Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 16th November 2018 Written Episode Update: Mauli and Ishaan to get engaged

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 16th November 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mauli asks Pandit ji to find some remedy, they can’t stay for a month. Pandit ji says they can get engaged after two days. Ishaan says they even need time for preparations. Mauli says they will make the arrangements. Ishaan asks why not now? Dida says they need time for arrangements at least. Mishti comes there and was excited to hear about the engagement of her mummy and Popsy. She comes to the room and decides to tell Pari about the news.
Kunal was in the kitchen and calls Pari out of bath now. He receives Mishti’s call. Mishti had an exciting news for Pari. Kunal says Pari is having the longest bath for past one and a half hour. She may tell the news to him. Mishti was about to tell Kunal that her mama and Popsy… Mauli takes the phone from Mishti and asks why she was

telling anyone else about it. It’s their personal family secret. Kunal hears this. Mauli tells Mishti that others might exploit their secrets and misuse the information. After the call, Mauli convince Mishti that she should keep some news to herself. Mishti argues that Pari is her friend and like a sister, Mauli can never realize what goes on between friends, she never had a best friend. Pari had come out of the bath. She asks Kunal why he cut the call. Kunal replies the signals were weak. Pari tells him to drop her at Mishti’s place, as it’s a holiday and Kunal has to go to clinic. Kunal says she won’t go there. There, Mishti runs away from the room. Ishaan comes to Mauli and asks what the matter is. Mauli says Kunal thinks she and Ishaan are married and Mishti is their daughter, she doesn’t want Kunal to be dubious of Mishti. Ishaan says Mishti is sensible like Mauli and will surely understand, they must only explain Mishti rightly.
Kunal comes to the room where Pari sat annoyed. He tries to convince Pari that they must not bother others by such frequent visits. Pari claims it’s her second family, everyone there loves her dearly. Radhika aunty is really sweet, Dida just like her, and Mauli must have been her mother’s best friend had they met earlier and Ishaan is the coolest Popsy. Kunal now convince Pari by punishing himself of not let her go to Mishti. He does the sit-stand, then decides to spend the whole day with Pari.
There, Ishaan uses a Rabbit puppet to convince Mishti that Mauli will cook her favorite dish tonight. Mishti says her mama is the best. She runs to Mauli saying I love you. Mauli silently thanks Ishaan. Later, Mamma and Dida sat with Mauli selecting the dress and jewelry. Mauli recalls her wedding with Kunal and drops the jewelry box. She was at once apologetic. Dida asks the vendors to give them time till tomorrow and leaves the hall with them. Mamma asks Mauli to be truthful, if she is happy with the marriage? Is she really ready and loves Ishaan? Mauli replies she is ready to marry Ishaan, she will compromise her love for Mishti. She can’t get a better father than Ishaan. She also wants to move ahead in life, maybe she comes out of Kunal and Nandini’s memories.
Kunal was making arrangements for pooja. Pari comes there asking Kunal for a lullaby. She has to wake up early tomorrow, and must sleep now. She might otherwise get dark circles. Kunal was speechless in front of her and says he was only preparing for tomorrow. He says it’s her mother’s death anniversary, they will go to Mata’s temple and pray there. Pari asks Kunal not to cry as he does each year, and even make her cry.
Dida returns to the hall and asks Mamma not to cry anymore. She tells Mauli that she vowed to take Chunri to Mata’s temple, she and Ishaan must go there tomorrow.

PRECAP: In the temple, the chunri flies off Mauli’s head and fell on Nandini’s photo. Mauli goes to get her chunri back, realizes it was Kunal and Pari for the Havan. She pulls the Chunri off Nandini’s photo and was shocked.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hate to see where the director want to push the story, mauli shouldn’t accept kunal bcz nandini is dead, they shouldn’t be forgiven. Ishan should get true love not a confused women.

  2. No wonder this show is coming to any end. The logic behind it is too much. Poor Ishan, this is probably the shortest time he got on a show. The writers could have made Mauli and Kunal separated in so many different ways without the bitterness and insult Kunal showered on poor Mauli.

    For example, they could have shown them as 3 friends but due to some accident, they thought that Mauli had died and because of that Kunal ended up with Nandini. Then Mauli came back after a few months (this part could have been the part where Mauli was upset with because they didn’t wait even a year) and Kunal was torn between the two women as he loved them both at different times. Then a leap or something and this new story where Nandini died and Kunal came back to find Mauli having Misti and he had Pari.

    I could digest and understand if they find the love for each other again. But I can’t get the scenes where Kunal blatantly insulted Maulin in front of her best friend turn Souten and Nandini just letting that happen…so if they do get back now it’s only right that the end the show because the writer already made a mess of the story. Nothing to salvage, just feel sorry for Ishan

  3. Yes you’re right

  4. At the end Mauli will marry Kunal and accept pari also the director just want to show like this … So irritating…. 😫😫😫😫😫😫😫

  5. This serial is copying kuch kuch hote hai…..death anniversary and engagement on the same day….are you people serious….if you don’t know how to write original story…don’t waste our time…ridiculous and hilarious….

    1. True, even Kunal’s mom has mentioned ke mere beti samjotha karege aur pyaar nahi. KKHH dialogue.

  6. Nandini paid a dear price for snatching her best friend’s husband. She did not get to be with him for long, nor did she get to know her daughter. Kunal paid a price too. He did not get to live with Nandini for long and now he is all alone, having lost both women. If they bring Kunal and Mauli together again, it would be like any other typical old hindi movies. In modern days, it shouldn’t happen. Mauli should stay as the strong woman she has always been and move on without Kunal. Who says that Kunal would not leave again if he finds another woman, that is if it were in real life. So let’s see what the writers decide.

  7. What utter bullcrap!! Mata rani is like all the time giving clues whenever they go to Mandir about who is going to get the chunri next!! Disgusting!!! The writer and Director only want to show that you can insult, degrade and humiliate a woman who loves you unconditionally, as much as you want! You can kick her out of your life but when she sees that you are now alone and you need her, she will come running back to you!! She has no dignity…no self respect. I don’t understand why Mauli is still pining for someone who treated her like a doormat! If the writers had any sense they should have gotten Mauli happily married to Ishaan and then made Mauli slap Kunal hard on his face by giving him a piece of her intelligent mind!! I am done with this stupid serial.
    I only come here to read the comments. I feel we all have something in common 🙂 Today I got super angry and vented out …sorry friends!

    1. You nailed it Vany, completely agree with you. That moron thought of only himself and did not checked about his family well being. Also Mauli is just thinking about her daughter what about Ishan he loves her truly, now she is being selfish.

    2. Yah..It’s ridiculous.It’s true that girls are compared to THE FLOWER,But the murjaye hue फूल phir ek baar khilta nahi.Like Mauli once betrayed by her own husband and friend. There’s no point in reuniting with him, who treated her like a ‘use and throw pen’.In most of the serial they use chunri as a media that carries/reveals the secret.Even it looks like Kunal has no regrets about his fault.He can’t realize that that was merely an infatuation towards Nandini.
      But writer already made Mauli to suffer.But now he can change the storyline by uniting Mauli and Ishaan.Kunal must know about Mishti that she is his daughter. he has to accept his mistake and must leave M..,Ish..and Mish..alone so that he can’t make Mauli suffer again.And he must regert for his sins and lead a lonely life thereby realize the pain that Mauli went through.And Ishaan,Mauli and Mishti happily live ever after……

  8. This is so typical indian bullshit.i loved this serial coz it showed a bit of reality. But now it is d same rubbish. Woman returns to husband coz he is her god. Please. Get a little with it. Show an indian woman who has her weaknesses but first n foremost her self respect. I say taking back an unfaithful husband is like eating in a plate full of vomit. Can you?

    1. I agree with you I liked this show because it was a little different from Indian shows .But I guess now it is going to be typically others . But to be fair it is happening in my country too the first wife usually back to his ex husband after he left the second woman for any reason . Always being for her kids sake or for her around society . I am not proud of that but unfortunately it is a fact I hope no woman have to face . So I still hope that show will get something better .

  9. Mauli should marry ishan .she must not think about pari she is nothing to her then why she wants to give motherly love to pari?!nandini just cheated her and snatched her husband then why she is changing decision after knowing she is dead. Ok she was her best friend so she can show sympathy but mauli should not hurt ishan feelings. It’s ok if it’s compromise everyone is doing in arranged marriage n still they fall in love aft marriage. Kunal doesn’t love her then why she wants to go there. Ishan is better at least he loves mauli. Mauli loved kunal but kunal just insulted her n never loved then there is no meaning. Self respect n dignity is everything for woman. It’s not like kkhh so they must not use their dialogues for this show. Kunal is not like shahrukh and nandini was not like rani ..she was just other woman nothing else. Don’t try to make her character mahaan she is cheap. N don’t spoil mauli role at the end of the show. Show her with self respect n dignity. If kunal loved mauli he must have missed mauli but he never. Still remembering cheap lady nandini. Let him stay with her memories. He doesn’t deserve mauli. Mauli is foolish as she always gave more imp to nandini then her own self and she snatched her husband. It looks really so fake when mauli miss nandini n cry for her. Her love for nandini was blind but she still doesn’t understand. This type of friendship can’t exist in real life. Makers just wanted to give more imp to nandini role nothing else. She has left but still they are giving much imp to her. Just hate her character v much first time in my life.

  10. What’s the logic in chunni which flew away from mauli to nandini’s photo?if it goes near kunal or nandini Saree fly to mauli ‘s head then we can understand that they want to unite kunal mauli. But chunni goes to nandini pic that means she snatched maulis husband.

  11. what the hell makers are trying to show.How can they show mauli going back to kunal without him regretting or begging her for forgiveness.Done with the writer….worst storyline ever written for any serial.the writer of silsila should stop writing .whoever he /she is should be ashamed of calling himself a writer.

  12. Naina a.k.a. Yolande

    Lol so serious comments …

    bottom line: Nandini was a b#tch for stealing her best friends husband, Kunal is an arse as he put lust before love… Pari is sweet but now without a mom… Mishti is also sweet but will soon come to know about her real papa… Ishaan is adorable but so clueless I feel sad for him… and Mauli is a single mother, not sure what would be best for her young daughter 😢

    As it is, this is a tricky place to be as the wrong move could be regretted her whole life… so, as it is, it is now up to the writers to “surprise” us with the outcome 😐 some fans are gonna be ecstatic, some r gonna say ok n some are gonna be very 😠 … as for me, I chose single motherhood, not another relation to confuse my child but to be safe and not feel like a fool, twice 😁

    All the best 🙏

    1. Well said..why again and again into the hell relationship.. single hood is best..

  13. Writters r hell confused with mata rani.. then n now…. same at sindoor khela,,, mouli got sindoor frm kunal n den c handed over it to nandini..(though all by mistake)…n now again wat writters want to show??? it means dat dead nandini will snatch Ishan frm mouli… marne k baad v pichha nahi chhodti hai!!! writters plz have a jug of Bournvita,, be taller stronger sharper n write valid story orelse end d show

  14. Honestly… Kunal should live happily with his family and Pari. As Ishaan said, they should explain the situation to Mishty with love. Kunal should be the one to show Mauli that she should let herself open her heart for love – Ishaan’s love. That would be the most poetic ending. Kunal leading Mauli to accepting Ishaan and getting over her insecurities and Kunal and Pari living with Kunal’s family. Kunal was not disturbed by Mauli and Ishaan, he was happy she found someone. Some of you are a bit retarded wanting Kunal to pine for Mauli and Mauli to punish Kunal…. Please try to put more energy into your own lives. You want Mauli to progress but you want her to hold onto her past and her anger…. holding onto her anger and insecurities means she isn’t moving on from her past.

    And please Indian people, a child is not some miracle ingredient that can fix a relationship. Stop using innocent kids to bind people together.

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