Archi love story!! Part 19

After some moments,
Mia comes to them.
Mia- ma’am there is suite room. There is one bedroom,one kitchen and drawing room. We can arrange a extra bed for you.Will that be OK.
Aryan-yeah!That’s perfect!
Sanchi- Fine you can give is that room.
Mia-Fine ma’am. Come with me.and give your baggage to the staff.
Sanchi, Aryan give their baggage to the staff and follow Mia. Mia takes them to the suite room.

Mia-Here you go ma’am. The keys and tomorrow is the exhibition. So,you can enjoy today and roam around Sydney.
Aryan-That’s great but we need vehicle to roam.
Mia- that’s not a problem sir. There are vehicles from the exhibition for every guest. You can go by it.
Sanchi-gr8! So,let’s get freshen up and then let’s go in 45 mins.
Mia-ok ma’am.Have a nice stay.
Aryan-thank you.
They close the door. Aryan sits comfortably in the sofa.
Sanchi-Aryan we have to go , instead of sitting here u should go , freshen up and change your clothes.
Aryan- excuse me! We have 45 mins and I need only 10 mins to freshen up, change and get ready. I am not a girl who will take 1 hour to get ready. Understood!(saying this he throws a pillow towards Sanchi.)
Sanchi-aww at first you say rubbish about girls and then throw pillow towards me. Just wait.
Saying this sanchi also throws a pillow towards Aryan.
Aryan- Sanchi!
They both gets into a pillow fight. But soon they gets tired and falls on the sofa. Both are laughing ?
Aryan-it was fun.
Sanchi-yes. Now let’s o and get ready.
Meanwhile in Mittal house,
Viren was very upset. Kusum comes to him.
Kusum-viren come on for how long will be upset?
Viren-kusum I am missing sanchi a lot. She has never been so away from me. Yeah she was away from me but she was in India.
Kusum-of remember Viren once sanchi had been to Rishikesh with her friends. And that time also I had forbidden her and you had quarrelled with me that I am snatching her Independence. So, I had let her go. And after she went your face was exactly like this. Pale face. If you love her so much then why do u let her go?
Viren- for her happiness kusum. I can do anything for her happiness. If my sadness brings her happiness then I will be sad but no snatch her happiness from her. And you know that kusum, it’s Sanchi’s childhood dream to be an international fashion designer and now she got this chance so how can I stop her?
Kusum- it’s OK. You are missing her r8?
Kusum-so, take this and talk to her.
Viren smiles.
In Sydney,
Aryan was already ready and was waiting for Sanchi.
Aryan-sanchi come quickly we are getting late.
Just then sanchi comes wearing a yellow summer short dress and high boots. Aryan smiles looking her.Sanxho comes to Aryan.
Sanchi -how am I looking?
Aryan-? perfect. Just perfect. You are looking beautiful.
Sanchi-thanks you are also looking very cute.
Aryan-thanks. Now let’s go.
As they were going Sanchi’s phone rings.
Sanchi picks the phone.
Viren- not mumma it’s papa.
Sanchi-papa ! How are you Papa?
Viren- I am fine. How are you? Did you reach safely? Is everything OK there?
Sanchi-papa Papa relax so many questions together. OK. I am fine. I reached safely. And everything is perfect here.
Viren- how is Aryan?Give the phone to him.
Sanchi-Aryan me do one thing . I will put the phone on speaker. Just wait. Now say
Me and Aryan both are hearing.
Viren- how are you Aryan?
Aryan-i am fine uncle. How are you?
Viren-i am also fine. Aryan pls take care of Sanchi. She is very careless.
Aryan-dont worry at all uncle. I will take very good care of her.
Viren-thanks beta. Now I am cutting the phone. Bye !
Sanchi and Aryan- bye!
After cutting the phone they both goes and sits in the car. In the whole journey sanchi was just clocking photos.
Aryan-you know what I doubt that you are a fashion designer.
Aryan-bcoz since we came her you are just clicking photo like photographer. Now, stop it Sanchi
how much will you click?
Sanchi-what can I do Aryan? It’s s o beautiful. So, thought to capture this beautiful moments.
Aryan- fine. But now in 2mins we will reach. So,now you can stop your photography.
Sanchi-fine my dad! I am not clicking photos. Now, OK?
They reach their destination. It was a beautiful place.bubbles are blowing in the air.
Aryan-thanks place is indeed beautiful.R8 sanchi?
No response.
She wasn’t here beside Aryan. Aryan was looking for Sanchi. Then he saw sanchi with some kids blowing bubbles.
Aryan laughs seeing her childish behavior. He clicks photo of Sanchi .Sanchi was enjoying a lot. There are some jokers. They were dancing. Sanchi goes to them and dances with them. Aryan was clicking photos of her. Sanchi then sees Aryan clicking here photo she comes to Aryan.
Sanchi-Aryan what are you doing? Let’s enjoy.
Saying this she takes Aryan to the place she was dancing and asks him to dance. They were dancing together. Aryan spins sanchi. They were dancing couple dance.
Aryan(In his mind)- I don’t know why sanchi but each time I see you I fall in love with you. My love for you always increases. And very soon I will tell you how much I love you. Very soon.
After roaming they comes back to the hotel. They fresh UP and changes in to n8 dresses.
Sanchi- really it was a very hectic day yet super enjoyable. I enjoyed a lot.
Aryan-you are r8.. it was very enjoyable. Anyways good n8. You sllep I will go and sleep in the drawing room.
Sanchi- Aryan did they gave the extra bed?
Aryan-yeah sanchi. Don’t worry. And you know what that’s more comfortable that your bed.
Sanchi laughs.
Sanchi-fine. Good night.
Aryan goes out of the room. Just then babasa calls him.
He picks the call.
Babasa-hello! How are you?
Aryan-I am fine babasa.
Babasa-not babasa now I called you as your love guru.
Aryan-yes love guru.
Babasa-i, how is everything?
Aryan-ais we planned. Perfect. Sanchi is very happy and babasa I promise you before coming India I will express my feelings to sanchi. I will tell her that I love her very much.
Babasa-fine. But when will you do that?

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    Loved it
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    Aryan is so innocent guy in world.
    Can’t wait for next.

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      Thanks Bhai… And next part is published.

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