Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ragini calling property agent and telling that she wants to sell her house, needs advance now and will vacate house only after 20 days. Agent agrees. Ragini’s mom hears that and asks how can she sell her papa’s gifted house which is very close to her hand. Ragini says to get Nishi’s house, she has to sell her dream house and says her papa had told that this house will show her right path whenever she is in trouble and this house is doing the same. Mom says she believes her and hugs her.

Nishi gets ready with snacks and dhokla to deliver them to Agam. Ragini asks where is she going. She says she is going to Karan’s house to give these snacks to him. Ragini says she cannot go out. Nishi says Agam will get angry. Ragini says she knows him better as she gave him birth, takes bag saying she will give it. Nishi gets sad, but Naani consoles her saying Ragini herself wants to meet her son.

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Ragini reaches Karan’s house and rings bell. Neil opens it. Tose naina……song plays in the background. Ragini says Nishi sent these snacks for Agam, since she did not want any complications, she came herself. Agam sees her and gets happy. He hugs her and drags her in, says he will be right back after getting ready. She sits on sofa hesitantly. Dimpy sees her, Ragini says she brought snacks for Agam which Nishi sent. Dimpy says she does not have to tell lie to come this house. Karan sees her an says he felt good seeing her in his house and sits on dining table with Neil. Pam comes out and gets angry seeing Ragini. She taunts that her morning is bad now. She says Neil that she wanted to ask how was his date with Nivedita, but she did not want to disturb him in night, so did not, asks if it was fantabulous. Nivedita comes out, sees Ragini and says it was good seeing her and says she is here for 1 week and wants to meet everyone who are related to her life, so she could not deny Neil’s request to stay here. Pam says Neil should move out in life and marry Nivedita and asks Ragini to explain it to Neil as he listens only to her, says when she has moved out in life with her new husband Aman, even Neil has to move out with Nivedita. She says when Nivedita is staying in his room, why can’t she marry him. Ragini gets embarrassed hearing that and says she will leave now. Karan says he will drop her till door. Neil angrily walks into room with Pam following him and asking if she did wrong. He says why did she tell Nivedita slept in same room, etc., in front of Ragini. She asks what problem he has when he is not related to Ragini. He says he is not and continues shouting at her.

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Ragini reminisces Nivedita showing concern for Neil and getting closer to him and other incidents where women praised Neil and thinks why is she getting jealous seeing Nivedita closer to Neil. Aman knocks her door, comes in and says Pari’s condition got worse again and it is good Dr. Neil is here, she should be with Pari until he comes. Ragini goes to Pari’s room, sees her mom with her and asks if her papa did come here. Mom says her papa left us both and said we both are bad luck for him and he does not want them in his life, he married someone else now. Ragini gets angry and says she should not think about her husband now and live life afresh for her and her daughter’s sake. Neil comes there and asks her to not shout in hospital. Ragini says Pari is only hope for her mother as her dad left her mom and moved ahead in life, so he has to save her. Neil says he will save her not because she is telling, but because he knows his responsibilities well and asks nurse to get Pari into operating theater.

Aman sees Ragini weeping and asks what happened. She says nothing. He asks why is she sleeping. She says Pari’s papa left her mom and moved with another woman. Aman asks if she wants her also to move ahead. She says Pari is very small and starts crying vigorously. He hugs and consoles her. Neil on the other side operates on Pari successfully and thinks Ragini always breaks heart and he repairs them, he will go and inform her about operation’s success. He comes out and sees Aman hugging Ragini and thinks Pam was telling right.

Precap: Neil calls agent and says he needs house in Ragini’s area. Agent says he called at the right time as he has one property now. He informs Ragini and says he will fix meeting with client in her area.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Nyc show

  2. Neil is stupid to allow Pam to talk to him in that manner! Wonder why she’s not married? Maybe she should concentrate on herself!!!

    1. Suhani is pam’s daughter.. and ragini and neil get divorced because of pam..
      Ragini divided kids to save her marriage but because of pam created more doubts they separated.

  3. Suhani may be the daughter of the woman who was referred to by nivedita as didi .. the one who passed away …. ragini’s mom also asked if nivedita is “that woman’s” younger sister.

    Someone made Ragini doubt that Neil was having an affair with that woman and that’s why they separated. OR, Neil slept with her while he was drunk and Suhani was born (it happens so many shareef aadmis in all serials … LOL).

  4. So now Neil would buy Ragini’s house and would need to evict his own family ???? The writers are using it as an excuse to let they all stay under one roof.

    I have one objection to raise – Neil says no woman can rule over him but Pam can yell at him and his family anywhere anytime?

    I did not like that no one controlled Pam when she came to Ragini’s house un-invited and bad mouthed her and her husband (well … in her eyes) and Neil did not tell her to behave. She is the most ill mannered woman and calls herself high class.

    1. Yeah…that was sad, I would of kicked her ass to the corner,! b*t*hiness has to go and someone needs to put her in her place!

  5. d show is gud

  6. Yes i agree how dare she go to her house and bad mouth her..ughhh soo annoying …i can not wait till tomorrow…they both will know something or again misunderstand…ughhh

  7. what will be neil’s reaction when he will came to know that ragini is selling his house….WOW THIS IS TOO GOOD LIKE ALWAYS…LOVE YOU RAGINI AND NEIL…

  8. Neil will know ragini needs money she is not asking aman if he is so intelligent why cant he find out the truth

  9. The house in which raagini stays is supposed to be rented house. In the earlier episodes when raagini rejects jignesh’s proposal, nishi lashes out at raagini, Aman tells that even a nurse has bought a home in the time span in which raagini has worked but raagini is still living in rented house as she has spent all her money on kids. So suddenly how come the house became her father’s gift?

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