Bigg Boss 12 8th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jasleen and Megha are eliminated

Bigg Boss 12 8th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says 12th week has come to end. Megha, Deepak, Dipika, Jasleen and Romil are nominated and two will be evicted today. There will be double eviction today.
Salman welcomes Ritesh Deshmukh on stage. Ritesh hugs him and says I will be seen as a cop in his Marathi film. Ritesh says I will say dialogues and you have to convert them to marathi. He says you behind devil and devil behind you.. too much. Salman says it in marathi, all laugh. Ritesh says dialogue that I will create so many holes in you that you wont know from where to take breathes and where to fart. Salman says it in Marathi. Ritesh laughs and says great. Ritesh says dialogue from his film and Salman converts it to hindi. Salman says I will ask personal questions now, first tell who was your favorite singer in 90s? he says Udit Narayan. Salman asks his co-actor? Ritesh says Bobby Deol. Salman asks for how many seconds can you hold your breath? Ritesh says not sure, 36 seconds. Salman asks whats difficult for moms? Ritesh says feeding milk to kids. Salman asks some funny questions, Ritesh answers him. Salman says we will fit his answers in random script and we will perform it.

Ritesh and Salman comes in a dark room, Salman is Chulbul and Ritesh is Mauli. They say we are here to raid gangster Udit Narayan. Ritesh says but your duty was to feed milk to kids? Salman says I requested Bobby so he went there. They say funny things to each other.

Salman promotes Ritesh and takes selfie with him. He sends him in house.

In house,
Ritesh enters and greets everyone. Ritesh says to Sree that I have a news for you, you all can come out of jail. Deepak thanks him and hugs him. Ritesh sits with them in garden. Ritesh says my film Mauli is releasing and I am inspector in that film. Ritesh says I got a news that rules are broken in this house, I am here to file an FIR, Jasleen FIR doesnt mean food is ready, all laugh. Somi says its first information report, all clap. First Romil comes up and says I want to file and FIR for stealing sugar, coffee in house. Ritesh says this habit started here only or.. all laugh. Ritesh says who agree with Romil? All agree. Ritesh says Rohit’s punishment is to go with Jasleen and surrender all stolen items.
Jasleen goes with Rohit and says oh my God, you stole so many things.
Megha files an FIR for Deepak breaking hand shower in washroom, its my favorite thing. Jasleen brings things she confiscated from Rohit. All laugh. Ritesh asks Megha to not file an FIR again in life. They find poha from Rohit’s things. Rohit says KV have hidden sugar in socks. Deepak says I want to file an FIR for KV being a snake and keep words from here to there. Romil says he gives such odd reactions. Deepak says he is the first one to become commoner from celebrity. All agree with Deepak, even KV. Ritesh says his punishment is to mill chakki. Dipika says I want to file an FIR for KV being aggressive with her and I felt bad when he said sorry today but said to be careful in next tasks. KV says I will be careful in tasks, I said sorry because I meant it. Sree says he doesnt listen. Dipika says he didnt get punished yesterday. Ritesh says he got punishment already. Somi is next and says dhokla group includes Deepak, KV, Rohit and Surbhi, they made me part of their group and betrayed me. Ritesh says I admit your case but only one will be punished. Somi says I want to punish Surbhi. Ritesh takes out handcuffs and makes her wear it. Ritesh says her handcuff will be tied to Romil. He ties on their hands and they sit together. Surbhi says I dont like him, he is double faced, he is mean and I feel disgusted by him. Ritesh says I didnt ask you any question. Surbhi says I didnt ask any question to you. He wishes them all and leave house.

KV says to Deepak that Sree and Dipika are mean, I said sorry to her. Deepak says we took task in fun way, Deepak does chakki for him. KV says they shouldnt do task then.

Romil and Surbhi are still tied to one another. Surbhi drags him to sofa. Surbhi says you both have time to sort. Jasleen says Romil is crushed. Romil says I am going today.

On stage,
Salman connects call to house. Salman asks how was FIR session? they all say nice. Salman says now its time for Sultani ring. Megha says I guess its Somi and Jasleen. Salman says lets do it. He asks Somi and Jasleen to come.

In Sultani rings, Salman says to Jasleen and Somi that first round will be verbal where after every point, only Romil will decide whose point is better, the one who get point from Romil will win and slap other from big slap prop. Jasleen starts and says I think I am better because I know where to draw to line, Somi push and pull in task but I know where to calm down. Somi says throughout the journey, I was never questioned for aggression. Romil says Somi only fights with Jasleen and not anyone else. Somil lightly slaps her from prop. Somi says she gets aggressive and fight over small things. Jasleen says a lot of things happen, Rohit provokes me so much that it becomes a fight, I am fun loving and chilled person, Somi knows it. Romil gives point to Jasleen for Rohit provoking Jasleen and not using too much bad language. Jasleen slaps her. Jasleen says when Somi gets angry, she loses temper on elders too, she shouted at Anup too, Somi says we are inmates and we have rights to tell our points infront of everyone, I say things on right time only, I know my line and never went out. Romil says Jasleen is wrong so he gives a point to Somi, Somi slaps her and wins first round.
Salman says in round two, you will be tied to harness, you have to put flags in pot. They are both tied together and try to pull each other. Inmates laugh. Inmates cheer for Somi. KV cheers for Somi. Jasleen tries to pull Somi. Jasleen puts flag in pot. Sree says thats my girl. Jasleen wins second round and wins Sultani fight. Jasleen says third one, Salman gives her gift.

On stage, Salman says all inmates are trying to win, only three weeks are remaining. Lets meet family of inmates. Sree’s wife Bhuvneshwari, Teejay- KV’s wife and Surbhi’s brother Abhinav. Salman asks Surbhi is like that in house too? Abhi says no she is not like that but she gets emotional when people closer to her hurts her, she gives reaction to actions equally. Abhi says she is an artist and shows her emotions. Bhuvneshwari says she starts most of the fights so its not equal. Abhi says she tries to end fights. Bhuvneshwari says are you watching same BB? All laugh. Abhi says Sree might have provoked Lara but he couldnt bold Surbhi. Bhuvneshwari says he would have to stoop low so he wont do it. Abhi says she is indian girl, she should be respected. Bhuvneshwari says Surbhi called Sree Casanova so she started fight, she provoked him, I am sorry for him calling her characterless. Abhi says Surbhi has talent of making people provoking others, government can take her help to provoke criminals. Salman says wow Surbhi is our devi, we should do her pooja. Bhuvneshwari says she talked about Harbhajan, Sree only told her to make her captain but she was thankless and made fun of him, she instigated him, Sree was proved to not be a fixer, his case ended with him announced as innocent. Abhi says its a competition, we have to win at the end. Teejay says its strategy? Abhi says she is a sword made by me so she is a good girl and modern woman. Bhuvneshwari says she cant use woman card. Salman says to Abhi that you are doctor? so you must see one patient in a day? Teejay says Surbhi deliberately use words to provoke others, she knows what she is doing. Abhi says I was hurt to see a player in Sree but he never performs a task. Bhuvneshwari says he washed dishes because it was about getting physical with anyone. Salman says you have anything against KV? Bhuvneshwari says KV is a nice person, his identity was shown but now he seems lost in the crowd, Deepak commented about Jasleen not a boy nor a girl but he didnt take a stand. Teejay says Deepak is a kid, he thinks he can make everyone good but he should play for himself. Salman says his greatness is backfiring for him. Salman says family week is starting from tomorrow, you all will go in house.

On stage, Salman greets all three. He teases Teejay to let him know before sending anymore open letters. All laugh. Three leave.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says you guys have an idea about voting, tell me who is in bottom three today, there are blank puppets, you have to put faces of bottom three on them. Somi says its Jasleen, Megha and Dipika. Rohit says Jasleen, Megha and Romil. Sree and Dipika says Megha, Jasleen and Romil. All vote and mutually they decide that bottom three are Megha, Jasleen and Romil. Romil puts those faces on puppets. Salman says you are right about two inmates but you are off about one inmate, you will know the names soon. Salman asks KV who is safe? KV says Megha, Dipika says I think Romil, Somi says its Romil, Sree says I think its Jasleen. Salman says one puppet will be blasted and that person is out. Blast happens, all are stunned to see Jasleen’s puppet blasted. JASLEEN IS ELIMINATED. Salman says only 3 weeks are remaining, you played well. Salman says game didnt finish, one more will be eliminated. Salman says its Megha, MEGHA IS ELIMINATED. Romil thanks everyone. Dipika hugs Megha. Salman ends call.

Romil thanks everyone. Rohit and Deepak hugs him. Jasleen says Rohit is safe, jerk. Jasleen hugs Rohit. Jasleen cries and hugs Dipika and Sree. Megha asks KV to not steal sugar. Megha says I am going with Jasleen, I am happy. Megha asks Dipika to win. Deepak touches Megha’s feet. Jasleen and Megha leaves.

Sree says to Dipika that are we 2 vs. 6 or 3 vs. 5? Romil says dont worry, I will bring one more inmate towards your side, I have talked to Deepak to let KV on their side.

At night, Romil talks to Somi and says I am not scared.
Deepak sings abhi mujh mein kahin.
Romil says to Somi that I pray you get all happiness, good husband. Somi says how are you so nice today? you were not standing on ground for 2 weeks. Romil sings tere bina.

In morning, Bigg Boss asks inmates to pause. Bhuvneshwari enters house and kisses Sree’s cheek and cries. Bhuvneshwari says to Surbhi that I can never forgive you, Sree says no. Bhuvneshwari says dont interfere, you can forgive her but not me. Bhuvneshwari says to Surbhi that he talked about Harbhajan to make you captain, think about your identity first. Sree tries to stop her and cries.

Sree comes in store and finds his kids there, he hugs his daughter, his daughter says I missed you. Bhuvneshwari and Sree bring their kids to garden, Dipika smiles seeing them.

Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Deepak’s father coming in house and says respect people in house. His father says that this is the first time I have worn 1000rs shoes, you have made us proud. Deepak cries.
Teejay comes in house with their daughters. KV hugs and cries. Teejay cries with him.
Bhuvneshwari says to Sree that dont give right to people to provoke you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Was romil really genuinely wanted somi to get with deepka or he was just hinting her a game plan for her to approve the love angle so she can get more attention? And I understand he was afraid about getting evicted but the way he behaved was kind of rude

    1. @saleem ,
      salman sir ne hint de diya tha :he said two choices were right and one choice was crap #TRUE SOUL GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL IS BEST COMMONER IN THE HOUSE HE IN FINALE , he is not at all rude bro , better to seee the nicer prospects than momentary reactions

    2. Wow…airplanes..bang on reply..just like our very own mastermind romil ?

  2. Sandeep Virk

    hello..even I feel so sad for megha…she performed all the task to her level best without any cheating or bickering…she was truly a winner package…the nominations were so partial this week..if they were gonna do double eviction then they should have added more candidates cuz it’s not fair to again and again save filthy ppl like surbhi rohit somi ….last week they only postponed evictions so they could save these pathetic hyenas otherwise I’m sure either somi or rohit would have got evicted today in place of megha…even jas is more deserving infront of somi rohit….very biased eviction…and how can Deepak get more votes than dpka…no matter how much he performs or entertains dpka has a solid fan following and he can never defeat dpka when it comes to voting unless bb wana show something else

  3. @ lokesh ,
    nice short and sweet comments i agree to your words and yes fenil is there always somewhere around u just have to call him once he will pop up for you :))-#RADHE RADHE

  4. To make BB12 interesting and real GAME I suggest following if you all like then support it.
    Big Patch up and reconciliation :
    Rohit Surbhi feel sorry and team up with Sri KV joins as Sri old and trusted Bro.

    New line up:
    Both Somi and Deepika as natural ally team up and repentant Deepak and trusted Romil in their team.

    You will see real compitition then between top contenders Deepiks Sri KV Romil.

    All this can be made possible in a Task tailorered this way.

  5. Till now I want Romil to win. He thinks about game 24×7 and strategies which is good for game. But he nvr crossed the line and has been human. Never did he intentionally try to show all emotions to give content. But Romil has given content, shaped game and in a way has been soul of the game, underdog.
    Liked Deepak and Sree too but wanted Sree to play without arrogance, but may be that is part of his personality. Rest is ok with these two. Deepak has improved and has some raw humor. Wished somi to be eliminated as she is dragging her role of being love interest but is a misfit in Romil and Deepak’s bonding. But seriously I don’t want to see Romil with Surbhi ever.

    1. Yes. If winning this season must be there, then it should be ROMIL.
      He is better than the rest .
      BB12 lost some of the positive human beings who should have been there by now- Neha, Shiv, Megha.

  6. Most emotional part for me was precap, those innocence in kids theirs love for their dads was much touching
    Secondly elimination of jas megha, will miss them. Megha such a strong person, i loved her voot video with jas, in which she tells about her family, daughter…..
    And jas as dance teacher…. etc
    And sree is lucky to have a lovely family, his wife super, and his children so cute and innocent….
    And kv’s twin babies… really touching
    Others too was emotional (deepak surbi rohit)

  7. Yes you are correct about neha, shiv and megha being good people.

  8. Megha was a good task player compared to Dipika n Shree. Beautiful children of Shree n KV. Hope Romil gets a last chance to c his wife n child before the Finale. Wonder if Somi will b friends with Romil once the show is over.

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