SwaSan TS..Our Little Cupid..!..Part 4..by Kakali

Hilooo Ev1. Thnk u sooo much for response.Thnk u too all the silent readers also. Here I’m again with the part 4. Hope you all like it. “Sorry for my grammatical mistakes and spelling errors!”.

Now let’s move inside the story,
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Here we go,

@ Maheswari Mansion.

“Baccha! I will leave now. Take your medicines at time and don’t do masti oki? I will call you.” Swara said after finishing dinner, the time was around 9pm so she had to leave.

Ammaya’s million doller smile faded away while Swara said about leaving her, so as happened to Sanskar. His back got straight and the slight smile he was having disappeared from his face.

Swara noticed Ammaya’s pale face and said lovingly caressing her face ” Are you ok?” Ammaya nodded silently. Sanskar understood that she was not happy but couldn’t do anything.

“Mumma can you please stay back today?” She whispered looking at the floor while Sanskar’s heart did dhina dhin dhaaaa.

“Baccha what are you saying?” She asked shockingly.

“Mumma please stay na. See I got fever na, so this is a small request. Maan jawo na! I will sleep with you and you will sing lori for me.” Her eyes twinkled with happiness.

Before Swara could say Ammaya said to Sanskar “Papa! Say to Mumma!” He looked at her than Swara, repeating the same process.

“Papa se kuch nei hoga!(Nothing can be done by papa!)” She murmured under breath.

“Mumma please!” She pleaded more.

“Ammuu, you are……..!” There was a phone call that interrupted their conversation.

Sanskar noticed her eyes which were so bright after seeing the ID “Who might be calling her?” His mind shoot a huge question.

“Excuse me!” She said picking up the call “Hello Laksh! Yeah!”

“Laksh? Who is Laksh? And why she was smiling?” Sanskar became restless watching her talking to a boy so openly as well happily.

“Yeah Laksh, I will be there. Ok good night!” She cut the call turning towards them.

“Ehem ehem Swara! Wo I was saying,I mean Princess was saying it’s too late now. So if you want, you can stay here!” He said looking everywhere but Swara.

“Huh!” She gave a blank look.

“I mean you can live in Princess room! Waise toh she never shares with anyone but I guess……..!” He said sheepishly.

“Yoo Mumma! I have no problem.” Ammaya said jumping.” Please Mumma! Please!” She insisted more.

“Par!” Ammaya went silent” Oki Mumma if you don’t want so. I can understand. Oki if I got fever again. Oki no problem! Oki!”

“Ok! As you say I will stay with you tonight. Abb khush?” Swara said kneeling down.

“Yooo! Thank you Mumma. You are the best!” She hugged her happily.

Sanskar jaw was touching floor seeing his daughter’s Nautanki “Inni dramebazzi kab se churu ki isne?(From when she started this much dramebazzi?)” His monologue.

“She is your daughter Sanskar! Better you remember it!” His inner voice chuckled.

“What the hell! I’m not dramebaz!” He answered angrily.”India’s best dramebaz! Nautanki ke champions”. His inner voice whistled. Sanskar rolled his eyes.

“Swara feel free here. If you need anything, just make a call or Robin is here, you can ask him!” He said genuinely with a slight smile.

“Thank you Sanskar. Me and baccha will…………!!” Ammaya interrupted her “Mumma! Do I look like a Baccha? I’m four years old Mumma! Fourrr yearsssss. Call me with another name na! Baccha name is soo baccha wala but you know m big girl.!” Ammaya said keeping a pout.

Swara was like “She is four but big! Ghor Kalyug”?.

“Ok Ammu, I will call you Amuu beta! Is that ok? Now you are a four years big girl!” She said ruffling her hairs.(*Arsaaaaa, ek flying kiss toh banta hai).

“Yoo, that’s like my Mumma!”

“Toh shall we leave now?” Swara asked while Ammaya indicated her “Godi mei loo” Swara happily lift her up wishing Sanskar “Good night Sanskar! Sleep well!”

“1….2…..3….4 get on the dance floor!” Instead of Dhina dhin dhan, this time his heart did contemporary on that song.

“Hehe good night Swara!” He ran from there to calm his rapid heart down “Oh! God what happened to me? Something is very wrong.” He murmured to himself before gulping the sip of water.

Suddenly his mind stuck at the name Laksh! “Who is this Laksh now? Her……….!?!?! No Sanskar Nei! Don’t think much. Nothing like that.” He slapped his head.” But she smiled so cutely talking to him. Why o why??” His mind screamed.

“You need some good sleep Sanskar! Stop worrying about her smile and that Laksh!” He said to himself and slept.


@ Ammaya’s Room.

Ammaya was busy in describing about her room and her favorite stuffs as well. “Mumma now m sleepy!” She said adjusting herself on Swara’s embrace.

Swara started to stroke her hairs, adorning the cute ever princess.”Mumma!”

“Haan Ammu!”

“Will you sing a lori for me?You know sometimes when I didn’t feel like sleeping; papa used to sing for me and after that I had to sing for papa to make him sleep and myself too.” She said giggling.

All Swara could chuckle hard taking her in embrace “I will sing for my Ammu!”

(*I couldn’t think of any other song rather than this peaceful lori by one of my favorite singers <3Shreya Ghoshal<3 from the film Rowdy Rathore.)

Lori lori lori…
Lori lori lori..
Lori lori lori..
Lori lori lori..
Chandaniya chup jaana re
Chan bhar ko luk jaana re
Neendiya aankhon mein aaye
Bitiya meri so jaaye

(Swara started to sing while Ammaya passed a compliment to her "Waaa Mumma your voice is so cuteee! I didn't know you can sing lori soo well".)

Neendiya aankhon mein aaye
Bitiya meri so jaaye…..
Leke godh mein sulaaun
Gaaun raat bhar sunaaunMain lori lori
Ho main lori lori
Lori lori lori……

("Mumma! Have you ever sang lori for anyone? You know nobody sings for me except papa! He can't sing but still does for me. He is world's best papa!" Ammaya said without noticing that Swara's eyes had turned moist).

Gardhaniya chun chun baje
Palkan mein sapna saje
Dheeme dheeme haule haule
Pawan basanti doley
Dheeme dheeme haule haule
Pawan basanti doley

("M sleepy Mumma! Good night!" She said kissing her cheek.Finally her patar patar ended.?)

Leke godh mein sulaaun
Gaaun raat bhar sunaaun
Main lori lori
Oh ho main lori lori

(Ammaya came above Swara,hugging her like never letting go. "I miss you Mumma! Don't leave me!" She murmured in sleep).

Meri muniya rani bane
Mehlon ka raja miley
Dekhe khushiyon mele
Dard kabhi na jhele

(She went into deep slumber).

Dehke khushiyon mele
Dard kabhi na jhele
Leke godh mein sulaaun
Gaaun raat bhar sunaaun
Main lori lori
main lori lori…….
Lori lori lori..

(Seeing Ammaya sleeping so peacefully above her, Swara remembered something, some memories, close to heart. Her eyelashes became heavy and deep slumber embraced her).

"Mumma! Heheehe Mumma! It's tickling so much.hehhe Mumma Baas!" A small girl was laughing so hard while her Mumma was tickling her.

"Mumma ok I will drink now! Gimme my milk, I will finish it but no tickling." The same small girl said running kinda marathon candidate.

"Gimme now!" She took the glass of milk and again ran sticking her tongue out.

"Anjuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :D! You will never change na. Huh see how tired I'm. Please now don't run and drink the milk chup chapp, otherwise no pokemon today!" The lady/her Mumma said with a glare.

"You are too much Mumma!" Anju said hurriedly drinking the milk.

"Done Mumma!" She said wiping her lips.

"That's like my Anjuuuu!"

"Anjali Swara Bose I'm!!" She said jumping on Swara's lap.

(Swara was having a board smile in sleep. Soon her million dollar smile faded and face got tensed).

"Where are you taking her? Stop. Why you all aren't understanding that she is just playing with me. Don't take her! Please I can't live without Anjuuu. Listen to me, she is sleeping." Swara was crying miserably trying to free herself from the clutches of some other women who was not even letting to meet her daughter.

"She will get up. I know she can't leave me. Let me see her! She needs me, my Anjuu needs me. Please let me go." She somehow made herself free and ran towards Anjuuu, who was about to taken away.

"Leave!! Leave her! You can't take Anjuuu." She bitted a man's hand who was holding Anjali. He loosened the grip when Swara hugged her tight.

"I told you na! She is sleeping. I know my Anju will wake up whenever I call her. Wait let me show you!" Swara said like a mad woman who was not in sense.

"Aee Anjuu uth! Chalo wake up Anjuuu. Your Mumma is calling you na. Don't play with me, see how scared I'm! You.. youuu.. won,I lost Anjuu. Now wake up and call me Mumma! I want to hear your voice!" Swara called out her daughter, but she wasn't responding to her.

"Ragini….. Lakshhh..! See na Anju is not talking to me. Say her to wake up. Wo tumhari baat manti hai na! Kaho usee uthne ko!" Swara dragged Ragini & Laksh near Anjali.

"Swaraaa! Listen to me. Swaraaaaa, Anjuu is noooo..noooo moreee.. She .. woontt. Getttt uppp. She.. sheee left us Swaraaa. Accept it." Ragini said trying to cup her face but Swara jerked it off.

"Shut up all. I know nothing happened to Anju, she is just sleeping. You don't know anything. Let me sing lori
Loori…looriii… lorriiiii..
Loorii. Loriiiiii. Loriiiii.." Her every single word trembled,vicew chocked.

"Aeee Anjuu uth na! Aur nei sattate Mummy ko! Abb utho bhi!" Swara was losing her sense now not getting any reply from her dear daughter who was sleeping peacefully from past few hours. Everyone was saying that she was no more, but she didn't believe. But now why Anju was not responding? Did she actually left her Mumma all alone. She had just fever, even she was getting well then how come she left her suddenly?

"Anjuuuu!!!" She screamed at the top of her voice holding her tight near to her heart.

Those men again came to take Anjuu and Swara was very weak to say anything but still she couldn't let her daughter go "Don't take her! She is sleeping. She needs me, Anjuu will be hungry, Why are you taking her! Let me go. My Anju needs me." But no one listened to her and took away Anjali.

"Anjuu!!!" Swara shouted coming out of her dream. Ammaya was so scared sensing her behaving. Sanskar who was sleeping came running hearing her shout. He was trying hard to wake her up but of no use "Swara! Swaraaaa!"

"They take my Anjuu! They.. theyy.. my Anjuu. Woo logg. How.. can.. they… Anjuu!!" Her state was so miserable. Tears were flowing like never ending, eyes were red. Entire body was shivering.

"Swara! It's okk. You are safe. It was a bad dream." He soothed her while Swara just hugged him "Everything is all right Swara!" He gently stroked her back forgetting about everything.

After a while her whole body weight was on his shoulder and Sanskar understood that she fainted due to tiredness. He made her sleep and covered her with blanket. His heart almost blasted seeing her vulnerable state. His fingers automatically touched her tears marks wiping them away. Ammaya's sobbing sound made him come back to his sence.

"Pa..apaa wha..t happened.. to Mumma..?" She asked between her hiccups.

"Nothing princess! It was a bad dream of hers! Swara will be okk.!" He said to Ammaya and she nodded being his understanding princess.



Sanskar was sleeping on the couch. All the night he didn't get sleep thinking about the recent happenings. His mind, his thoughts were occupied by only Swara and her tears. Who was Anju? Why she was crying taking her name? Where is Anju now? Soo many questions were raised all together but only Swara could answer them.

His sleep got disturbed by the sound of broken glass. Swara was trying to drink water but she couldn't as her hands were shivering. "Swara relax!"

"Woo. Sorry. Yesterday, I. Me. Sorry for troubling you." Her hand clutched blanket saying those words.

"It's ok Swara! Don't worry. It does happen" He said sensing her panic voice.

Swara's phone rang. "Hello! Laksh, yeah m coming." She cut the call and got up from bed but unfortunately the broken pieces hurt her.

Sanskar who was in deep thoughts,thinking about Laksh came back to sense hearing her scream. "Swara sambhal ke!" He immediately made her sit " What's the hurry Swara? Can't you see the pieces? Now look it's bleeding. How can you be so careless?" He blabbered checking the wounds "Let me first aid it". He said moving towards the drawer.

"Sanskar it's ok. I'm fine. It's just a small wound and will be fine! Now I need to move." She said trying to stand up.

Sanskar was angry but now seeing her stubbornness his anger reached at the peak. He dangerously came towards Swara and held her through arms "I said sit back there, let me first aid it then go wherever you want to go, meet whoever you want to meet. But now do as I say." He said straightly looking at her eyes, Swara gulped looking at his furious eyes.

"I will do that by myself Sanskar.!" She stammered.

"I said sit there silently. Did you get that?" His voice was calm.

"Yeah.. yeah.. Sanskar!" She nodded.

Sanskar left her arms making her sit yet again and started his operation?."It will hurt a little." He said but Swara cut him off "I can manage it Sanskar!" She replied shutting her eyes off of course in pain.

"It's done Swara, you can open your eyes." He said gazing her pale face.

"Thnk you Sanskar!" She kissed sleeping beauty Ammaya's cheek "Good morning Ammu beta, will meet you later."

Somehow she made herself stand up and started leaving the room, when Sanskar said from her back "Take care of yourself Swara!" She nodded.


Days passed, something changed between SwaSan. Whenever Sanskar used to meet Swara with Ammya, she avoided him and it was clear by her actions. He had so many things to clear out with Swara but she was not even talking to him. From another side she did right as they had to maintain a minimum distance but why it was disturbing Sanskar? With the passing time his restlessness increased more. Suppressing his all inner emotions he only concentrated on his princess, because there was nothing more important than her.


One Fine Day.

Yesterday doctor informed Sanskar that they had found a eye donner, so next week after completing all the check up and necessary formalities Ammaya's operation would take place. He was happy and scared as well. Don't know why he badly wanted ti share this good news with Swara. May be she would have erased his nervousness. So he made a way to her home but her house was locked. After waiting for few minutes he decided to leave. When he was leaving the scenario made him angry. So damn angry. There Swara was hugging a boy. His mind went black, filling his eyes with anger and with an another feeling "possessiveness". All he wanted to bang the boy, parting them away from each other "How dare he hug MY SWARA!" He fisted his palm without thinking what he uttered.


Precap- Sanskar's past, Ammaya's eye operation+ Possessive SwaSan of course for each other.


SwaSanChuu Note- Hope it was worthy enough to read.

Guyz you all might have noticed I'm not regular in TU as I used to be. I'm not updating my stories, not reading the other ffs and not commenting on them as well. So I just thought to discontinue my SS " A DREAM". Because I do hardly update that SS once in a week and I feel so guilty to make you all readers wait. So it's better to discontinue rather than making you all wait. Would love to know your pov regarding this.

I'm helpless that m not being able to post in time. My sorry isn't gonna work but still a humble sorry for the inconvenience.

Wattpad ID- Kakali_ SSC.

Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all.<3<3..

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