Muskaan 8th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Muskaan’s mehendi ceremony

Muskaan 8th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Muskaan saying I will not forgive Sir ji, I want my mumma and justice, I know you are finding her too, I m with you, you have always saved my life and respect, you have always helped me, when we have no relation, we aren’t friends or anything either, I don’t know who you are for me, thanks. She hugs him. Gayatri calls them. She says we shall apply shagun haldi to Muskaan, I m sure that everything will get fine. Gayatri applies haldi to Muskaan. She asks Sir ji to apply haldi to Muskaan. She goes. Sir ji takes haldi. Ronak stops him. Muskaan says I won’t let you insult the rituals this way, I won’t let you apply haldi to me. Gayatri comes and asks did you apply haldi. She asks Ronak to always be with Muskaan. Ronak says I have some work. They go. Ronak sees Sir ji.

Sir ji goes and recalls Ronak’s words. He hits on the mirror and hurts his hand. Gayatri comes and gets shocked. Ronak comes and asks what happened. She goes to get aid. Ronak asks Sir ji to agree to his condition, there is still time. Ronak says Muskaan is scared now. Gayatri says yes, she won’t stay in outhouse now, let people say anything, I don’t care, take care of her. Ronak comes to room and sees Muskaan having a disturbed sleep. He keeps a flower packet near her. He goes to sleep. Muskaan wakes up and smiles seeing the flowers. She recalls keeping flowers near Ronak once. She goes to sleep.

Its morning, Muskaan thanks Ronak for the flowers. She says don’t worry for me a lot, I may get habitual. Ronak says I m going for some work, tell this to mum. Gayatri gets mehendi costume for Muskaan. She asks Ronak where is he going. He says its ladies function, what will I do here, forget me today. Gayatri says just touch this mehendi, its good that husband touches the mehendi shagun for his wife. Ronak touches the mehendi bowl and goes. Gayatri says come before sangeet. She asks Muskaan to get ready and come fast.

Muskaan comes. Dolly and Gayatri compliment her. She applies mehendi to Muskaan. Bua asks about Sir ji and Ronak. Gayatri says they went for some work. Sir ji is with Jaya. He thinks where to find Aarti. Gayatri does the mehendi shagun. Muskaan thinks of Ronak. Muskaan thinks all this is a lie, I know this can never get true. Gayatri writes Ronak’s name and says this relation will be of seven births now. Muskaan gets upset.

Muskaan dances in the Sangeet ceremony. London thumakda….plays… Ronak gets shocked seeing her. He slaps her. She falls down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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