Aphorism:The Girl that is a Beauty (Swasan short story by aashi) part 2

Hello guys, it’s Aashi back again with Aphorism:The Girl that is a Beauty. Thanks for your appreciation.

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~Aphorism:The Girl that is a Beauty~

Part 2:

Sanskaar followed and catch, the mask fell-off.
In a moment:”Sanskaar said,”aphorism: The girl Is a beauty.”
Swara:Leave me
Sanskaar coming back in sense: How can you try to run away?
Swara: There is nothing wrong in running away to your own place.
Sanskaar: Fine if you want to go, you can go but you need to have a sword fight with Ms Gadodia and if you won you are free, but if not you have to at least stay here for 5 months as your punishment for running.
Swara who was confident in her skill thought that she will won, but fate has something else stored for her.

Sanskaar took two swords and gave one to her. Swara moved her leg back and same was done by Sanskaar. She attacked by twirling directly towards the Sanskaar neck, but he moved back and returned the sword with fierce.
The two combatants have their swords crossed and are grabbing each other’s wrists while exchanging angry glares.

Her face was scrunched up in anger. She slowly drew a long sword from the before position slowly , as it was removed from the sheathe. All the while, Swara was holding Sanskaar firmly in his gaze.

She attacked down , and Sanskaar jumped in air, removing the soldier turban from her her with his sword.

Her long hairs fall down with some on her temple, making her adorable. However much Swara attacked she couldn’t even shed a drop of blood of him.

They fought and then, Sanskaar crossed the swords again with a fierce action, he managed to make her sword fall, defining his win over her.

He came near her and whispered,” have you remembered your promise?”

She gulped in fear and then bowed her head down.


Next day:-

Swara was called in the court room, she was Informed about the rules for living in the palace. She could roam everywhere around the country but shouldn’t try to run. If ever caught, the punished would be disastrous for her.

For these five months, she was treated as a member of kingdom, living in all luxuries.

Though Swara was not in her own country, she felt blissful over here. She started enjoying over here. She was shocked with the treatment of everyone. Even though she was from another kingdom, people respected her.

Days passed, swara for timepass started to roam around the city talking and interacting with the common people. She came to know everyone was happy. Komg Sanskaar was in the hearts of people. It was a epitome of perfect kingdom.

People praised him, told them about his works. How just and equality prevailed over there. Slowly and slowly Swara started to observe Sanskaar, how his every decision was in the favour of his subjects. How chivalric was his behaviour towards her. He used to treat her like a guest from another country. Running away from that place was out of her mind.

She started liking his company, eventually started falling for him. But this was what even Sanskaar felt?

Yes, it was a love at first sight for him. He remembered her longs hairs hanging at the back. Their sword fight was a thing he always remembered. He cherished that moment. He had a fear of rejection, he knew swara hated him. He tried all possible ways to talk to her, fulfill all her needs!

Days passed, one day while travelling through the meadows, playing with the grass and plucking beautiful flower. Swara came across a old man. She went towards him to have a talk with him. She started talking about Sanskaar, then she came to know about the biggest shock of her life. She came to know about the godfather of her kingdom Bhusan Saha, his deeds. She thought how bad had he done with this family. She thought how everyone misunderstood them.

That night she confronted Sanskaar. He accepted that this was the truth. She said,”I will help you in uniting you with your family.”

He started to smile listening this, he told her about his father last wish to reconcile with his family.

They grew into best friends. Desire for being of each other grew day by day. They both had fallen for each other harder.

Finally when Swara couldn’t control her feelings she proposed Sanskaar. He was on sky Nine. He accepted her whole heartily. Then reality strike them that only 15 days were left for five months.

Soon 15 days passed and it was the time for Swara to leave. Heart broken and shattered they both bid adieu to each other. It was important for Sanskaar as he had a promised to fullfill even though it hurted him a lot.

Soon Swara reached Shimla, where she was greeted by everyone. They alkwere happy to see her back. She told about Bhusan Saha deeds to her family. They knew even if this was the truth they could not do anything. Swara hided about her and Sanskaar relationship from everyone as no one will ever accept her.

One day she was called at court by Laksh. On seeing Swara, Laksh began angry. Swara was discarded by her kingdom, a secret messenger cane to know about her affair and had informed the authorities. She was considered threat to the kingdom and a big betrayer.

Swara ran from her kingdom in order to save her life, soon she reached manila and told Sanskaar about everything which happened. Sanskaar insisted to marry her for which she agreed. Thus without the consent of her parents she married him and became the queen of Manali.

Days passed and Swara got pregnant. She was beyond happy but missed her family. She came to know that Laksh had married Ragini was happy for them. She know Ragini will do something to prove Bhusan Saha as a threat.

Where as on Manali, Ragini tried all possible ways to find about Bhusan Saha but couldn’t do anything.

About nine months had passed
Deen Dayal Gadodia was the former godfather of the kingdom. One day he was attacked by the men’s of Bhushan Saha as he caMe to know about his deeds.
He had slipped into coma and this was kept as a secret by his son Shekhar Gadodia and the king.

He came out of coma, his verdict was enough for the Bhusan Saha to be caught, hence Sanskaar family was proved innocent. Laksh with Shekhar went to reconcile with Sanskaar, to which Sanskaar readily agreed. Then the news came Swara had given birth to a baby boy.
Lastly, Swara got her everything and all lived happily ever after.


->So finally guys the story has ended. I know its not upto the mark but I had to finish it now. As my exams are approaching. Sorry if you didn’t like it.

->A special thanks to Kakali for helping me out in writing the sword scene.

Author’s note:-,Guys this is my last work and I won’t write any more stories now. So I want my every reader to tell the best story of mine. I request you all to do this.
Please ?

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