Ek Hasina Thi 1st August 2014 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Dev asking Kangana is she fine. She says yes, I was messaging my friend and she is not replying. He says just ignore if she is taking you light. He asks her to keep smiling. Neil talks to everyone and compliments the ladies. He says this is my first engagement and people say love and marriage happens just once. Shaurya looks on. Neil addresses the men and says its not bad to see someone else and dance with them leaving aside your wife. He says so I have this plan of chits system to dance with someone else’s wife or GF. He asks everyone to dance with the partners whose names he takes by the chits. He starts and says Mr Rajnath Goenka and Raima Maheshwari. Sakshi smiles while Rajnath and Raima are very happy.

Raima tells Sakshi that she can romance Rajnath today, and asks her is she jealous. Sakshi says by both f you, no way, Rajnath can’t even think about anyone else. Raima smiles and says so true. Rajnath says you know me so well. Neil says Dr. Dayal Thakur and the lady is Mrs Sakshi Goenka. Everyone clap. Dayal takes Rajnath’s permission and Rajnath says ofcourse. The announcements are made for everyone and the last one is Durga Thakur and the lucky guy to dance with her is Shaurya Goenka. Sakshi looks at Neil and Durga. Neil throws the chit and smiles.

Sakshi says I knew it, where Durga is, nothing can be same, this cheap game plan is of Durga, as Shaurya is staying away from her and she can’t bear this. Raima says its her engagement, what will she do now, just relax. Shaurya comes to Durga and smiles. He gives her hand to Durga and she holds his hand. Shaurya says this theory does not apply here, as you both are not married yet. But I will pray for you both. He gives Durga’s hand to Neil and shocked Durga and Dayal. Sakshi smiles.

Kangana keeps calling Karan and is tensed. She says I have to sort this out and leaves. Shaurya sees Durga and Neil dancing. Sakshi thinks she will make sure Durga gets engaged today and leaves from their lives. Shaurya meets a girl and she asks him to dance with her. Shaurya says I don’t know you and it will be uncomfortable to dance with some strange girl. Neil tells Durga that he is sorry as Sakshi has controlled Shaurya well. Sakshi asks Dayal not to delay the engagement as its mahurat time. He says yes, I will announce, thanks.

Dayal asks everyone to join them. Durga gets tensed. Dev asks Durga not to do this, if she is not happy, he is her friend and can’t see her taking any wrong decision, atleast for my peace of mind, tell me once, this is happening by your wish, you are marrying Neil by your wish, tell me you love him. Durga thinks about Dayal’s words and says yes. Dev says fine, come. Durga and Neil take the rings. Neil asks Durga is she sure she will make him wear the ring, then it will really be their engagement. Sakshi asks Durga to make Neil wear the ring as mahurat is passing by, don’t be late, what happened, are you nervous
Durga thinks about her and Dev’s engagement. She makes Neil wear the ring and everyone claps. Dayal gives the ring to Neil. Neil gets tensed seeing Shaurya’s smile. He asks Durga to think again. He asks Durga to say what to do now. She gives him her hand. He makes her wear the ring and everyone clap. Sakshi is relieved. Dev says congrats Neil and Durga. Dev says I wish all the happiness in the world for you. A relation needs love to be successful and I will pray you get love and happiness by Neil. Durga says thanks, can you sing a song for me, your fav one.

She says I know Dev, that song was only for Nitya, so I will not force you. Dev smiles and says are you mad, you are also my good friend and its good to sing now. He says but this song will be for you both from me and Nitya. Durga smiles seeing him.

Dev sings kya hai deewane jise kehte hai…………… Shaurya hugs Neil and its blood on Neil’s clothes. Shaurya says Durga I love you and falls bleedings. Sakshi shouts Shaurya and Rajnath looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. 2days epi ws gd 🙂 precap looks horrible 🙁

  2. Oh god !! shourya u did all this drama after the engagement

  3. Wow, great, their plan worked!

    Stupid shaurya. slit his wrist.

    Guys, here’s a joke about shaura:

    sideways for attention, longways for results

    It means that you should cut your wrist sideways if you just want attention, or longways to die

  4. now the real drama begins

  5. now the real drama begins coooool

  6. Wow….finally sakshi will gnna losse …..

  7. Nice precap..

  8. hi,you thing durga getting married shauriya or dev

  9. I’m eager to watch sakshi’s reaction wen shaurya n durga will get engaged…

    Good written updates….keep it up !!

  10. cn’t wait to see the next episode..

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