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The Episode starts with Akash explaining Pulva and changes his thinking. Pulva apologizes and says thanks. Nasir thanks Akash for making his team stay on, and gifts a chain. Akash says I don’t need anything. Nasir insists. He says he gifted such thing to his dad too and we did sailing too. He says I regard this my real asset, I don’t have any child to whom I can give this, but I would have wishes him to be like you Akash. Akash wears the chain and thanks him. Akaash gets emotional and talks about Pulva. Anjali looks on. He says Pulvaa did wrong, but his reason was not wrong, everyone makes mistakes and we regret too. Why should we punish Pulva? Nasir says I said it right, you would have been lie my son, and agrees to him. Anjali likes what Akash said. Alash says everyone does not get second chance in life.

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He says I feel every day to erase my mistakes, I want Pulva to get second chance. He keeps the chain. She smiles. Arjun meets Rina. She says you don’t remember, but we met before. Arjun says remember. Rina asks him for a small interview, tell me when you get time. Arjun says sure and leaves. Ramesh asks Arjun about Rina. Arjun says she is my ex GF when I was no one, and you know about my past. He asks him to use this chance and bring his bad past out. He asks did he get just Rina only. Ramesh says I have to do expedition to moon to avoid your past, leave this problems, deal with them, find a solution.

Ramesh tells Arjun to race up, and the winner has to be one, Nasir knows it. Arjun is shocked. Akash talks to Anjali and asks what is she thinking. She says I m thinking about dad, he might be feeling bad. Akash says he knows she is right. She says I know my dad, he will not stop till he gets me back, I will not listen to him this time. She says I will go Everest, whatever dad does. He asks did army not give medal to her mum, as she and her dad are same. She laughs.

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Jagat calls Colonel Abhiyankar. Sarita asks what is he doing. He says I m bring my daughter back. Abhiyankar says he wanted to give him surprise. Jagat says it was bad shock to me, she did not ask me about this. Abhiyankar says sorry, I can’t interfere in this. Jagat asks him to send Anjali back, she is wasting your and her time. Abhiyankar says you don’t know her capabilities, I can’t do this, she is adult and can take her decisions herself, we can’t stop her. Jagat orders him being a senior officer. Abhiyankar says sorry, I m not in army now, I resigned from NIM one month before and this is private expedition, I don’t feel necessary to obey your order, Anjali is my best student, she is talented and skilled mountaineer, I m proud to have her in my team, I m sure she will do Everest summit. Jagat gets angry. Sarita smiles.

Abhiyankar comes out and Anjali says I hope I won’t fail. He says you can’t fail, I won’t let you fail. Anjali greets Rina and Siddharth. Seema brings Shikha Maa home. Mrs Rao talks to her. Shikha thanks her for taking care of her home. Mrs. Rao says you are like my family, and Akash orders me to take care of Shikha. Shikha Maa says Akash feels I m kid. Mrs. Rao says yes, he said I should call him if you don’t agree. Seema asks why, will he come running from Everest to make soup, thanks, I have come and I woll do everything, no need to call anyone.

Mrs. Rao thanks her for coming, she made soup, tell me if you want anything else. Shikha thanks Mrs. Rao. Seema cries and says she will take her. Shikha Maa says Akash is here. Akash asks Nasir is he excited. Nasir says I m nervous, I failed many times and thinking about winning is tough, I m 60years old and maybe I can’t come back, if I m strong willed, my body won’t support me, this is my last chance, just do it or lose it all.

Ramesh scolds Abhiyankar and talks to Arjun, saying Nasir is starting climb tomorrow. Anjali talks to Akash. Arjun sees Rina. Nasir asks Akash is Anjali very special. Akash says yes. Anjali dances with Chand as everyone sit near bonfire and sing.

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