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Next Morning.

Following the regular routine Sanskar entered into Ammiya’s room taking baby steps. He looked at his sleeping princess who was sleeping with a pale face,without a smile. Still he thought something and moved towards the drawer. “Papa!” He heard her soft voice which bought a big smile on his face.

She was still hugging her doraemon πŸ˜€ side pillow and soaring sound was audible to Sanskar. “Princess!” he called out her lovingly.

Ammaya didn’t reply back just crawl on the bed sleeping at the edge of the bed indicating she was not in a mood to talk to her papa! She was gussa(angry).

Sanskar smiled widely and moved towards her side calling out her aging “Princess!” She again crawl back to her old position.

Sanskar chuckled at his daughter’s cute antics. “Princess come on! Get up! Lottie choco pie is waiting for you”. He said and waited for her but not getting any reply he set beside her with a sad pout.

Ammaya opened her one eye to see why her papa was silent. Even though she was not able to watch him but still knew he was keeping a sad pout.

Suddenly she got up and threw herself on him. Sanskar lips curled up taking her in his embrace. He just hugged her tight kissing her hairs. No words conveyed between father-daughter in that particular moment.

After a while of silence Ammaya murmured “Bhuk lagi hai!(I’m hungry)”saying this she adjusted to his embrace more comfortably.

“Hmm! Soo princess is hungry! Waise what would you like to take in breakfast?” He asked caressing her head.

“Sab kuch!(Everything)” She said still acting as a sleepy head.

Sanskar hardly stopped his laughter getting the hilarious answer. Oh God! His princess was a crazy girl who could make anyone rofl. Her crazy antics were cute enough to make anyone smile.”So let’s get ready! 1st we will have breakfast, then……..!” He said teasingly.

“Ice-cream chahiye!” She whispered back.

“Yooo! That’s like my girl!” He pecked her forehead lovingly.

Ammaya couldn’t be angry for more time and finally she smiled sheepishly saying”I want 5 that too with different flavor”.

Sanskar gave a glare”You are saying as if it’s a new habit of urs?” Ammaya giggled giving him tight kisses on his cheeks “After all m papa’s girl”she said where Sanskar smiled like a half mad person.

“Chalooo! Chalte hai abhi!” She said jumping on his lap.

“Pehle brush your tooth!” He said taking her towards the bathroom to make his princess ready. Ammaya was showing her small small 32 all the time. “You are the best papa in this world”. His day was indeed bright with her. He need nothing except her happiness and could do anything for her smile. “Jaan basti thi Ammaya mei uski!”.


After taking breakfast both were on the way to ice-cream parlour. “So you wait here! I will bring the ice-creams”. Sanskar said when they were in front of the shop.

“Papa! I need 5 ice-creams”. She reminded him. “I know my bhukkad princess!” He said moving towards the shop. “I’m papa’s girl!” She shouted at his back happily. Sanskar shook his head.

Ammaya was patiently sitting in the car when she heard a voice “Ragini! I don’t want anything. You just go and eat whatever you want.”

“Haaa! Swara you stay here. I will be back in a minute!” Ragini said parking her scooty at the side of the road.

“Mumma!” Ammaya said cutely with a billion doller smile .She wanted to meet her, but didn’t know what to do. Moreover she was not being able to see,only could listen their talks. Her happiness had no boundaries then finally she decided to unlock the door. Having no idea where to go,she only followed the direction of the voice; calling “Mumma!”.

“Mumma! Where are you? Mumma!” She was aimlessly walking on the road.

Swara felt like someone was calling her. She felt an unknown happiness. On the other hand Ammaya kept walking when cars were blowing horn. She was scared hearing lot’s of noise and started to cry “Papa! Mumma!”she wasn’t getting what to do where to move.

Ammaya screamed “Mumma!”. A car was about to hit her when Swara came and engulfed her in embrace like a shield. The car stopped at the nick of time.

Swara opened her eyes “Baccha! Are you ok? Apko lagi toh nehi? Did you get hurt?” She asked caressing her face checking her from head to toe. Placing a warm kiss she again hugged her tightly and Ammaya also tightened the grip.

Ammaya was just crying,her whole body was shivering.

“Shh! Baccha nei rote! Don’t cry!” Swara tried to make her calm picking her up.

Sanskar came back after a while blabbering “Soo many customers today! Urghh princess might be waiting!”

“Here you go with your ice-creams!” He said opening the door but to his shock Ammaya was not there.

He started to panic, fear started to occupied in his heart making him more scared “Ammu beta! Amuuu!” He screamed calling out her name but no response.

“Princess! Where are you? Please don’t play with your papa! Come back!” Sanskar again screamed madly while tears started to welled up. He asked a few people showing her photo but no one knew nothing about her.

At some distance Swara was trying to ask her “Baccha! Tell me where is your papa?” But Ammaya was only sobbing and sobbing. Her nose was flowing with tears. She was looking adorably cute. πŸ˜€

“Hick! Hickk!” Her hiccups also started. Swara took her to the nearest coffee shop to make her drink water. “Ek minute baccha! Let me bring the bottle!” In reply Ammaya hugged her more tightly not letting her to move.

Don’t know why Swara felt soo much of happiness by her acts,her acts resembled someone! Someone close to her heart! Keeping her all thoughts aside she concentrated on Ammaya who was still holding her as tight as she could.

“Baccha! Drink this water!” Swara broke the hug somehow and saw her cute face which was filled with sweat and tears,nose was still flowing :D. She took out her hanky and wiped her face carefully.

Her hiccups stopped after drinking water. Swara didn’t ask anything as she was scared. Ammaya again hugged her.

“Baccha!” After a pause she asked caressing her hairs

“Hmmm!”<<—–her response.

"Where is your papa?" She asked softly not wanting to give her any kind of pressure.

"Papa! Haa papa! Where is papa? He went to bring ice-creams for me. Then I heard your voice mumma!!!!. I duno where is he." She said in soft whisper.

Swara heart skipped,turning her eyes moist hearing the most pleasurable word "Mumma!". Before she could think further Ammaya's small palms were touching her face. Aww her skin was so soft,like a cotton candy. "Mumma! You are my mumma na?" She asked breaking the hug.

Swara's throat went dry,not having the answer to reply back the innocent soul. But the reality was "No baccha! I'm not your Mumma!" She said closing her eyes where some droplets of tears escaped from it. There was silent. "But where is your Mumma?"

"I don't have Mumma! Papa said she left me when I was a baby now she is with God!" Ammaya answered bowing her head down.

Oh God! Swara automatically cried listening her talks."I'm sorry Baccha!"Ammaya felt her forehead getting wet. "Nei rote Mumma!" She said wiping her tears.

Swara noticed while Ammaya was talking her eye direction was still,she was looking somewhere else.

"Baccha look at me!" She said cupping her face. But Ammaya was still not looking at her. Swara gasped covering her mouth with palm when realisation hit her. "Bachha! Apki…….appkiii……!!" Ammaya didn't let her complete"I can't see anything Mumma!". No sooner those words left her lips Swara engulfed her for a bone crushing hug. No words expressed after that confession.

Ammaya found peace and motherly love in her embrace and Swara felt like HER ANJUUU was back to her. She was once again feeling like a mother.

There Sanskar was going mad not getting Ammaya,he was cursing himself for leaving his princess alone.


@Coffee Shop.

"Baccha! Did you remember your Papa's phone number?" Swara asked with a concern filled voice.

"Abhi bhul gayi!(Now I don't remember)"<<—Her answer.

"Abhi bhul gayi matlab?( what do You mean by now you forgot?)" Swara again asked not getting awwo bhawoo of her answer.

"I mean to say, now m sleepy and I can't remember anything being sleepy".She said and instantly fall asleep. Swara was amazed by her actions.Weiii kinni pyari bacchi hai, besides she was tired na,soo fall asleep.

Swara smiled taking her more comfortably in her embrace,pecking her hairs. She didn't want to take risk by taking her without informing THAT KHADOOS! "He will start his lecture again". Her mind thought but she had no other option and couldn't left Ammaya there so at last "I'm taking her with me! Huh! I don't know anyone here. So it would be better if I take baccha with me!I will inform her father when she will wake up.!" She thought about Sanskar and made faces.

"Ragini! You take my scooty! I will come after some time!" She massaged Ragini and went back to home by Taxi.


@ Swara's residence.

Swara made Ammaya sleep in bed covering her with blanket. "Sleep well baccha!" Said kissing her forehead with love. She was about to leave when Ammaya caught her through little finger murmuring"Don't leave me Mumma!". Swara sit there staring that doll continuously.


"I need my Ammuu back. Do whatever you all want!" Sanskar barked :p at his men who were trying to find Ammaya but no clue. Now It's afternoon but he could find nothing. He was restless,scared thinking about her innocent daughter; praying that nothing should happen to her. He will burn this world down if anything happen to her.

"Ammu where are you Princess?" He was crying by the end! The fear of losing her was increasing with the passing moment making him more vulnerable. "How will I live without you Princess? Please come back to your papa!" He couldn't hold back himself anymore collapsing on the floor. "God! I don't want to lose her again!" He joined his both hands pleading to God! "Not again God!".

It's been 3 hours since Ammaya was sleeping,nope snoring! Swara chuckled looking the way she was snoring.! "Papa bhuk lagi hai!(Papa! I'm hungry)" she said in a half sleepy voice.

"Bachha! Wake up!" Swara said and the next moment Ammaya jumped on the bed "Mumma! You here! With me! Waaa! Where I m?" She was again back to her jolly mood.

A wide grin covered Swara's face. "Are you hungry?"

"Yoo! Mumma bhuk lagi hai! I didn't had anything except Breakfast! See my tummy is also doing gutur gutur!" True,her small tummy was also hungry. "Can you heard the voice Mumma?" She said dramatically.

Swara was like? "Is this the same girl I met a few hours back who was crying but now?!!"… "Cool down Swara! This is kalyug!" Her mind gave her answer.

Swara made her eat by her own hands while Ammaya's non-stop expeess was going on saying about her papa & mostly chudail aunty,how much irritating she was etc etc etc.!

"Done!" Swara wiped her face.

"Waaa! Lunch was very tasty! I love Aluu paratha! But papa doesn't know how to make round round shape!" She said giggling. "Oh haa! Papa! Where is he?"

"Baccha….!!" Swara was cut off by Ammaya "You can call me Ammaya Ammu or Princess! I have so many names!"

Swara was like "Oooooooooooo :0:0"

"So Ammu beta! You remember you papa's number?

"Yooo! Gimme your phonea"..

"Tringg tringggg!"

"Hello!" The other side responded.

"Is this papa?"

"No! Wrong number!" The call was cut.

Swara saw her with narrow eyed "Woo! Wrong number tha!".

"Tringg tringgg!"

"Hello!"other side responded.

"Is that papa?"

"Princess!! Amuuuu! Betaaaa.!" Sanskar exclaimed with joy "where are you beta? Tell me I'm coming.!" His happiness knew no boundaries." I'm with Mumma! Come here!"

"Ammu give me the phone!" Swara took the phone "Hello! Ammaya is with me! Come to MNO place!" She said.

"Be there with my daughter! I'm coming! Don't you even dare to move or harm my Ammu!" He said staring his car. "Give her phone!"

"Khadoos! Khadoos! Khadoos! Duuno how this angel is his daughter! Moron!" She cursed him.


"Waaaa Papa! You are too fast! Huh! I missed you!" Ammaya said when Sanskar barged in her house without waiting for Swara who was standing numb at the door way"Manner less people!"

"Are you fine princess? Do you know how much I was scared! Where you went haa! I almost died. Don't do this again!" He kissed all over face showing his love,care and concern.! He was kinda get a new life seeing his daughter after 6 hours.!

"I'm all fine papa! Mumma took care of me!" She said kissing his cheek,pointing towards Swara.

"This is the same girl Ammu was hugging that day." Sanskar thought and looked at Swara keenly. She felt uncomfortable with his gaze and coughed :p "Ammu beta!".

Sanskar glared at her "Call her Ammaya! Not Ammu!"

"Nei!Papa i said her to call me Ammu or Princess!"

He was shocked.. Urghhh! What was special in her that Ammu is letting her to call Ammu or Princess! Huh only he had right to call her Ammu! His thoughts were disturbed by Ammaya's voice "Papa!say her thank you. You know today I was about to meet with an accident,but Mumma rescued me;just like a super Mumma!" Sanskar shivered thinking about the scenario.

"Thank you____!!"

"Swara! Swara Bose!"

"Thank you Swara for saving my life!" His voice was stern.

"Welcome!!"…….."Khadoos!"murmured under her breath.

"Sanskar Maheswari! Not Khadoos!" He said while Swara widened her eyes.

"Mr. Rabbit ear Maheswari!" This time she thought in her mind making various kind of faces.

"Now let's go Amuuu! We should leave!"

"Thank you once again Swara for your kind help!" This time his voice was genuine even his smile. He forwarded his hand for a handshake.

Swara hesitantly joined her hand with him "You are welcome Sanskar!". Both touched each other feeling 880 volt current(*as usual).

"We wilk take a leave now!"

"Bye Mumma! Will meet you soon!" Ammaya said dragging Swara near her for a hug, she herself was in Sanskar's arm so their face was inch apart from each other. Sanskar's breath stopped feeling her so near to his face as did Swara.

"Bye!" Finally they bid bye.


"Papa! How was Mumma! I mean was she cute? Waaa! She might be beautiful na!" Ammaya asked dreamingly when they were on the way back to home.

Sanskar smiled slightly remembering her face "yeah! She is cute!".

"Is it soo? Waa I knew it!"

"Huh! What? Cuteee!! No Sanskar! Nei! What your gutter mind is thinking?" His mind did dhina dhin dha "But she is actually cute!". He smiled again.


"THE LITTLE CUPID" had successfully done her work. Now It's time for Swara and Sanskar to take their steps towards each other. This sudden meet was going to change their lives. All mighty had already started to write their upcoming journey. "Now let's see how the story proceeds. How THE LITTLE CUPID makes them fall for each other,completing them!".


Precap- Swara is at Maheswari Mansion making round round allu paratha with Sanskar.


Waaaa! Done with the 2nd part.! Huh! What to say, I myself become a kid while portraying Ammaya! Oki,






















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