Best Current Leading Lady on Indian Telly

We have chosen the following contenders for the Best Leading Lady Poll, according to the perfect woman definition exhibited by them. They all have become an ideal role model for many viewers, and also teach the viewers how to react to evil and injustice, and be a symbol of love, sacrifice and respect. The women on Indian Telly got substantial roles after the first crop Tulsi Virani and Parvati Agarwal hit the screens more than a decade ago. Many came in the league of Ekta’s serials, and all her shows are women oriented and people just love it. The true women power was projected in her shows, how a subtle woman can change herself according to the situation posing up, and mostly the determination of the female protagonist was highlighted.

All leading channels are still following the same rules of grossing TRPs, and targeting the women subject shows. We have mentioned leads of good running current shows, which are ruling on Star Plus, Zee Tv, Colors Tv, Life Ok, Sony, Sony Pal, Channel V, MTV. The craze of love, sincerity, the spirit to unite and cross all boundaries in love is also depicted in the shows, and the importance of marriage and the vows taken is always the USP of the shows. The heroines do anything to save their loved ones from all upcoming dangers and take all the problems on their head, becoming the sacrificing and protecting roof in their lives.

Starting with our list in the poll, Sanam is an ideal girl, good at heart and does not hurt anyone intentionally. Her role of bearing injustice has turned to a revenge seeker, and she will now expose Tanveer and kill her evil. Her determination and fighting for the right is her USP.

Maharani Jodha Bai needs no words to describe, as she has gone against even Jalal’s decision to keep up the good things intact for the betterment of the kingdom. Jodha has always proved to be wise and helped Jalal in taking the best decisions.

Ishita is Ruhi’s Ishi Maa, and Raman’s Mad Madrasan, who is so adorable that one can’t miss to see her. She is a positive force in everyone’s life, and so positive that even negativity shies away, but unfortunately some troubles are yet cropping up in her life. She is strong headed and non-materialistic, which makes her selfless nature lovable by all.

Shobha Sachdev has set an example for every woman facing troubles in marriage, to move on and start a new life. She has portrayed the difficulties a woman faces being alone, and how strongly she should take herself ahead swiping away the bad past.

Gopi Modi is always busy combating the evil vamps in the show, but she has been doing great when she got educated and been independent for years, having got separated from her husband. Gopi knows how to manage her life and protect her family from any calamity.

Anjali Singh Rawat is another determination example, who went to climb Everest just to make her father proud and win his love. She shows how an ordinary person can do any extraordinary thing, by their determination and never say lost attitude.

Sandhya Rathi got more famous after the Hijack Episodes. She has balanced her family and duty, but sadly, her husband did not stand by her side, seeing Bhabho suffer. Sandhya stands for just the right thing, and can’t bear injustice. Her IPS duty makes her stand out in this list, as she serves the society as well.

Akshara has been an ideal bahu for everyone, and ruling Star Plus with her balanced role. She smartly masters all her duties of a daughter in law, mother, daughter, wife, sister and friend… She does not let annoyance stay in anyone’s heart. She teaches the importance of relations, commitment and the devotion towards family. Her goodness and caring nature makes her everyone’s favorite.

Simar is devoted to relations and has been an evil fighter all her life. She has been always tackling vamps with same strength. Khushi, Sunaina and Vikrant, and many more… She has been always ready to make truth win. Simar is a strong woman who would never bend to wrong.

Anandi has been the trendsetter on Colors to bring more shows on social messages. She portrays how to be a strong pillar of support to family, and even to society. Her morals and selfless attitude is driving force to women empowerment.

Urmi depicts a mother’s strength. What a woman does when her limit to bear breaks out. What a mother can do when it comes to save her child… She has been fighting against her cruel husband and fighting for justice, to safeguard her son. She is a pure character who has justified her marriage, and broke it when she failed to change her husband.

Pragya is a sacrificing model, who has always kept her happiness aside to pay the price for her loved one’s happiness. Pragya stands out as she has been bearing the troubles of many vamps just to get her husband’s love, and luckily she won Abhi’s love after all odds.

Ragini Patel is an example setter for single independent woman, and the difficulties a woman faces to do children’ upbringing alone. She has been a great mother in the show, and also keeps her ethics always on and does not let anyone rule over right things.

Head nurse Amrita keeps aside her life and dreams to fulfill other’s dreams. She is caretaker of many and a lively soul. She is called Sister Didi by all, and depicts love importance in lives.

Maharani Ajabde is brave, strong, protector for her kingdom and can do anything for truth. She has sacrificed her marriage to save her self esteem and left Mewar, but as truth never fails, she has met Kunwar Pratap and its time for their union after she clears all misunderstandings. She is down to earth and regards every person is equal, and just differs by good and evil intentions.

Sanyukta describes an intelligent and go getter girl who freed herself from a conservative setup and pushed her boundaries to achieve her dreams. She is an example for many, who cleared that girls and equal to boys in every aspect.

Nandini is a dream achiever and has been survivor in any circumstances, who never breaks or backs out. She is very strong willed and brave.

Gunjan and Rachna show a balanced personality, though calm, but decision makers and determined. They have showed all the strong qualities a woman holds and exhibits in tough times.

Astha is always ready to display fireworks when it comes to fight evil. She has made Niranjan realize his mistake and change, and now her fight with some local goons. She is not a loser and very strong in making people right.

Suhani is a simplicity idol, who regards heart beauty is more important than looks. She has been balancing her friendship and marriage well, and can do anything to state the wrong and get justice. She takes blame on herself to safeguard her husband and truly justifies love, commitment, sacrifice and truthfulness.

So, all the 20 women described above are here for a reason, and we leave it to you to choose your favorites ones, up to five. They all define a simple, confident, determined and modern, but homely at heart women of today. Which ones do you like the most? Give us your opinions in this poll, and also state your comments, if any.

  1. vote for ishita raman bhalla. ……yes….ishita. ……. sab se aage. …hai

  2. ishita is the best

  3. I love Jodha a lot and i am her great fan so plz choose her what a role she has played is awesome


  5. Ishita is perfact woman …….she is world’s best Mom, Daughter Wife,Bhabhi (Sister in low) Bahu(Daughter in low)…………….
    Even she is world’s best Sautan……….

  6. ofcourse no doubt at all.its only ishu ka ishita raman kumar bhalla.she is the vote is ishu as always.

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  11. no option…its ishita….i love you ishu…

  12. Sanam is my choice

    1. only sanam bcoz i really like her action of crying n smiling.i will chose sanam.sanam is the best

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  14. Ishita n anjali! Both my fav!

  15. guys vote 4 nandhini…. she is the best…

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  18. I lik suhani nd ishitha

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  22. Ishitha…..ishitha…ishitha raman balla…..

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  25. I love suhani and I like ishita and aasta as well

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