Bigg Boss 12 8th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Jasleen and Megha are eliminated

Bigg Boss 12 8th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Weekend Special
Salman welcomes everyone to show. Salman says 12th week has come to end. Megha, Deepak, Dipika, Jasleen and Romil are nominated and two will be evicted today. There will be double eviction today.
Salman welcomes Ritesh Deshmukh on stage. Ritesh hugs him and says I will be seen as a cop in his Marathi film. Ritesh says I will say dialogues and you have to convert them to marathi. He says you behind devil and devil behind you.. too much. Salman says it in marathi, all laugh. Ritesh says dialogue that I will create so many holes in you that you wont know from where to take breathes and where to fart. Salman says it in Marathi. Ritesh laughs and says great. Ritesh says dialogue from his film and Salman converts it to hindi. Salman says I will ask personal questions now, first tell who was your favorite singer in 90s? he says Udit Narayan. Salman asks his co-actor? Ritesh says Bobby Deol. Salman asks for how many seconds can you hold your breath? Ritesh says not sure, 36 seconds. Salman asks whats difficult for moms? Ritesh says feeding milk to kids. Salman asks some funny questions, Ritesh answers him. Salman says we will fit his answers in random script and we will perform it.

Ritesh and Salman comes in a dark room, Salman is Chulbul and Ritesh is Mauli. They say we are here to raid gangster Udit Narayan. Ritesh says but your duty was to feed milk to kids? Salman says I requested Bobby so he went there. They say funny things to each other.

Salman promotes Ritesh and takes selfie with him. He sends him in house.

In house,
Ritesh enters and greets everyone. Ritesh says to Sree that I have a news for you, you all can come out of jail. Deepak thanks him and hugs him. Ritesh sits with them in garden. Ritesh says my film Mauli is releasing and I am inspector in that film. Ritesh says I got a news that rules are broken in this house, I am here to file an FIR, Jasleen FIR doesnt mean food is ready, all laugh. Somi says its first information report, all clap. First Romil comes up and says I want to file and FIR for stealing sugar, coffee in house. Ritesh says this habit started here only or.. all laugh. Ritesh says who agree with Romil? All agree. Ritesh says Rohit’s punishment is to go with Jasleen and surrender all stolen items.
Jasleen goes with Rohit and says oh my God, you stole so many things.
Megha files an FIR for Deepak breaking hand shower in washroom, its my favorite thing. Jasleen brings things she confiscated from Rohit. All laugh. Ritesh asks Megha to not file an FIR again in life. They find poha from Rohit’s things. Rohit says KV have hidden sugar in socks. Deepak says I want to file an FIR for KV being a snake and keep words from here to there. Romil says he gives such odd reactions. Deepak says he is the first one to become commoner from celebrity. All agree with Deepak, even KV. Ritesh says his punishment is to mill chakki. Dipika says I want to file an FIR for KV being aggressive with her and I felt bad when he said sorry today but said to be careful in next tasks. KV says I will be careful in tasks, I said sorry because I meant it. Sree says he doesnt listen. Dipika says he didnt get punished yesterday. Ritesh says he got punishment already. Somi is next and says dhokla group includes Deepak, KV, Rohit and Surbhi, they made me part of their group and betrayed me. Ritesh says I admit your case but only one will be punished. Somi says I want to punish Surbhi. Ritesh takes out handcuffs and makes her wear it. Ritesh says her handcuff will be tied to Romil. He ties on their hands and they sit together. Surbhi says I dont like him, he is double faced, he is mean and I feel disgusted by him. Ritesh says I didnt ask you any question. Surbhi says I didnt ask any question to you. He wishes them all and leave house.

KV says to Deepak that Sree and Dipika are mean, I said sorry to her. Deepak says we took task in fun way, Deepak does chakki for him. KV says they shouldnt do task then.

Romil and Surbhi are still tied to one another. Surbhi drags him to sofa. Surbhi says you both have time to sort. Jasleen says Romil is crushed. Romil says I am going today.

On stage,
Salman connects call to house. Salman asks how was FIR session? they all say nice. Salman says now its time for Sultani ring. Megha says I guess its Somi and Jasleen. Salman says lets do it. He asks Somi and Jasleen to come.

In Sultani rings, Salman says to Jasleen and Somi that first round will be verbal where after every point, only Romil will decide whose point is better, the one who get point from Romil will win and slap other from big slap prop. Jasleen starts and says I think I am better because I know where to draw to line, Somi push and pull in task but I know where to calm down. Somi says throughout the journey, I was never questioned for aggression. Romil says Somi only fights with Jasleen and not anyone else. Somil lightly slaps her from prop. Somi says she gets aggressive and fight over small things. Jasleen says a lot of things happen, Rohit provokes me so much that it becomes a fight, I am fun loving and chilled person, Somi knows it. Romil gives point to Jasleen for Rohit provoking Jasleen and not using too much bad language. Jasleen slaps her. Jasleen says when Somi gets angry, she loses temper on elders too, she shouted at Anup too, Somi says we are inmates and we have rights to tell our points infront of everyone, I say things on right time only, I know my line and never went out. Romil says Jasleen is wrong so he gives a point to Somi, Somi slaps her and wins first round.
Salman says in round two, you will be tied to harness, you have to put flags in pot. They are both tied together and try to pull each other. Inmates laugh. Inmates cheer for Somi. KV cheers for Somi. Jasleen tries to pull Somi. Jasleen puts flag in pot. Sree says thats my girl. Jasleen wins second round and wins Sultani fight. Jasleen says third one, Salman gives her gift.

On stage, Salman says all inmates are trying to win, only three weeks are remaining. Lets meet family of inmates. Sree’s wife Bhuvneshwari, Teejay- KV’s wife and Surbhi’s brother Abhinav. Salman asks Surbhi is like that in house too? Abhi says no she is not like that but she gets emotional when people closer to her hurts her, she gives reaction to actions equally. Abhi says she is an artist and shows her emotions. Bhuvneshwari says she starts most of the fights so its not equal. Abhi says she tries to end fights. Bhuvneshwari says are you watching same BB? All laugh. Abhi says Sree might have provoked Lara but he couldnt bold Surbhi. Bhuvneshwari says he would have to stoop low so he wont do it. Abhi says she is indian girl, she should be respected. Bhuvneshwari says Surbhi called Sree Casanova so she started fight, she provoked him, I am sorry for him calling her characterless. Abhi says Surbhi has talent of making people provoking others, government can take her help to provoke criminals. Salman says wow Surbhi is our devi, we should do her pooja. Bhuvneshwari says she talked about Harbhajan, Sree only told her to make her captain but she was thankless and made fun of him, she instigated him, Sree was proved to not be a fixer, his case ended with him announced as innocent. Abhi says its a competition, we have to win at the end. Teejay says its strategy? Abhi says she is a sword made by me so she is a good girl and modern woman. Bhuvneshwari says she cant use woman card. Salman says to Abhi that you are doctor? so you must see one patient in a day? Teejay says Surbhi deliberately use words to provoke others, she knows what she is doing. Abhi says I was hurt to see a player in Sree but he never performs a task. Bhuvneshwari says he washed dishes because it was about getting physical with anyone. Salman says you have anything against KV? Bhuvneshwari says KV is a nice person, his identity was shown but now he seems lost in the crowd, Deepak commented about Jasleen not a boy nor a girl but he didnt take a stand. Teejay says Deepak is a kid, he thinks he can make everyone good but he should play for himself. Salman says his greatness is backfiring for him. Salman says family week is starting from tomorrow, you all will go in house.

On stage, Salman greets all three. He teases Teejay to let him know before sending anymore open letters. All laugh. Three leave.

Salman connects call to house. Salman says you guys have an idea about voting, tell me who is in bottom three today, there are blank puppets, you have to put faces of bottom three on them. Somi says its Jasleen, Megha and Dipika. Rohit says Jasleen, Megha and Romil. Sree and Dipika says Megha, Jasleen and Romil. All vote and mutually they decide that bottom three are Megha, Jasleen and Romil. Romil puts those faces on puppets. Salman says you are right about two inmates but you are off about one inmate, you will know the names soon. Salman asks KV who is safe? KV says Megha, Dipika says I think Romil, Somi says its Romil, Sree says I think its Jasleen. Salman says one puppet will be blasted and that person is out. Blast happens, all are stunned to see Jasleen’s puppet blasted. JASLEEN IS ELIMINATED. Salman says only 3 weeks are remaining, you played well. Salman says game didnt finish, one more will be eliminated. Salman says its Megha, MEGHA IS ELIMINATED. Romil thanks everyone. Dipika hugs Megha. Salman ends call.

Romil thanks everyone. Rohit and Deepak hugs him. Jasleen says Rohit is safe, jerk. Jasleen hugs Rohit. Jasleen cries and hugs Dipika and Sree. Megha asks KV to not steal sugar. Megha says I am going with Jasleen, I am happy. Megha asks Dipika to win. Deepak touches Megha’s feet. Jasleen and Megha leaves.

Sree says to Dipika that are we 2 vs. 6 or 3 vs. 5? Romil says dont worry, I will bring one more inmate towards your side, I have talked to Deepak to let KV on their side.

At night, Romil talks to Somi and says I am not scared.
Deepak sings abhi mujh mein kahin.
Romil says to Somi that I pray you get all happiness, good husband. Somi says how are you so nice today? you were not standing on ground for 2 weeks. Romil sings tere bina.

In morning, Bigg Boss asks inmates to pause. Bhuvneshwari enters house and kisses Sree’s cheek and cries. Bhuvneshwari says to Surbhi that I can never forgive you, Sree says no. Bhuvneshwari says dont interfere, you can forgive her but not me. Bhuvneshwari says to Surbhi that he talked about Harbhajan to make you captain, think about your identity first. Sree tries to stop her and cries.

Sree comes in store and finds his kids there, he hugs his daughter, his daughter says I missed you. Bhuvneshwari and Sree bring their kids to garden, Dipika smiles seeing them.

Salman signs off from show.

PRECAP- Deepak’s father coming in house and says respect people in house. His father says that this is the first time I have worn 1000rs shoes, you have made us proud. Deepak cries.
Teejay comes in house with their daughters. KV hugs and cries. Teejay cries with him.
Bhuvneshwari says to Sree that dont give right to people to provoke you.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. Rajjo

    omg… shree’s wife was on fire… she can make someone feel sorry even if didn’t do anything. kv’s wife is a very nice n graceful person the way she handled the question was good she neither kv wrong nor right… surbhi’s bhai was just like surbhi lolll… yakeen ho gya ki vo subhi rana ka bhai h… puri hindi dictionary rati hi h usko… even salman was laughing at a moment…
    yaar ab ye dipika-kv ki problems khatm krwao yaar bohot ho gya… pta nhi kis baat ki chidi h ye deepika kv se itne din ho gye na ab to khatm kren ye dono… aisa lgta h chote bachche hn “usne mujhe maara”, “usne mere saath vesa kiya” bolte rehte hn… galti dono ki h na to bas dono solve kr le ho jayega…
    at least tomorrow surbhi will know that shree also has someone you can’t just provoke him always…. but i want to know that can family members come n scold other HMs like this??? i mean is it not breaking rules???

    1. It’s not in rules…I think so…coz in previous season bhaktiyar Irani (not sure if I spelled correctly) has come and scolded Urvashi “tumhare baap Ka Nahi khati mere behen…so u dare not call my sister anything…”

    2. Rajjo

      okayss if its that so…

    3. Devinder _ uk

      I am sorry but should have been sbourbi or so I deepak or rohit an kv wrong ones get eliminated. After what these people play low they still in bb wants trp. This time bb needs it as is the worst bb of all seasons. Why is she Istill in why not eliminated . She’s two faced like the friends pack.
      Bb decides not the public like they say. Does anyone read these comments does bb or salman know what comments are written. Do they get any idea what we actually think.

    4. @ devinder_uk from amsterdam ,
      salman is well aware of the happenings in the social media and so as the makers but just like a film some are heroes like simar bahu and sree and romil sama as some are villans like surbhi ,rohit and to some extent deepak as the script changes bad turns good and good turns bad # don’t worry your ido ltv bahu simar will be in top 2 :p

    5. I remember watching sreesanth when the seasons started that man would just not stop with his foolish, outrageous antics and pushing his weight around bullying other people… That first few week i wanted some one to come and slap some sens in to sreesanth and thats just what surbhi and gang did.but this past few weeks its just been the worst behavior from Surbhi..and what the hell was sreesanth’s wife all about being all up in surbhis face… she forgets when sreesanth called surbhi a hooker by saying that surbhi pushed him too far. who dose that, just think for a moment when sreesanth said to some one in the house that he knows K.V from out side and that K.V wont even stand in-front of him if he opens his secrets .. then in an argument said that K.V stays at home and does not work. would it be rite if K.V would reply be saying that sreesanth did fix the game and got of he got off scott free with influence or maybe that he pissed off some people in the locker room ( as sreesanth said it hime self) and they wanted him out… what sreesanth wife did today was cheap and in bad taste… this only shows the sreesanth and wife are arrogant people in my opinion… they are just bad people, all of them i n the house… nun off them deserve to win..

  2. Atiba……..I suppose u give the fastest updates amongst all…….Hats off ma’am☺️
    Forum me the highlight of the show was sree’s wife bhuvaneshwari. She is just too good……
    She raised both the matters Deepak’s disgusting comment on jasleen n surbhi calling sree Casanova……she is a very strong personality……quite impressed…… her first visit showed her strength….. ??
    Surbhi’s brother was just like her…… if he would have been there in the house he would have gone even low than surbhi I guess…..salman made fun of him hilariously?
    I found the FIR task quite boring n useless……
    How can people think that romil could be in bottom 3… seriously…… he might win…..
    N this stupid Deepak thinks that dipika could be in bottom 3?……i think he has completely lost it……?
    Jasleen n megha’s eviction was expected…… the news was already out but gonna miss them…….
    Sree’s kids are so cute n little boy was so shocked…… ale?
    Kv’s little angels were so happy too see their dad……their emotions were so real??
    Hope that romil gets too meet his son too who is an adorable little teddy??
    Bhuvaneshwari will surely teach a lesson today rohit n surbhi……they surely deserve it…..
    Deepak’s father is proud of his son……deepak got quite emotional…… ?
    But I have a problem they didn’t show shoaib n dipika?……koi nhi……
    All the kids were sooooo cute……
    Whether the show is scripted or not…….but these emotions r definitely real……

    1. Rajjo

      whoever(somi, deepak) took name of deepika i was like what a joke… salman stated that on the basis of voting who must be in bottom 3 then deepika no where reaches to that… her fanbase is of course much greater than the nominated people… if it was on the basis of doing work in the house or tasks or playing strategy or entertainment then maybe that true… but you if people think that she must be in bottom 3 with those people on the basis of voting then buddy you are dreaming! please wake up!

    2. Ya true both romil and Deepika r almost confirmed top3 along wd sree I guess..loved Ur comments ?..and stupid of romil too to take dipika’s name?

    3. @Diya
      Thank u for loving it:-))

  3. Chakravarthi Rajamohan

    I m so disappointed that the eviction is made this time purely by makers … How Deepak escaped…

  4. Surbhi ke family main sbi paagal hain kya…uske bhai ko dekhke to lgta hai jas ne sach he kha tha ” surbhi paaglkhane se aye hai” iske genes main he budhi bhrasht hai…iski fault nhe hai…I m so liking TJ and Mrs Sreesanth…madam ne jo waat lgae hai churail surbhi ke precap main…clean balled…ab bas sree jake sorry sorry na kre…and I really hope bb putting surbhiromil in handcuff is not a hint for them to get together otherwise I’ll have to hate romil again and I dont want that…Romil pls keep your sanity intact and make a group wid sree dpka kv…I hope TJ puts some sense in kv tomorrow and motivate him to patch up with sree be4 it’s too late…I feel bad for jasmegha but they all have to leave one by all good…but pls pls pls bb you have to evict somi rohit and surbhi be4 anyone else…these 3 should be eliminated in cmng weeks…if somi is smart she should play in stronger group where nominations wont effect major players like sree dpka and they can save her…if she stays in surbhis group then for sure she is next

    1. Surbhi part was so true…??

  5. It really hurts when someone very deserving person eliminates bfr non dersering cotestants..

    But as megha said many times.. It is much more important to win hearts and respect than to win the show..

    So yes megha.. U really earned respect…
    U were the most strong women and task performer of this season…
    Only after ur entry dpka and jas got confident and started to show their indivdual personality… U were the enery booster for them.. We know u were much more deserving to stay… But it is good the alllove and respect ppl are giving u outside…
    And public is definitely gonna miss u…

    Jas too deserves to stay…
    In the beginning all the public including me.. Was calling her fake… But after somwtime she really showed her real personalty and i really like her for her bubbly nature…
    She was the only contestant in the bb house.. Who most of the time wore smile on her face..

    So… For megha and jas… Respect… And lots of love…

    1. @XYZ
      Megha performed like a tigress in all of the tasks…..:-)
      N deepak was scared just from her…….haha

    2. I have a feeling they might keep megha in secret room…she deserves a chance

    3. Rajjo

      in thirteenth week its impossible to do that… no she is evicted…

    4. @XYZ missed you yesterday…
      I agree.. Megha was the one who showed them how to perform tasks…she was definitely an energy booster…a genuine person with lots of maturity…she won heart for sure…I used to love her voot shows…
      Jas – definitely deserving than Rohit and somi…
      I always wanted that Rohit to go before Megha n Jas… anyways he got his share from Salman and definitely now he know what he has earned from this show…
      Megha and Jas were the charm of the voot shows…

    5. @XYZ, very true. Salman may call Dipika the most dignified, but if Dipika wasn’t Simar, she was just like Somi in the show ! She would’ve got eliminated much before. In those 5 nominated, Dipika was the weakest as a contestant. But since she is Simar, she is still there. Megha and Jasleen were sweethearts. Lioness with the princess . I will miss them too. But as Bigg Boss says, the deserved mustn’t win !

    6. @Aarohi could not agree more. Yes if Dipika was not simar she is weak among 5 nominated contestants

    7. True @aarohi..celebs have an additional advantage of having a votebank eve bfr entering BB house..

    8. Deepika actually would’ve been like urvashi instead somi is too loud and still more active than deepika is

    9. Rajjo

      hiiii @ xyz… how are you n where were you… we missed you… 🙂 🙂
      agree to all your points megha was definitely the strongest player in doing task n made other women strong also but just her bad fate that she was nominated just becoz of her reaction of wrong deeds of other contestant…

  6. If God could’ve granted a wish, I would rather fall for Romil everyday but won’t ever marry him! (Girls will get this point :-P)
    Megha and Jasleen look so cute together, I was kinda in aweeeee…
    They had to leave one day, and it doesn’t hurt that much if they leave together. :3 so, chilly pilly. And, Teejay and KV – they are perfect for each other. Good old souls. I m more excited to watch Deepak’s father as I m getting a real emotional vibe, I want to see the kids too… everyone’s kids. I want Bhubaneswari to tell everyone in the house how honest KV is a person, so that Sree patches up with KV. Somi, Rohit are up next. Sree, Dipika, KV, Romil and Deepak will go for the semi-finals if the makers throw Surbhi out.
    Lastly, I really like Romil but today for one moment, when he was busy celebrating his happiness of victory over Megha and Jasleen, I felt he is a little selfish. He possesses a perfect wit, has a charm, makes people laugh, everything is okay-shokay but……..
    That one thing I watched today made me feel bad for Megha and Jasleen with whom Romil was sharing a khatti-meethi bond.

    1. @Aarohi……
      Aapne jo romil k celebration k baare mei kaha wo bilkul sahi h…….even I felt the same…..

    2. Rajjo

      Hey aarohi just wanted to share something… coming of deepak’s father n he touching his feet n ol seriously reminded me of Manveer Gurjar when his father came that promo just took me to bb10 really…

      n yes romil was looking like kindaa selfish that time i also felt that… that moment i felt like all his humor charm n ol are his just a way of playing n influencing someone maybe i am thinking very much but that little moment much of his strategy…

    3. Rajjo

      but also on the other side that reaction of romil we can say was pure real from the inner heart which came just out unplanned types…
      others also celebrate but they do that after going of the evicted contestant… just my thought

    4. @Aarohi Romil’s happiness was justified as that was real and not fake. Rota to fake hota. He celebrated his win not their defeat. Jasleen and Megha went on good note.
      Secondly he told ki wo yahan jitne aaya hai and prize money is important to him
      Thirdly he told Sree few days ago ki Bhai aapko kaise pata ki Kya Kya dekha hai when wo bola murderer k bagal m soya hai? Irony of being common man is you can’t share your struggle story because no one will be interested. But ek common person ki life m Roz struggle hota hai, struggle ka phase nai. He needs to win that money.

    5. U r ryt,,,and I came to know about his story today,,my respect 4 romil is on top now,,,if u have realised whenever he talk about the promise he made to her wife ,,he gets emotional ,,but didn’t utter a word about what promise he has done,,,,because he didn’t want to play sympathy card like others,,and u r very ryt about the murder vali baat,,,he too has seen a lot but never mention in the show,,,,,,(4 the first time I am commenting here just to put my pov on this)

    6. Loved what u said. True.

    7. @hope and @anji, nice to see that u guys didn’t misinterpret his celebration.chalo koi to smjha usko?. And the way u both put frwd Ur opinion abt romil is too good?

    8. @aarohi, actually romil is a commoner na..he has no idea how many fans he has gained.. pehle v ek bar evict ho Chuka he tht Megha was celeb so she might get more votes..and also fear was very visible in his eyes..did u c how he was biting his nails and was so restless? Isi liye wo “thank God” bola..and unke samne celebrate nhi Kiya..dur ho gya unse phir celebrate Kiya..agr samne krta to Bura lagta

    9. @Diya, yeaaah .. I admit it. And, you are right on this point, I had thought it in another way. Correct. Thank you, girl. :-*

  7. AnuAnu

    Will miss Jas for sure…. KV’s kids are so cute and adorable …. and Sree’s daughter was excited and looked like cutie princess… ???

    1. Rajjo

      Hiii @AnuAnu… Long time no see (comment)
      Shree daughter is so cute… So much???

    2. AnuAnu

      @Rajjo Hi…. Yes I had stopped watching the show after last WKW… then I saw a news that Salman scolded Surbhi and Rohit for their misbehaviour then I quickly went and watched WKW on Voot. Didn’t see any last weeks episodes…. Is there anything I must watch?

      Saw Jasleen interview after eviction she said she was playing a prank on Anup Ji about their relationship… Shocking….

    3. Rajjo

      Nothing is there to watch apart from wkw…
      N jas interview is omg! Prank… Lol…???
      Why to confuse viewer what’s the need???…
      She was a jodi that guru shishya jodi it was also good didn’t required to play prank…

    “suraj par pratibandh aneko aur bharosa ratoon par
    nayan humare sikh rhe hai hasna jhoothi batton par ”
    this one suits the brother of surbhi rana lol #KYA UNIQUE PIECE NIKLA USKA BHAI LOL # DEFECTIVE PIECE seems like some off beat person , now its clear why surbhi is that much irritating lol # its better to hear from all on his #POPATVANI
    mrs.sree wow so much calm and composed lady after being through so much errupted for a very good reason took good class of unmannered man # potrayed her points very well and spot on , very polite and humble way she has potrayed herself
    TJ seems to have her qoutes too but not much to potray hope she incorporate some mind in kvb soon:p# sach ka sath do types :))-
    SALMAN and RITESH have done #GOLMALL AND JHOLLMAL TOO , kind of funny lol good timepass
    #FIR session : dipika ji to barash padi kv par # ritesh let it go very politely and ease the tensed moment well , some stuffs happen and that #PSYCHO LADY said absolute false words for our #TRUE SOUL ROMIL ( actually she got brainfaded lol hahahaha )
    #KV CHAKKI PISHSING AND PISHSING LOL (light moment light fun)
    # BUBBLY JASS WON THE SULTANI AAKHADA , it was very much enjoyable to see somi’s reaction and defeat lol
    # MRS SREE AND MRS KVB SHOWN GOOD UNDERSTANDING GOALS # NICE TO SEE ( hope this friendship comes in house too quickly now as its high time )
    #SREE KIDS AWW SOO SOO CUTE and very preety kids adorablE# EMOTIONAL MOMENT TO SEE THAT # much loveable ending so far the best episode till now # sree kids saying “buaa” to dipika was a mesmerised kitkat moment
    all in all good episode !!!!
    “aankho mein pani rakho, hoothon par chingari rakho
    zinda rehna hai to tarkibben bahot sari rakho
    rah ke patthron se badhkar kuch aur nhi hai manjilen
    raste awaz dete hai safar zari raho !!!!!”# TO ALL MEGHA and JASS fanS # cheer up and smile pls :p

    1. Rajjo

      kya baat h airplanes …
      nice shayari… go ahead… 🙂

    2. @ rajjo , good morning , will definitely try to move ahead with your words # perfect analysis of the episode # well done !!!!!!

    3. @Airplanes
      Shayari is wonderful……

    4. @Nandini.
      haaha thanks , had written for meghaji and jass fans , man mein battein aayi aur hathon ne type kar di:p

    high time for #TRUE SOUL ROMIL # GAME IS ON !!!! ab jo acha khelega woh audiences ka fav banega testing times for # GOLDEN HEARTED ROMIL # NIKHAR JAO YA BHIKHAR JAO , have to see makers ab romil ko negative potray karte hai ya positive its just that ki play for right and audience has to connect to u like they did to manveer gujjar ,pritam pyare, vikash gupta , have to remove the attention from somi now and focus on removing rohit surbhi and gang # suggest you to play with sree and dipika but take stands at true things # time has come up to be slight selfish and move on #SAM DAM DAND BHED !!!! But in limit boundaries , better stay positive play from mind and for truth #ALL THE BEST TO ALL ROMIL FANS #DOSTON KEEP VOTING TRUE SOUL ROMIL #ab nhi rukna vote vote vote !!!!!#LOVE TO OJ !!!!

    1. I just hope they show the romil we see on boot..the funny cute romil..and don’t show him in negative light…too worried tbh

    2. @Diya,
      tough times ahead have to see what the script demands # nice comments to see :))-

  10. PRECAP is nice i m eagerly waiting for # BELLA and VIENNA in the show such a barbie cutiepie kids kv have # i can’t take my eyes of the precap so special for kv and deepak # happy for sree and his lovely and so sweet family and kids # sree ‘s daughter was so much happy and jumping in joy # absloutely loved it !!!!# kv and tj will meet too lovely scenes # PAISA VASOOL EPISODES TOMMOROW AND DAY AFTER TOMMOROW #deepak’s father real emotions will be potrayed # STRUGGLE SAGA -the UNTOLD STORY audiences will get to witness some real moments despite being in fake content show :))-

  11. the sad part of the episode is the elimination of jas and megha. I will miss them… anyway waiting for tomorrow…

  12. Watched jas and megha’s interview..

    One point i didn’t find true in jas interview… She said her relationship with anoop was a prank.. ??
    Otherwise… She was smiling throughout her interview and was looking too cute..

    Megha’s interview was spot on.. She was very real in bbhouse and her interview confirms it..
    Her tone and behaviour everything was same like she do in bb house…

    1. @xyz,dear,don’t be sad fr Megha or jas..they might nt have won d trophy but they won lots of hearts..and regarding jas revelation,I think wo smjh aa rha tha pehle se ..and TBH ek baat kahu,I feel they were actually better as contestants dan sree(not demeaning him )..they try to do tasks even when they know they will lose,showed fighter mentality,gave it back like pros to ppl like Rohit and don’t be sad

    2. Watched Jas interview…me too in ,?? condition…
      Was definitely not a prank which came in her mind just before entering…two things could have happened…
      1) they had a solid relationship of years..but after seeing the backlash from public, media and her family Anupji backed out…now that he doesn’t want to continue this relationship, jasleen left with only choice of calling it a prank n escaping from the embarrassment… it’s better too than mudslinging each other…
      2) BB creative team asked and made a contract with them to enter as couple to garner viewers…they had to live that lie till the day they were in the house…
      I feel it’s the first one… there was video played on their entry, jasleen defended their relationship strongly in first week task, was shown Clueless n disturbed when got to know that Anupji denied it outside and lastly when he came back the way she behaved and the concerns ABT her relationship…

    3. Jasleen said the truth @XYZ. The whole Anup-Jasleen drama was made by Bigg Boss so that they can do cheap publicity and increase the trp.

  13. @XYZ ,
    i wanted to say your fav contestants are out but they have won hearts and most importantly played well , this show and we are gonna miss them but sad na hona coz agar aap dukhi ho jaoge to @Aarohi, rajjo, nandini , diya ,sandeep,jisha , naina sab sad ho jayenge now you have to motivate here each and every one with your critical and sweet words so cheer up don’t know kab ye comment post ho par jab bhi ho aap smile karna na bholna:))-

  14. I just loved Mrs. Shree…she was bang on… every point which Salman and BB team conveniently forgot last week, she made sure to point it out… “Calling him Casanova (with it’s definition), Surbhi went first on his character n then Shree gave it back, Deepak calling jasleen ….”
    She made sure, Salman and entire India knows that Shree was not the only one who went on character last week, yet he was the only one who was treated as criminal…
    Surbhi’s brother – either he is crack like his sister or he has no other options left than defending Surbhi…I think it’s the second one…
    TJ – she was not talking much…I think she was taken a back by the open letter incident…so was just playing safe….I am happy she too feels that KV is in wrong group… hope she makes him understand…
    Megha and Jas were the charm of BB voot shows…I will miss them…
    Romil was worried of the double eviction…he felt Megha is stronger than him…his expressions and emotions were justified when he knew he was safe…
    Just loved the convo btn Sree and Romil…
    “Is it 2 Vs 6 or 3 Vs 5” and the reply too…
    Mrs. Shree is in good mood and is not going to spare Surbhi for sure…I would love to see that and won’t blame her…if someone makes my hubby go through these things, I am sure I will do the same or may be more than this…
    Excited for tomorrow’s episode…(specially for KV n Shree kids ..)

  15. AnuAnu

    I literally cried watching this video now. ?????

    1. @ANU ANU,
      NICE VIDEO but sad song it s now a token of remember-ance to sree dipi jass and megha bond , but this will make an individual sobber so time to close that chapter tonight itself and see the future ahead i know its easier said than done but have to get over their addiction from our mind and heart last season when hiten arshi were eliminated by traitor in disguise shilpa same video was made for vikash hiten arshi trio ppl will remember them in hearts for sure # cheers and put the smile on your face # no crying allowed till airplanes are flying :)))- in the updation land :p

    2. AnuAnu

      @Airplanes Hi.. really missed the reading your comments.

  16. needed some competition in the game now its better makers apna trum card open kare aur dipika and sree ko lekar competetion dikhaye jaise hayden aur mcgrath opposite teams mein agar hote to mza hi kuch aur hota waise hi time has come up to stop this bhaiyya saga and allow difficult times for romil ,sree and dipika too # makers should make dipika majboor to choose game and sree now , i know im sounding harsh to almost all but trust me this will be the MVP (most valuable plot) of the show , rest ka kya hai somi rohit surbhi deepak and kv then will be eliminated , despite being potraying dipika as a refree show her as a contender being dignified is good but still i will say the test of romil and dipika is still awaiting # karo kuch bhi either dipika vs romil or sree-kv patch up vs dipika -romil or kv-sree-dipika vs romil alone coz rohit deepak somi and surbhi to 100th day tak eliminate to ho jayenge hahhaha
    hope ki surbhi- sree-kv- dipika vs romil- rohit -deepak ka plot na ho otherwise then #TRUE SOUL ROMIL ko negative potray kiya jayega lol hahahah
    plenty of ifs buts but makers ki maan mein kaun si dal pak rhi hai ye dekhna mazedarr hoga !!!!!
    (DIPIKA fans trophy bachao #SREE and ROMIL SE hahahaa # game on baby !!!!

    1. KV is a lost soul !
      Dipika is just a Somi with Sree instead of Romil!
      Sree is an indecisive chameleon!
      Deepak is irritating!
      Romil is clever with less emotions!

      None is like Manveer or Pritam this time, boy! None deserves at least to be called a winner.

    2. 3 weeks still there , alot can change if makers thinks so , why kv needs simar sree he is alone good but he should leave that gang sree is the poster boy, dipika is the social media trp ,deepak is just like pinch of salt in the shaw kam ho gya to tasteless aur zyada ho gya to harmless and true soul romil is clever but not less emotions , the jesture he did after getting saved was normal to be frank he was being for himself at that moment coz being so analytical he has his sixth sense telling him that both jas and megha are going out so he chilled throughout time to move forward one gesture doesn’t matter that much coz jass huggged romil nicely and told him she will meet him outside and with megha we all know it was neither a friendship nor an enemyship:p
      indeed pritam jaisa koi nhi so as manveer too but #TRUE SOUL ROMIL is there to play and win rather than doing bhai halwa khayenge :p
      dipika is not a deserving winner to be frank at the moment agar abhi kv sree patch up karle to dipika will be all alone and very upset too

    3. Aarohi what wuality did manveer have please remind me cz all i remember is that he use to listen to mannu all the time real winner ws manu

    4. @ aarohi dr
      Plz don’t compare dipika with somi
      There are lot of difference between them
      I agree that she is not playing well
      There are people who open up with only close people

    5. @Alfy, the show isn’t only about being perfect, or only about being real. It’s about being real and turning into perfection.
      ‘PROGRESSION’ is what I will call for Manveer. The Manveer who entered BB was someone I didn’t like. He changed into a completely different man after he came out. That was the only thing.
      Brain to play is present in the second boy of the lot, but the winner must have a heart with a brain. Romil and Deepak have brains. Manu had a brain. But Manveer was the only one who didn’t even think to stay for much long, but eventually, turned to be a good human being with passing days. He maintained relationships and that was the best part. On the finals, when Lopamudra was called by Salman Khan to leave the house and come to stage, she hugged Manveer and said, “champ.. jit ke ana.” Lopa had major fights with Manveer, he wasn’t her best friend but that was what he ‘earned’.
      Bani was a lone soldier just like Sree is now. I see Sree just where Bani was 2 years back.
      Manveer survived, mended all relationships, was a combination of both.

    6. @Teddy, I was with Dipika since the very first week when she deserved to be in the finals. Who is the winner ?
      The one who stays on her own in a corner with a single friend or The one who brings a house together to correct the wrong done by any of the housemates ?
      I will say again, a woman must take the responsibilities too if she wants equality to be prevailed. U will want the privileges but won’t take any responsibility — that’s a sign of pseudofeminism. Had it been Megha, I will say she is the one who should have replaced Dipika. She cooks food, does tasks too…
      Karishma, Bani, Lopa, Kishwer, Hina – these girls have proved that. Okay, let me consider she isn’t good at tasks.
      If she could try to make Surbhi a better person or If she could make the house strong by keeping it united or if she could make her foes her friends —– I would’ve agreed. But her only work is to pacify Sree’s veins so that he doesn’t get ill ! She is always with Sree keeping him isolated.
      That’s not a winner, that’s not Simar either.
      Now, compare. Somi protecting Romil and Dipika protecting Sree. No ties apart from that.
      Manveer had a bond with almost everyone. Even he tried to make Swami Om a better person !

    7. @Airplanes,
      I respect everyone’s emotions there in the house who are struggling since last 3 months without any connection with their near and dear ones.
      Romil must have gone through struggles in life too which he never told. I respect that quality in him to make others smile even without letting his own tears shed. He is just like a father who bottles up his own feelings, doesn’t cry just to let the family be strong enough to smile. He doesn’t brings up his own issues and I really do respect that. But in a place like this, we make best friends out of the worst foes, and I felt Romil-Megha shared a bittersweet friendship.
      So, I felt didn’t he feel 1% sad for them ?
      Maybe, that’s the reality from his side but he should have felt bad for them too.

    8. I feel bad for kV gutless in voot, he was talking politely wd sree but sree said rude things..not done dude..kV even offered to go to jail fr he replied rudely.. regarding Dipika, totally agreed,neither sree not dipi is interested in tasks..sree TBH gives bekar excuses most f d tym.. and regarding romil,I relate to him coz even I look very emotionless f outside but dat dsnt mean dat I m emotionless. Sabka apna apna tareeka hota h..he cud hv used ds show to share his struggle stories lyk sree did but didn’t..and I love him more fr ds coz he dint use d sympathy card

    9. AnuAnu

      @Arohi so you are saying Dipika should like these x contests…? We have already seen that. Let’s watch something new. You are pointing a finger at her bcz she is like that otherwise what would you have to say about her? That she is just like female contestants from prev seasons….

      She is different in her own way…. and plzz don’t compare Surbhi and Dipika they are extremely different poles…. Let me note down the difference for you

      1.somi and Romil are friends, Dipika and Sree share a sibling bond
      2.sibilings fight over little things and say immature things like sree to Dipika
      Somi feels jealous of Jas bcz she feels Romil is close to her now you tell me when did Dipika felt jealous and insecure last time in case of sree..?
      3. Somi doesn’t protect Romil from anything (I didn’t see anything of that sort if it’s there feel free to enlighten me)
      4. Sree came in between Dipika and Deepak in BB panchayat task bcz that’s what you do when someone touches your sister now. Now in sree’s fights also she takes him away from there. What’s wrong in that. My point is it’s not like Dipika protect sree (I wonder from what). They know each other very well.
      5.somi commands Romil to do that, this.. Dipika doesn’t. Between them there is a mutual understanding
      6. Dipika always with Sree and not everybody in the house??? When was the last time you saw Somi with Megha jas or anyone other than Romil? But if you see voot there are so much short videos of Dipika with even Deepak where she calls him cute..
      7.Dipika is a strong women in my opinion she raise her voice when necessary Strong or independent womens are not the ones who raise their voice and does not do house hold works (which you pointed out like prev seasons contestants).i say women doting household works are even more patient and strong. Dipika was extraordinary in Panchayat task and she even fights with sree for his wrong doings.
      8.Dipika scolded sree when he commented on surbhi. What somi does is fight for Romil’s attention. They are extremely different fights.
      9.Eveyone in the house fight or talk about Dipika bcz she is someone who is strong from the beginning.. If someone targets you and tries to pull you down it’s bcz you are stronger than them. I don’t think Somi had to face such an issue so far in the house.
      10. Dipika never needed her friendship saving her from nominations.Sree even said Dipika is strong so he won’t save her nomination s. Where as Somis team always saves her from nominations and Jail…

  17. bhuvneshwari ji ne clean bowled kar diya surbhi and rohit ( extinct ) ko lol hahaha took very good class of her but its getting clearer that centre of footage sree hi hoga , dipika ji refree bankar trophy le ja sakti hai , deepak somi kvb will play the role of supporting substitute players vs bad villans rohit surbhi aur rahi barr #true soul romil ki to makers will definitely make him strong contender vs sree for sure #waiting for that plot too # tab tak tissue boxes sambhalte hai till the family reunion and enlighten our angriness a bit towards other contestants lol

  18. Why they tied Romil & Surbhi together??Do they want to see them together again??It looks almost impossible now especially from Romil’s side.Deepika is now over reacting, KV said sorry to her, in tasks people get hurt, but why to hold on grudges,complain again and again.
    Surbhi’s brother was sooo hilarious, It need not be said that he is Surbhi’s brother. I laughed my heart out listening him,he nervous and lost plot, he couldn’t make eye contact.But kudos to him man , it was 3 Vs 1,still he answered well, the best thing about him was he was ready to take jokes on himself, that’s why even after Salman’s numerous taunts he defended his sister with a smile.
    Bhubaneshwary jii should have been a lawyer by profession both her attacks and defence was great. But at some points it felt like she repeated a script.
    TJ was the most graceful and dignified among them.
    Excited for tomorrow. I loved the kids?

    1. Thy wanted drama by tying romil & surbhi together either tears or jokes or whatever which they both failed

    2. The way Romil hugged her at last and kissed her head, I remembered their earlier bond, there is a slight possibility that these two will play together in future
      Romil have his comfort zone with happy club, also today he gave very vague answers to Shree when he asked him about teams .

  19. somewhere down the line its looking like dipika is the halting wall among sree -kv patch up coz dipika has cold vibes from kv for sure aur makers ne bhi kabhi patch up hone nhi diya lol , one has to visualise sometimes as a fan and sometimes as a critic this time being a critic ye sawal to banta hai is dipika the reason sree and kv are hesitating to patch up from sree side kv is a traitor and from kv side sree is using friendships but i would like to highlight here is that dipika ne kabhi bhi even for 1 time she didn’t told them to sit and sort it out like pals many will say its her strategy to never allow them to patch up and show some friendship goals to viewers many will say oh what are you saying she is as innocent as cow # gai hai gai simar aisa kar nhi sakti lol
    anyways kya sach hai kya jhoth ye sab perception ki maya hai jisne social medias par viewers ki badal di kaya hai lol
    P.S:- neither a hater nor a supporter but just got in ACP PRADYUMN MODE @ telly updates kuch to gadbad hai daya:p

    1. I totally agree with you. Dipika may be a good soul but she doesn’t want KV and Sree to patch up…. It’s her strategy.
      Which is the reason I never had a liking towards her cause kitne bhi badde jhagde ho… Group Mai Tino the toh kabhi to sort out karne boln chahiye tha.
      Yeh bohot bura tha!!!
      And ssly har baar KV ko Target karna chalu Kar Diya hai chhoti bacchi ki tarah.

    2. @pari,
      good to have same view point it makes things a lot easier to understand :))-

  20. sree thinking if he patches with kv then dipika will be upset , kv thinking there is no space for any friendship between them just wondering if kv sree patch up and dipika shares cold vibes with kv then bechare sree phass jayenge aur agar patch up hua to dipika will be hit wkt then it will test ki bhaiyya ya trophy lol # just another angle to observe things , every task bigg boss dono ko sath mein dal dete hai lol unke bond ka exam lena bhool gye hai bigg boss khel rh hai audiences to bewkoof ache se banete raho lol

  21. Lokesh

    Megha ji ne apna kaam Kiya aur Chali gyi, the ignitor, the Chanakya of show, sad for Jasleen, she deserve a little more atleast upto semifinals, ab jaldi se Rohit , Somi, Surbhi Ko nikalo. Waise BB ka real episode kal aayega, the family, the reality.still remember last season family scenes, that ghuchpoo for vg , Shilpa’s mom, and Hina Ko ro.. Rocky, and the way Shilpa made joke on Hina for saying ro to Rocky.
    Hello to everyone here, I commented for the first tym yesterday and read all comments too, I must say u guys are excellent review makers and have amazing POV’s .
    And mr. Airplane or modiji u remind me of fenil bro and Medha di , my frnds on this site. U have really a great sense of Humour, sometimes I feel as if u r Fenil bro only

    1. @ lokesh ,
      nice short and sweet comments i agree to your words and yes fenil is there always somewhere around u just have to call him once he will pop up for you :))-#RADHE RADHE

    2. Lokesh

      To aap fenil nahi ho, fir bhi mujhe lagta hai ap fenil hi ho

  22. Forgot to mention,
    There was another sweet moment which was the icing on the cake of Deepak-Megha fights.
    Deepak was holding his ears to apologize to Megha, admit it or not, it was an epitome of extremely sweet gesture shown by a brother to an elder sister. I loved that moment. No matter whatever happened, Deepak’s apology was so genuine, I loved it.

    1. So true @Aarohi


    Omg just shut up stop being so over dramaic for god sake grow up for once and so what if dipika did a role of simar everyone’s a celeb in ourdays and ps about her punishing kv I support her ful on yall just hate her for owt reason ffs you al ruinin the whole show it doesn’t even take a seconde for you al to write a hate comment against eachother seriously man for what I watch was very emotional at least don’t be so heartless and jelouse writing al dis bs dipika said what she said simple as that m sure if u was in her place u would of said the same thing. Just for once just shut up these week is very emotional seeing there loved ones honestly broke my heart I couldn’t see sree crying his daughters are so adorable amazing beautiful so cute mashallah and awww sree cute daughters kissed dipika bless there heart kv daughters are so cute omg this legit made me emotional the best week epi I’ve seen x love you sree dipika jas mega can’t wait for tomorrow waiting for dipika husband eek can’t wait xx one more ting when dipika husband does come please don’t even comment saying oh she’s sucha a drama queen fake acting this and that please keep that irrelevant shit to urself seriously no ones got time for that her relationship with shoaib is called true love if she cries don’t cal her fake because she’s one of the amazing person yal can hate on her as much as u want she is who she is DIPIKA HATERS GO DO ONE AND TOMORROW EPI SHOULD BE GOOD LY SREEDIPIKA❤️

      Yes u r absolutely right:-))

  24. Today’s episode and tomorrow’s episode both are gonna b quite special fr sure.and omg sree’s kids are love and d way they hugged daddy darling????????
    Bhuvneshwari rightly answered everything but I wud disagree wd her on one point..sree hasnt been seen performing tasks…he kind of wants to find excuses ..and bartan was a punishment,nt task.
    Surbhi’s brother’s shudh hindi? ..all in all he was funny to watch but I don’t think Salman Ko wo dctr wali baat bolna chahiye tha..kisike profession ka mazak na banao..and y was sree ‘s wife nt qstnd abt his behaviour? Nevertheless she is an intelligent woman.but teejay won my heart over among these positive and dignified..
    Excited for all d HMS family, especially Diksha and oj…god knows wat she will say to Surbhi or similar??
    And I know Surbhi and Rohit are wrong but I wud hv been happier if she wud hv completely ignored dem.
    Bt watver she said to Surbhi is right though..just d time and place is nt right..Surbhi is a shitty psycho.ritesh ne sahi jawab diya wen she was ranting agnst romil.
    And d eliminations were unfair…Megha and jas k jagah Rohit Somi Surbhi Ko Jana thank yaar?.. and btw y do HMS underestimate romil so much? Achi khasi fan following h Abhi uski despite being a commoner.
    And I hope dat makers don’t start showing romil in a negative light now..he’s a cheetah like Deepak said…so makers ,fr god’s sake,don’t do Ur editing crap and portray d actual golden hearted romil?

  25. Sneak peak mein surbhi ke bhai shakal.dekh kr hi samajh gyi thi main ki yeh pagal hai aur ussi. Ko support karega jis tarah sree ki wifr ne kaha surbhi ko ki woh kbhi usko maaf nhi karengi was too good. The way sree was stopping her can’t be fake. Kal tk main bhi surbhi ko support kr rhi thi. But sry I cant be unfair like her always . I can’t ignore sree’s goodness for long(even if its for sometime)

    1. Rajjo

      Ok i am also not liking surbhi but one thing i want to say that sister-brother relationship is something else… Even if they fight with each other but if n outsider will argue them they won’t listen… N the same goes with surbhi bhai he will defend her sister even if she is wrong… As becoz she is his sister…
      I m saying that no problem in defending his sister but he should tell her personally that she is going wrong if he doesn’t do that then he will be wrong for sure…

  26. Surbhi’s brother was sounding like padha likha gawar. Loved KV’s wife. She is calm and composed.
    Loved Sree’s babies, cute. Sree’s wife gets too much emotional. Justified as wife but you can’t expect or complain that much to a girl who is not your family or friend. Liked Sree for stopping his wife. With due respect to Sree’s wife emotions, Sree has faced world more than you and wo soach samajh Kar kaam karta hai. He knows his game. Let him put words to his opinion. He forgave Surbhi to stop Rohit from becoming captain.
    Liked her comment on dusra bb dekh rahe Kya but of 3 TJ is most sorted.
    Cute moments: Romil and Deepak hug. Deepak’s dad emotions were so pure. Everyone of us want to make our dad proud like that. His dad advice too. You won hearts uncle when told ki sanskar na bhulo.
    Jas was looking pretty in akhada. This BB house had positive effect on the girl.
    Liked megha’s motherly hug to Deepak and Deepak too was good to her.
    Romil is among one of those who handles not only his but others emotions too well. Talking to Somi about Deepak was too dignified way to keep somi’s emotions in check and silently putting control on her possessiveness.
    Megha jasleen k jatea Sree told hum 2-6 hai ya 3-5 showed how quickly people move on now a days.

    1. The last part. Exactly. This is sooooooooooooo true that I wanted to say but I always felt what others will think. I really love Romil but that backbencher attitude in him makes girls fall for him. I will call it as Romil’s mistake, not Somi’s. He made Somi fall in love unknowingly. And I know, Romil didn’t have feelings but he enjoyed the dilemma !
      And that’s why I mentioned in my comment I can fall for Romil but won’t marry him.
      Romil is smart and attractive. And he uses that capability very smoothly .
      Sree and KV are husband material but Romil se abhi vi woh school charm gaya nahi! ?

    2. Loved Ur comments ??

  27. Deepak’s comment on KV ki celeb tha Jo commoner ban Gaya. Lakh takea ki baat. Bachea bhi KV see jyada samajh rakhte hain

  28. The way Deepak thanked god when Romil was saved,was heart warming, I generally don’t like him much but today he stole the show
    Also Romil’s reaction after the eviction was natural, it shows what the show means to him
    Romil & Deepak touched Megha’s feet was very cute, Romil hugged Surbhi even when she took his name for bottom 3
    Why is Shree so obsessed with numbers, is it the right thing to ask just after an eviction,its twice now (Shrishti &this),he is a strong player himself he need not search groups like this

    1. So true…all f d comments r so so true

  29. Apparently Megha had more votes than deepak but like always bigg boss again saved him

  30. Sree’s wife said everything I think majority of audience has been thinking about whether people like her confident attitude or not she does know to put her point forward, even though surbhi’s brother gave bigger shudh Hindi essay but with his body language was kinda telling that he is trolling everyone very badly I just wonder what bigg boss house would’ve been if he had come with surbhi as a jodi lmao(I kind of find him……..cute?)……,…………………………….what’s the meaning of doing family week in 13th week?bigg boss team has been so off about everything this year besides just an idea bigg boss should be of at least 4.5 months that’ll be more entertaining

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