Kalash 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
DEvika is praying to Maa, she prays that tomorrow is result of my exams, this is way to my dreams, make me pass the exam with good grades. Savitri is with her friends, his son(chacha of Devika) comes with food, Savitri says this is work of women of hosue, why you are doing it? go and ask your wife to come and serve.
Chachi ask Devika to not worry about result, everything will be fine, Chacha comes and says you are gossiping here, who will serve food to her friends? Chachi says Savitri has spoiled all men of house, Chacha ask did you say anything? DEvika says i will come and serve.
Savitri devi is bragging to her friends that dowry is custom and whats wrong in giving something to your daughters? i will take dowry for my sons, her friend ask her if she is making Devika study? Savitri says no, we dont allow girls to study, what if anything inappropriate happens? Devika listens this and is stunned. she comes to Chachi and says that Dadi is lying about my studying, Chachi ask her to not get angry, you know her nature.
friend of Savitri shows her grandson to savitri, Savitri says he is bald? friend says he works alot so his hairs gone, she says we will nto take dowry, he is against it, Savitri thinks that i can save 5 6 lacs by this, she says to friend that he has great thinking, i have same view that we should not take dowry, this is not good, why take things from bride’s family, friend is speechless at her double standards, savitri ask her do you like my Devika? friend says i like her alot but my grandson should like her too, Savitri says lets make them meet then.
Savitri comes tin kitchen and ask Devika to go and serve coldrinks, she says to Chachi that some guy is waiting for her, i have talked about her marriage, Devika is shocked and is sad.
the guy says to this friends that some girl will be coming for marriage proposal, i broke up with my girlfriend last year, Devika comes there and serve the guy coldrink, Svitri ask them to go and talk in private.

Scene 2
the guy and Devika comes in room, guy checks out Devika, he ask can ou mix wisky or rum in my coldrink? Devika is shocked, he says you know we are meeting for marriage, Devika says I don’t wanna marry, I want to do something in life, I want to become something, I have some dreams which I want to fulfill, Devika ask him to say no for this marriage, i want to study further,guy says I will do everything for you. he leaves. Savitri comes and hugs DEvika and says be happy, you did it, the guy have said yes for marriage, this relation will happen at any cost now, dEvika is shocked..
guy says to his friends that the girl is not ready for marriage but i have problem, i f i dont get married then i will be involed in police case, also she is not bad.
Devika coems to Savitri and says i dont want to marry now, i want to study now, Savitri says are you in senses? you wanna become prime minister? what will you get by studying, whom you want to make happy? Devika says i want to make you happy, you smile when people talk abotu your grandsons but you feel ashamed when people talk about me, i have no problem in raising kids but i want to change you thinking that i cant do anything, you are a women too so wh you feel we girls cant do anything, i am from same family, if boys can do alot in this house then why cant i? i have seen you working day and night to make this house, i know you love me alot but why you want me to go from this house soon? i cant see hatred in your eyes for me but i see fear in your eyes for me that i will do nothing in life, why cant you think that i can become something too, i never thought that you must have some dreams too when you were young, you matter to me alot, i want to fulfill your dream, i want to fulfill your mother’s dreams, Savitri says tomorrow guy’s family is coming and this marriage will happen for sure, she leaves, dEvika is shocked.

Scene 3
Savitri is not able to sleep, she recalls about Devika’s words, her husband says i knwo you dont hate Devika, you are angry that you had to stop your study years back because of your mother but dont take out that anger on Devika, Savitri goes to drink water. she finds DEvika sleeping in her room and smiles, she recalls how Devika said that she want to study, she says i ahve to understand that a girl’s dream cant be bigger than tradition of this house.
in morning, Chachi is working in kitchen with Pallavi. DEvika comes to Savitri, she ask about her result? Devika says its comign today only, Savitri says i know you will be failed only, once your result comes out then this craze of studying further will go away too, DEvika is hurt with her words.

Scene 4
Pallavi and Devika comes in market to buy veggies. Devika do bargaining, Pallavi says to Devika that someone is following us, he is badl head, she turns to see that it is same proposal guy, the guy comes there and says to Devika that you are looking good, it was my luck to meet you here, Devika says we are going back to home, he holds her hand and says i will drop you, Pallavi pulls Devika and says we are leaving, she takes Devika with her.
Pallavi and Devika comes to home, Pallavi ask Devika to not marry that guy, Devika says i cant do anything, Savitri comes to Devika and ask why you are tensed? Devika thinks to tell her about Rajesh(proposal guy) following her then she will know that he is not a good guy and she will cancel wedding, Devika tells everything to Savitri, Savitri says wow, he is such a nice guy that he is following you, protecting you, now i want your result to not be good.
Chachi ask DEvika to not worry, i will talk to Savitri about this proposal, Devika says only my resutl can save me from this marriage. Sanjay(devika’s younger brother) comes with result and says Devika has failed the exam, Devika is shocked.

PRECAP- Savitri says to Rajesh and her grandmother that all follow my order in my house, if i have fixed this marriage then no one can break it, Rajesh gets happy. Savitri brings sweets for house and says that i have fixed Devika’s marriage, all are shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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