Tu Mera Hero 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhagwati’s mum in law Rekha scolding her for the burnt puri. She asks her to give it to her son. Bhagwati also taunts Rekha Titu’s mum tells Bhagwati that she will keep fast today, as its Titu’s result today. Bhagwati says great, even mum was saying this. Rekha has no option, but has to say yes. Rekha says I thought I will also fast and this food was for Lord’s bhog. Titu is sad looking at his bike and says I will miss you a lot, you came with me everywhere, our love is of first journey. He recalls his dad’s words. Pinky asks him not to worry, as he will pass. He says I m not worried, I can pass any coming year, I m upset for my bike. She is shocked. He says he asks her to clean the bike before it goes. She gets a post on his father’s name. She says result has come. Everyone hear result and come to her.

Titu’s dad takes the post. His mum says if there are good numbers inside, I will keep fast for 21 Tuesdays. He says say 2100 Tuesdays then maybe your wish will come true. He opens the post and is shocked. Everyone ask him to say anything. He says 8….. Titu says atleast it should have been 21. His mum says 8 number is good. His dad says 88%, first class with distinction. Titu is shocked. His mum says Lord has heard me and kisses Titu. Titu says what did this happen. Everyone is surprised. Pinky says congrats and keeps the letter near Lord’s idol. His dad asks him how did this happen.

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Titu’s mum says did anyone show such marks to us. Rekha says yes, you are right, we should celebrate well. She taunts Bhagwati. Panchi’s dad is angry on Panchi’s wrong result. He asks the postman to give the address where he gave our letter. Panchi says the roll number, and says its not mine. He says this is 38%, the man would be happy getting your result and celebrating sweets. Panchi says I will go and come in some time. His dad says he will send any constable. She says I will manage alone. He says take care and leaves.

Panchi says I don’t have name and address of this roll number, how to find out. She calls the university to find out. Titu’s dad feels proud and emotional. He tells his wife that he loves Titu a lot. He cries and says he made me proud by this marks, even I did not score such marks. She says you cried like when I told you are becoming a father, I prayed a lot to get a child. She cries. She says Lord has given us Titu to make me return happiness to you. He hugs her. He asks her to fulfill all her desires and celebrate. She smiles and leaves. He says my Titu.

Titu sees the memo and says how did it come 88%. Laali asks him to come and work. Titu asks him to work. His mum asks him to make his bike ready, its going to be great party. Panchi tells her dad about Ashish Agarwal and tells the address. He says we will go there. Panchi comes to his house. She says they are celebrating good result, poor Ashish. When his family knows, it will be very bad. Titu sits on his bike. Panchi’s dad comes there and everyone stop. He talks to Titu’s dad about Titu/Ashish Agarwal. His says says he got 88%, the post came by post and the number was clear.

Panchi’s dad asks did he check roll number. His dad asks his wife to get the result letter fast. Panchi’s dad shows 38% marks memo and everyone is shocked. Panchi’s dad says this is my daughter’s result and scolds them. Titu looks on from far.Laali and Rekha smile. Panchi’s dad taunts Titu’s dad. Panchi says lets go. Titu’s mum says my son can be naughty, but he can’t plan this, the letter came by post and this kumkum fell by mistake. Titu’s dad apologizes and says forgive me. He shouts Titu. Panchi is shocked hearing Titu. She thinks its Titu’s house, it means he is Ashish Agarwal.

Panchi’s dad says he has run away by shame. She thinks he got so less marks and leaves. Titu’s mum cries. Panchi talks to Lord and asks why did he get so less marks, dad loves people who study well and he will not even keep Titu as his clerk. Titu is upset and goes with friends. His friend says whats the big deal if the marksheet got swapped. They stop seeing a boy trying to get suicide for less marks and his mum stopping him. Titu scares the guy saying what happened after death, and explains him. Panchi comes to know Titu has come outside the temple and smiles.

Panchi dreams dancing with Titu. A love song plays ……………

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