Why did I FALL for you?(Savitri Devi College and Hospital) Episode 1

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Hi all. Finally I am back with the first episode of Why did I FALL for you? I hope you all will like this episode and I hope I can meet the expectations all of you have from me. And the overwhelming response for the intro. I hope you all will like this ff like the os too. I will try my best to make this ff a good ff.

And yes I don’t wanna be unfair to both Kaanchi and Sanveer fans so I will say that you all will get to know about the pair of this story within episode 4, 5 or 6. At the same I also know some read only Sanveer ffs some only read Kaanchi ffs. So for those, to save your time I will say that. The first half of the episode are mainly Kaanchi scenes and the second half of the episode are mainly Sanveer scenes.

This ff will continue when Veer arranges a date with Aliya to make Saanchi jealous and at the same time Saanchi will go to Kabir’s house for the sake of Kabir’s Mom.

The episode begins.
Scene 1: Savitri Devi College and Hospital

Saanchi knocks in to come to Dr Kabir’s cabin.
Saanchi: May I come in sir?

Kabir: Sure.

Saanchi comes in.

Saanchi: Sir you called me?

Kabir: Saanchi, I am going home now. Maa called me. Do one thing. This is a file. Pass it to Dr Adarsh Malhotra on behalf of me. I am sorry but I am in a hurry.

Saanchi: Sure sir.

Kabir is about to go, just then Saanchi’s earrings gets stuck on his shirt. Kabir tries to remove it and while removing it, Kabir and Saanchi shares an eyelock.

Saanchi’s ear is paining. Kabir realises that.

Kabir: Unhook the earring from your ear it will be easier.

Saanchi unhooks her earring. Dr Kabir tries to move the earring from his shirt and he does, while Saanchi takes the file.

Kabir: Dr Saanchi here is your earring.

As Saanchi was about to take it but due to loads of file on her hand,

Kabir: Let it be. I will make you wear it,

Saanchi: Sir….

Kabir makes her wear the earring. Kabir sides Saanchi’s hair to make her wear the earring.

Just then Riya passes by and she fumes seeing this.

Kabir: I should take leave now. And yes do come.

Saanchi: Okay.

Kabir leaves.

Riya: (in her mind)Dr kabir gifting Saanchi earrings? Dr Kabir invited Saanchi? I wonder what’s cooking between these two. I need to find that out.

Saanchi is walking as she looks at the file.

After she passes the files to Dr Adarsh,
Saanchi: Sir, Dr Kabir told me to pass these files on his behalf.

Adarsh: (talking on the phone) Okay keep it on the table

Saanchi is keeping the files on the table,

Adarsh: Listen I want my work to be done properly okay. No one should know about this 1009.

Saanchi keeps the file, and she gets thinking. Later she goes to attend her patient.

Saanchi: Check her blood pressure every 2 hours and yes makes sure she has the medicines, okay. And if you need anything do call me.

Nurse: Okay.

Saanchi goes out and just then she finds Veer flirting with Alia. Veer touches her hand.

Veer: Alia baby, I have organised a date for just you and me. You are coming, right?

Alia: Of course baby.

Saanchi fumes seeing this and comes to them.

Saanchi: No one is going to any date. And yes Dr Veer, I will assign you duty tonight I have to go to Dr Kabir’s house to see Kusum Aunty since her surgery is in two days.

Veer: Miss Golgappa, you are head intern or I am head intern? I think you have forgotten. Do I have to remind you?

Alia: Leave it baby , let’s don’t waste our time behind that Behenji.

Saanchi: Okay fine do what you want.

As Saanchi was angrily about to go from there,

Veer: Miss Golgappa you are yet to take permission from me.

Saanchi smiles and comes to him.

Saanchi: Boss Veer, I have to go to Dr Kabir’s house to know some things about Kusum Aunty for her surgery. So should I go? (Angrily)

Veer: No! This work can be done by someone else.

Saanchi: Okay fine, I will tell Dr Kabir then that my boss Veer is not letting me go.

Veer gets scared.

Veer: Okay okay fine go. You can go

Saanchi leaves.

Saanchi: (in her mind) I hope I can go there and once I meet Kusum Aunty for a while I will come there to spoil Veer’s date. How can he go on a date with Alia like this!

Scene 2: Kabir’s house
Saanchi comes to Kabir’s house. Same as that part When Saanchi finds Kabir in that condition with the flour on his forehead. Saanchi wipes them. Kabir lovingly stares at her.

Just then Kabir gets a call,
Kabir: What today is the flight?

Guy: Yes sir.

Kabir: Do one thing. There is a cafe near my house, I will give you the address and I will pass you those.

Kabir keeps the phone.

Saanchi: Sir what happened?

Kabir: Dr Saanchi can you stay with Maa for a while. Actually I have to go and give some documents of a patient that is with me to a patient’s relative since the patient’s flight to US is tonight for a major surgery.

Saanchi: Sure sir.

Kusum: What is this Kabir? Saanchi came here for you and and…

Kabir: Maa it will take only an hour.

Saanchi: Its totally fine and I will be with Aunty so don’t worry sir.

Kabir: Thank you Saanchi.

Kabir leaves.

After clearing the kitchen and cooking some food in the kitchen, Saanchi spends time with Kusum and Kabir comes back. He also spends some time with his Mom.

Kusum: Kabir do one thing bring Saanchi out for a dinner. Nothing much is cooked at home today and I am also not feeling well.

Saanchi: Aunty you let it be I was anyways going to cook something for Sir.

Kusum: Good you didn’t. Now you both should go out to know each other more. I know you two do try to know each other more in the hospital but there should be some time for you both in private.

Kabir: Maa don’t be stubborn Saanchi is right! How can you even think we will leave you hungry?

Kusum: No beta, is not like that. Saanchi has already prepared khichidi for me.

Kabir: When?

Kusum: When you went out for a while to pass some documents to your patient’s relative , that time.

Kabir looks at Saanchi.

Kusum: So you both don’t think much, I have called a nearby restaurant and reserved a table for 2, for you and Saanchi. And if you two don’t go then…

Kusum gets sad

Saanchi: Ok Aunty we will go.

Kusum gets happy.

Saanchi: Sir let’s go.

Kabir and Saanchi leaves. Kusum smiles.

Scene 3: Hostel
On the other hand Veer is preparing to make Saanchi jealous.

Alia: Are you sure Saanchi will get jealous?

Veer: More than sure. Didn’t you see in the hospital how angry she got knowing about our date?

Alia: I think she is like that only. But where is she?

Veer: She will be coming in a while. She must be stuck due to an emergency case. And Miss Golgappa is really sweet. After all, spicy Golgappas are more tasty then sweet Golgappas.

Alia: Aww you are so cute. You are doing so much for your love. I wish I was your love not Saanchi.

Veer: Aww.

Alia: Veer may I ask you something?

Veer: Ask.

Alia: What did you see in that a Saanchi? I mean I don’t mean to offend you but she is a Behenji!

Veer: Alia, Saanchi is not Behenji, okay. She is a really good hearted person. And you don’t call Miss Golgappa Behenji like this! I don’t like it.

Alia: Awwww! I like the way you are doing so much for her though. How romantic! If not boys these days….

Veer: See even you can see all these for me but Miss Golgappa….anyways thank you for helping out in this plan. It means a lot to me.

Alia: No problem Veer. I will still be indebted to you for saving my life by aiding me on time when I met with an accident a few months ago.

Veer: I am a doctor after all ,so it was just my duty. Don’t say like this.

Alia smiles.

Scene 4: Restaurant
Kabir and Saanchi comes to the restaurant

Kabir: Saanchi I am so sorry. This Maa also…

Saanchi: Let it be. Aunty doesn’t know and she so lovingly booked a table for us, I couldn’t deny.

Kabir: Yep sure.

Kabir forwards the seat to Saanchi and Saanchi sits down.

Saanchi looks at the time.

Saanchi: (in her mind) By now Veer and Alia’s date must have started.

Kabir: So let me tell you what to know for Maa’s surgery.

Kabir realises Saanchi constantly looking at her watch again and again.

Kabir: Dr Saanchi?

Saanchi: Yes?

Kabir: Are you hurry?

Saanchi: No…No sir.

Kabir: Don’t worry I will make you reach hostel on time. Just enjoy dinner okay.

Just then the waiter brings food, and Saanchi quickly eats.

Kabir: (in his mind) Saanchi is such a responsible girl. She is trying all her best to reach hostel on time. No wonder why Maa likes her.

He realises she is eating quite fast.

Kabir: Dr Saanchi, eat slowly

Saanchi: (while eating) Sorry sir, I am in hurry.

Kabir: Okay I just order a drink for you and me, and then done.

Saanchi: No need sir. You can order for yourself.

Just then a waiter comes

Waiter: Your drink sir?

Kabir: One glass of apple juice and Saanchi you?

Saanchi: One glass of water.

The waiter brings the drinks to Kabir and Saanchi. He serves the juice to Kabir and
as he was about to serve water to Saanchi ,

Guy: (screaming angrily) Waiter!

The waiter gets scared and he drops the glass of water. And all the other drinks. The other waiter attends that customer.

Saanchi: Bhaia, carefully!

Saanchi tries to help the waiter.

Waiter: (scared) Sorry Mam it’s my first day today and I don’t understand some things that’s why.

Saanchi: Don’t be scared Bhaia. This happens, everything will be fine with time.

Kabir smiles seeing Saanchi talking and behaving nicely to the waiter and how nicely she managed the situation.

Scene 5: Hostel
Here Veer is in the hostel with Alia waiting for Saanchi.

Alia: Veer do you really think she will come?

Veer: even I am surprised and even the hostel is going to close in an hour. What is this Saanchi doing?

Garv: Veer do one thing call Pragya. Maybe she may know.

Veer calls Pragya. Pragya gets the call and Isha sees this.

Isha: Pragya you are seriously helping that Veer?

Pragya: And what else?

Pragya picks up the call.

Pragya: So how is the plan going?

Veer: Very bad yaar, Saanchi hasn’t even come to spoil the date yet.

Pragya: But why? That means Saanchi is not at the hostel yet? Where is she!

Veer: I don’t know. I think this plan will flop yaar

Pragya: Abe Oh, Pragya Yadav’s plan never fails. I even made Mishra into Mishri like this. (snapping her fingers) Because of me Saanchi got

Veer: Mishri?

Pragya: (in her mind) Abe yaar what did I just do! I was going to tell him Saanchi’s truth!

Isha glares at her.

Veer: Saanchi?

Pragya: I am telling that because of me you are getting the chance to get Saanchi’s love. Leave all these and I will talk to that Maharani. Must have been stuck due to some work.

Pragya keeps the phone.

Isha: What Pragya what were you about to do?

Pragya: Yaar, sometimes I am so stupid. And yes let me call that Maharani.

Isha: Pragya don’t you think you are doing wrong by supporting veer?

Pragya: Saanchi is also my Friend and I know what is good for her. I know Veer is Dr Malhotra’s son but he truly loves Saanchi. I have seen it in his eyes.

Isha: Even I know Veer loves Saanchi. But if they two get together then it will be really hard for Saanchi. What will happen to her mission , the reason why she is her. At least use your mind.

Pragya: Abe oh sometimes use your heart and think. It’s not always good to use your mind only seriously, I am going to call Saanchi.

Scene 6: Restaurant
Saanchi receives a call.

Saanchi: Pragya’s call?

Saanchi picks up the call.

Saanchi: Yes Pragya say.

Kabir looks at her while Saanchi is talking to Pragya while eating.

Pragya: Yaar where have you been! That Alia is on full on swing impressing Veer.

Saanchi eats quickly.

Saanchi: (in her mind) Veer’s date almost skipped from my mind.

She bites the chilli angrily.

Saanchi: Why are you telling me? It doesn’t make any difference to me.

Pragya: I know. But Veer is so romantic I swear! Wow what dance! Really Veer and Alia are amazing dancers.

Saanchi eats faster and swallows the food. She eats more chilli which is on the food.Her eyes waters.

Kabir looks at her.

Kabir: Saanchi?(gesturing her to slow down and keep the phone)

Saanchi nods.

Saanchi: Okay I keep the phone.

Pragya: Bye. Wait! Wow! That Alia! What a girl! Veer even gave her a kiss! Okay I keep the phone now bye.

Saanchi keeps the phone angrily.

Saanchi is eating more until the amount of chilli is too much for her to take. She starts panicking due to that and she starts coughing.

Kabir: Saanchi?

Saanchi: Chilli!

Kabir goes to Saanchi.

Kabir: Dr Saanchi I told you so many times to eat carefully. Where have you been lost that you didn’t even realise you have been munching chillies?

Kabir tries to find water for her.

Kabir: Water. Oh god there isn’t any water here.

Kabir looks at the apple juice.

Kabir: Do one thing you drink this apple juice for now. It will be better.

Kabir makes Saanchi drink apple juice. Saanchi drinks it.

Kabir: Who told you to eat too much chillies!

Saanchi: I didn’t realise it was chilli . It’s so spicy my tongue is still burning.

Kabir: I wonder where were you lost?

The waiter is passing by. Saanchi sees the glasses of alcohol and assuming it as apple juice she takes and drinks them.

As she drinks the first one, she feels a burning sensation.

Kabir: Carefully Dr Saanchi….

She thinks it’s due to the spice.

She drinks around 2-3 glasses.

Waiter: Mam this is…

Saanchi: Sorry Bhaia, actually I accidentally had chilli that’s why.

Waiter: But madam this is al…

Just then a guy calls the waiter.

Guy: Waiter!

Waiter: Mam I am sorry to say but

Saanchi: I am sorry Bhaia… I didn’t know what to do.

Kabir: I will pay the bill for those drinks.

Waiter: But….

Guy: Waiter! I have been calling you for so long ! Are you deaf!

The waiter nervously goes to them.

Saanchi: I am so sorry Sir. I drank your apple juice. And on top of that, added on to your bills unnecessarily .

Kabir: Its okay. You need it more .
That’s why never talk while eating no matter how much hurry you are in.

Saanchi: Okay sir, I should leave now. I am getting late.

Kabir: Okay let me drop you to the hostel.

Saanchi: Its okay sir, I can manage. I will take an auto and go.

Kabir: You won’t get an auto at this time easily, let me drop you. It will save time.

Saanchi: Okay fine.

Saanchi gets up and she feels giddy due to the drink effect and she stumbles. Kabir realises this.

Kabir: Saanchi are you okay!

Saanchi nods.

The waiter passes the bill and he gives him the money.

She stumbles again as she tries to support herself and Kabir holds her.

Kabir: I think you are really tired let me drop you home.

Saanchi: (in her mind) I wonder what is happening to me? Why am I feeling so weird?

Kabir holds Saanchi and takes her to the car.

Scene 7: Malhotra Mansion
Priya is thinking while looking at the mirror.

Priya: I don’t understand one thing how did Vikrant not get angry when he lost to me? I am not getting it.

Just then Vikrant comes in angry and Priya gets scared.

Vikrant: You love to defeat me right!

Priya: (trying to be brave ) What will you do!

Vikrant: Baby, you have not done the right thing!

Priya: You may have escaped today, but before leaving this house I will expose your truth and true colors to everyone.

Vikrant gets angry. And he moves his neck angrily.

Priya: I will expose that you are the one who killed an innocent guy. Your true colors and all your drama to show How much you love me! I didn’t see such a guy like you who can stoop this low . You are just a crazy maniac. You need treatment!

Vikrant gets super duper angry and he holds Priya’s hand tightly. Her bangles break due to which her hand bleeds.

Priya cries in pain.

Priya: Leave my hand…

Vikrant: I am telling you one last time. Don’t do these kind of things again, if not it won’t be very nice. And you better don’t call me a crazy maniac, I will slit your tongue.

Dr Malhotra passes by.

Dr Malhotra: (in his mind) Priya and Vikrant? Fighting? Why is this Vikrant shouting?

Dr Malhotra is about to open the door.

Vikrant: (in his fake happy tone and smiling) Go to sleep baby.

Dr Malhotra: (in his mind) I must be thinking too much!

Dr Malhotra leaves. Vikrant goes to sleep. Priya cries.

Priya: (in her mind) Oh god! Do some miracle, so that somehow I can be saved from the clutches of this evil guy! And this evil guy, Vikrant have to get the punishment he deserves!

Scene 8: Hostel
Veer is still waiting for Saanchi. And Pragya comes in.

Veer: Pragya where is your friend ?

Pragya: Don’t worry I have called her here. She will be here soon.

Veer: What got her so busy?

Pragya: Abeh Oh she must be stuck due to some important work.

Veer: As far as I know Miss Golgappa, I thought she will leave all her work and come to spoil my date but something else is happening.

Pragya: Don’t think too much. She will definitely come. Mark my words.

Looking at the time,
Pragya: (in her mind) Hostel will be closed in 30 mins time where is this Maharani?

Scene 9: Car
Kabir is driving car and Saanchi starts to get drunk due to the effect. Kabir listens to the song of Karz. He smiles while hearing it and Saanchi stares at him surprised.

Saanchi: Such a boring tone!

Kabir: Dr Saanchi, I am surprised that even you find this boring. This is the problem of young generation they don’t even understand the charm in old songs.

Saanchi: You call this a song? (Laughing) I will tell you what is music.

Saanchi changed the music and Nashe Se Char Gayi plays. Saanchi starts dancing moving her hands, and Kabir gets shocked.

Kabir: You like this song? Seriously?

The song continues and Kabir nods not understanding Saanchi.

Saanchi: Patan de Ur Gayi O Kudi Nashe Se Char Gayi

Saanchi showing her arms like a bird and Kabir stares at her shocked.

Kabir: Saanchi, you okay?

Saanchi: Sir look in front.

Kabir looks and gets scared as he thought a car is in front and he stops the car by applying the brake. And he sees nothing.

Kabir: What!

Saanchi: (laughing) Nothing!

Kabir: (fuming) Dr Saanchi what nonsense is this!

Saanchi: No nonsense sir, I am saying to drive the car Faster. Faster faster. Yahoo!

Kabir: That’s what exactly I am trying to do. (Angry)

Saanchi: Sir you don’t get angry like this. I tell you it doesn’t suit you. No girl will want to marry you, I will definitely run away. Who will want to stay with a Khadoos like you!

Kabir gets really furious and is about to erupt like a volcano.

Kabir: (really furious)Look Dr Saanchi now you are crossing your limits.

Saanchi: Relax sir! How much angry you will get!

Saanchi comes close to Kabir and Kabir could sense the smell of the alcohol.

Kabir: (in his mind) Alcohol? And Saanchi?

Kabir remembers how Saanchi drank those apple juice and he remembers how the waiter tried to say it’s alcohol.

Kabir: (in his mind) That was alcohol? Oh god!(looking at Saanchi) No wonder why Dr Saanchi is behaving so weirdly all of a sudden.

Saanchi goes and feels his face. Kabir lovingly looks at her. They share an eyelock.

Saanchi pulls Dr Kabir’s cheek smilingly.

Saanchi: (happily) Golu! Golu!

Kabir: What did you say!

Saanchi: Dr Kabir I mean Dr Golu your mom gave you the perfect name. Golu! You are so cute. Like a Golu Golu!

She pulls and plays with his cheek.

Kabir: (in his mind) I have told Mom not to call me by this name so that I don’t get embarrassed one day. But never know I would get embarrassed in this way.

Saanchi is still pulling his cheeks.

Saanchi: But your anger spoils your Golu face and makes you Khadoos. And then I get so scared.(making sad face)

Kabir: Dr Saanchi you are really not well I have to go to the hostel.

Saanchi: Quickly I have a Mission to accomplish! Mission Saanchi! I want to spoil someone’s date.

Kabir: Date?

Saanchi: Today is 15 August Sir. Independence Day. Happy Independence Day.

Kabir: (in his mind) Oh god if I don’t reach her to hostel soon and if anyone sees her in this state. Then there will be a big blunder!

Kabir drives.

After a while,
Saanchi: Stop sir. My head is feeling giddy.

Kabir: (in his mind) I have to make her vomit out the drink.

Kabir looks and finds Saanchi missing.

Kabir: Dr Saanchi?

He looks around, and then he finds Saanchi walking and stumbling. She has her arms around her body.

Saanchi: So Cold! I think I will freeze! How did I reach Shimla?

Saanchi dances around and spins around.

Saanchi: Shimla!

Kabir comes to her.

Kabir: Saanchi what are you doing here?

Saanchi: Wow Kabir Sir, you are also at Shimla. I love Shimla. Let’s play in the cold.

Kabir: Go in the car.

Saanchi: I don’t want to go on car. My head spins with the car. I will walk. And anyways let me enjoy this weather

Kabir: Okay okay fine. We won’t go by car.

Saanchi goes on one side.

Kabir: (holding her) Not this side, that side.

Saanchi is feeling cold and she goes close to Kabir.

Kabir: Dr Saanchi?

Saanchi walks around him. And looks at him. Kabir’s heart start to beat. Kabir gets scared and she opens his coat.

Kabir: Saanchi?

Saanchi: Thank you for the coat. I was feeling cold that’s why. What did you thought?

Kabir: (in her mind) I have to really make her vomit out. But how.

Kabir: Saanchi sit down.

Saanchi: No I won’t sit down like an idiot. I didn’t do any mistake that I get a punishment.

Kabir: it’s not punishment. It’s for your good. Better listen to me if not!

Saanchi: If not What!

Kabir: If not you will see the worse of me.

Saanchi: I already saw that. Catch me if you can.

Saanchi runs.

Kabir: Dr Saanchi!

Saanchi: Golu! (Makes face at him)

Kabir runs to catch her. Kabir huffs and puffs and he goes on.

Kabir: Where did I got stuck?

As Saanchi is running she slips due to a rock and as she was about to fall Kabir holds her. They share an eyelock.

Scene 10: Hostel
Alia is yawning and she looks at time.

Alia: Look Veer I have to go home now. I am sorry. But I can’t wait further.

Veer: Please wait a bit more.

Alia: I have to go. I am already late. Sorry.

Veer: Just give me 5 minutes.

Alia: Okay fine.

Veer walks towards the window.

Veer: (in his mind) I wonder where this Miss Golgappa have been yet. By now the hostel is supposed to be close also. This Miss Golgappa will make me fall in trouble for sure.

Veer looks outside the window and he gets shocked.

Veer: Miss Golgappa?

Saanchi smiles and she runs. Kabir continues to chase her. And they are near the hostel since it’s a 3 minutes distance.

Veer: What is this going on! Dr Kabir and Miss Golgappa? I am not understanding.

Saanchi is laughing.

Saanchi: Loser!

Dr Kabir looks and finds Veer looking at him.

Dr Kabir: (in his mind) Now only Dr Veer can help me.

Dr kabir messages Veer anyhow to bring a vomiting medicine.

Veer gets surprised seeing the message.

Veer: Vomiting medicine? Why will he want someone to make vomit?

Veer sees as Saanchi stumbles again and Kabir holds her.

Veer: Wait is it for Saanchi? Is she okay? Is she?

Veer goes and quickly takes the medicine as per Kabir’s instruction.

Veer: Alia, I am really sorry. Actually Saanchi is not well. I have to go and attend her.

Alia: Its okay. don’t worry she will be fine. And yes I am going back home.

Veer: Wait for a while. I will drop you.

Alia: No no it’s fine. I will manage. And I am getting late moreover.

Veer calls Garv and passes his car keys to Garv.

Veer: Garv do one thing. Drop Alia safely back home.

Garv: But…

Veer: Do as I say. And the hostel people I will manage. Don’t worry. You trust me right. And make sure nobody sees you two

Garv: Okay fine. Alia let’s go.

Garv goes to drop Alia. Veer goes down to bring the medicine for Saanchi.

Veer brings the medicine.

Veer: Miss Golgappa your medicine.

Saanchi: You leave it!

Veer: Saanchi! You got drunk?

Veer: (in his mind) I knew Miss Golgappa will get jealous but I didn’t know she will get so jealous that she will be heartbroken to such an extent that she will even get drunk.

Saanchi: Now you are also at Shimla!

Veer: This is not Shimla, this is Savitri Devi College and Hospital interns’ hostel.

Saanchi: Hostel? How did we reach hostel? By walking? (She starts laughing)

Kabir: Quickly make her eat the medicine.

Saanchi: (whining) No i don’t want. I don’t want to eat medicine. I am okay. So okay that I am flying. See. I am flying.

Saanchi moves her hand like a bird.

Kabir: Dr Saanchi!

Saanchi makes faces.

Veer smiles and gestures Kabir not to be worried. He whispers in Saanchi’s ear.

Veer: Miss Golgappa today I realised that Alia is so hot and s*xy, unlike you so boring. Boring Miss Golgappa….

Saanchi opens her mouth shocked and Veer quickly puts the medicine and makes her drink water.

Saanchi: No!(biting her lips)

Kabir: Well done Dr Veer. I am proud of you.

Veer: I can do anything. But Miss Golgappa, in this state? With you?

Kabir: Don’t ask Veer. What happened was Saanchi was with me and we went to a restaurant for dinner, as we had things to discuss regarding my mom’s surgery and she was eating so fast that she accidentally ate some chillies. So assuming as apple juice she ended up drinking alcohol accidentally, and then this is her state. I didn’t know just two glass and this effect, I am damn sure it is her first time.

Veer: So senior and best doctor of Savitri Devi college and hospital drinks. Dr Kabir, very bad.

Saanchi: Yes very bad, but Veer you are worse. (Sticking out her tongue to him)

Veer: What have I done!

Saanchi: Now Maa will scold me!

Saanchi is crying and then she starts to vomit a bit due to the medicine. Veer and Kabir pats her back.

Kabir: Bring her to her room ASAP. And don’t get caught I don’t want anyone to ask you questions. Is that clear?

Veer: Okay sir. (Holding Saanchi whose eyes are a bit closed)

Veer carefully brings Saanchi up. Saanchi is still drunk.

Saanchi: What are you doing with me? Where is the Chudail(witch)?

Veer is about to bring Saanchi to her room and he realises Miss Fernandez there speaking to Pragya and Isha. Pragya and Isha gets worried. Veer hides with Saanchi.

Fernandez: The hostel is closed now. Where is Saanchi?

Pragya: (whispering) Abe Oh say something.

Isha: Mam, actually the thing is Saanchi had to rush back home as her Mom was unwell.

Fernandez: Are you sure?

Pragya: Yes Mam, and she will comeback tomorrow.

Fernandez: Okay fine.

Fernandez is about to go and Veer hides with Saanchi.

Saanchi: Veer let’s go in .

Veer: (in his mind) Oh god Saanchi’s effect due to the drink is not over yet. And if Ms Fernandez sees her in this state then….

Fernandez: Since Saanchi is not here today, why don’t I stay here tonight instead

Pragya: What? Why?

Fernandez: Actually my room has got some problem with the fan and I was anyways going to open a new room with Dr Malhotra’s permission and stay there tonight. I do one thing I stay here. At least there won’t be need to open a new room unnecessarily.

Isha: But?

Fernandez: I hope you don’t have any problem with that.

Pragya: Yes we got problem.

Fernandez looks at her.

Isha: She meant that no problem.

Fernandez: Good. I am going to go and bring my items.

Fernandez goes and Veer and Saanchi hides.

Veer: Yaar this Miss Fernandez’s fan had to spoil now!

Saanchi: Haww! How can Nurse Fernandez take my bed like this!

Fernandez looks behind shocked as she hears this a bit and Veer hides again covering Saanchi’s mouth. Fernandez thinks it her imagination ands she leaves.

Veer looks and as Fernandez leaves he looks at Saanchi and they share an eyelock.

Pragya and Isha comes there running. They get shocked seeing Saanchi drunk.

Pragya: Saanchi and this state?

Veer: Its a very long story.

Isha: But how will we keep Saanchi here? And if Miss Fernandez sees her in this state then…

Veer: Now there is only one option.

Isha: What?

Veer: She will stay in my room tonight.

Pragya: Have you gone mad?

Isha: Saanchi and in your room? No this is not possible.

Pragya: l admit I always agree with you Veer but this time Isha is right. Saanchi in your room? It’s risky.

Isha: And now the hospital policy are really strict. If they see a boy and a girl together then….

Veer: I know but this is the only option now and look at her state. And if Ms Fernandez sees her like this then we all are dead. That Dr Malhotra won’t spare us at all.

Saanchi: I will see that Takle (Baldy) Uncle. How dare he! He cannot do anything. Takle!

Veer: Shhh!

Saanchi: I want my room. My bed.

Saanchi is about to go into her room, Veer pulls her back

Veer: Saanchi. You are going to my room.

Saanchi: But…

Saanchi stumbles and Veer holds her.

Pragya: But yes this is also true if Fernandez sees her like this then a very big problem will occur.

Veer: I promise Saanchi will be safe with me. I take her to my room.

Scene 11: Veer’s room
Veer takes Saanchi to the room and Veer locks the room.

Veer quickly takes Saanchi to the washroom as she vomits due to the medicine. Veer pats her back.

Veer takes her and makes her sit on his bed. He goes to bring water for her.

As Veer brings water he gets surprised seeing Saanchi messing up all the decoration set up for the fake date.
Veer controls her.

Veer: Saanchi what are you doing!

Saanchi: I cant see you with anyone else. And that Alia Churail I won’t spare her. How dare she do all these with you!

Veer hits his forehead with his hand.

Veer: (in his mind)Oh god she is still drunk. Did she drink 2 glasses or 2 bottles?

Veer: What’s your problem if I do this with her?

Saanchi: Veer why do you always do like this with me? (Tears on her eyes)

Veer: What did I do? I don’t mean anything to you right! So what will happen if I even do anything with Alia, after all I am loving her.

Saanchi: You have no rights to love her!

Veer: Why?

Saanchi pulls Veer’s collar and pulls close to her.

Veer: Look Saanchi you are not in your sense now.

Saanchi: Why don’t you get it Veer! You wanted to know that…..

Veer: Why did you help me?

Saanchi: I helped you because I am in love with you.

Veer gets teary eyed and emotional. He can’t believe it.

Veer: Finally you confessed your love. Then listen it my answer. I love you .

Saanchi: Veer, I have something to tell you.

Veer: Say.

Saanchi: I love you. I am Saanchi Mish…..

Veer puts a finger on her lips.

Veer: I know you are Saanchi and you love me. I also love you. That Alia and my date was just my plan to make you jealous. I love you sooo much Saanchi. I won’t let anyone snatch you from me. Forget about Alia no one can ever come between us.

Saanchi puts her arms around Veer.

Saanchi: Veer please don’t leave me alone. Even if you….

Veer: I will never leave you.

Saanchi: Sometimes I think WHY DID I FALL FOR YOU?

Veer: This is love Saanchi and when this happens no one knows. This is what exactly what happened to us.

Saanchi: But am I the right girl for you?

Veer: You are perfect for me.

Veer kisses Saanchi on the forehead. Tears drop from Saanchi’s eyes. Veer wipes them.

Saanchi and Veer share an intense eyelock, while Veer makes her lie down. They come close to each other.

End of episode 1.

Precap for Episode 2:
Kabir falls for Saanchi as he thinks about her and all the moments when she got drunk.
Saanchi wakes up and she is shocked to find herself in Veer’s room. Saanchi asks Veer who is silent.
Later at the hospital, Saanchi gets an envelope and she gets shocked after she opens that.
Saanchi decides to tell him the truth.

Kabir and Saanchi are coming closer to each other and at the same time Saanchi confessed her love to Veer. What does destiny have in store for Sanveer and Kaanchi? Will this one night change the life of the three individuals? How will Saanchi react to this? Will this affect her dreams?
You will get your answers very soon.
And yes this ff will be full of twists and turns.

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