SwaSan TS..Our Little Cupid..!..Part 3..by Kakali

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Hilooo Ev1. Thnk u sooo much for the wonderful response on the last two parts! Thnk u too all the silent readers also. Here I’m again with the part 3. Hope you all like it. “Sorry for my grammatical mistakes and spelling errors!”.

Now let’s move inside the story,
Link of the previous parts :
Part 1
Part 2
Here we go,

Ammaya was continuously blabbering about Swara all the way back to home. She was literally jumping on her seat with so much excitement, her eyes were twinkling in extreme happiness. “You know what papa! Mumma makes so tasty allu paratha; I loved that! See still my mouth is watery.” She said gulping her saliva.

Sanskar chuckled looking at his crazy daughter’s antics. He was very happy seeing his daughter smiling wide. But he wondered why she called him Mumma! “Princess!”

“Haanji Papa!” She responded back.

“Princess can I ask you something?” He asked concentrating on his way.

“Tex dena padega(You have to pay tex)” She said with a serious voice.

“Huh! Tex?” He asked glancing her once.

“Haa nei toh! You was asking permission na?” She said cutely rolling her eyes.

Sanskar smiled sheepishly “Ehem ehem! Princess why were you calling her Mumma?”

Ammaya became silent but after a while her smile grew wide ” I dunno papa but when I met her in panipuri stall, I felt connected to her. I felt like she is my Mumma! Today also happened the same! She is soo good papa. You know she feed me with her own hands. I love Mumma!” She squealed in joy.

Sanskar was so amazed by her thoughts.” But you know princess, she isn’t your Mumma!” Sanskar said after few seconds.

“I know Papa! She isn’t my Mumma, because she is with God. But I duno why I loved her!” She whispered bowing her head down, playing with her fingers.

Sanskar was soo touched by her words. He didn’t say anything but felt terribly bad seeing her silent. What did she know about Swara? Nothing, she was just a 4 years kiddo after all. What could she do when she find motherly love in Swara’s embrace. There was nothing wrong. She had been living with him from the day his wife left him and his little princess. She was brought up by him only.


“Hmm Papa!”

“Why we came here by the way?” He asked sensing about her off mood.

“Ice-Cream khane(To eat Ice-Cream)” she said and her voice was filled with excitement and more than Sanskar no one could identify it.

“Then why don’t we continue our pending work?” He said parking his car.

“Waaaa! Sacchi mei! You are the best papa in this world”. She said while Sanskar loosened her sit belt.

“So I’m. Then let’s go?” He said picking her up. This time he wasn’t going to repeat his mistake. Ammaya hugged him tight kissing his cheeks.


“Waaa papa! I want one more!” Ammaya said licking the stick.

“Baas! No more now! You have already finished 3 ice creams. This is the 4th one.” He said glaring her.

“Oki Papa! If you don’t want to give me. Oki, I won’t eat anymore. Oki.” She said licking the stick once again and placed it in table quietly.

“Dramebazzz!!” He mumbled and ordered for another ice cream.

“You know how to melt your papa na?” He said hugging her tight and pecked her hairs.

Ammaya giggled “Yoo!! I’m papa’s girl you see!” She said while the next order arrived and both father-daughter enjoyed to the fullest.

“We should leave now?” He said paying the bill.


After 2 Days.

Today is something different in Maheswari Mansion. Let’s see what is going on.

“Sanskar beta utho, Ammu beta is waiting for you!” One of the servants said entering in Sanskar’s room with Ammaya. She was standing silent folding her hands across her chest.

The lady sarvent whispered in her ears”Ammu beta, only you can do that. Best of luck!” She said leavening the room.

“Papa uthoo,!” She said moving towards his bed.

No response.

“Arey Papa uthooo, it’s morning now!” She again said shaking him.

Snoring sound came in return.

She tried many times but he was too sleepy to wake up.

“Papa, utho na! See you promised me that you would take me to Mumma today. Look I’m ready. Please utho and take me to her!” She said and her voice dropped.

She sadly sit beside him. Her small small plams found her destination and it was his hairs. After a minute Sanskar’s sleep got disturbed, but he broke into a smile when find his princess caressing his hairs lovingly. Oh wait, no she wasn’t doing so. “Princess what are you doing with my hairs?” He asked in sleepy mood.

“Making pony!” She said and again got busy in her work.

Sanskar smiled at his princess. “Oki, now I should get up!” He said and Instantly woke up taking her in his embrace. “Good morning princess!”

“A very good morning Papa!” She wished him back. Yoo, it was also a part of their routine. Either her papa would woke her up in his way or his princess would do the same but in her way.

“Papa go and get ready. I hope you remember we have to go to Mumma’s home!” She said dreaminigly.

“As you hukum my princess! And I do remember. I don’t have dare to forgot my princess wish;right?” He said taking his clothes.

“Haaa Papa! After all you are my papa!” She said proudly and then clapped.


“Hmmn Papa! Basss I can’t eat anymore. Now let’s go and meet Mumma!” She said when Sanskar wiped her face.

“Any time bass Mumma Mumma! Mumma!” He thought and made faces.

“Papa! Chalooo!” She called him again.

“Oki, chaloo meri maa!” He lifted his little princess up in his arm.

“Sanskar & Ammaya where are going? I came here to meet you both but..!!” Kavya said when they were moving towards gate.

“Aa gayi chudail aunty phir se!” She said and palmed her face.(*Vyshuuuuu! ?don’t giggle please)

Sanskar couldn’t do anything except chuckling. “Chuu… I mean Kavya aunty we are going for shopping.” Ammaya said while Kavya smiled madly ” Shopping! Yes, I also want to go.” She said and joined them.

“Not again!” Ammaya murmured and Sanskar waited for her next move because he knew his princess couldn’t stand that girl for a single second.

“Kavyaa aunty, your perfume is soo nice! It’s smell like chocolatey. But if you go with us, this smell will turn into yucky one as we are going to fish market.” Here came her dhasu answer.

“Thank you Ammaya!” She smiled wide “Huh! Fish market! Yuck! No. I won’t come. You both continue!” She said twisting her lips.

“Yoo, that why we weren’t taking you. Oki, now bye! We are getting late.” Sanskar shooked his head hearing her answer. His car made a way out of gate while Kavya was still standing there. She smelled and complimented herself” Yes, I’m smelling good..!!”


Swara’s residence.

“Knock knock!!”

“Wait a minute!” Swara opened the door and there Sanskar was standing. She was astonished seeing him there all of a sudden when someone pulled her duppata “Niche dekho Mumma! M here!” Ammaya said and Swara looked down. Her lips curled up and a huge smile covered her face.

“Baccha! You here!” She said picking her up immediately. Ammaya showed her little tooth(*I duno how many tooth she has?).

Sanskar smiled slightly seeing her daughter’s excitement as well Swara’s happiness.

“Mumma I missed you a lot.! Today even I wanted to come early but what to do, my papa was snoring and I had to work hard to wake him up” she said dramatically shaking her head.

Sanskar was flushed in embarrassment “Kinni badi nautanki hai!(What a big dramebaz she is!). He thought and composed himself as Swara looked at him keenly. Passing a small smile he looked around the house.


It’s been almost 2 hours since both Swara and Ammaya is doing patar patar. Don’t know what both were talking,urghh what were they whispering and why Swara laughed looking at him? He knew his princes is patar patar ki dukan(talkative) but didn’t know that calm Swara is also same. Somehow Sanskar admired their bond. His daughter never loved someone easily but there might be something about Swara that she even permitted her to call Ammu & Princess which was rare. “She is special!” He said with a soft smile.” Wait! What? Sanskar! Stop your mind! This isn’t going in a right way! You have to stop the horses of your mind!” His inner voice warned him.

“Princess it’s too late now!” He said and Ammaya understood that they had to leave now but she wanted to spend some more time with Swara. Yoo, idea. “Mumma do you have allu paratha now? I’m lil hungry now!” She made an excuse.

“Yes, just give me half an hour I will make it!” She answered.

“Swara it’s ok! You don’t need to take tension!” Sanskar interrupted.

“It’s ok Sanskar! There is nothing kinda taking tensions! I would love to cook for baccha!” She said admiring Ammaya. Her voice was soo deep, eyes were soft which holds love and affection towards Ammaya and it was clearly observed by Sanskar.

She averted her gaze and waited for his reply. “All right! We are doing lunch then!” He said and Swara’s eyes glittered with happiness.

“Yeeii!! Papa you are the best!” Ammaya’s happiness knew no boundaries.


“So were we go with Allu paratha!” Swara said coming out of kitchen. She served and also took a sit beside them.

“Yumm! This smells too tasty! Papa khilawo na(Feed me)”. Ammaya ordered while Sanskar feed her happily. Swara wiped the tears from the corner of her eye and obviously it was noticed by Sanskar.

“Doneee!” Ammaya nodded happily.

“Lunch was tasty Swara! Thank you for having us!” Sanskar complimented Swara when they were leaving.

“Mumma! I will miss you!” Ammaya said, she was at the verse of crying.

“Will miss you too baccha! Come back soon.!” Swara’s eyes turned moist.

“Bye Mumma,bye Swara!” They left after bidding bye.


With the passing of time Swara & Ammaya’s bonding became strong. Whenever Sanskar got time, he used to visit Swara’s home with Ammya. He also became free with Swara, and it was possible just because of Ammaya, his princess, her baccha. Even Sanskar started loving their bond, he wasn’t insecure as he used to be because he was happy for his daughter.


One Fine Day.

Sanskar entered in Ammaya’s room and as usual he moved towards drawer. But today she wasn’t responding anything,may be she was in deep slumber. “Princess!” He touched her hairs. Wait her forehead was burning “Princess!!!” Sanskar panicked seeing her shivering. Oh God! Her whole body was burning in high fever. He took her in his embrace and hugged her tight while tears made their way out of cheeks.

“Robin, Robinnnn!!” He screamed calling out his name.

“Yes! Yess sir!” Robin came hearing his shout.

“Call the doctor!” He roared and Robin dialed the number.

“Doctor is coming in half an hour!” He stammered.

“I don’t have God damn half an hour! Go and bring him now!” Robin run away to bring doctor.

“Princess! Everything will be all right. Papa is here na, he will not let anything happen to you!” He cried kissing her forehead.


“Princess..! Yes.. m here! See.. princess. Nothing will happen to you.” Sanskar was scared, his every word trembled.

“Pa..paa, Mum..maaa!!” She said, her voice was pale.

“Haa! I will bring Mumma! Princess I will bring her!” He said keeping her close to his heart.

“Sir! Doctor!” Robin interrupted them.

“Doctor check my princess! She.. sheee.has fe..vvee..r” Doctor was checking her but she was continuously murmuring Mumma,Mumma and Mumma.!

“Please call her Mumma! She needs her the most now!” Doctor advised Sanskar prescribing the medicines.

“Thank you Doctor!”

“My pleasure, but call her Mumma soon!” As soon as Doctor left Sanskar dialed Swara’s number.(He was having her number as that day Ammaya called him na).

“Hello!” Swara responded.

“Swara! It’s me Sanskar! Can you please come to my house? Actually Princess got fever and……!” Swara cut him off “Sanskar! What happened to baccha? Is she okk? How.. howww she got fever… how can you be so careless? Haa! Give me your address. I’m coming!” Swara blabbered being panicked; making him all quiet.

“My driver will be there!” He said and cut the call.


Swara reached Maheswari Mansion in 15 minutes “Where.. where is Baccha’s room?” She asked to a servant.

The servant gave her a blank look”Baccha?”.

“Ammu! I’m talking about Ammu!”.

“There! ” he pointed to a direction.

“Baccha! Baccha!” She came towards her running in full speed :D.

Sanskar was sitting beside her,caressing her hairs meanwhile he saw Swara standing at the door “Swara!”

“How is Baccha Sanskar? Did you call doctor?” She asked looking at her pale face.

“Mumma! Papa!” Ammaya murmured in sleep.

“I’m here baccha/princess” both said all together giving a look to each other(*huh?).

“Baccha! See m here! Mumma is here.” She said kissing her hairs.

“Mumma!” Ammaya smiled in sleep touching her face. All Swara could cry in happiness. Her eyes streamed with tears “Ya! Mumma is here!” She kissed her soft palm.

“Excuse me!” Sanskar excused himself leaving them alone because he was holding tears from a long time but not now! He needed to cry.


It was evening now! Ammaya was fine, her fever reduced. “Mumma! You are with me? Sacchi mei?” Her voice brought a big smile in their face.

“Take rest Baccha!” Swara said while Ammaya hugged her.

“Papa! Won’t you talk to me?” Sanskar who was standing beside them took her in his embrace “Pata bhi hai Princess! Mar gaya tha main! Jaan nikal gayi thi! Don’t ever do this to me. I will die!” He finally broke down seeing his princess all fine. She was his life, his breath, reason to live. If anything would have happened to her, he would have definitely died.

“Nei papa! Nei rote. I’m fine. See, your princess is fit and fine.” She said wiping his tears away. “You know why?” She again asked.

He nodded no but he knew her answer “Because I’m papa’s girl.!” She said kissing his left cheek.

“Yes, you are my princess. My Ammuuu!” He again hugged “It’s all because of that ice-creams. Now onwards no kulfi, no ice creams.” He murmured acting to be angry.?

“Waaa inni badi sazaa(This much big punishment)” She also acted as fainting. Both SwaSan chuckled “Dramebazz” SwaSan said happily.

“That’s I’m, because……!” She was about to say but SwaSan cut her off “We know that you are papa’s girl!”

“You both are very smart, robbers!! Stole my favourite line”. She said keeping a pout while her stomach did gutur gutur.

“Actually thodi si bhuk lagi hai!(I’m lil hungry)” She said staring her tiny tummy. Of course she didn’t had anything from last night.

“So what would you love to take my princess?”

She thought licking her lips “Allu Paratha!” (*Now don’t ask me why she loves Allu paratha?)

“Inna chotu sa demand! Abhi laati hu(Such a small demand, I will bring it in a while)” he said adjusting her in bed comfortably.

“Swara be with her! I will be back in sometime!”

“Round round paratha papa!” She giggled, Swara suppressed her laugh seeing his face hung open.

“No problem Sanskar! I will help you out making round round Allu paratha!” Sanskar passed a sheepish smile.


@ Kitchen.

Sanskar seemed very busy in making the round shape. He tried every way to make it round but as always it ended up in the shape of India. Swara couldn’t stop her laughter seeing his innocent tired face and bursted out laughing “Nei hoga mujhse!” .

“Sanskar give it to me! I will make it round” she took the lead and made round round shape. His grin went ear to ear looking at the perfect round shape. Suddenly some wheat particles fell on her eyes. She was trying to remove it, her eyes became red.

He tapped her shoulder “Swara! May I?” Swara nodded but with hesitation.

Sanskar held her hand and thousand megawatt current passed through their body. He bended his head to blow some air. They were very very close their breath chased and touched each other’s face. His hand perfectly cupped her both cheeks. “Phuuuuuuuuuuu”?he blew air and Swara slowly opened her eyes. Their face was inch apart from each other. She look flustered and he was also affected not less than her.

Swara blinked her eyes several times when both came back to sense. He leaves her hand abruptly and felt that something very valuable was stolen from him.

“Than..k. thank you Sanskar! You serve the meal, I will bring Ammu!” She said clutching her top and to Ammaya’s room.

Sanskar’s fingers ran through his hairs “What happened to you suddenly? Better you stay away from her” His inner voice questioned him.

On the other side Swara murmured to herself “What was that Swara? This isn’t good! Stay away from him.”.


“Waaaa!No India Map today. Round round shape Papa! If you even give me 100 chocos, then I also I’m not going to believe that you have made this!” SwaSan who were keeping moun brat smiled slightly and enjoyed the paratha. Opps sorry “ROUND ROUND ALLU PARATHA”.


Precap- Past, Ammaya’s eye operation.


Sorry for this boring part! You all have to bear this TS for two more episode, that means it will contain 5 parts.

Wattpad ID- Kakali_SSC.


Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all <3<3..!!

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  1. Arshaanya

    Kaku first of all plz stop using bacha word…
    Wenevr swara use bacha for ammaya it irritates me so much.. dun knw y bt i cant relate wenevr she use bacha for her…
    N again i found glimpse of kaku in ammu…
    I thought dere must b some suspense m al bt i think its nrml story… sanky lost his wife n swara lost anju…???
    U shud clear it na maine kitni baar quez puche in chappy 1 n 2???
    I thought derez some rltn btwn swara sanskar ammu anju huh

    1. Kakali

      Arsaaaaaaaaaa, maine pehle hi bola tha, yee ikdam simple story hai, ikdam.!! ?Huh thnk u sooo much..!! ;-*

  2. Alku

    Awwwwww ammu is soooo cuteeee ???
    Loved ammu and swara bonding ?
    Post nxt parr soon na??

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Alkuuuuuu Di for loving them..!! ;-*

  3. Mahisha

    kakuuu diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
    as soon as i came to tu the first thing i searched for is this
    wah wah the chapter is amzing
    i think sanskar is tooooooo patriotic that’s why his every paratha comes in the shape of india 😉
    post next part soon di
    love u

    1. Kakali

      Mahiiiiiiiiiiii, you are soo right Sanskar and his India shaped Allu Parathaaaa..!! Kuch nei ho sakta uskaaaa..!!
      Thnk u soooo much Mahiii, love you dherrrr saraaaa.!! ;-*

  4. Mica

    uuughhhhh… finally read this part..yay!!!!
    So, that’s reason Valentino rossy lost yesterday ? to watch Swara running in full speed ?
    don’t ask me why i’m so late to read.. i’m growing up Kakuuu…. huh!

    1. Kakali

      Huh! Of course I know a nursery student is growing so she is late..!! No problem.!! Why should I say you? Lemme watch step up revolution now.! Don’t disturb.*push u!!.
      Thnk u sooo much..!! ;-*

  5. Shifa96

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    Btw loads of ff’s to catch up with..will read ‘dream’ soon.

    1. Kakali

      Weiiiiii, welcome back Shifuuuuuuu.!! Good to see you back.!!
      Thnk u sooo much and as I said don’t ever ask sorry..!! Huh!! ;-*

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