Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Raj’s residence
Outside, Bhawna is scared as virat approaches them, as her past screams haunt her. But anjali and suket come, and they all applaud Virat for his mature and good thinking that svaed them from the dilemma of the completion of this ritual. virat says that he used to be a spoilt brat too, but years ago, someone’s slap, turned him on the right path, hinting indirectly at bhwana, while she stands tensed and scared too. They all then disperse for arrangements, as Bhawna stands tensed.

Virat calms vikram down, asking him to let bygones be bygones, and move on and not dwell in the past. vikram smiles and then leaves. Virat evilly thinks that he always speaks nice, but does worse. Virat says that he wants vikram to forget that fateful night, but he would see to it, that bhawna never forgets it, as whatever happened that night between them, was just out of his revenge for her, for having insulted him, but his revenge stands incomplete. He thinks that now bhawna and her daughter shall fall prey to his traps and tactics.

Downstairs, Bhawna is tensed as everyone is glaoting about virat. All tease raj and avni that they wont be able to see or talk to each other, from now on till marriage. avni and raj are tensed, and they all tease them amusingly. They all disperse for the night, and Bhawna is about to leave, when vikram calls her to stop. Virat comes down and asks vikram to say what he thinks. vikram apologises for his rude behaviour in the morning. Virat evilly assures bhawna that from now on vikram wont cause any problem. Vikram tells her that virat isnt his suuport but his closest friend, and how he changes and brought him out of thge trauma of that fateful night, which shattered him. bhawna feels disgusted. Vikram says that he apologised only for virat. he leaves. Virat luringly tells bhawna, that she doesnt need to be bothered. Suket and Anjali come, and interrupt virat’s meet who instantly changes his tone, saying that he felt really nice having met her. Bhawna leaves with suket. Anjali and virat comment that bhawna is a nice lady. She retires for the night. Virat smiles evilly.

The next morning, all the ladies get ready for Haldi ceremony. Avni asks about the male members noticing their absence,and is told that this ritual is only for ladies. bhawna notices someone’s presence and goes to check but doesnt find anyone. She is horrified and startled as Virat springs up on her, and tells her that she cant think that she would always be one step ahead of her past. Bhawna tells him angrily whats he doing here for Avni’s haldi. Virat is about to say, when anjali comes, and he changes his tone saying that he came because anjali forgot to get Chandan. Anjali comes and takes it, and thanks him. when she leaves, Bhawna asks him to leave, as his work is done. Virat leeringly says that he cant leave, as he loves birdwatching, and there’s enormous potential in this ritual. Bhawna is disgusted by his leers and comments and says that he can befool everyone with his good act but not her, as she knows exactly what kind of a man he is. Virat asks her not to boast of knowing him. He says that he just did one wrong thing, but what she did, is unthinkable, and destroyed so many livbes, and that actually she is evil in disguise. she asks him not to bring up the past, and then says that he lives in the present, adding that in front of his eyes, the scene is so beautiful, that he is attracted. She eyes him luringly eyeing avni, and is distraught. Bhawna asks him not to even dare cast his evil eye on her daughter. just then, avni notices him and then is excited to meet him. they start bantering when he casually starts flirting with her, complimenting on her beauty. Bhawna tries to take her inside, but he stops her. Virat takes avni’s hand and asks her not to call him uncle, and instead call him Vir. when she puzzledly repeats, Virat says that this is just the way she wants her to address him. Bhawna is shocked. Avni comments on how he has a good sense of humour, which she discovered when they had a chat last night. Bhawna asks when did they get the time to talk. Virat says that since raj cant, he decided to have a talk, as they have to get to know each other, hinting at subtle innuendos in his statements, upsetting Bhawna. Just then, anjali comes in telling Bhawna that suket is looking for her. Bhawna says that she would just come. Virat ask anjali if he is so wrong, that bhawna cant trust avni with him for one minute. anjali assures bhawna that they shall handle avni well, and she should go to look out for suket. Bhawna leaves tensedly, while virat tells her evilly that he would do just what she thinks he will, and then clarifies that he would take complete care of avni. Bhawna comes to suket and asks whats the matter. Suket starts chattering about the preparations with her and akshat, while she is tensed wondering about virat. suket notices her absent minded, and asks whats the matter. she says that she remembered something important and is about to leave, when suket asks her to finish here first. But she is so disturbed with virat’s statements, and rushes outside, in a rush. suket is boggled. bhawna rushes out to find avni gone. shje comes out in the verandah, and asks arpita if she saw avni. arpita finds her tensed, and calms her down, saying that virat and avni have become such good friends, and he has gone out with her. She leaves, while Bhawna is tensed. She calls avni, and hollers at her for having gone without telling her, while avni wonders why is she so worked up. Bhawna reprimands her and asks her to come home straightaway. Avni is tensed. Virat takes the phone from her, and tells her that he is going with her, and she can very well understand where is he taking avni for what. Bhawna is apalled. Virat tells bhawna on the phone, that avni is with him only, and they are going to the hotel. Bhawna is shocked, and says that she would kill him, if he ever dares to touch his daughter. He says that when their work in the hotel is done, he would get her back. He hold the call, while she is distraught and keeps shouting for him and avni, but in vain. she overhears virat telling avni that the hotel has come. She is shocked. The screen freezes on her distraught face.

Precap: Bhawna runs around in a mad dash in the hotel corridor, and then finds a room slightly ajar, and virat taking out hard drinks from the mini bar in thre room, in a bathrobe. She comes inside, and is about to speak, when she is stunned to see urmi’s dress lying on the sofa. she is dazed and left speechless. Virat gives her a leering smile, making her think the worst and the unimaginably heidous crime. She is shattered. Later, at raj’s house, Virat hesitatingly tells Anjali, about Bhawna’s true identity that she is actually Umatgaon’s sangeeta and not really bhawna. Anjali is shocked.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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