Balika Vadhu 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 1st August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jagya asking Ganga about Lal singh. Ganga says he went to see the patient and will be back in one hour. He asks her to inform him as he will give the charge of Gauri’s treatment to him. She refused to get herself treated from me. She holds me responsible for her condition. I too believes the same. I am responsible for all that. I told you, but you kept telling me not to blame myself. He says, Gauri has so much hatred for me. I thought it was my mistake. I don’t know when I will come out of this guilt. Ganga tells her that there is only way to unburden his guilt. She asks him to treat her. She says, life has brought you both face to face. I know your heart is clear. She asks him to apologize to her.

Anandi is driving the car and thinks Amol will be very happy as his Papa came back home early today. Saurabh’s bike comes infront of her car. Anandi puts the sudden break and scolds him for playing with someone’s life. She asks him how he came out of Jail. Saurabh says he came out in Payrole. He says trust me I didn’t do anything this time. Anandi says, I didn’t understand. Saurabh says Saachi did everything. Vivek Bhaiyya came to know about her truth and that’s why kicked her out of the house. Anandi gets shocked and recalls Saachi’s words. Saurabh says, I thought you need it. Saurabh says, since his returned from Jail, Saachi wants to gets physical with her. Vivek caught her red handed in his room in a drunkard state. Anandi says, you are lying. I don’t believe you and leaves. Saurabh says he deliberately collided with Anandi and says his revenge will be completed.

Jagya comes to Gauri’s ward. Gauri asks him to stop there itself and says she doesn’t need his treatment. Jagya says, he wants to apologize to her and that’s why came to Mumbai. He left a letter there. Gauri says, she didn’t get any letter and says it doesn’t matter to me now. You ruined my life for Anandi. Why you needs my forgiveness. She asks him to go and live life with Anandi. She asks him to say congrats to Anandi and asks him to leave. She says, you are reason for Anandi’s happiness. Jagya tells her that Anandi is really happy with someone else. She deserves someone better than him. Gauri is shocked. He turns and sees Ganga and Shivani standing. He leaves. Ganga leaves too.

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Amol and Anandi come back home. Saachi gives him pasta. Anandi asks her to come and takes her to the room. Saachi asks, what happened. Anandi says, she met Saurabh on the way to Amol’s school and he informed her that Vivek has broken the relation with her and threw her out of the house. Saachi says, he is lying. I have never broken Vivek’s trust. Anandi asks her to tell everything. Saachi says, she became victim of Saurabh’s tricks. She tells everything. She says, I thought Saurabh is changed, but it was his trick to separate me from Vivek. I kept quiet to unite the family. I kept quiet for Vivek’s mom. Saurabh played his last trick and got successful. She tells Vivek saw her with Saurabh. She cries and says it was difficult to stay with the enemy under the same roof. Anandi asks her, how can Vivek suspect her. She calls Vivek and says she wants to meet him.

Gauri tells Shivani that she can’t forgive Jagat. Shivani asks her to be practical as they can’t change the past. She asks her to move on. She asks her to change her future with the right decision. Jagat moved on in his life and it is your turn now. She asks her to forgive him. Gauri says, she can’t forgive him as she still remember everything. Her pain will never diminished. Shivani says, he saved your life. Gauri says, he snatched my everything from me. He left me. What shall I do with this life. Shivani asks her to accept the reality. She tells her to decide the right way.

Anandi and Saachi wait for Vivek in the restaurant. Vivek comes and says sorry for making them wait. He looks at Saachi and sits beside her. He tells Saachi that he loves her a lot and was worried about her. He says, I was afraid that you might take the wrong step. I wanted you to go to Kesar bagh as it was the safe place for you. Saachi and Anandi are surprised.

Gauri forgives Jagya. Ganga comes to check Gauri. Gauri asks, who are you. Shivani says, she is Ganga, your nurse.

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