Ek Hasina Thi 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dev taking to Nitya’s pic at her home. He shows the ring he bought for her by her first salary. He says he will not lose so soon, I will try to reach you always, you have to come to me. Durga hears him. Dev sees her in pic mirror and asks what is she doing here. He says he can’t be with her under same roof in same room, he married her as Dayal kept the condition. She says what will I say to people. He says don’t worry, I will tell any excuse. She says fine, you will have to leave the deal dad made with you. Dev says you can’t do this. She asks why. She says break this relation and tell everyone that we blackmailed you, but think about yourself, you will never find your Nitya. He says he will never forgive her.

She asks will you come with me home or not Dev walks out. She looks at her parents pic and talks to them. She asks them to see she is wearing the red bridal dress, but its all fake, maybe its my fate, but I promise I will make Payal fine and give her new life. They come home. Dev says he will sleep on the couch. Durga says why. Dev says oh, will you blackmail me and make me share the bed. She says no, bed is yours, you sleep. She says she does not get sleep on soft mattress. Dev says what and thinks about Nitya.

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The FB scene shows Nitya saying the same line. She asks what happened. Dev says nothing, go sleep. She says you go. He says fine, I will change the mattress tomorrow, adjust for one night, if mum sees, she will feel bad. He scolds her. She says fine and goes. She thinks she did not wish to blackmail him, if he left this house, Suchitra would be hurt and she can’t see her hurt, so she has forced him. Dev thinks why is Nitya not coming infront of everyone, if her life in risk, why, Payal’s case truth, if I get the truth out, she won’t need to be hidden, I will talk to lawyer tomorrow, Nitya will come when the truth is out.

Akash talks to Dayal. Akash says I m worried about Durga. Dayal says I spoke to her, she is fine, but we can’t leave her for many days. Akash says the trump card will be opened tomorrow, Sakshi won’t sleep peacefully. Durga thinks about Sakshi and Shaurya’s words. She sees Nitya standing before her. Nitya says she stays in Dev’s heart and Durga can never take Nitya’s place. Durga is shocked seeing Shaurya. She looks at Dev. She asks what are you doing here. He says he came to meet her, as he was missing her. She asks him to go.

He touches her hair and compliments her beauty saying I love you, say you love me too. She says you are mad, go from here. She brings Shaurya outside. She says how dare you come in my room like this. He says what if you married Dev, shall I leave loving you, or will you stop loving me. She says she supported him, but you left me alone in mandap. He thinks he wants to know is she connected to Nitya. He says you could have wait for me to get well, this question was troubling me, I got confused and said no, how did you agree to marry Dev. She says she was helpless.

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He says how did you forget so soon, I can’t see you in anyone’s arms, and not with Dev. She says stop it. He says I know there is nothing between you and Dev, we can be like before. She says no, I m your brother’s wife now, what you want is wrong, and I can’t do this. He thinks he will get her now at any cost. She says I know we can’t avoid each other, but you have to forget it. Suchitra hears them and come to see them. Durga asks Shaurya to leave. She goes and shuts the door. Shaurya whistles and leaves.

Durga thinks Shaurya won’t change, I m sorry Dev to drag you in this, Shaurya will try to harm you, I will not let it happen, I can’t forgive myself, but I will keep you away from Shaurya. Its morning, Sakshi asks the reporter to put Dev and Durga’s marriage news everywhere, the country should know it. He says sure, it will be done. Sakshi thinks someone will react after knowing about Durga’s marriage. Rajnath comes and says its first day for Durga here. She says so what should I do. He says just leave being after her. He gets Raima’s call and leaves.

Durga thinks to wake up Dev, if Suchitra comes and sees Dev sleeping on couch, then. Dev says let me sleep. The FB shows Nitya putting water on Dev to wake him up. She smiles thinking of that moment. Dev wakes up. She says she will get black tea for him. He asks how do you know I want black tea in morning. She says I was having it, so thought to ask you. He says no thanks. He says you will use my washroom too? She says I m your wife. They start arguing. She asks him to accept the truth. Dev says she has entered my life, when I get Nitya, I will end all this drama and go far from here. He sees the time and says Agnihotri might have come.

Dev calls Agnihotri and asks him to give an interview. Durga stands behind hearing him. Dev thinks he will get some proof with Agnihotri, which will prove Payal and Nitya were right. Durga says I have to go dad’s home for my Patphere. Dev says he won’t go, as he is forced to marry. She says even I was forced to marry. He says but your motive to come in this house is fulfilled. He asks does Nitya talk about me, or is she still annoyed, you can atleast tell this, make me talk to her on phone. She says dad told you to wait till her birthday. He thinks fine, your dad did a deal, I will go in patphere and ask Dayal for Nitya’s being alive proof.

Suchitra tells Sakshi that Shaurya went to Dev and Durga’s room. She asks Shaurya to stay away from Durga now.

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