The Difficult Love (Twinj) ~ Chapter 8

In case you missed the previous chapter,

Twinkle’s pov,
I was shocked to see the man standing in front of me! In no time I realised that I had started sweating. He was the same old man who had come to me with his wrong intensions and I somehow managed to push him and came out of that hell! I again cursed God for bringing me in this situation again. I was sitting beside Kunj so I quickly grabbed his hand while he looked at me confused. I realised that I had created an awkward situation so I quickly left his hand. He continued teaching and smirking as he looked at me. I tried hard to avoid his gaze but just couldn’t. Soon the lecture was over and everyone started leaving. “I’ll be in the canteen, come soon.” Kunj said smiling and without waiting for my reply he vanished! I quickly put the books inside my bag when Mahi called me back “Listen, we have a project so let me give you all the details.” She said as I smiled. Everyone had left the class except me and her. Her phone rang and she picked it up. “What? Okay I’m coming” she said to the caller and rushed from the class. Oh no! She left me alone with that old man! I quickly packed my bag and was about to leave when he closed the door and held my hand. Once again I was caught in the same situation! “Leave my hand!” I said as tears made way through my eyes. “What do you think, you can run away today? I will take my revenge today! I will not let you go easily.” He said angrily. I was about to shout when he kept his hand on my mouth and the other hand pulling my hair. I bit his hand making him scream. “Please help me..” I screamed. Unfortunately there was no one to hear my screams. He pulled me towards himself and was about to kiss me when the door opened with a thud! I saw Kunj standing there with anger filled in his eyes. I freed myself and ran towards him hugging him tightly and crying in his arms. He placed his arms on my back and I felt relieved.

That man was about to go when Kunj left me and punched that man. He started bleeding. “You don’t know what kind of girl she is! She is a blo*dy pr*stitute!” he screamed and I trembled in fear. What if Kunj believes that man? What if he throws me out of his house? These thoughts kept running in my mind. Kunj took that man to the principal and he was removed from the college. He took me to the car and made me sit inside while I was just crying. He wiped my tears and nodded in a no. He kissed my forehead and closed the door of the car and sat on the drivers seat. There was a complete silence during the journey. I was just praying that Kunj does not believe in that man!

You were the shadow to my light
Did you feel us
Another start
You fade away
Afraid our aim is out of sight
Wanna see us

Soon we reached our destination and I ran inside my room, luckily I didn’t find aunty in the hall, I guess she might have gone to the temple. I cried bitterly sitting on the floor reminiscing each and every day of mine in that hell! My past was again in front of me to destroy my future. I buried my face in my legs shedding tears.

Where are you now
Where are you now
Where are you now
Was it all in my fantasy
Where are you now
Were you only imaginary
Where are you now

“Twinkle…” he called me and I looked up to see him sitting in front of me, I hugged him tightly crying at my fate.

Under the sea
Under the sea
Where are you now
Another dream
The monsters running wild inside of me

“Please forgive me! I shouldn’t have left you alone. Please forgive me.” He said. I broke the hug “It was.. not your.. fault please.. don’t be sorry.” I said in my choked voice. He kissed my forehead saying “I cant see you like this, please stop crying.” I nodded my head. “Do you know that man?” he asked shocking me. What if he remembers what that man said? Did he really believe in him? There was a lump formed in my throat.“N..o..” I said in my choked voice. “What was he saying then?” he asked me. What if I say him the truth? Will he throw me out of his house? Where will I go? No.. I cant tell him the truth! “Twinkle…” he brought me back from my thoughts. “Hmm..” I replied. “Its okay, you take rest.” He said getting up. “Kunj..” I said holding his hand, “Yes..” he replied, “Please stay here with me.. otherwise that.. will come back. Please don’t leave me!” I said wanting him to stay here with me.

I’m faded
I’m faded
So lost
I’m faded
I’m faded
So lost
I’m faded

“Okay”, he replied smiling at me. He picked me up in his arms and I raised my eyebrows at him. Slowly he placed me on the bed and covered me with the blanket. “Take rest..I’m not going anywhere, okay?” he said and I just nodded.


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  1. SidMin

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    Today’s episode was just awesome ? Kunj’s concern ? but that man ????
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  4. Presha

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    Love you!

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