Bepannah 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Adi gets accused of killing his father

Bepannah 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Zoya assuring Arjun that the worst is over now they have to take care of the family. Zoya gets a phone call that Adi was in bad shape at the city bar. She rushes to get back Adi with Arjun from the bar.

Naani is seen planning her next move with Rajveer they keep it secret from Zoya to take her by surprise. Drunk aggressive Adi is seen being thrown out by the bar bouncers. The bouncer rudely hands over Adi to Zoya n Arjun.

At hooda house, Harsh is pondering over Raj n Adi’s words, Adi’s anger and Anjana’s hurt. Harsh remembers the words of Adi as he accused his dad n how harsh had slapped Adi. Harsh regrets it.
He accepts his mistake n he decides to bring the two brothers together..they both were his sons. Harsh recollects Anjana reminding

him of her favours.

Adi arrives home and Naani and Raj are disturbed by the racket created by him in drunk state. Even the servants are disturbed. They know it had to be Adi. Harsh comes to check but finds no one. Adi pulls out a fruit knife.. He angrily goes towards Harsh who is in his study. Adi is drunk and staggers on the stairs.

Arjun and Zoya follow Adi. They look for Adi everywhere. Zoya n Arjun rush upstairs and are shocked to find Harsh sprawled on the floor. They find him bleeding profusely with numerous stab wounds on the chest n abdomen. Zoya screams with fright. Arjun weeps as he finds his dad unresponsive. The servants arrive there n are shocked too. Zoya supports heart broken Arjun. Rajveer is shocked to see all this. Naani is very shocked. They all notice Adi sprawled out on the chair in drunk state with bloodied knife. All assume Adi had murdered Harsh. Naani accuses Adi of killing his own dad.. Arjun is broken. Naani accuses Adi, snatches Raj’s dad away from him. Naani orders the servants to call police. Arjun is broken and Naani tells Arjun that it was Adi who killed his dad but Zoya asks Arjun to trust his elder bro that he could never kill any one.

Naani warns Zoya not to try to tamper with evidences. Zoya tries to wake up Adi but he is unresponsive. Naani takes pictures of Harsh n Adi n the bleeding knife. Zoya tries to wake up Adi, but in vain. Finally Adi opens his eyes. He is shocked to see himself holding a bloodied knife. He is shocked to see his father bleeding n dead. Adi weeps for his dad.

Next scene police arrive n collect evidences n photos, Naani tells police of kalyug that son killed father. She offers police her pictures. Zoya tries to support Adi but he is unresponsive. Police assure of investigation.

Police asks for Anjana harshvardhan. Arjun tries to send his mom away as she was under medication. He urges mom to take rest n not bother. Anjana soon reaches study n is shocked to find him no more. Anjana starts wailing loudly…

Soon Anjana finds out that Adi had blood on his hands. Naani accuses Anjana of giving bad upbringing to her son. Her own son had murdered her husband. Naani says Anjana was so proud of her son now look what he did. Adi looks confused n in shock.

Anjana is in disbelief.

Precap: Police asks Zoya to get whatever proofs or evidences she had, otherwise her husband Adi was going to get life sentence. Zoya enters cell where Adi is seen sitting depressed.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. I am hating big boss now and colors
    Never feel 1.1 or 1.2 trp is bad for late night slot
    Colors is loosing trp race aganist zee and star plus
    So they think like nazaar supernatural series can give them near 2 trp at late night slot

  2. Neha1

    This week is very crucial for all Bepannaah Fan’s…plz do watch only on TV no internet…

    Harshad Chopda with fan’s… swipe n watch.

  3. Neha1

    I will always love and remember this scene and love the BG music…

  4. Neha1

    This is funny and very nice scene of the show… I love this scene. Swipe n watch.

  5. Neha1

    Pooja’s 1 dialogue I was always appreciate is ..
    “I hope Adi ek din Tumhare naseeb mein bhi aisa Bepannaah pyar zaroor aye”.

  6. Neha1

    The very 1st time Adi filled Zoya’s hairline.. and that hug was Awesome πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜˜
    And I always love Arijit’s song “Channa Mereya”…but this picturised on ADIYA was too goodπŸ‘

  7. 11:28pm here n I’m still up hoping for some good news.
    Maybe I’ll get it when I’m up πŸ˜€

  8. I am bepanah sad, depressed when I read the bepanah Wikipedia page which shows the series end date as 30 November 2018.

    If the makers still consider if trp increases the the series might be continued on tv then why is Wikipedia showing end date of bepanah.
    Similarly if the series are being planned to be moved to digital platform voot (don’t know if channel has confirmed it) Wikipedia usual shows TV series start and end date along with web series start and end dates foe reference batameez Dil Wikipedia page which aired on star plus.

    😭😭😭😭 Don’t know if I should still watch bepanah or no . If the show’s not going to continue on TV or even on voot then I will just quit watching colors channel.

    The same thing of a show ending abruptly I had seen in ipkknd season 1 in 2012, later I didn’t even had the courage to see the other two season with different cast ,I had quit watching Indian drama and had moved to watch Korean, Pakistani drama since they were content oriented shows unlike illogical saas bahu, supernatural shows airing in India.

    Post ipkknd , I watched only bepanah without skipping any episode and would ardently watch the repeat telecast too.

    Please guys confirm if the shows going to continue or no as I have prepare myself to survive without watching jenshad and bepanah

    1. Oh my god same.. I too have watched ippknd and then after so long I got attracted to bepanaah!
      Oh lord. It really too painful. When the track got shitty I was sad and thought this was the most sad I could get.. but now that it’s not even supposedly that is.. getting a proper ending is triple the sadness I felt earlier.
      What worse can happen now!??!?
      I did not expect this.
      And btw yes I too have been trying to save the show.. have emailed n all.. so I request you too to please fight till we can.
      Let’s not lose hope.. which is something we should never do anyway.
      Also, korean shows? High five girl. I too am a huge fan of kdramas.

      1. Meera happy to see you again here.
        I guess we have all same tastes about shows. I found Bepannaah because of Ipkknd. I was after Sanaya in Colors and by chance i found our Adiya.
        I didn’t feel so bad about Ipkknd because i saw the show in 2017 when everything was over, but now i am feeling terrible about Bepannaah. I never thought i will feel this way about a show ever.

      2. Hi Meera, good to know we share same taste for watching drama. Till now I have been watching only kdramas, jdramas since the stories were short. I had left watching anyother drama since bepanah started, I am still waiting for positive results for all bepanah fandom fingers crossed 🀞🀞.

        I will still looking forward for the shows extension, just for it’s unique concept and jenshad, am still in disbelief that I won’t be able to see jenshad from December 😭😭😭😭.

    Oh God…that one night stand thing is true…dear friends…what kind of a show are we all trying to save?πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

    1. So like other show aditya love for zoya faded.
      Bepanah lost it charm in race for trp, somehow by colors somehow by makers.
      1.arshad was only 2 week , but extended. He should exit on engagement.
      2.unneccessary celebreties ,snake on adiya marriage stable time slot by colors I think 9pm was best
      4. After marriage blackmailing and adiya suffering in every episode
      5.good and bad in one episode how expect trp.
      6.unneccessary crow and poison drama
      7.What was need for breaking adiya romance 5-6 times in row? no romance will left after consummation, what makers think? Ridiculous.
      8.Now when episode are on track colors think trp low? What they thinks about trp at late night. Like nazaar, foul thinking.
      9. Savitri devi and kasam run over years without trp why not bepanah?
      10.Now planning for abrupt ending,story just started.It deserves another chance.Now that track of infedility is less.
      11.unnecessary killing of mr hooda. But ilogical seperation upcoming.( Something needed for rajveer and nani exit , so papa hooda dead expected)
      12. How can they solve sakshi murder,poosh murder, arnoor track, anjana -wasim argument in 10 episode? Colors did much damage than makers.
      New plot was written for show ending .Hope it get an extension with script change.
      Otherwise it is not expected adi leave zoya; zoya leave adi may be expected by loyal viewers.
      I might not watch this track if bepanah ending news has been running over internet.
      Sorry for long comment ; expecting others reply too

    2. Neha1

      OMG… Now I think if that’s cheap twist is coming then I give up…. Let the get happy ending…
      Honestly, I’m not supposed to be a part of such cheap and cliched drama ahead…Yes I’m a Bepannaah of AdiYa and Bepannaah but It doesn’t mean that makers will show such crap.. I was sad and disappointed…I felt like I get heart broken πŸ’”
      And makers didn’t give a reason to fight against the channel by showing such idiotic twists and turns in the show… Now after learning this shitty spoiler…I will watch Bepannaah but will try hard to cope up/to come out of that crazy feelings for AdiYa/Jenshad/Bepannaah….
      It’s seems that our efforts to save Bepannaah will go in vain… and on top of that makers are introducing such cheap drama-1 night stand, ahead. Seriously, I’m very sad, disappointed, heartbroken πŸ’” shattered and devastated…πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜žπŸ˜–πŸ˜’πŸ˜§πŸ˜₯

      1. Neha1

        Sorry for the errors… Too sad

    3. We have to save it first and then see what they will show. Nothing is sure they can change everything at the last moment.


    sorry if some one has already powted this link.. but it’s so damn truueeeeeee!!!
    pilot hooda! fun, Happy,strong Zoya and most importantly our AdiYa!!! ?!?
    Where do I find this?! Why is this show trying to ruin my life!?! God.
    I need to see these things for my inner peace,I swear!

    1. @ Meera : If this show is going to finish on 30th November, u may hardly get to see any of these!!!
      N if it stays on air or continues on voot…u have to wait…
      1. Adiya are getting divorced bcos of her supposed one night stand with Rajvir..
      2. Show taking a leap n Adi hates is beginning from Adiya hatred again…
      3. Adi no longer a pilot and a new entry is coming in as his business partner!!!


    Well Jenshad refuse to move into digital space…if they refuse they better end the show bcos if they are replaced I m least interested in watching the web series!!!!…no point…we love Jenshad n not Adiya!!!

  12. Haven’t heard any comment from Cast as yet so I’m still thinking on the bright side.

  13. I am in a dilemma right now…since last 8 days one bad news after another!!!…
    This was supposed to be the story of an unshakable bond of Adiya who fight it out with the world to be together!!!!…they had a big fat wedding and made eternal/umpteen promises to each other…But now colors has posted upcoming episode synopsis…in today’s precap Rajvir will put forth a condition to Zoya to save Adi…😣😣😣😣😣 ewwwww!
    I know Zoya will come clean but Adi is going to ask her for an ‘agnipariksha’…this is the part of Ramayan I hate the most…what about Adi’s promise of standing beside Zoya irrespective of whether he finds her right or wrong??
    Anyways now I sincerely want a happy ending for the series…now will participate in trend not for myself but others…I am not favour of this cheap track!!!

    1. I will watch this cheap track for jenshad as show is ending

      1. Well HHH I might as well the same .

        Hope Jenshad can be paired onscreen with something better in the future .

  14. Guys if i change location to india can i see Voot ?
    Trp on Voot is counted right? I will stick to the show till the end no matter what.
    I don’t want to talk about present track because i know it’s not the track decided by the creatives but from channel and only God knows how many other influences and interferences the original script had, i deny to believe the team who created epi 1,2,3,4 etc was the same who had the brilliant idea of Arshad’s track.
    I show has to end I would rather prefer a painful end but meaningful instead of this caracter assassination.
    I want to see Adiya kiss and have their first night together and then Raj can kill them both but they will be united till the end. The show started with death and can end with death.
    Because some times evil can win, and Colors is the proof of it.

    1. Well said Eri…l dont know about Arshad but this cheap track seems a cheap ploy by channel to make fans less disappointed on show going off air…!!!

  15. Neha1

    Friends, listen this recording, What Colors channel said… Don’t know what’s true…but I don’t why I think 80% show is ending but 20% May be channel drop out to end Bepannaah at last moment…?

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