Tum Aise Hi Rehna 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ria comes to her room with aarti thali and says wow looking at fresh flowers. Abhi gives her white rose bouquet and says surprise. Ria thanks him. She says it is her favourite flowers. Abhi says I woke up before you to get these flowers. She hugs and thanks him. They see each other in mirror. Abhi says he is thinking Ria is beautiful more or these flowers. He says he will make her wear the jewellery and takes out heavy necklace. Ria says it is heavy jewellery and she is not accustomed to wear heavy jewellery. Abhi asks her to wear it and says Maa will like it. He makes her wear it while the title song plays…………He kisses on her forehead and applies kajal behind her ear. Ria thanks him for making her feel so special and applies kajal behind his ear. She hugs him.

Vishesh misses Ria. Lata tells him that Ria is happy at her new home and asks him not to get sad looking at her coat. Vishesh says he is looking at the coat so that he doesn’t miss her. He says let me talk to her. Lata says it is her first day at her sasural. Vishesh says it is a limit. Ria asks Abhi until when I have to wear this jewellery. Abhi says you have to wear it. Ria says she doesn’t know that being bride is different. Abhi says you wanted to become bride naa. Ria says I got everything. She says she is going to change her saree.

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Abhi says you have to wear saree. Ria says I never wear saree before marriage. Abhi asks her to wear it for his happiness. She says she is feeling as if she is changed. Abhi says you have to wear it. Ria says ok. Vishesh insists to talk to Ria. Lata tries to stop him. He calls Ria. Ria asks how are you? Vishesh says I am missing you. Ria gets sad. Lata scolds Vishesh for making her sad. He asks her to be daughter of the house rather than daughter in law. Lata takes the call. Ria says I am missing you both. Lata asks her to think Rukmani and Kailash, like a mother and father respectively. Abhi takes the call and assures them that he will take care of Ria. He cuts the call and wipes Ria’s tears. He says I love you…..

Ria comes to the kitchen, servant gets surprised and says he is making dalya for Kailash. She asks him to use less ghee in dalya as more ghee may deteriorate his health. She says she will make. Ria serves the food. Rukmani sees Ria and calls Sheetal. Sheetal says I went to drop Pinky as her school bus came.

Sheetal asks Ria that she will do. Ria says we will work together. Everyone sit for having breakfast. Kailash eats the dalya and instantly likes it. He says it is very tasty. Ria says I cooked it. Rukmani asks why, didn’t maharaj cook food. Ria says he was there, but I thought to make food for Papa. I went to kitchen to get water and tells everything. Rukmani says kitchen ritual is tomorrow, she went to kitchen and made this dalya. Kailash asks Rukmani not to get angry. Raman gets irked and says she must be knowing it. Dadisaa says she wants to win our heart. She even did the puja in the morning. Abhi too takes her side. Rukmani asks him to make Ria understand their customs. Abhi agrees. Ria comes and gives Dhaniya chutney. Raman asks Abhi to come for the presentation. Sarthak says let Abhi stay at home. I will come with you. Abhi says lets go. He signs Ria and leaves.

Dadisaa calls Kammo for keeping the suitcase on the almara. She says Kammo went on leave. She gets on the table to keep it on the almara. Ria comes and asks her to get down. Ria says she will keep the suitcase. Dadisaa says no, you will fall. Ria insists and gets on the table. She keeps the suitcase on the almara. Rukmani comes and asks what is this? Dadisaa says she was helping me. Rukmani asks Ria to rest in her room. Dadisaa says I refused but she didn’t listen to me. Ria takes out her jewellery and thinks she is feeling light. Abhi calls her. Ria asks him to come fast else she will get angry. Ria says Maa ji asked her to rest, but she can’t wearing saree and jewellery. She asks can I wear suit for sometime. Abhi says ok and love you. Ria says I love you too.

Ria plays game with the younger generation. Rukmani comes with guests and sees Ria in salwar kameez. Guest tells Rukmani that new bride is sitting with kids and acting as them as well.

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