Bepannah 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Adi gets accused of killing his father

Bepannah 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Zoya assuring Arjun that the worst is over now they have to take care of the family. Zoya gets a phone call that Adi was in bad shape at the city bar. She rushes to get back Adi with Arjun from the bar.

Naani is seen planning her next move with Rajveer they keep it secret from Zoya to take her by surprise. Drunk aggressive Adi is seen being thrown out by the bar bouncers. The bouncer rudely hands over Adi to Zoya n Arjun.

At hooda house, Harsh is pondering over Raj n Adi’s words, Adi’s anger and Anjana’s hurt. Harsh remembers the words of Adi as he accused his dad n how harsh had slapped Adi. Harsh regrets it.
He accepts his mistake n he decides to bring the two brothers together..they both were his sons. Harsh recollects Anjana reminding

him of her favours.

Adi arrives home and Naani and Raj are disturbed by the racket created by him in drunk state. Even the servants are disturbed. They know it had to be Adi. Harsh comes to check but finds no one. Adi pulls out a fruit knife.. He angrily goes towards Harsh who is in his study. Adi is drunk and staggers on the stairs.

Arjun and Zoya follow Adi. They look for Adi everywhere. Zoya n Arjun rush upstairs and are shocked to find Harsh sprawled on the floor. They find him bleeding profusely with numerous stab wounds on the chest n abdomen. Zoya screams with fright. Arjun weeps as he finds his dad unresponsive. The servants arrive there n are shocked too. Zoya supports heart broken Arjun. Rajveer is shocked to see all this. Naani is very shocked. They all notice Adi sprawled out on the chair in drunk state with bloodied knife. All assume Adi had murdered Harsh. Naani accuses Adi of killing his own dad.. Arjun is broken. Naani accuses Adi, snatches Raj’s dad away from him. Naani orders the servants to call police. Arjun is broken and Naani tells Arjun that it was Adi who killed his dad but Zoya asks Arjun to trust his elder bro that he could never kill any one.

Naani warns Zoya not to try to tamper with evidences. Zoya tries to wake up Adi but he is unresponsive. Naani takes pictures of Harsh n Adi n the bleeding knife. Zoya tries to wake up Adi, but in vain. Finally Adi opens his eyes. He is shocked to see himself holding a bloodied knife. He is shocked to see his father bleeding n dead. Adi weeps for his dad.

Next scene police arrive n collect evidences n photos, Naani tells police of kalyug that son killed father. She offers police her pictures. Zoya tries to support Adi but he is unresponsive. Police assure of investigation.

Police asks for Anjana harshvardhan. Arjun tries to send his mom away as she was under medication. He urges mom to take rest n not bother. Anjana soon reaches study n is shocked to find him no more. Anjana starts wailing loudly…

Soon Anjana finds out that Adi had blood on his hands. Naani accuses Anjana of giving bad upbringing to her son. Her own son had murdered her husband. Naani says Anjana was so proud of her son now look what he did. Adi looks confused n in shock.

Anjana is in disbelief.

Precap: Police asks Zoya to get whatever proofs or evidences she had, otherwise her husband Adi was going to get life sentence. Zoya enters cell where Adi is seen sitting depressed.

Update Credit to: Sutapasima

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  1. Neha1

    Only follow this… and keep watching it on TV and repeat telecast too.

  2. Neha1

    Friends, It’s necessary to keep tweeting on Twitter Trend #dontendbepannaah .. and keep continuously mailing to colorstv, Manisha Sharma and Raj Nayak for not ending Bepannaah…. We need to show them Fandom Power…. Then only colors channel gets pressure to not ending Bepannaah…else all the efforts go in vain…

    1. Neha1

      One person can mail atleast 10 times in a day… and also keep Tweeting….plz πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ for Jenshad, and Bepannaah….
      I’m sending you the Email Id’s….Plz keep doing it.πŸ™

  3. Neha1

    Bepannaah is just not a show but it’s an emotions that was linked to all the fan’s out there….
    Btw, I love the Title track (Bepannaah Pyar hai Tumse) instrumental music…πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
    Check out @RiiTalks’s Tweet:
    Please keep tweeting and mailing… and keep watching Bepannaah on TV and Weekend Task you’ll know…#dontendbepannaah.

  4. I can’t understand who is interested in Bepannah going of air. Maybe ardent fans of Tantra Mantra and friends. And why the percentage is so high??

    1. @Eri : Those ppl who are polling a ‘yes’are just some random ppl who wouldn’t have watched a single episode of the serial…I must admit I have polled a ‘yes’for off-air of many serials I have never ever watched!!!

  5. Neha1

    Seriously…..Tujhko (Bepannaah and AdiYa) main kitni shiddat se chahun, chahe to rehna Tu bekhabar. Mohtaag manzil ka toh nahi hai, ek tarfa Mera safar. Safar khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi.
    Meri har kami ko hai Tu lazmi.
    Bepannaah and AdiYa ke bina guzara, Ae Dil hai Mushkil.

    Check out @RiiTalks’s Tweet:

  6. Neha1

    Everyone Plz keep trying….πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
    Do every possible way you can…

  7. Hi friends,
    Such a gloomy atmosphere since last week…now the trending has slowed down on Twitter…FD giving up?…no guys dont do that!!!
    Never in my wildest dreams I thought that Jenshad will be snatched away mercilessly by the channel within a short notice…I never expected that we have to trend so much for BP ….thought it was a great story, a rage online but it is getting cut short to 8 months irrespective of having a script for 12 months!!!

    1. Couldn’t comment yesterday because it was my son’s birthday and to be honest i didn’t want to cry in his birthday party but hell i have re tweeted all day with my location India.
      And my hubby still jokes with me,he says you should ask for an indian passport.

    2. Hi Arch, can I ask something that no-one seems interested in answering on twitter. Does retweeting count because this is easier fot me than writing. Also, the emails, do I have to write a different email all the the time to reach my minimum of 10 or can I resend the same email. Please let me know.

      1. @ AmandaS : U can keep retweeting

  8. Heavy rain on the island where I live so got nothing much to do today besides peek on this wall now and again hoping for some good bepanah news.

    Neha it was nice waking up to see those beautiful Adiya links 😍

  9. Neha1

    Here’s the link to sign the petition for not ending Bepannaah…. I request to all plz signed the petition.πŸ™

  10. Neha1

    Apoorva Agnihotri’s character to exit Bepannaah after a short cameo.

    1. Neha1

      Swipe n read

  11. Neha1

    Some fan’s visit to Cinevista office but gaurds saying there’s no confirmation…

  12. Neha1

    Read this and please do keep your TV and Channel on at exact 10:30p.m. even if Roop is running that time, but don’t change the channel coz if we change the channel the Trp goes to Roop and from 11:00pm Silsila Trp starts counting… Therefore our show Bepannaah didn’t getting Good Trp… it’s an other thing that show starts later but Bepannaah Trp starts counting from 10:30-11:00p.m. So keep watching Bepannaah on TV and don’t change or Mute the channel during the Ads..

    1. This is true, because according to the feed on the machine, what’s programmed to be playing at that time, it’s Bepannaah. So, if you’re watching, no matter excruciating it is to watch Roop, you have to understand that according to machine that’s counting, it’s Bepannaah playing. And, if you’re not watching because show hasn’t started, it’s counting against Bepannaah. Unfortunately, the counter also goes over to Silsila because our show plays during their slot. The only thing you can do is change channels immediately when BP ends so Silsila can be left to their viewers.

    2. In other words, watch from 10.30 pm whether the show has started or not, until Bepannaah is over without changing channels.


    Confirmed by SBB that both ‘bepanah’ and ‘silsila’ will continue as web series on voot after becoming off air!!!

    Partly relieved…but till I really c them continue as web series from December i wont believe n try as much to keep our serial on colors channel!!!

    1. Neha 1 I’m commenting for the third time but my comments never get posts why re?

      1. It takes some time for the comment to be visible don’t worry 😊

  14. But guys they are killing the story to wrap up fast they killed Papa Hooda I can’t understand anything and Zoya to act like sleeping with RV spoiler is so disappointing. They are literally killing our show. I don’t really like to tell this but if they are going to mess up then better they wrap.Please correct me if I’m wrong. I’m sorry people I can’t take up a good show being spoiled. This is my second comment please please respond. Nobody responded for my first comment. I know I text very late but please do interact with me

    1. @ Apple : Many spoilers are fake…n this one night stand seems illogical…nobody can come out of jail after strong evidences are against him just bcos his wife sleeps with the real murderer…Adi can come out of jail only if real murderer accepts crime in court…Rajvir would never do that n he is anyways an absconding criminal…I came across new article in tellychakkar today that doesnt mention anything like this…!!!
      N if Adi asks Agnipariksha to Zoya it shakes the core of bepannah which is Adiya’s unshakable bond!!!…

    2. Lol Apple they already screwed up this show few times and I totally agree with you.

      If Zoya were to spend the night (talking not sleeping with Rajvir )to get a story out of him to save Aditya I’ll be happy with that other than that they might as well end a damn good series .

    3. They won’t do that if they will decide to continue as a web series. Or at least I hopeπŸ˜₯

    4. Apple, I agree that should tie up all the loose ends of all the stories if they want to end the show soon. We would like to know what actually happened. Perhaps they should bring all the characters and show the links and show the story of what happened?

  15. Honestly I think this Trp rating thing is unfair.
    What about us who lives outside of India?
    Just imagine Bepanah is a hit serial in many countries and because of this rating it is rumoured to be going off air.
    I must say Colors need to upgrade ,technology is way advance now for a show to depend on such ratings.

    Look at the thousands of people plea to Don’t end Bepannah .Isn’t that important ?

    Hey guys check above link…it mentions nothing about one night stand…that spoiler cant be 90% true..I have explained reasons for same in my previous comment to @Apple

    1. Neha1

      Thank God… I get relieved that crap isn’t going to happen…. I get worried after learning that fake spoiler…. I know tellychakkar and Instagram spoilers are to be real… [email protected] for sharing this…
      If anyone gets any information regarding Bepannaah going off-air or an online telecast…plz let us know.. however, Arch are you sure the link you mentioned above that Bepannaah will turn to be a web series… And if SBB said that, still we have to wait for an official Announcement from the makers or the channels till then our tension and confusion remains as it is.

      1. @Neha : Tellychakkar too turns out to be fake at times but better than other spoiler sites…but I have confidence that this crap wont happen bcos if this track happens then all promises Adiya made to each other go into the ditch…n if at all this happens then it will happen only after Adiya consummate….bcos 6 years is a big leap n if a long leap happens they will surely show Zoya with Adi’s kid who will bring Adiya together after leap…n that kid will be proof of Zoya’s truth….but all this ‘Agnipariksha’ stuff is not a characteristic of an unshakable bond….very much unlikely…!!!

  17. Ok, I’ve retweeted so much that I’m not allowed anymore. But, it opens up after an hour or so. So, if you’re also blocked, just wait.

  18. Guys I don’t know what’s happening…. I am watching the same episode ( Thursday episode) from thursday on tv… nowalso it’s telecasting the same episode….

  19. Neha1

    Papa Hooda is all set to get killed…. Scene…on set of Bepannaah.

  20. Neha1

    Those who don’t know…read this.. This is how Trp get counted.

  21. Neha1

    I will miss Papa Hooda.
    Check out @adityaloveszoya’s Tweet:

    1. In the Farwell party Aditya was present too, and he was wearing white clothes. Will he be allowed to go at his father’s funeral while considered as his murderer ?

  22. Neha1 She’s right..πŸ‘
    Big Boss should be Telecast on digital platform instead on TV… And if the rumours are true that Colors Channel are facing financial crisis and if the show’s not getting Trp and they want that show’s shutter down….then 1st they need to end BigBoss…coz only Salman khan charges a high fees for an episode…I guess he’s getting 5-10cr per episode… and the lonavala house, they create the luxury in the house gets lot of money….why don’t Colors shut down Bigboss…coz it’s beyond their budget…
    And Colors said that Bepannaah is a high budget show which is not getting a good Trp to survive…Like, seriously… Colors have gone mad…

    Friends, we only have time to next Thursday…so plz watch Bepannaah on TV and don’t change or Mute the channel and plz also watch the repeat telecast…
    Original Time:- 10:30-11:00pm
    Repeat telecast :- 02:30a.m. / 10:00 a.m. / 12:30p.m

  23. Now
    I got it,all those crap episodes of bepanah was for trp
    I think indian audience taste kumkum kundali is on top .again 4 superatural shows are coming

    1. Well I must say I’ve learnt a few things about Indian television by just reading these comments.

      Never heard of trp and Ita until a month or more ago.

  24. Neha1

    Those who didn’t sign the petition please do it… and keep retweeting on Twitter Trend #dontendbepannaah.

  25. Neha1

    Zoya turns Jagga Jasoosi to reach the real culprit, Nani thrilled
    2. Check out @jigishawagh’s Tweet:

  26. Reasons coming forward for closure of BP:-

    1. It was a 160 episodic series – FALSE Harshad clearly said they have strong story for 12-15 months.
    2. It is a high budget show : FALSE Harshad Chopra, Jennifer Winget and Rajesh Khattar are the only actors to command high fees per episode…all other actors are less well-known. Costume n sets too simple as compared to other serials. Now Rajesh Khattar has quit!!!
    3. It is getting low TRP : PROBABLE CAUSE – At 10.30pm slot getting 1+ itself is commendable. Till it was in prime time slot it was always in top 20…it started falling off the charts from Arshad track n made a comeback during Adiya union track…then afterwards it started airing at 10.30pm n that’s channel’s decision!!!…if KASAM can get numerous chances with below 1 TRP why not BP?
    4. PH had a tiff with channel : SEEMS FALSE

    My thoughts :
    I am getting a strong feeling that it is going to go off air on Nov 30 but with a can be any twist out of these :-

    A. It continues as a web series on Voot (preferred)

    B. It comes back on COLORS with a Season 2 few months down the line. But the way Naagin gives promo of next season as the old season is about to end, similarly promise of season 2 should be made with a promo!!!! ( not preferred bcos channel can cheat. Jenshad may change their mind n either of them or both may refuse to be part of bepannaah season 2)…who wants to c BP without Jenshad? Not me for sureπŸ™„

    1. If continues as a web series will they still upload episodes on YouTube?? Voot Is not available everywhere. What about us 😊πŸ˜₯

    2. I agree with everything you say above. That’s what looks like is happening. Why do colors need to get Salman Khan to do big boss. He’s so $$$. Does it really translat into TRP for them?? Heard it was lowest of all.seasons this year.

      And who can survive at 1030 slot?? Even that with delays in starting?? 1045?? Of course ppl will watch on. Web. What about students who have to go to school / college /uni / or ppl going to work in morning? Which TRP aunty is going to stay up after watching all evening her other shows?? It’s a tough slot colors!!!! And no still got 1.1. Come on. Give credit where it’s due.

      Jenn and Harshad don’t charge that much. Jenn charges more than harshad. I read somewhere how much but I can’t find it now.

      Anyways ppl on forums are moving from anger to disbelief to acceptance??

      If there is a season 2 , it has to be Jenny and Harshad. But who knows if they interested?? Also in season 2 if it happens (ie voot) they should go back to rajvir introduce himself as harsh son and start again. Ie. Make papa Hooda alive and retell the story they really wanted to. Not butchered like this

      I opened twitter. Just to tweet. Still not sure if I’m doing it right but I’ll keep trying.

      Don’t know what else to say or do. Usually on weekends I rewatch bp from favorite episodes and that’s my entire weekend! This is first find I didn’t do that. Sure I’ve been ignoring things I should be doing but BP was always more important! Lol. But now I don’t have the heart

      I read somewhere that udaan fans lobbied the makers nonstop and saved their show. Like it came back after a month or two? People went down to the offices? Can we do something like that??

      Good luck to us all.


    Leap confirmed…check new pic…Zoya’s look changed..she is no longer wearing mangalsutra…Adiya separated…!!!

    1. Let reason be simple for leap…Adi sentenced to 14 years life imprisonment n Zoya unable to prove him innocent..Adi’s punishment cut short to 6 years due to his good behavior…in these years Anjana throws Zoya out of her house calling her a bad omen…Zoya too thinks she is bad for him n separates from him!!!
    2. Rajvir-Nani blackmail Zoya to leave Adi if she wants to save him. Zoya agrees. Adi freed from jail n unable to trace Zoya. Show takes a leap not necessarily 6 years!!!

  28. A very bad news has come…the show director has officially confirmed that bepanah goes off air on 27th November…leap of 6 years…see below link…

    1. I can’t find nothing Arch, the link is not available any more, it means they withdrew the decision?

      1. Yes link not working…may be it got removed so that fans are not disappointed further…I m very cynical right now so cant make guesses like withdrawal of decision!!!

  29. Folks I’m sure it’s close to your bedtime there,trust that you told yh mammy,daddy,nani,nana,uncle,aunt ,mousy,mousa whomever you can call up to view bepanah even if it means the sofa has to watch the tv when it begins.
    Coz there is nothing viewers like myself on this side of the world can do to assist in that trp ratings.


    If the news of bepanah airing on voot is true I’d be happy since for me retaining jenshad and bepanah is more important. Simultaneously I will also view the show along with the repeat telecast on TV.

    Be it TV or voot , I just can’t miss the show in any ways

  31. It’s weird but I still feel that the show won’t end. I know a lot of confirmations have happened.. but then why all of them legit said the rumours are all false.. and no comments from jenshad either.. something feels odd to me.. maybe it’s a hype to just increase trp!?!
    Maybe I’m just really digging up too deep only to find nothing . But can’t help it.
    I agree I haven’t been a fan of the current track at all.. but the end can’t be this for sure.. like what the hell just happened?! There are so many things… SO MANY!!!! PLUS HOW IS IT EVEN FAIR!? YOU BRING ONE INSANELY AMAZING CONCEPT WITH BEAUTIFUL RESOURCES BUT THEN YOU RUIN IT ALL.. AND NOT EVEN GIVE A PROPER ENDING?! LIKE WTF? WHAT THE ACTUAL SHIT JUST HAPPENED?!
    I got the hint the makers werent serious about the show long ago but stooping down to this level!? I don’t know what obligations must cvs have had but what I do know is that this is wrong. We invested our time and got involved.. we lived AdiYa’s life too,you know. And now.. it’s all trash. FANDOM MEANS NOTHING!!?
    There so many things I wanted to see….. SO MANYYYY SO MANY THAT I CAN WRITE A BOOK AND CRY RIVERS.
    And since this abrupt ending is so wrong.. I too have been participating in all the hashtag movements of the fandom.
    Still a tiny part of me believes it’s all a hoax.
    But I don’t think we should risk it.

    P.s hi guys! Missed y’all. Can’t guarantee that I’ll be regular in comments.. but I do read them all periodically.

    1. @ Meera : very very glad to c u here…hope ur intuitions become true…but leap has happened so Adiya separated !!!!

    2. Neha1

      @Meera, You’re here finally…see what happened here…all fans are sad and disappointed… I hope you are supporting to save Bepannaah…by retweeting and mailing or watching Bepannaah on TV… plz do it.

    3. @ Meera : now u must regularly comment bcos this time it is no hoax…we are going to come here only till max Nov 30!!!..please comment everyday…I always wanted a finite series with a neat ending…but certainly not a finite series with an abrupt end !!!πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  32. @ Eri, Neha, Dhara, Amanda, Evelyn, Meera and all my other friends :

    My heart is sinking every second now
    1. It was being said that on Nov 30 last episode will aired. But now Nihal ( director’s wife) says last episode will be on Nov 27 ( that means not 10 but only 7 episodes to go)
    2. Colors going through financial crisis so cannot sustain a show with high budget actors. Thus they are axing ‘bepanah’!!!
    3. Only respite is that Apoorva ( Rajvir) has quit the show n Papa Hooda cremation seems to be his last scene. So no one night stand thing. Adi is imprisoned for 6 years n show takes a leap – a very long one though!!!.
    4. Feeling bad for the following :-
    A. Adi may never get a kiss from Zoya.
    B. We can never see Sonu, Sweety, Rinku and Pinky ( I hope I got the names right)
    C. We would never know what happened exactly on the night of Poosh murder.
    D. Arnoor never going to get a proper marriage.
    E. The love saga had just gained momentum n it will be nipped in the bud now.
    F. Sakshi, Mahi, Madhu will be in oblivion forever.
    G. The original story got mercilessly destroyed since Nov 2nd week for a rushed up ending…poor Adiya had just promoted the show in Indore and promised us a lot of twists and turns but alas God had different plans!!!
    H. The directors have neither talked about web series nor season 2. Web series Pays less than TV series so Jenshad may not agree!!!
    Who thought one day BP will be mercilessly snatched from us!!!

    1. Neha1

      Me too wrote the same below… and saddened and disappointed… I too get hopeless now.. crying secretly not Infront of my family.πŸ˜§πŸ˜§πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜«πŸ˜«
      1. Poosh’s murder mystery remains the mystery forever…
      2. No consummation and No Golu, Rinky, Sonu and Sweety…No AdiYa kids.
      3. ArNoor story will be incomplete…No reunion of ArNoor.
      4. Not showing Wasim’s and Anjana’s melting heart for AdiYa and their relationship.
      5. Will missed Papa Hooda.
      6. We never ever get to about the real culprit behind Poosh’s murder mystery.
      And I think Jenshad Will not agree to a Web series. So it seems that channels took the final decision to shut down Bepannaah.
      But I was more disappointed with the leap… There’s no need to take a leap if they’re going off-air… They just need to sort out the pending tracks and then end the show with a happy ending…why they’re bringing a leap of 6yrs…no use.

  33. Neha1

    Friends, I’m very disappointed πŸ˜―πŸ˜’πŸ˜žπŸ˜–πŸ˜§ coz now I don’t have any hope that our show Bepannaah will survive, whatever the reason but it seems like Bepannaah makers and channels had made their mind to shut down it… still no confirmation but none of them are replying…
    But still I’m Retweeting, Mailing and will keep watching Bepannaah on TV… let’s see what will be the result of our efforts…

  34. Neha1

    I miss this…miss AdiYa.. hope Bepannaah survive

  35. I guess they are trying to drive crazy this fandom.
    Leap/not leap
    Ended/not ended
    Official/not official
    What’s going on? Why they don’t make it clear.
    Only hints from everyone except the leads.

  36. Neha1

    Shehzad aka Arjun’s Instagram post… he’s too hoping for a good news…

    Plz friends… please do keep watching Bepannaah on TV and repeat telecast too… no matter if the track is good or not…but to save our show is more important than anything else…#dontendbepannaah.

    1. Yes I too saw Shehzad’s tweet…hoping for a good news!!!

  37. Blocked from Twitter 😣

    1. Don’t worry, check in an hour.

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