married to my sisters husband (swasan) Part 3

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we can see a girl in her marriage lehanga sleeping in the sitting position leaning to the headboard of the bed..
she was taking the support of the hand for resting her head…her elbow which is taking the support of the headboard stumbles a bit which loses the grip of her face in her hand making her jerk…
she realises it is morning and she is still waiting for her sister’s husband who is now unfortunately her husband to celebrate their so called wedding night which may be now their first day after wedding…. she slowly gets down the bed and makes her way to the window sliding the curtains making morning sun rays enter the room… she is stretching her hands and yawning…she is enjoying the sun rays which can stave of her depression and give her energy to lead another new day of life…. it’s her every morning habit to enjoy the morning beauty from her room window… but soon reality stuck her when she heard the knock on the door, that she is neither swara gododia nor this is her room… she composed her self and went to open her door….

“good morning beta ” a lady greeted swara who was quite elder to her.

” good morning ” swara greeted back with a plastered smile thinking she might be sent by him.

” beta I am your new handmaiden janki, you want anything you can just ask me. I will be always ready to serve you. Sanskar baba calls me janki maa you can call me as you wish ” said janki.

she felt motherly wave from that lady as she was always longing for the love of mother and family though she belongs to huge family and her mom no one had time for her. her mom is always busy in social activities and attending business related parties to maintain their status in society.

” why would I need a handmaiden ” swara said sounding polite not to disrespect her age.

” because now you are wife of Sanskar maheshwari ” came a stern voice.

Oh gosh this voice sent her shivers and even having a glance at him she realised that it might be him her sister’s husband.
wait a second he just mentioned her as his wife. how can a man just forget every thing that happened just in two days. Is she effected by calling her his wife or by his voice. she had not taken much time to realise it was his voice that effected her.

From the time she knew him this was the first time she heard his voice in the complete sense. In the few formal meetings they had before his engagement with kavitha to after his marriage with kavitha the conversation between them is minimal to hi and bye which used to be just a murmur from both of them . she had a dought many times is he wishing her or just he was talking to himself but then she can’t even say it is entirely his fault as her voice would not be even audible to her. Now when she heard his voice she was lost, lost in the depth of his voice.Though he was one of the muscular and handsome man she saw in her life she never expected his voice would be so deep and she even in her dreams expected his voice had a effect on her. she came out of her thoughts when she heard him again.

” come out of your dream world and listen to me carefully ” he said in a irritated tone.

may be he would have said something which she had missed, which resulted in his irritated tone or he was always like that. again she went into her deep thoughts.

” janki maa just explain every thing to her. I don’t think she will come out of her dream world ” saying he left.

oh gosh again she missed something he was saying. it is clearly visible by the way he left rather stormed out would be better to describe. what is happening the girl who is not even want to think about him even in her dreams is just thinking about the way he is talking or sounding not even noticing what is listening to what he was actually saying. now what she should do may it’s about their marriage or about her sister or may be about her family. Is he making her realise the reason behind their marriage. what he might be spoken she was feeling really pissed of to miss his speech she never felt such helpless when she missed her important lectures and she was in verge to fail in her exams just for not concentrating in her lecture. wait a second he just said janki maa to explain everything that means she heard his speech why would she have not heard unless she is deaf or lost like her. she felt relief after realising she can know about what he was talking, from janki maa.

“beta what would you want to have for breakfast ” janki asks swara which brought her out of thoughts.
” maa may I ask you something, sorry I can call you maa ” she asked lowering her head.
” beta feel free to call me anything you are now wife of Sanskar baba you have every right to call me maa, though I am not his mother just a servant he treats me as his mother ” janki says sounding greatfull for Sanskar gesture.
Swara smiles ” actually I had not concentrated on what he said so I want to know what he want to say ” she says feeling embarrassed.
” hmmm that is why I am thinking why you had at least raised your head to look at Sanskar while he was speakingu” janki says smiling.
” wo I am really sorry ” Swara says.
” don’t be dear, I will tell you first fresh up till then I will get coffee or tea you anything you like to drink ” janki says and leaves.
” no maa, I will come to dinning once I get fresh up ” Swara asks.
” k then, your language is in the room only once you eat breakfast I will help you to arrange it” janki says and leaves.
Swara closes the door and leans to door taking deep breath.

“Swara control around him or else you will look like a despo. maintain attitude and make his way full of thrones so that he will never dream of showing you attitude ” Swara thought making her way to bathroom to freshen up.

*****sorry for typos. this part is not proof read *****

please do share your views. positive and negative feedback is welcomed.

keep smiling.. stay blessed… spread positivity…love you all ???

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