SwaSan TS..Our Little Cupid..!..Part 1..by Kakali

Hiloooo Ev1. Here m presenting a TS. This idea has been doing dhina dhin dha in my mind from many days. Finally after gathering my all courage up, today thought to pen down it. Asking sorry in advance please pardon me if it’s not good enough to read. “Sorry for my grammatical mistakes and spelling errors”.

Now let’s move inside the story,


Here we go,

A room was shown where a beautiful girl was snoring hugging the pillow tightly. Her face is shining in the sun rays and the billion dollar smile was kinda cheery on the cake.

After half an hour a middle aged man around 27-28 years old entered in the room silently. It seems like he was a thief and came for robbery. He moved towards the bed taking baby steps. His eyes twinkled seeing the girl sleeping soo beautifully with smile on her face.

Shrugging the all thoughts aside he concentrated to his works and slowly opened the drawer. “Papa! Stealing is a bad habit.” The sleeping beauty said in her sleep.

The man bited his tongue and turned around where he found the girl was standing on the bed keeping her both hands on waist. He passed a very sheepish smile showing all the 32(battisi).

“Areey, I was not stealing, main toh baas aiseee hi!” He said after getting a glare from that girl.

“Papa! Don’t lie. I know you was trying to steal my chocos.huh!” The girl said still glaring at him.

“Hufff! Chori pakdi gayi! Ammu, sorry beta! I was toh just”. The boy said with a sad face while the girl giggled.

He set in front of her with a sad face. Seeing his cute sa pout the girl show him a big DMS “Papa! Ye wala chahiye?”

No sooner he saw the choco he snatched it from her hand “Waa! Where you kept it? Huh! I was searching for this only.!” He was about to take a bite while realized what he said.

“Toh! I was right, you came here to steal my chocos”. The girl said “Like always”, rolling her eyes.!

After a pause both burst out into a great laughter. “Papa you are too much! You are more kiddo than me”. She said hugging her papa with a board smile.

“And my Ammmuuu knows me soo well”. He said kissing her cheek.

“Yooo, because m papa’s girl na”. She also said pecking his both cheeks.

To disturb the beautiful father-daughter moment someone knocked at the door “Sanskar beta! Ammu beta! Breakfast is ready!” One of a servants said.

“Toh princess Ammaya! Let’s get ready. Yummy yummy breakfast is waiting for us!” He said gulping his saliva.

“Bhukkad Maheswari!” Ammu chuckled watching her papa’s cute antics.


After Half An Hour.

Both were descending steps. Ammaya was tightly holding Sanskar’s hand.

“Papa! Umm! You have cooked Gajar ka halwa naa? Yeiii! I knew it!” Ammaya jumped in happiness.

“Waa! My princess is soo smart!” He said with a wide grin.

“Of course! After all I’m papa’s girl.!” She said proudly.

Sanskar made her sit in his lap and feed her breakfast. “So how is it my princess?”

Ammaya acted like thinking,tapping her finger on nose tip “You are the best papa in this world”. She said pecking his cheeks once again.

“Awww! What a beautiful scene! Thank God I’m not late!!” Someone interrupted them from back.

“Aa geyi chudail aunty!” Ammaya whisperd near his ear making him chuckle.

“Good morning Sanskar! Good morning Ammu!” The girl wished them when she got a glare in return from Sanskar”I mean to say Ammaya!”

“That’s better Kavya!” Sanskar said wiping Ammaya’s face.

Kavya hurriedly went towards Ammaya” Today you are looking so cute baby! Just like a princess!”

“Chudail aunty,(Kavya widened her eyes) sorry I mean Kavya aunty, I always look cute and yoo because I’m papa’s princess!” Ammaya said sticking her tongue out.

Kavya murmured “Devil girl!”.

“Did you say something?” Sanskar asked eying her.

“Noo! No! Nothing.” Kavya stammered.

“Papa! Chalo now! We are getting late.” Ammaya said pulling him with her.

“Ha! Haa! Abhi ayii.” He said picking her up.

“Where are you both going?” Kavya asked not getting anything.

“We are going for fishing! Are you interested? Noo na! Weiii! I knew it.! Good bye Kavya aunty.” Ammaya said biding her bye.

Kavya made faces stamping her foot “This girl is chaitan ki khala, I don’t think I’m going to get Sanskar like this.” Her mind screamed.

“Papa! This chudail aunty irritates me a lot. I don’t like her at all.” Ammaya said while Sanskar adjusted her seat belt.

“And I don’t like anything which my princess doesn’t like.” Sanskar said passing a warm smile.

Ammaya smiled widely.


@ Hospital.

“Doctor, any progress! I mean..!” Sanskar asked with a tensed face but was cut off by Doctor.

“Don’t worry Mr. Maheswari! Ammaya is progressing and after the operation she will get her eye sight back! Trust us. We are trying our best.” Doctor Das said with a setisfactionary smile checking Ammaya.

“Thank you soo much doctor!” Sanskar smiled with tears.

“Princess you will be fine soon!” He said caressing her hairs.

“I know papa! I will be soon able to watch you and mama’s photo. Waaa she might be beautiful na?” Ammaya said dreamingly.

Sanskar’s smile faded instantly,making his face pale “Let’s go princess”. His voice was stern this time and Ammaya could easily recognize.

“I’m sorry papa!” She said bowing her head down.

Sanskar looked at his princess who was keeping a cute pout. He couldn’t be angry on her for more time. She was too adorable to handle. “Hmm! I will forgive you if you give me a panipuri treat. Otherwise soch lo”. He said trying to lightened the moment.

“Hufff! kinni badi saza hai.(What a big punishment!). But anything for you.” She said dramatically.

“Dramebazz”. He said with smile.

“Thank for the compliment, after all m papa’s girl”. Both giggled on this statement.


@ Panipuri Stall.

“Princess this phuskas are tasty na? Yummm!” Sanskar said gulping one Panipuri.

“Yummm papa this are so tasty”. Ammaya said but suddenly she started to cough.

“Ammmu, are you okk beta?” Sanskar panicked seeing his daughter coughing badly.

“Papa! Pani!” She said in between her coughs.

“Wait! Wait! Main abhi lata huu. Princess stay here I will bring the water bottle”. He said making a way towards his car which was parked a little far.

Ammaya was badly coughing, meanwhile a girl came to the same stall “Bhaiyaa! Thikhi wali dena”. She said checking her purse but suddenly saw Ammaya. Her heart pained seeing the cute girl coughing.

“Beta! Drink this water.!” She said handing over the bottle.

Ammaya tried to take the bottle but she was not being able to do so.

The girl made her drink water somehow”Beta are you okk now?” She said caressing her back.

Don’t know what happened to Ammaya, suddenly she started to touch the girl’s face with her small palms “Mumma!” Ammaya said snatching the breath of that girl.

Ammaya hugged her tight while the girl was left startled. She was still in shock not getting what to do.

Sanskar came running towards them and he took a sigh of relief seeing his daughter all fine but “who is that girl? Why Ammu is hugging her?” His mind asked those questions.

Shrugging them all aside he called out Ammaya “Princess”. Ammaya didn’t even look at him for once and was busy hugging that girl. She is literally weeping.

Sanskar was shocked because for the first time Ammaya didn’t respond him that to for a unknown girl. Urghh.

Her weeping sound stopped and the girl could feel the whole body weight on her, confirming that Ammaya fainted.

“Princess! Ammu! Oh God. What you have done with her? Haa! Look at her, she…….!!” He couldn’t complete and picked up Ammaya from the girl’s arm. Sanskar was angry on that girl, and his harsh words bring back the girl to reality.

“Whatt! What do you mean by what I have done? I just made her drink water. She was coughing.” The girl said angrily. “Let me see her! She might be fainted due to stress!” She tried to touch Ammaya but Sanskar was also adamant. “Stay away from her! I can handle”. He said and left her shocked.

Her eyes were moist showing some deep pain ” I miss you Anjuuu”. She whispered wiping her tears away.

“Arey, Swara how much time you will take yarrr!” Someone asked her from behind.

Swara turned around and looked at thw source of sound “Just a minute Ragini!” Swara said paying the vendor and looked at the direction from where Sanskar & Ammaya left.


@ Maheswari Mansion.

Sanskar was trying to make Ammaya sleep but she was continuously calling her Mom.” I need Mumma! Please take me to her. I need Mumma!” She was crying with hiccups.

“Papa! I need Mumma! Please bring her to me.” She said still sobbing in his embrace.

“Don’t cry princess! Mom will come soon. Please don’t cry!” Sanskar said while wiping his own tears which were almost ready to flow from his eyes.

“Now sleep my princess.! You are good girl na.! Sleep!” Sanskar somehow made her sleep. He kissed her forehead with lot’s of love. His heart pained seeing the tear marks on her cute and chubby cheeks. “I’m so sorry princess for lieing you. But I don’t have any other option. You mom will never come back. She has gone far away from us, from where there is no return.! I’m sorry”. He cried watching his princess so pale.


@ Study room.

Sanskar was staring a photo frame. He closed his eyes remembering something………………………..!!

To be continued..



Sanskar Maheswari- A 28 years old man. One of the business men of Kolkata. He is a quiet funny and lovable person but only for his one and only daughter AMMAYA MAHESWARI. She is his breath. His whole life depends on her. For the rest of people he is a simple man who is having attitude, arrogance etc etc. He is possessive towards his daughter for some reason. His wife is no more.

Ammaya Maheswari- A 4 years old little fairy with full of naughtiness. Papa’s girl, loves her papa more than anything in this world. For some reason she lost her eye sight 3 years back but still she is full of life, doesn’t care much about her weakness as her superhero her papa is always with her. “I’m papa’s girl”<<—- This is her logo.

Kavya Singhania- Admirer of Sanskar as well as his wealth. Wants to marry him showing that she loves Ammaya and can give her mother's love. But Ammaya is least interested. Ammaya is more comfortable calling her CHUDAIL AUNTY(*As a chudail u all can imagine anyone. I'm imagining someone who is appropriate for chudail name. And my SwaSan lovers know that so well.)more than Kavya aunty. Sanskar never gave a damn to her as his all-time priority was his only princess! So Kavya was also fed up. (*Urghh let me push her to dry pond).

Ragini Bose- A 24 years old simple,cute Bengali girl. Swara's sister, married to Laksh Bose.

Swara Bose- A 25 years old simple Bengali girl. Having a past who still follows her as nightmares. She tries to enjoy her life till as far as she can. Believes in God "Faith is the strength,by which shattered world shall emerge into the light".


The rest bio data will be revealed with time.!


Waaa,finally I'm done with the intro and 1st part.! This is a very simple story and To be frank,m soo nervous. Dunno why?.! Hope it was good enough to read. Oh haa shall I continue? Gimme ur feedback.


My Wattpad ID-Kakali_SSC.


Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all.<3<3..!!

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