O Gujariya 1st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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O Gujariya 1st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Veer beats dhol and takes rounds of Vaibhavi..Vaibhavi stays with Anger..Veer stops..Veer tells Vaibhavi that if she did not invited then also will come…Vaibhavi tells that she was thinkin why he was late and one mood off her…Veer says everyone will be happy seeing him..
Vaibhavi says that Veer dont have self respect.thats why she said to Suman and tells that infact all belongs to his father..He is nothing . gatecrashed the party and came..All he is because of his father.Veer tells to shut up…Vaibhavi tells he is just a disgrace for his family..Veer goes .Bali stops tells Veer to eat cake..Veer eats cake and puts on Bali’s face and goes…Later..kabir and Natasha dance tels Vaibhavk to dance..but Vaibhavu tells that she has to prepare speech..Bali ask what speech..Vaibhavi tells tommorw deligation is there and she have to preapare speech..then college will give rank…Bali tells that great…
Mr Rao tells Mr siddiqui about the past….Siddiqui tells to stop not talk about past as everymonth he has given Mr Rao money to hide the truth..and blackmail that he will kill..Mr Rao tells that the persom will take revenge Siddiqui tells to stop..Mr Rao goes…Siddiqui calls some one and tells to keep an eye on Mr Rao..
Bali gives a rose flower to Vaibhavi…Vaibhavi asks for what Bali tells because she has organised a great party…Vaibhavi tells its okey..and takes the flower.. Veer sees Vaibhavi and tells that she has done a big mistake by saying that..now have to pay…Mr Rao calls Vaibhavi and tells that he has got some evidence about his father..want to meet tommrrow morning..Vaibhavi tells she have to.meet now..Mr Rao says no..as now it is danger..Vaibhavi keeps the phone..Vaibhavi goes near wall of fame and tells that her father will be prove innocent only have to wait till today’s night..Once night is over Mr Rao will give the evidence..Veer listens this all and tells that what Vaibhavi wanted to do.? have to find the whole biography of Vaibhavi…and have to do alot of work in today’s night..
Natasha sits Kabir comes and give coffee to Natasha…Natasha tells coffee in pregnancy is not good..Kabir tells enough stop lying..as he read all the reports..kabir asks why did she lied..Natasha tells to prove him responsible…kabir tells he wont be responsible..niether his love will not increase for her..Natasha tells soo that he becomes responsible because when she said truth to him(Kabir) was dancing and feeling free..Kabir tells he dont want to be responsible tells he dont cares and goes….
Veer goes in Mr Rao’s office and search in cupboard..bali comes and peeps..but does’nt see anyone..Veer finds tickets of US and is shocked..tells that why Mr Rao said Vaibhavi that he will meet tommorrow..Vaibhavi comes home and sees Natasha..
Natasha cries..Vaibhavi asks what happened..Natasha tells that kabir known the truth and he broked up and gone..Vaibhavi tells wait ..Vaibhavi goes to kabir and says that Natasha only did to realise him not to hurt him…kabir tells he is very much hearted and will forgive..Vaibhavi tells if he dont love her then forget..Kabir tells no tells he still love Natasha…Vaibhabi tells to go and talk to Natasha samar comes and tells
Vaibhavi tells she is eager to known what will happend tommorrw..tells that after tommrrow her father will be free and..no need to hide his name..Veer calls some one tells to keep an eye on Suman in itteracy..and tells to find out complete information about Annirudh chauhan..Veer tells that tommorrow in college he will remove all proud of Vaibhavi otherwise his name will be not Veer…

Precap::Mr Rao is tied and begs to free….

Update Credit to: Ansari

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