The Difficult Love (Twinj) ~ Chapter 7

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In case you missed the previous chapter,

Chapter 6

Twinkle’s pov,
Finally the bell rang and the first day was successfully over. I quickly packed my bag and me along with Kunj went towards the car. I sat inside, and he started driving the car. I kept on stealing glances if him, “So how was the day?” he asked me, “Yeah, it was good!” I replied smiling. “So did you find something difficult?” he asked, “Umm.. yeah, I understood most of the concepts, except Maths.” I replied. “So today evening we’ll sit together and I’ll teach you everything. Is it fine with you?” he asked as I nodded with a smile.

In some time we reached home. I felt relieved that I have a home to live in! I stepped inside along with Kunj and saw Usha aunty sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper. She looked up to me and at once smile crept on her face. She kept the newspaper aside and came towards me. “How was your day Twinkle?” she asked me “Good” I replied smiling. “Both of you, freshen up, I’ll serve you some smacks. We both smiled and went towards our respective rooms. “Twinkle, after having snacks I’ll help you with your maths, okay ?” he asked like a true gentleman. “Yes” I replied with a smile. After some time we were done with our snacks and we headed towards my room. We both sat on the couch with the books in between. He started explaining me the concepts while I just stared at him, but soon something struck my mind, maybe he’ll take advantage of me after teaching me the concepts! Maybe he’s just acting as if he really cares, I really don’t know his intentions. All these thoughts occupied my mind and I was unable to concentrate. “Enough!” I screamed. Kunj looked at me startled. I stood up and he also followed me. Suddenly the lights went off, there was complete darkness in the room, and I was hell scared of darkness. I quickly hugged Kunj tightly with my eyes closed. I could feel him caressing my hair, I don’t know why but I found some unknown peace in his arms. Some time later I realised my position and broke the hug creating an awkward silence between us. “Umm.. actually..” I was about to say when Kunj put his finger on my lips. I could feel his touch. He cupped my face saying “No meed to worry, I’m there for you.” I felt so relieved listening to him. “I’ll bring the candles, you wait here” he said turning to the other side. I held his hand tightly saying “No.. please don’t leave me alone.” He smiled and switched on the torch of his phone. “Is that okay?” he asked, and I smiled.

We were sitting there stealing glances of each other. The light had still not come. “I need water” I said innocently. He stood up from his place and held my shoulders making me stand. He held my hand and led me to the kitchen. “Where is Usha aunty?” I asked out of curiosity as she was nowhere to be seen. “She must have gone to the mandir!” he replied. He opened the refrigerator and removed a chilled water bottle. I grabbed it from his hand and gulped it at once. He smiled looking at me. When I was done I handed over the bottle to him thinking if he was also thirsty. He took a sip and kept back the bottle inside. “Thank you Kunj” I said remembering everything he did for me. “What was this for?” he replied rather questioned. “For everything!” I replied smiling at him. “Anytime!” he said pecking my forehead. I could feel the colour of my cheek rising. He entwined his hands into mine taking me upstairs and all this while I was just staring at him. As we reached the room, the lights came back but for the first time I felt bad that the lights came so soon and I didn’t know the reason behind it! “Okay so rest of it we will do tomorrow, that’s enough for today.” He said smiling at me and I smiled back remembering the peck on my forehead. After he was gone, I touched my forehead blushing. Suddenly those stupid thoughts again engulfed in my mind! He kissed me! Was it the beginning of it? My heart was ready to accept him as a good person, but my brain rejected. And I had to agree with my brain because of my past experiences. I quickly covered myself with the blanket and tried to sleep because I didn’t want to think about that at all!

I opened my eyes slowly just to see Kunj sitting beside me with a cup of coffee in his hand. At once I got up from the bed, “What.. are you doing here?” I asked hesitatingly. “I just came here to give you this coffee, actually mom is busy with some work so she asked me to give it to you.” He replied and I heaved a sigh of relief. He handed over the coffee to me pecking my forehead again and I could again feel the colour of my cheek rising. “You look cute!” he said smiling and left the room. This time my brain took over my heart and I had to accept that he was going to take my advantage in the near future. I wasn’t still convinced. I decided to stay away from him. I quickly drank the coffee and got ready to go to the college. There was a complete silence in the car, and we both stealing glances of each other. Soon we reached the college and I quickly ran out of the car not wanting Kunj near me again. Soon the lecture began and I heard a familiar sound, I looked up to see the person standing in front of me and I was shocked! He looked at my tensed face and smirked.

Who is that person? Has Kunj started liking Twinkle? And most importantly, has Twinkle started liking Kunj? Will she be able to trust him ever? She has decided to stay away from Kunj! Will she be able to do so? And lastly is there any problem awaiting her? To know that keep reading!

I know I have asked many questions, forgive me for that. And thank you so much for your comments, I’m sorry for not replying individually as I’m really busy. Please share your views on this chapter.


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    Soo much of suspense ????
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  4. Angel20

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    *We both were stealing glances

  5. Hey Angel Mario,??
    U knw m really very happy to see nd read ur BEAUTIFUL ff,?? Truly now m very much addicted with ur AMAZING writing, ???? and u don need to say sry 4 anything coz we r undrstnd dear,☺☺ And ur story r going is very beautifully, so keep writing like this, ?? Well eagerly waiting 4 next, so plz post soon, ☺☺
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  6. SidMin

    Just loved it ….. I really have no words to express how much I liked the episode….. The conflict between Twinkle’s mind and heart was just awesome …..
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    Awesome episode Maria do continue soon ???

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    It was an amazing chapter! Really looking forward on what will be happening next! Post soon!

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    That was such a superb update… But just that is twinkle n kunj feelung something for each other… N waiting for the time when twinkle will b comfortable with kunj

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