Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Vaidika sure about Sahil’s life

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Prachi comes blaming Aarya to walk on the footsteps of her mother. Aarya is now behind her husband who is rich and handsome both. She pushes Aarya to leave the house. Aarya says she feels pity of Prachi who curtains the acts of her husband, it’s because of women like them that hundreds of girls are exploited. Prachi didn’t take Aarya seriously and tells her to leave their house.
In the jail, Vaidika lay on the floor thinking about Sahil. Her fell prisoner lady comes out of her bed and kicks Vaidika’s belly. Vaidika was abrupt in her reaction and wrestles against the lady warning her to try and move away from her child. She will protect her child to every extent. She asks who she is. The lady now shouted in defense. The inspector comes inside to part Vaidika away from the lady. Vaidika

blames that the lady kicked her belly, someone must have sent her here. The lady inspector sends the other prisoner to be shifted to another jail. Vaidika thinks she will bring Sahil’s child to life.
At Agarwal house, Bari Amma hangs Sahil’s photo on the wall besides Anjana’s. She says Vaidika is a cursed lady and ruined her family. Puneesh thinks Bari Amma doesn’t realize Sahil was killed not by Vaidika, but by him. And it is only a beginning. Bari Amma decides that she will bring Ved back into his father’s house.
Vaidika sat on the floor of the lock up. She recalls how she confessed her love to Sahil at his last moment. She opens her eyes and thinks she must find a way to get out of here, she realizes Sahil needs her. She then pray to God for help. A jailer come to offer Vaidika her cell phone to make a call. Vaidika dials Sahil’s number. Sahil answers her call, but the phone was soon cut.
The police had found a body and carried into the ambulance. They discussed that he must have fallen from a height.
Puneesh comes to Prachi who was tensed how she will manage the business after Sahil. Puneesh offers her any help she would need. He then shares with Prachi his wish to have a child of their own. He says its must be God’s wish that Prachi can never conceive; he suggested to adopt a child but she never agreed. Prachi asks Puneesh to find a way, she is ready to do anything for him. Puneesh takes Prachi into a hug and says she found a way.
Vaidika sat in a corner while other prisoners had food. Deepak comes to Vaidika and says she must run away from the jail, it’s the only way to get out of here. Vaidika asks him for some way. He shows her a bottle of medicine, she must give this to everyone here so that they faint. Vaidika wasn’t ready to take such illegal step. Deepak says Vaidika must think about her family, her live and what’s being wronged. Vaidika says she knows she is innocent, if she runs away illegally then everyone might consider her the culprit. She knows Sahil is alive, there is a planning against him. If he returns, her innocence will be revealed. She will get those responsible, punished for sure. Deepak tells Vaidika that dreams like hers are impossible in real life. Vaidika was determined to make it possible the way she wants to. If even she has to opt a false way for justice, what’s the difference between them.

PRECAP: Vaidika was given a time of two days by the inspector to bring proofs. Vaidika was in a Dargah when she gets a call, a lady gave her information about Sahil’s whereabouts in Lucknow.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Guys i was so heart broken with the 2 last episodes i can’t bring myself to read today wu and i saw how @Naz got angry with yesterday episode now i really can’t read today….anyone who read it just let me know if the episode isn’t as heart breaking as previously ….and if there is good news for future episodes

    1. Boring show keeps going round n round same old story

    2. Sam, today’s episode isn’t interesting either.. It’s the start of depressing episodes going forward.. I think Vedika is going to have a very bad time ahead, I don’t know what is the need for writers to be so extreme. This deep content is for an author to tackle, not soapland. Nobody wants to come home from a hard day at work and watch more depressing stuff… This serial feels very empty without Sahil 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥..i know that I was very harsh in my comment but don’t let it be the reason you stop watching AKAJS…. I’m passionate about some things in life and I don’t like seeing people being taken advantage of… I’ll give my contributions later… Have a wonderful weekend Sam… 🌻

      1. Thank you Naz same to you…i really hope we see sahil soon “fingers cross” because this show isn’t the same without him

  2. Nina

    Puneesh is a disgusting immoral man who wants to make use of a young girl. I am pleased with Vedika’s courage she is ready resolutely to look for Sahil. I hope prudent Aarya won’t be trapped and will push far away Puneesh.

  3. Friends sahil is alive. Didnt u watch in yesterdays episode. Remembervthe scene when the lady in the jail comes to vedikacn gives her cell phone n tells her to make a call fast. Vedika then calls sahil n some one says hello on the other side. Then the lady feels someone is coming n she takes thebpgone fm vedika. The in the next scene they show an ambulance outside the jail n the hosp ward boys then bring out a man on stretcher fm inside the van n they discuss that poor fellow even after falling fm such a height he is still alive. But they dont show the the face of the man. How come you all missed that scene. It is a very short scene. Pls re watch thos episode n check out on that scene. Now only we hv to see is whether the fake sahil is our original sahil n pretending to be fake as to find out who did this to him n to keep a eye on the aggarwals or in actual there is really a fake sahil. And may be afterwards our original sahil might get well and will come back to vedika to take revenge fm puneesh, BA n the lustful whore who is lusting for sahil physically .Since we dont know after falling fm such a ht whether he has lost his memory, etc. Pls friends watch that episode again n post yr comments. Naz n pooja pls watch it again.

    1. I didn’t miss anything Raji… Those incidents weren’t too clear to me, the motive and where this woman came from and why she wants to help Vedika is not clear to me. The man on the stretcher going into the ambulance is acceptable that it could be our Sahil though…but the lady coming out of the blue and giving Vedika to make the call is kinda strange to me, I don’t know how to explain it… I also saw the various video clips on YouTube, sometimes it gives us a peek into upcoming episodes but also in the interviews, I think that Vedika is speaking about KJ as in the person, on how he’s doing his role as a dancer and how she is supposed to react when she sees him in this club. Anyways Raji… Just to let you know that English the only language I speak, I have an understanding of Hindi but not enough. I view the Indian serials on zeetv Caribbean and they all come with English subtitles….you aren’t going to believe this one, AKAJS, ISA and YTG are the serials that I faithfully follow, at least I know for sure AKAJS… KKB I watch on and off…the thing is, we aren’t up to date with the serials according to the written updates,…zeetv Caribbean and zeetv North America sees the episodes together which are approximately one or two weeks behind normal storyline. When I write my contributions, it’s because I watch the serials on Desitvflix site which gives us the unsubtitled version immediately and the subtitled one around noon the other day. I’m not one to wait, on almost anything..so I watch both versions. However, my analyses for the updates comes from my limited knowledge of Hindi and my assumptions, I’m not 100% accurate but I try..at least you understand what I write… Lol…. Raji, I’m from an island in the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago to be precise. We speak English here and Spanish is slowly being introduced into the primary school system because of our proximity to Venezuela and neighbouring Spanish countries, the world is a global village and it’s becoming acceptable to learn how to speak other languages as well.. I picked up Hindi in my earlier years because my sister in law is from India, she made it easier for me and have a faint background in French because I studied it in high school …everything that is Indian, we have it here, from citizens of your country living here to food, culture, dress, music, religious observances, everything we have here…hope that clarifies things for you…

  4. Not much to comment on yesterday’s episode. Sahil absence is greatly missed. There are no words to describe Punesh and Bhoomi. Yes Raji when Vedika call Sahil from jail someone answered the call. But who is helping Vetika?
    According to precap Sahil is in Lucknow and a glimpse of him is shown wandering the street. True or fake Sahil will be seen in the next episode.

  5. Well, am not so sure dats sahil, remember u guys mentioned somtin of sahils lookalike, i think its him. Someone might be helping him get through vedika, am not sure just assuming, but i really dnt tink its d real sahil becos if u say he is roaming abt 4 revenge, then from who?, becos wen he was in dat car he didnt even knw dat d brakes failed nd again he wasnt d one driving, he has also punished BA…..well am really not sure of anitin.

    1. Me too… I’m not sure of anything again in this serial after writers pulled this sick punch on us by making Aarya the wife of a snake face, snake eyed slithering alligator Puneesh… Anything is possible in the world of soapland…

  6. Muniya

    The writers hv again lose the track… Couldn’t they just show few more lovely epieodes after SADIKA’s reunion😐😐😐
    Good precap

  7. Friends pls see u tube. Vedikais sitting n crying n suddenly a paper flies n she see sahils poster in that paper. I think this is the fake sahil who is shown dancing in a club. Somehow vedika reaches there n after his dance is over she hugs him tightly. I saw in u tube the hugging shot. I was shocked since the fake sahik is also hugging her. I also saw vedikas interveiew wherein she is telling the interviewer that the fake sail is in an different get up n she is like shocked seeing him in this get up. But that moment she is so happy to see him that she is not bothered about his funny get up. She is also telling the interviewer that his dance is very energetic n he in reality also he is an very energetic person. Friends i only hopr that by the time this serial ends whenever, this fake sahil should not be shown with the lustful n horse faced, hungry for sahil physically blo*dy bhoomi. I ll hate to see KJ with that bastard. Arn’t u all missing KJ since the last 2 days? I hv gone mad since i am not seeing him last 2 days. What say naz n pooja

  8. Hi Raji.. I saw the clips too. It was very heartbreaking when Vedika was looking for him. She felt so alone. I am not too sure where the story will go with the fake Sahil but I am just glad to have KJ back. Been missing him like crazy in the last 2 episode. According to spoiler Bhoomin had gone to USA with Ved. How are they going to track her down? unless Puneesh is exposed. If you remember in one of the episode he was promising Bhoomi a life in the US. Arya marriage to Punnesh I believe is a plan to get the truth from him. Arya is a smart girl and Vedika brought her well. Beside she is in love with Tushar.

    This serial does not drag, hopefully all will be revealed soon.

  9. But pooja i didnt like fake sahils look when i saw him in the club dancing its a very short clip. He looks very handsome with full beards or partial beards. Now in this new look without beard he is looking like a very young fellow. Though he is young. His birth date is somewhere in Oct. He is born in 1991. Hope by the time the serial ends any time. they should not show he has become that doggys i mean lustful bhoomis husband.

  10. I’m missing KJ really badly, this serial hinges a lot on his charismatic appeal, he breathes life into his character and since we haven’t seen him after the fall, the serial feels dull and uninviting. Whatever is happening hence forward, I’m going to keep at the back of my mind that nothing stays hidden forever here and the serial moves very quickly…. If Puneesh spent half the time on the bed with Prachi instead of running around young women, running around BA and plotting to take down the entire Agarwal family, he’d be able to get her pregnant…just like how Deepak got Gauri pregnant….anyway….this marriage track between snake eyed alligator Puneesh and Aarya has left me disturbed and naseauous because this young lady grew up in front of the Agarwal’s family. Couldn’t the writers find another way out to expose Puneesh? Once Aarya is married to the wolf, it’ll count as her first marriage…this is so distasteful for me… I’m waiting to see what lengths she goes to, to know of Puneesh’s sick plot. I’m sure he’s going to want to sleep with her, he’s not going to blindly reveal anything just because Aarya is his new wife…and I say that wanting to puke…why can’t Puneesh throw Bhoomi on a bed instead ,she’s desperate for a man to sleep with and Prachi likes her too… Friends, I’ve not come across a stupid, really stupid moron, a donkey brained woman and wife like Prachi in a long long time…she thinks like a brainless idiot and she cannot even see further than her own nose…..going forward, I’m going to think that I’m going through a nightmare and it’ll soon be over… My only ray of sunshine would be KJ….in any role! Right now I don’t care if he’s a gigolo, holy man or damsel in disguise, as long as he’s here, the days would just float away and soon he’ll be back in living colors, kicking some asses along the way….

  11. YouTube video shows us where Vedika runs into Sahil’s arms… However, I believe that this is fake Sahil and even though he’ll say everything we want to hear and see, say the accurate answers to Vedika’s questions, it’ll still be fake Sahil because our Sahil is in the hospital. Friends..do you all remember the new neighbor muttering to herself that she has to know more about Sadika? I’m sure that she wanted to know as much about them so that she can coach her lookalike son to take Sahil’s place, how to interact with everyone who’s affiliated with the Agarwal’s family so that they can loot and disappear, at some point in time, real Sahil will take back his identity but the wicked BA, Puneesh, Prachi won’t know and they would give themselves enough rope to hang their sorry asses… So, even though this Sahil is very familiar with the details of life in the Agarwal’s family, it doesn’t mean that it’s him…but, as I’ve said, Sahil in any form is Sahil to me, his presence is missed badly on the serial and we should think out of the box and enjoy his charismatic performance, let’s enjoy his flamboyancy as a youthful lover because when he’s back in natural avatar, he’d have to be the mature Sahil we were becoming used to.. I imagine we’ll be seeing more romance than usual.. Who knows, maybe none of us would even realize when he slips back into his own character… However… If in this direction of the serial Sahil can unearth the culprits, then what’s the purpose of Aarya marrying the sleazeball?? Her character shouldn’t have been spoilt in this way and I’m still saying that this is the most distasteful event ever in this serial.. Conspiracy theories my friend, just trying to comfort myself.

  12. Naz.. I think the woman who is calling Vetika and giving information about Sahil is the new neighbour. She deliberately send her to Lucknow where her son. It’s all part of the plan.
    The poster, the reunion look fake. In time Vedika would probably realise that he is not her Sahil.But as usual the Agarwal is not going to believe her. I am looking forward to the new turn of events. Sahil in the oxygen of this serial.

    1. Oh yes, you could be correct here..it could very well be her leading Vedika there and of course that’s why the voice is that of Sahil…i didn’t think of that…nice one Pooja 👍👌


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