Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Nisha Aur Uske Cousins 24th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with, laxmi starts with the rituals along with kabir, she pulls kabirs nose and take him inside the house,suku umesh come along with nisha, kabir looks at nisha and smiles, nisha and kabir get into the mandap, jwala gives them garlands, kabir bends to nisha and says why so emotional, while suku sourabh lift nisha, kabir says now how will I,umesh says no worries im on kabirs side and summit says me too and lift kabir,kabir and nisha exchange garlands,kabir asks nisha are u fine and u don’t look good when upset,dolly says oh keep some patience uhave whole life to talk,panditji says ok lets begin with the vidhis.

The wedding vidhis begin, panditji call ramesh for kanyadan,ramesh steps forward,kabir says one minute,dadaji asks what is it kabir,kanir says dadu can we plz skip the kanyadan ritual,dadaji and others are surprise,kabir says I mean I know nisha is marrying but I don’t like this ritual nisha is a human and not a furniture to be given from one hand to other,so plz I want her to be with u guys for life long plz,nisha says kabir how did u know I was to say same thing,kabir says I didn’t,nisha says to ramesh I am with kabir how can u guys give me to kabir im urs and always be ur daughter.ramesh goes to nisha and says its an important part of wedding,nisha says I am more of this family then kabirs and I will be ur daughter even after marriage ur happy family will always be mine,its my right and why follow the ceremony which asks to forget ur own people I wont do this kanyadan ritual.

Ramesh smiles and says nisha ur mine and always be mine,this ritual doesn’t mean that ur going away from us but it says that along with us kabir will join ur family now,dadaji says nisha and kabir every ritual of wedding has its own importance and u shd know them,marriage is merging of two familys along with the bride and groom.nisha says to herself how will I tell u that me and kabir are following no ritual by heart. Panditji begins with the ritual.the kanyadan ritual takes place and ramesh calls suku and laxmi and take them to side and says suku go to khanna uncle and get money from them quick.nisha says to kabir u didn’t have to do all this but still u did,thanku,panditji call ramesh and laxmi,nisna and kabirs take pheres,all are very happy.

Laxmi says ramesh suku will come in time right,ur friend will give 50000 we need it for shagun,ramesh says relax all will be fine.after pheres, kabir is asked to put mangalsutra in nishas neck,kabir puts the mangalsutra, dadaji gets emotional,kabir puts sindoor in nishas forehead, nisha looks at kabir,ramesh is in tears looking nisha and kabir together,dadaji puts his hand on rameshs shoulder and smiles,nisha is happy to see dadaji and ramesh,kabir looks all gangwals happy,panditji declares nisha and kabir husband and wife.laxmi hugs ramesh,and then realizes all are looking.

Jwala says look nisha kabir is so charming,dolly says im very sure he will always be with u and take care of u,nisha sees all are very happy seeing her get married,nisha says to herself how will I tell u guys that me and kabir aren’t serious abt the wedding,nisha calls jwala and says jwala u know what to do during the bidayi,jwala says yes no one will cry.jwala rukhma and bunty are laughing while blowing balloons, rukhma asks why are we laughing,jwala says bcoz this is laughing gas and no one will cry during bidayi bcoz we will burst them during wedding.

Cousins click a selfie along with nisha and kabir.

PRECAP: dadaji asks elders to give shagun to kabir and nisha,ramesh and laxmi are worried bcoz suku hasn’t come yet.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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  1. oh!! hi garima and sweetie (°__°)
    oh!!!! garima mee tooooo.

  2. oh sorry !! kanisha wo hi was urs but maine apna samajhliya….. soryyy pleassssseeee

  3. oh garima not at all sorry …. we all r friends yrrrr….. isn’t sweetie??.

    1. Yes Garima! Hi to you too 🙂
      Nope I’m in Dubai now. Will be reaching my homeland on Saturday morning 🙂 🙂

  4. Hey all!! 😀 m a huge fan of nauc!! And reading da cmnts i just cant resist to join in! 🙂

  5. welcome

  6. It’s really cool, how we all (who never even heard of each other before) are all making new friends now.. it’s all because of our love for NAUC and NIBIR

  7. Please keep nisha and kabir together!!! They look very cute together they have something unique between them which was not seen between viraj and nisha and viraj looks too serious and he’s not even good looking he looks a bit fairer than kabir that’s it .. he doesn’t know how to act

  8. for all those ppl who think tht kabir is better fr nisha since he makes her happy and viraj has always hurt nisha..heres sumthng to freshen up your memory

    Have u forgotten the time when nisha was so comfortable with viraj that she could tell him her deepest darkest secrets stuff tht she hasnt even come close to telling kabir yet
    Have you forgotten the multiple times vsr helped gangwal family..he also helped nisha fight amans chacha and made aman his sister..the time when he spoke to his doctors to cure nishas tauji..the time he helped gangwals in recognising riteshs truth..
    And most importantly have u forgotten the time when he helped nisha realise her passion for rifle shooting and also convinced her family tht she had the potential

    This and soooo many more examples are proof that niraj is meant to be 2gether but the stupid cvs just want ur to convineantly forget that

    1. hi there… yes viraj did alot of good things for the gangwals but kabir did something more important he was ready to risk his life to save nisha from those kidnappers, inspite of being beaten he did not tell where nisha was.He was the one who brought Ramesh back to the family. He also rescued ramesh that time ramesh was pointed a gun by that kidnapper. Kabir has done the most important thing for nishas family n nisha. Viraj on the other hand had no respect for nisha that’s why he insulted her during the press conference so badly until dadaji slapped him. on nibir’s wedding day he threw ramesh down. Nibir are better and more faithful compared to niraj. even rupan likes kabir. this is my point of view

      1. Viraj gave u guys nisha which u guys r pairing with kabir
        had viraj not been there nisha would have remained like that n kabir would had been beaten

        n kabir is an aimless person who now has responsibility of nisha along

      2. N if taking of something to the ground no sensible family would marry their daughter to a person they don’t know about actually just like a stranger except he stayed at their home for few days

  9. The sudden change of the track and the marriage of Nisha and Kabir suddenly is a totally unacceptable and useless track… How can you marry of the daughter of ur house to a person whom u don’t even know properly… Ridiculous.. And not even consider Viraj coz of one thing which was actually portrayed before him in a wrong way by someone like his Bua… Nonsense values they show… Just coz of that marriage that happened, dadaji did not consider even thinking once about anything related to Kabir’s family and other things… How can we accept that… The over doing and the excessive anger shown towards Viraj by Nisha is just over done.. Could have been sorted in a better way… There was no need of so many new characters… The charm of NAUC has been lost… It was basically on the cousins and there support for each other… Suddenly everything Nisha was scared of seems a distant memory… Till 22 years she was scared of boys.. And suddenly now she has married a stranger… And no credits to that one person who made her the girl she wanted to be… Waste of Taher’s talent… Y is he being portrayed as a negative character unnecessarily.. The show won’t work like this too… Disappointed with the track, disheartened with the change of story… And in no mood to continue watching the serial anymore… Will continue only if Taher and Aneri are brought together… Please please please get them together… Missing the niraj magic… :-(.. :-(… Love Taher… A lot… 

    1. So true I totally agreed on zat

  10. ashmitha kulatunga

    im totally in luv with nibir!!they shld remain together till the end


  12. ya guys nibirs jodi is awesome….plz plz we want them be together….May this saddi remain till the end

  13. viraj ke character ko inlogo ne destroy ker diya sometimes I feel ki viraj ke character ko negative dikha ker ye humne viraj ke against karna chahte hain bcoz inhone viraj ko show se nikal diya tha wo phir come back hua hum fans ki wajah se so thats why cvs ne viraj ka character hi negative ker diya taki hum fans nibir ki demand kare but cvs let me clear the whole thing I love viraj singh Rathore and nobody can replace him ar agar kuch replace hoga to wo hoga apka nauc got it

  14. viraj really looks best aa villain… love kabir!!!! kabir is best for nisha… that viraj is too ridiculous from the beginning… i never liked him!

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