Nimki Mukhiya 8th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Nimki gives new road tender to Tunee

Nimki Mukhiya 8th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nehar says to Nimki that congrats but dont forget I went to havali with you. Nimki says yes, come. Nimki says to villagers that this person is important because he never did good in life but this time he helped me and washed all his sins, soon we will start road work in village, I will make it shining like an actor. Nehar says just give us contract and we will start work. Nimki says Tunee’s company did good work so I am giving her contract.

Ritu is tensed and says he is not taking my call. Dublo says he doesnt want to talk to you. Ritu says what are you saying. Mai says that Nimki has destroyed our lives, she is not coming to havali. Mai says to Tettar that she is calling us to panchayat. Ritu says Abhi is her support so we will finish him. Babbu says you couldnt do anything, Nimki put complete pipeline and became hero. Ritu says things take time.

Mono tastes halwa and says Mauha made it for Tunee. Ram laughs and hugs Mauha, he says take care of him like this. Mauha says they must be coming, all villagers are happy with Nimki. Tunee comes there with Nimki. Tunee says I brought ice-cream for everyone. Mauha is tensed. Tunee offers her ice-cream but she angrily leaves.
Mauha cries, Tunee asks what happened? have ice-cream. Mauha throws it away and says you dont care about others emotions, I made halwa for you with love and you brought ice-cream. Tunee says Nimki asked to buy it so I did. Mauha says you only see Nimki. Tunee says I will eat halwa too, dont worry. Mauha says I dont care. Tunee says all are happy today but you are making it for your only, dont be selfish. Mauha hears Nimki eating halwa with ice-cream and smiles.

Manager says to Abhi that you are only supporting Nimki, you gave contract for pipeline and road, do you have setting with new people? Abhi says I didnt do anything like that. Manager says you have to take revenge from Tettar, his daughter ranaway with you. Abhi says that is a personal matter. Manager says you are BDO of that district and running away with girls? what will people say? Abhi says you know how Tettar is, how can you take his side? Manager says I know you have setting with Nimki, leave now.

Scene 2
Nimki is tensed that Abhi is not contacting her. Mono says Mauha scolded him today. Tunee says she is always angry, Mauha glares at him. Nimki shows a movie to him. Mauha sends sorry to Tunee but Nimki reads it. Muaha says what are you doing? Tunee says she said sorry? Muaha says cant I say sorry? she says sorry to Tunee. Tunee is surprised and says I cant hear it? Nimki says I didnt too. Mauha leaves.

Ritu gets call and thanks him. Ritu says to Babbo that DM scolded Abhi, this is just a start. Sweety comes there so Ritu changes topic. Sweety sees Babbu playing with gun and says this is how you shoot someone, he points to Sweety. Ritu says its empty. Sweety leaves. Ritu says dont do this with her. Babbu says she has to win my trust back.

In morning, Tunee tells about broken things in village. Villager says Nimki can you repair all things? Nimki says dont worry, I have BDO’s support, I will get everything done, all laugh. Nimki says to Tunee that you are doing nice work. Tunee gets call and says its from BDO office, we have to go for new tender, Nimki says I will take their class today.

Nimki and Tunee comes to BDO office, Tunee says its little empty here. They come in Abhi’s office to find Ritu, Babbu and Diamond there. Nimki says to Babbu how dare you sit on Abi’s chair? he will throw you out. Babbu laughs and says you are mukhiya? Diamond says Mrs. Babbu Singh. Nimki says my name is Nimki, where is BDO? Babbu shows her a man and says he is Shankar Jha, new BDO of here, Nimki is stunned.

PRECAP- Shankar says to Babbu that older BDO’s all work will be canceled and all new tenders will be given to you. Babbu says we will decide what will happen in village and panchayat. Nimki glares at him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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