Helo guys thanks for ur comments here is the 5th episode….guys i wil
be post story on sun, wed, fri as i take some time to write it as its my first time so pardon me…..
so here is the episode i hope you like it…..

While coming back siya sees ice cream and shouts for it
Siya- chachu ice cream
Sanskar- no baby u cant have it, yesterday only u had it

Siya- (making innocent face) plz chachu
Swara- (seeing ice cream gets excited) ha mujhe bhi
Sanskar- amazed to see this side of swara and then swara realized wht happened thn compose herself
Sanskar- turning to ice cream parlor.
Sanskar asked them which flavour will they have, swara and siya said at the same chocolate ice cream with excitement
Sanskar smiled seeing this and said them to wait in the car only till he come back
Both of them nodes……he goes

Then siya sees balloon and request to swara for it and our swara can never say no to her as she loves kids and says ok and both goes to bring balloon …….

At same time there were some goons who were looking at swara
And came to her……..
Goon were teasing her and see was trying to save siya
Swara- dekho chod do humhe varna bohot bura hoga
Goon 1- lets see wht you can do
Goon 2- oh hum to darr gaye
And they all start laughing

At the other side sanskar comes there with two chocolate ice cream but found siya and swara missing…… and get worried and search for them…

Here swara was going to throw stone on them they drag siya towards thm and blackmails her
Seeing siya crying swara gets afraid and agree to do anything they say but at a condition of leaving siya to which they agree….

one goon start coming towards swara and she closes her eyes as she was afarid and as he was going to touch her he gets a punch on his face and he falls down(yes the punch was from sanskar)
Sanskar- how dare you to touch her
Swara scared and looked shocked and then sanskar fights with all goons and then realized about swara and turning to her……

Sanskar- swara r u alright……common tell me damit (shaking her from her shoulders)
Swara coming to sense tightly hugged him and started crying
Swara- san……sanskar th…they….

Sanskar- shhhhh swara sab thik look vo chale gaye see sab theek hai just relax
Swara composing herself remembers siya….

swara- siy…siya siya kaha hai
Sanskar- vo car mai hai she is safe just relax ok (sanskar was angry as they didnt obey him as he told them to sit in car only till he come back, but seeing swara condition forgets everything)

And try to calm her down
Taking swara goes towards car…..
siya see them coming and run towards swara….

siya- swara anuty r u ok i am really sorry because of me they troubled you(while crying)
Swara- siya i am fine dont cry ok you are a good girl na hmm stop crying see i am good
Sanskar- aacha bus baby now lets have ice cream ok

He tells them to wait in car but they insist they will too come he says ok……..and they all enjoy their ice cream…….
Then they both drop swara to her hostel…..

so thts it for today….bye bye……

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