Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Baba comes to ask where Ranveer and Amba were. He asks about Ishaani. Ranveer says she will be here, and prays to God to send Ishaani soon. Ishaani starts the car, and says she is coming, he can punish her whatever way he wants to, and forgive her.
Ranveer comes to his room, waiting for Ishaani, trying her number. He sits on the easy chair, his associate comes there. He asks about Ishaani, he says he couldn’t know. The associate says the Parekh house has been transferred to Ishaani’s name. Ranveer says this is his gift, on her first Karwa chot. What is hers, should be on her name. He leaves the file inside, and comes out.
Ishaani comes home, wondering where has everyone gone. Ranveer tries Ishaani’s phone, he comes downstairs, from when Ishaani comes upstairs. A maid tells Ishaani that Ranveer is upstairs. Ishaani goes looking for him.

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Amba is lost in the function, Baba asks her why she is worried.
Lakshmi announces when the moon will be sighted.
Ishaani goes calling Ranveer, Falguni gets her and asks where she was, everyone was looking for her. She must have come in time, she must have been here. It was her first Karwa Chot. Ishaani says she will tell Falguni everything, and asks about Ranveer. Falguni gives her the pooja thaal, saying the moon is about to be sighted. Ishaani runs out with the thaal.
Chiraag looks at Ishaani’s photos and laughs with Rishi. He appreciates Rishi, that they must go and give them the photos. He calls Ranveer, Ranveer suspects why he is calling. Chiraag says he must be busy, as he was waiting for his wife the whole day, he has sent her to him. They were celebrating her wedding night. Chiraag tells him to make her eat something, her fast has already been fulfilled today. He says she told him, he hasn’t touched her to date. Chiraag says he can’t do it, he will make his wife, the lady who has already been used by him (Chiraag). RV asks he (Chiraag) wants him to believe in his rubbish talks, and not his wife. RV spots Ishaani, she smiles and thinks she will consider him as her life and will celebrate Karwa Chot each day. Ranveer says those who don’t have house, make mud houses, like he has been doing. Chiraag tells him that he is sending him their photos, further she has handed the papers of his house and office to him as well. Ranveer gets a bit serious. Chiraag says he must ask her in which car she went, and in which one she came back. Ishaani approaches Ranveer. Chiraag asks RV to go and check the papers, he will know he couldn’t make her wife happy and she came to him (Chiraag). Ranveer says he can’t move his trust on Ishaani, whether she loves him or not, Ishaani will always hate Chiraag.
Ishaani comes to Ranveer, she looks at him.
Chiraag says those who believe on the other person, with closed eyes fall with face down. They must send him the photos.
RV says that its good she has come back. Ishaani says she will tell him everything, after his pooja. She will give him the gift, he waited for the whole of her life.
Chiraag sends RV the photos, RV watches the message, as he receives the photos, he scroll them down. He looks at Ishaani smiling at him.
A man enters the house from behind the guards.
Ishaani says to Ranveer that she has something really important to say to him. He was looking at the photos. Ishaani says she wants to tell him. He didn’t listen, and was saddened as he looks at her. He removes Ishaani’s saree off her shoulder and looks at her neck removing her hair off, in search of the bruises shown in the photo. A tear fell off his eyes. Ishaani asks what is he looking for. Ranveer says she has taken his life. Ishaani asks him to be quiet. Ranveer says if God is still there somewhere, he will end his life today for the love he has done to her in so many years.
The moon had sighted. Ladies begin the pooja. Ishaani asks Ranveer to stop such talks. She was about to tell him something, and was about to give him his gift. RV looks curtly. The man comes to aim Ranveer with the gun, it was Giresh. He makes a shot, which comes to RV’s chest. The blood splashes come at RV’s face, and the Pooja thaal goes down. Ranveer looks at the bullet, looks at Ishaani with tears in eyes and fells into the pool. Ishaani shouts his name in agony. Everyone turns to him, shocked.

PRECAP: Ishaani shots that nothing will happen to Ranveer. The doctor recognizes Ishaani, and orders to take Ranveer to OT.

Update Credit to: Sona

  1. Plz hurry nothing has been updated on time today

  2. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update fast

  3. anyone here watche qubool hai ?
    it has not been updated yet .. dont know wats going on

  4. anyone here watches qubool hai ?
    it has not been updated yet .. dont know wats going on

  5. Chirag bhi na…kameaney

  6. I’m going to stop watching this bcz of tht cunning chirag

  7. I told you guys its Girish

  8. Innaiku episode was heart touching.. we can feel the pain in Ranveer’s eyes for his true love.. omg can’t bear that.. but on the other way Ishaani must undergo some tough path in her life for what she did earlier by not trusting RV.. And no words for that Chiraag.. he is .xxx.

  9. Chiraag all this happened because of you. You made everyone cry. How dare to ruin a girls respect? The people like him should punish severely. Now everyone blame Ishaani. I wish RV have a speed recovery.

  10. Chiraag most dangerous and cunning fellow. Want to curse him. Want to slip with slipper on his left and right. CHI CHI CHI CHI CHIRAAG.

  11. Rv we cant tolerate your tears. Its really paining. You are the best.

    1. this is what a true lover get in return

  12. today episode is soooo painful…… My heart is full of pain. bcz griesh ranveer’a shoot panadaala. I have cried When I saw the shoot…… RV will misunderstood ishaani. Its all will happened only the irritating chiraag I will kill you we are always hate u chiraag

  13. Nw ishani will face what ranveer has faced all these years i think so….ishani will see ranveer hate nw

  14. am so happy to see so many tamil fans r watching MATH actually ….. its great too :)…… but today’s episode really was painful……….. paka mudiyala ranveer is crying soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosad …….

    1. All of us must stop watching this kind of serials. Coz of something like this,everything bad has been happening in the India by taking these as example. How can some body ruin a girls respect like this. May be the producers and the writers have not been watching news. Please go and do watch news and you will get to know, that they are also encouraging bad in India for what evr reason

  15. U r right Sneha but is’nt this kind of serials shows that a bad person will always have to face bad in end?

  16. Now I see these possibilities:
    1)RV will pass away and amba will throw the parekh family out just the way they did to RV
    2)If he survives he might separate from her.Either way, Ishaani will punish herself somehow or will do anything to woo him back.

  17. I salute d writers mind.. But plz made girish to know abt d real truth…nd kill chiirag…plz stop this misunderstandings…other wise people will think there is no true love…

  18. YeS. At the end they will show that good will always win over bad. But these people are giving ideas to the common man. And coming to reality in the present society, there is no such example of good will win over evil

  19. I m not a hater. I personally like this serial.. But some how I felt bad after such episode

  20. RV myght forget ishanni or his lve will trn into hatred chirag is goin to get found out right in da end n da grl in da coma is gonna wke up wen da hatred in ranveer is visible to all

  21. If ishani was to hve rv bby den everyfing wild get betta

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