Dil Dosti Dance 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Ishika reads the CT scan report of Raghv that the findings favour brain tumour. He looks up and says that she has no need to see his personal files. He says sorry and leaves. She is worried and runs after him. Sharon says that her mother must be in anger when she said she will take her post. Sharon says that if Karma will pay the fee, I wont be able to stop. Swayam says that he shouldn’t have come to her. She asks where else would he go. He says that it isa fantastic event. Sharon says I fear that only one person will win, if that will ever create problems among us. Swayam promises that they wont let it happen, the hug. Karma hears the conversation and recalls how frustrated Sharon had sounded. He thinks she denied me permission because of Swayam. He will watch him once he get into St. Luois academy; no one can stop Karma’s dream.
Huma recalls how she went inside the locker room, opened the lock with her bob pin and took the money bag from the locker. She thinks Karma was flying because he had got the money for fee, and if wont fill in with the fee he will definitely come to D3; no one will ever think a girl can take money from boy’s locker. She was about to leave the café when she confronts Karma, she asks are you ok? He goes away without saying anything. Karma comes to a dark place, where the welding had been taking place. Huma comes there thinking she must take care of Karma, what if he arranges money from somewhere else. She hides seeing the bikes coming, they circled around Karma. The approached Karma, he asks did they bring money. He says that those who lose their money in one day never gets it again. They warns him that he must return their money in three months. They beat Karma, he says I have said I will return your money. They asks when and beat him further. Huma thinks so these are the people whom he took money from. Huma comes and saves Karma, asking are you ok. He nods looking at her. The man asks is she your friend, means you spent the money on her. Huma deters them and tells them to keep their mouth shut or she will all the police, she tells Karma to let’s go and call the police. The goon tells Karma to go, he forgives all his money; just leave the girl here. Karma now beats them. They run away hearing someone approaching. Huma says thankyou, you saved me. Karma says I was not saving me, but I couldn’t leave you in their hands; but you didn’t need being in my matter. She looks at his bruise under the lip, their eyes meet.
Raghv was dancing in the hall, Ishika comes there watching him dancing. He looks at her and goes there angry. She says sorry for seeing his reports, he says it is ok and begins to leave. She says I came here to sit with you, as I read you reports. He says I don’t want to talk about it. She asks why. He says he doesn’t want people’s sympathy, he just wants to be happy. She asks what about his dance, when he had brain tumour. He says that he gets happiness with dance, he forgets everything while dancing. He says that dance has another world, it is not only his passion but an escape from this world; he asks don’t you think, he is also after her only because life is too short and one should only do what makes them happy.

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Karma and Huma looks away, she takes a tissue he resists but she takes his hand and cleans the wound. He holds her hand and takes the tissue from her.
Raghv says that he hasn’t seen someone so beautiful while dancing. She says she is so sorry, had she known earlier. He says she would have said sorry? She says I had no intention to hurt you. He says that you are hurting herself by not dancing, if she wants to dance she must take admission in St. Luois tomorrow.
Huma says to Karma she wants to talk. He says I am not interested. She says it is about your money, I stole them.

PRECAP: Raghv says that life is serious, he cant be serious as well. Huma looks into the locker and tells Sharon’s mom that her money is missing, Karma comes in and asks where are you money. He then deters Huma that he needs his money or her name will be in the suspended student’s list. Police comes and asks for the CCTV footage.

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