care.

Saanchi leaves. Just then Veer pulls her in a corner.

Saanchi: Veer!

Veer: Look I have some questions so you just answer me!

Saanchi: Look I don’t want to waste time!

Veer: Just answer me and then you can leave!

Saanchi: What is it!

Veer: Why did Kusum Aunty refer you as Daughter-in-law!

Saanchi gets shocked.

Veer: Tell me.

Saanchi: That is none of your business.

Veer: Then what are these golden bangles doing on your hand?

Saanchi: Veer?

Veer: As far as I know, you don’t want to keep relationship with me due to the new policy then how can you keep with Dr Kabir!

Saanchi: Veer what are you trying to say?

Veer: Look Saanchi I know your career is really important to you! But I just want to ask you, why did Kusum Aunty refer you as your daughter in law. You are not marrying Dr Kabir right?

Saanchi stammers while answering. Veer takes her hand and puts it on his head.

Veer: Now swear on me and tell me the truth!

Saanchi tells him everything how Kusum Aunty wants to see her as her Daughter in law and for her health they had to lie.

Veer: I knew it! I knew there was some reason!

Saanchi: That’s why keeping Aunty’s health on mind I had to agree. But me and Dr Kabir were anyways going to tell the truth.

Veer: I knew it! You could have not possibly being unfair to me.

Saanchi: Now that you got your answer should I leave?

Saanchi is about to go and Veer stops her by holding her hand. They look at each other.

Veer: Are you ignoring me because you got to know Dr Malhotra is my dad!

Saanchi looks at Veer.

Veer: Today is my Dadi’s birthday. I wanted to invite you. And there are more things you have to know about me.

Saanchi: What will I do in your Dadi’s birthday?

Veer: Do come. Dadi will like it!

Veer leaves her hand and goes. And then he comes back.

Veer: Listen I love you!

Veer blows a flying kiss to her which widens Saanchi’s eyes and he runs away. A smile creeps on Saanchi’s face. And she hears Dr Kabir screaming. She goes there.

Kabir: Dr Madhu and Dr Bala this is very irresponsible of you! Now this is your last chance, if you this again I will give a minus to both of you!

Madhu and Bala nods.

Kabir: And yes Riya, if you do your own work that will be better.

Riya: I will keep that in mind. It’s my fault actually.

Saanchi: (in her mind) That Riya is such a liar! I myself saw she submitted all the samples. I should have warned her to be careful.

Saanchi leaves from there.

Kabir: Okay now you should leave and it’s your granny’s birthday today, right Riya? So you should leave now?

Riya: (in her mind) Oh god that boring party? But Dr Kabir is also coming! Now I will see who will bring him and Saanchi closer!

Riya: Dr Kabir you are not coming?

Kabir: Actually Maa is in the hospital so I can’t make it! But yes do convey my wishes to your granny.

Riya: (in her mind) Oh god! I will just meet Mom and Nani and then will leave that god damn party!

Riya: Okay.

Riya leaves. Saanchi comes to the cabin.

Saanchi: Sir I don’t think we should stretch this drama further. That we are acting to be ready for the marriage. Once Aunty discharges from hospital I will tell her the truth. I hope you are fine with this

Kabir: Yes I am.

Riya hears this and she happily leaves from there.

Saanchi: I am sorry Dr Kabir, for the incident yesterday. I don’t know how those were alcohol.

Kabir: It wasn’t your fault! But you were really funny yesterday!

Saanchi: What do you mean Sir?

Just then Sunny does a video call.

Kabir: Its from your home. Pick it up.

Saanchi: But?

Kabir: You did so much for my Mom so it would be unfair if I don’t let you talk to your family. And this wont affect anyone so just pick it up.

Saanchi picks it up.

Sunny: Hello Saanchi dii.

Saanchi: Hello Sunny. How is your preparations going on?

Sunny: Saanchi dii tomorrow is my biology exams.

Saanchi: Study properly okay and yes don’t skip your meals.

Sunny: Dii there are some really tough question I am stuck with can you help me?

Saanchi: Sure sunny.

Sunny tells her the question, she takes a
piece of paper and she draws it. She does different drawings with each question and shows Sunny.

Saanchi: This is how the nervous system is affects the brain due to accident or certain reasons….

Kabir comes to take a glass of water.

Kabir: Wow Dr Saanchi your drawing is not bad.

Saanchi: Thank you sir.

Kabir drinks it. Sunny looks at Kabir.

Sunny: Saanchi dii is that your Boyfriend?

Kabir chokes while hearing this. Saanchi gets embarrassed.

Sunny: Oops I think I said something wrong.

Saanchi: Sunny you better concentrate on your studies.

Sunny: Not bad Dii…(smiling and teasing)

Saanchi: Sunny? And yes any more questions?

Sunny: No.By the way where is Veer bhaia I want to speak with him!

Saanchi: Veer…Veer is busy

Sunny: Okay next time make me talk to him. I keep the phone now.

Saanchi keeps the phone.

Saanchi: I am sorry sir….my Brother he needed help and…

Kabir: Its okay.

Saanchi: I should leave now.

Saanchi leaves and Kabir tries to stop her.

Saanchi: (in her mind) This Dr Kabir didn’t even scold me today? Strange.

Kabir smiles.

Kabir: (in her mind) Weird but Innocent! No Kabir why are you even thinking about her!

Just then a nurse comes,

Nurse: Sir Dr Malhotra told you to attend a meeting. And it will end early as Dr Malhotra has to attend his mom’s birthday.

Kabir: Okay I will be there.

Kabir goes to the conference and he thinks about Saanchi while the meeting is going on.

Guy: What should we do to reduce the rate of diabetics, and to encourage elderly to have a healthier diet

Kabir thinks more about Saanchi and he smiles.

Kabir: Mishri….

Everyone looks at Kabir and Kabir looks at all.

Kabir: Mishri…I mean Mishti, Mithai sweets. We should let them eat sugar free sweets which is found in Europe.

Malhotra: Good idea Kabir.

They continue.

Kabir: (in his mind) Looks like I am really in love with Mishri(smiling) I mean Dr Saanchi.

The episode ends.

Precap: Veer walks. Veer tells himself that today he will confess his love to Saanchi infront of everyone and make him hers forever very soon. Kabir on the other hand, finds a picture of Saanchi, he keeps a photo frame of Saanchi and smiles as he keeps it inside the drawer.
Kabir Veer and Saanchi all three come to Veer’s grandma’s happy birthday. Kaanchi and Sanveer scenes.
And yes, finally! Vikrant will get exposed by Saanchi!

Kabir and Veer both are in love with Saanchi! Will Kabir confess her love to Saanchi or will Veer convince Saanchi first? Will Saanchi choose her love forgetting about Mission! How will Saanchi react after knowing Kabir is in love with her.

You all will get your answers really soon. And sorry for the boring update. The next episode will be slightly better.

I will update the next episode on Thursday, 30th August night. And sorry for making you all waiting and the late reply.

And today is Varun Kapoor aka Dr Veer’s birthday ???.

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