Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sooraj saying he has got along with Sandhya. Sandhya walks in with the baby and Bulbul gets glad that her baby came. Ankur and Ankita smile. Bulbul takes the baby pics. Sandhya says Bhabho did not say wrong, its hard to get away. Sooraj says I wish this moment stops here. He says he loves the baby a lot, and he will always be with him. Sandhya cries. Babasa and Bhabho look on. Sandhya says even I love the child a lot, and asks the baby to remember. Sooraj says he is understanding us.

Bulbul asks them to get the baby and they go to the room. Babasa says I can’t see, Sooraj and Sandhya are parents, they made their hearts stone and giving away their child. Bhabho recalls how she brought the Prasad and Sooraj stopped her, asking her to tie to one baby, as she knows they have to give other baby to Ankita, so she will tie. Bhabho says fine, I will tie to one thread. Sooraj says fine. Bhabho talks to the babies and cries that she has to be away from one baby, she is helpless.

She says she would have stopped from this injustice, but she is helpless. She gives one baby to Sandhya and ties the thread to other baby. Bulbul says she made family complete and asks Sooraj to give baby to her. The baby cries. Sooraj gives baby to Bulbul. Ankita asks her to be careful. Sandhya says Bulbul will not let her brother get hurt, she will take good care. Bulbul promises she will take care and keep baby happy. Sandhya asks Ankita to come and take baby.

Ankita cries taking the baby. Ankur says I don’t know how to thank you. Sooraj says happiness came in your house, see how happy is Bulbul. He says he will leave now. The baby cries and they stop. They leave. Bulbul says they will celebrate the first day of baby. Sooraj and Sandhya take care of baby and Bhabho says they will do Naam karan/baby ceremony and go back to their home. She asks Chavi to help them in packing. Ankita comes and says pandit ji came, he is calling for Naam Karan. Bhabho looks at the other baby.

Sandhya gets ready and Sooraj brings Gajras for her. They have a laugh. Bulbul asks them to come for puja. They do the naming ceremony. The pandit asks the baby’s Bua to name the baby. Chavi names him Ved Sooraj Rathi and everyone smile. Bhabho says Ved Rathi will become his father’s strength and bring more light in his life. The pandit asks the Bua of other baby to name him, and they see Sandhya. She smiles. Bhabho gets irked.

Bhabho says Sandhya we should go our home. The baby cries and Sandhya takes it from Ankita. She says she can’t give baby to her and Ankita cries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Precap is so nice…. continue with the sandhya emotion… don’t make it a crap

  2. Diya baati is awesoeme. …

  3. Guys if u don’t want to see ..its ok don’t force others…The serial is awesome….suraj rathi is the best……The serial gonna more interesting….its simply awesome

    1. you are kidding…right?

  4. Suraj rathi is best. …best nd he is the awesoem….The serial is the best…

  5. Hopeless hopeless …..never will watch Abby giving away track….. A A have a bulbul.
    Now they get 1 more child….total 2 kids leaving sand hay Surat with only 1 child

  6. After Ankita’s miscarriage she was told she cant have anymore kids. But this whole giving you child away is horrible and is going to end badly. And sorry to say but yesterdays precap does not happen that was Sandhiyas dream.
    This is the point the leap will take place.

  7. Sorry to say but if the writers, director or producers are reading this they should know tt this track has been the stupidest, most unrealistic one. No idea why Bulbul is not being educated nor her silly parents being reasonable. Watching the drama has been a pain.. i am so disgusted. Pls take the leap n move the story in a better way or end the drama if u cannot think of a better storyline. Getting so disappointed to see my favourite drama going downhill.

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