Who do you think will reach Nitya/Durga’s truth first?

Ek Hasina Thi is going through a good phase right now. Sakshi is trying to raise the curtains off the past and bring Durga’s truth out. She had clear doubts on Durga and shared her points with Shaurya. She made him recall how Durga’s entry has ruined their supporters and made them weak. Sakshi makes Shaurya understand that Durga is strongly related to Payal, else no one would care so much just by one meeting in NGO. She lays her doubts that Durga is linked to Nitya, and Nitya is surely alive. Shaurya believes Sakshi and is angry on Durga and Dayal’s game plan. The mum and son combo decide to find out and punish Durga for her clever doings. Sakshi tells him that his paralysis is because of Durga, and it was a planned attack. Shaurya thinks and plans to trouble Durga and Dayal.

Akash too is curious to know about Durga’s real motives to destroy the Goenkas. He is waiting for the moment when Dayal tells him everything. Will he find out before anyone else? Dev too is trying hard ti find out about Nitya and Durga is the only key for him. He married Durga to meet Nitya on her birthday, as promised by Dayal. Dev is tensed as the birthday is very far. He keeps a good distance from Durga. Durga understands Dev’s love for Nitya, as he married her just for Nitya’s sake. Durga regards him her best friend and is feeling bad for cheating him and making him unknown to the truth. With so many people after Durga, who will be first to know her truth? What do you think about this? Let us know.

  1. firstly dev know then akash know then sakshi know through akash nitya truth

  2. I think first sakshi then shaurya and then dev will know the truth !

  3. First either AKASH/DEV if sakshi come to know EHT wil end soon!! So as per der wil twist in tale!! Sakshi and Shaurya will know last!!den the revenge wil b perfect!! Go On DURGA ROCKS, and every move make SAKSHI SHAURYA SHOCKS!! Yayaaayyyyyyyy

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  5. sravana bhargavi

    If dev knows the truth first he spoils durga plans as he loves nitya nd Akash no difference if he knows or not i really wish sakshi knows it firstnd then dev

  6. It would be brilliant if Dev finds out and helps Durga but I think Sakshi will be the first to as she is more cunning !

  7. Dev will now first

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